Taylor Swift Reveals More Clues and Easter Eggs in Capital One Commercial | Taylor Swift Tuesday #65

Taylor Swift Reveals More Clues and Easter Eggs in Capital One Commercial | Taylor Swift Tuesday #65

here we go I'm live what is up guys welcome back to Taylor Swift Tuesdays happy July 30th and happy seconds ever Taylor's of Tuesday livestream this is fun I hope that you guys are enjoying this but more than anything I'm just very thankful that you guys are giving me hi guys that you guys are supporting me and helping me throughout this crazy injury of mine um if you are new here hi I'm Lauren make sure you are subscribed all of your post notifications turned on but also if you're new here I've been dealing with hand wrist issues and it's really really bad for me to be editing so that's why today's and last week's episode is live it's not normally like this I promise but I promise today is going to be a really good one and I'm going to get through the entire script in less than 40 minutes that's the goal here I will also be including timestamps down below every single story that I'm talking about as soon as this video is done this live stream is over and this video is posted and processed I'll be going back and adding timestamps in case you want to skip around I do have a tendency to chat kind of a chatterbox so let's just get started hi everybody in the live chat Oh someone just said hey from Colorado hey hmm alright let's get into it yes so a quick update on my hand and finger injury I am seeing a hand surgeon next Monday so hopefully I will have some type of diagnosis no I'm not having hand surgery next Monday relax I'm going to see an orthopedic surgeon that specializes in hand wrist all of that stuff and we're gonna come up with a treatment plan and get me back in working condition but for now I hope you're enjoying these live streams I am also going to try and figure out a way to do pop-ups on the screen you know who I normally do Taylor stuff Tuesday's like it's a news show I still I'm trying to figure that out hopefully I can for next week but like I said I will be including links down below to every single article that I talked about so once you're done with this video today you can follow along with me and go back and check out all of the articles and videos that I'm linking to you today because I've got a lot to cover one more announcement because my injury I've also put a pause on mice three times Saturdays I'm really sorry about that I'm slowly working on editing some videos as best I can I still am in the middle of editing my video interview that I did with video interview that sounded weird my interview that I did with Mark Villa ver Taylor Swift's long on the time tour dancer he danced with her on the red tour 1989 and reputation I'm so excited for you guys to see this video editing is taking me a long time on it but say stay excited for that and yeah it's a live stream you're gonna hear me stumble you're even gonna see me drink water occasionally but let's hop right into today's TST with a really fun Mean Girls themed story guys I don't know about you Mean Girls is one of my absolute favorite movies I'm not kidding you when I say that I can probably quote the entire movie from beginning to end well let me know in the comments if you guys can relate to that because come on Mean Girls like so fetch I can't even handle it God that was cheesy okay Amanda Seyfried who plays Karen in the movie also has is also an insanely talented in case you haven't seen Mamma Mia you haven't seen Mamma Mia what are you doing with your life go out and rent it watch it do it stream it whatever you can whoa something is in my heart great timing um so this past weekend Amanda Seyfried took to the stage at the Williamstown Theatre Festival late-night cabaret with actor Ashley Park and they performed their own renditions of Taylor Swift's amazing song one of my favorites mean Ashley plays Gretchen on Broadway and they both gave a shout-out to the Karen and Gretchen's of the world and because of copyright reasons and because of livestream reasons I'm not able to show you the video but I will have it linked down below and you guys have got check it out if you're a fan of Taylor Swift and a fan of the movie Mean Girls or a fan of the Broadway rendition of Mean Girls you're really gonna love it I think one of my favorite lines that they give us like right in the beginning is um someday I'll be such enough so you can't hit me like oh I can't I just cannot it is so good it's honestly great check it out of course when you're done with my video and then moving right along let's go and talk about Taylor Swift's new Capital One commercial where she plays three different types of waitresses that I'm sure we've all encountered in our lives guys I love that Taylor Swift is doing more of these things like she was with diet coke for a while I don't think she's done anything with Pepsi but there's been rumors of her performing at the Super Bowl the Pepsi Super Bowl halftime show next year and now she's partnered with Capital One um she's featured in their commercial for their new saver card now I don't know how she does it the commercial is only thirty seconds long but you would be shocked and I mean shocked at how many Easter eggs she has snuck into this let's start from the beginning the commercial opens up and we see someone on the jukebox choosing Taylor Swift and Brendan Yuri's hit song me there's your very first one and then the second Easter Egg I guess it's kind of caught it's kind of hard to like numerically numerically number them words are my friend today it's hard to call it number two because we see this Easter Egg littered throughout the entire video we first see it in the form of a Capital One messaging on screen that says four percent on dining and entertainment on the check we then see a tab for for Burgers and Fries and for sodas and they both conveniently add up to 13 dollars and 13 cents another Easter Egg right there and then apparently in this universe that adds up to a total of nineteen eighty-nine cents 1989 the year she was born duh which isn't correct math obviously but when it comes to Taylor Swift Easter Egg things they don't that correct now do they I know you all know what I mean and then if you take a little bit of a closer look on this check we see Taylor signing it saying lover and then she adds a cute little drawing of a cat because obviously you know why and also because obviously you know why she's got three adorable cats she's like the world's best cat mom sorry if I offended anyone out there we'll all have cats but so let's talk about this Easter Egg surrounding the number for this rumors been going around the fandom for a little bit in the fuel to the fire has been added after this 30-second commercial good job capital won the fandom the entire city fandom is saying that we see the number for a lot because it could possibly be referencing track four on the lover album and some of you eagle-eyed Swifties out there made the connection between the four burgers and fries on the tab to the fact that Katy Perry and Taylor Swift both played burgers and fries reuniting in the you need to calm down music video so now everyone is saying that Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are doing a collaboration and it's gonna be track number four on the upcoming album and I gotta say that's a pretty good room to be going by I believe it I know I know if you watch any videos for a while you know that mmm at first I didn't think that they would be doing a collaboration on her album on Taylor's album I thought maybe oh maybe they're gonna do a song together on Katy's new album I don't think Katie's house anyway I'll be coming out so mistake number one Lauren um but honestly after this I could totally I think I'm just wrong honestly I wish so bad I could do pop ups right now on the screen because I want to show you a tweet that Capital One sent out on their Twitter account they actually went and responded to a bunch of Taylor Swift fans on their Twitter account about the alleged Easter eggs left behind they recently responded to act Melissa Amy 108 and they said how many have you found so far side eye emoji so yeah it's basically been confirmed that there are a ton of Easter eggs and what excites me is that there's probably Easter eggs that we haven't even found yet that won't even make sense to us like I don't know it's also really crazy to me but I guess not that crazy that Taylor Swift was able to convince Capital One to change their discounts to be four percent so that she could drop all these tracks so that she could drop all these Easter Egg tracks for track number four Easter Egg tracks I can't talk today guys I'm sorry but how ridiculous is that like it's ridiculous and it's awesome that Taylor's such as like hey yeah I'll be in your commercial I'll partner with you but you got to help me drop so many Easter eggs in this 30-second commercial they're like done we'll go back and we'll change the percentage of discounts on every single members card that is wild to me but you know what Capital One knows what they're doing in terms of marketing so there you go Taylor Swift being ridiculous and awesome and a little crazy at the same time and meet love her for it and then the next Easter egg that we see is when Taylor Swift is making a strawberry smoothie very very poorly and then we see a sign next to her that says sandy J's established in 1989 I have no clue what sandy J's could mean I even like put that into an anagram solver and I didn't code anything besides like Macy's but if you think of anything better than that you let me know I don't know if it means anything at all but of course hmm of course we know what 1989 means it is her birth here we see that actually I think three times Missy if I see nine like three times throughout the 30-second commercial oh I am speaking at the speed of light right now but of course throughout the entire commercial the messaging on-screen says things like swiftly 4% to shake it off and 4% to see the real me all are obviously lyric references to Taylor's songs so yeah like I said like after the album comes out I'm gonna be really curious and like probably wanting to go back probably watching my own videos to find out if there's any Easter eggs that we missed she did say that we would be missing some like I love the fact that there are Cupid's in the me music video being her band members and that is totally referenced to the archer who knew a song which is absolutely amazing I hope you guys have checked out my reaction to that these link will be for that down below but yeah I think I want to go back and like talk about the Easter is that we didn't get or like a part of me was like reading too much into this Capital One 30-second commercial because there's a line that says 4% to get extra they're probably talking about the extra discounts and in my head I'm like what if Taylor Swift has a song called get extra be extra I don't know because Taylor Swift is extra we're all a little extra sometimes but ah that would be funny how are you guys doing in the last chat oh well thanks hey that was very very cool that you're able to like send donations through the live chat super chat but hi Jay v JV ass just joined what'd I miss not much I am plowing through today that's a weird word to use I am making my way through today's chat Tuesday and let's hop into the next story because speaking of commercials shout-out to the Taylor Swift reddit thread specifically the user Findlay oh three for letting us all know that Taylor Swift appears in a new and RJ commercial for their new app she is in a hmm she made a teeny cameo in it but it's still pretty cool to see her because of the dress that she's wearing in this I'm assuming that she filmed the film date the day that she had her special appearance at the nrj so I think I'm saying that right nrj radio station in France pretty cool the thread with the video the reddit thread with the video will be linked down below of course and just shout out to the entire Taylor Swift reddit forums you guys are awesome you guys keep me like in the loop more than you know I'm kind of like a lurker more than I am like a poster but maybe that should change one day I don't know let me know in the comments below if you guys are on the Taylor Swift reddit forum read it's free you should sign up we talked about spoilers and things like that and I guess on that note you guys should join my patreon because I also have a patreon discord group chat where we are probably talking all things Taylor Swift and things in life every single day if you'd like to join my patreon and support me and this channel and everything that I'm doing here you can do that through patreon venmo or PayPal I love you so very much see it's motions like that that hurt in general my hands don't hurt it's the fingers it's very weird injury very specific moving on last week on July 23rd Jennifer Lopez celebrated her 50th birthday party with an insane birthday bash two things I didn't know J Lo's 50 years old that woman literally defies gravity and time because holy crap she looks amazing if I could do pop-ups right now I would show you the amazing bikini photos that Jennifer Lopez constantly posting I don't know how she just turned 50 and then the second thing I didn't know is that Jennifer Lopez has a YouTube channel like a legitimate YouTube channel not just for her music she has videos where she talks about her fashion getting ready for the Met Gala and a video documenting her birthday why am i bringing up Jennifer Lopez on a tailor so to say might you ask great question y'all I know that y'all just felt natural it was weird though we'll move past it Taylor was one of the many celebrities who filmed a video wishing Jennifer Lopez a happy birthday and they showed it on screen at the party I will include a link to the tweet to a tweet that has the full video of it hmm it's live stream we're gonna keep moving on voice is getting Scratchy I'm gonna including to a tweet that has the full video of all the celebrities wishing Jennifer Love us happy birthday it's Taylor Swift lin-manuel Miranda a ton of celebrities but in Taylor Swift's clip she says I hope you have the best birthday party and not you're getting lit or whatever it is the kids are saying these days Oh Taylor you crack me up oh my god there is a giant bug outside my window this is what you get for Taylor Swift Tuesday's livestream that was gross thank God for windows Wow I'm all over the place today moving on the next story has to do with parties as well now this story could be very controversial so I definitely wanna hear your thoughts in the comments below but please also be nice to each other please please be nice for each other so last week July 21st there was a fundraising event we good last week July 21st there was a fundraising event for presidential candidates Kamala Harris at scooter Braun's house in Los Angeles celebrities like Demi Lovato Ariana Grande and even Katy Perry mm Perry Wow we're spotted at this event there this has been making everybody feels some type of way obviously Katy Perry and Taylor Swift rekindling their friendship via burger and fry love and they you need to calm down music video has been the talk of the town where we're loving the fact that two strong women who seemingly hated each other for so long were able to come together in such a public way and in such a great example of music video that's all about love self love take care of your friends so now I have a hard time talking about this because I'm not sure how to feel about this we all know that Taylor Katy Perry has a past of using her platform to talk about her political stance Katy Perry was a huge supporter of presidential candidates Hillary Clinton she performed at the Democratic National Convention and Katy song roar and rise was both of her songs roar and rise were used in many many Hillary commercials it's clear that politics are very important to Katy Perry so it would make sense that in the upcoming presidential election which is arguably more important than last year's last year's last elections that Katy would also want to make her voice known as well again it's hard to read how to opinion on this because I know that Katy Perry will do whatever she can to use her platform to encourage people to vote but yes does it suck that the fundraising event was at scooters house yes but I also believe that if you have the ability and the privilege of having the the the right to vote you should be exercising that right I'm not gonna talk about politics on this channel that's never my goal but I would love to hear your guys's thoughts on this like if this is the candidate that Katy Perry aligns with the most I don't think that it's the world's most horrible thing to go to a fundraiser supporting her even if it happens to be at scooter Braun's house but I do understand why Swifties would be mad about this that really is all that I want to say about this specific topic but let me know in the comments how you feel about this I personally feel like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are still friends even despite this there's one like we know the Taylor's have been getting Perry are friends now but they both obviously agree on how important it is to get out there and vote and I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more Taylor Swift for this upcoming election where she stands because she's clear she's clearly told us that she's not done telling us how she feels about the important issues that she cares about so yeah I really want to know in the comments how you guys feel about this because ha did I even skip that part I think I skipped a part in my script where I talked about Demi Lovato ariana grande were there and Katy Perry and a lot of other celebrities and that's the thing with a fundraising event is that you're going there to support that candidate so let me know in the comments what you think about all of that jazz musical and then moving on to more exciting stories guys taylor swift our girl the 10 time Grammy Award winning singer we all know and love will receive the first-ever 2019 cheap Teen Choice Awards icon award on August 11 you guys I get chills saying that do you know how cool that is the very first of this of its kind and it goes right to Taylor Swift amazing in a press release from Fox they said as one of the best-selling music artists of all time with more than 50 million albums sold Taylor Swift is a pop culture icon whose accolades and achievements go beyond topping music charts and selling out stadiums worldwide Swift is also one of today's biggest social influencers using her voice and platform to inspire and create positive change agree snaps for this press release that hurt I can't snap I keep forgetting God the press release also says Swift currently holds the record for the most Teen Choice Awards by a solo artist that's amazing I didn't know that before this article like I mean we all know that she liked wins a ton of tons of awards but that's a pretty big deal Taylor such as 125 Awards and has been nominated over 60 times this year alone she is nominated in three categories including choice female artist and choice pop song for her catchy me track off her upcoming lover album I always it sounds so weird to put me in a sentence even though it's a song name you you know what I'm talking about but what oh you guys this is so amazing once again Taylor Swift is trailblazing and they might as well rename that award the Taylor Swift icon award am i right I think I'm right oh that's my doorbell we hope it's not the delivery I on my package I'm gonna have to keep going god I think it is so cool she's the very first one to receive it Congrats Taylor Swift and guys do not forget go vote for Taylor Swift at the Teen Choice Awards we us as the fans we get to be the ones who choose who choose who chooses who wins so go to their website go to their Twitter and vote these Teen Choice Awards will be airing out of Hermosa Beach this year which is exciting kind of close to me one if I can like sneak in can I crash the Teen Choice Awards is that how it works probably not on August 11th is when it will be airing and it's safe to say that we will probably be getting a red carpet appearance from her as she accepts that award so very cool so exciting I love that and then a quickie little rumor mill for today ariana grande posted on her Instagram the other day promoting her new single boyfriend and she used a bow and arrow emoji as her caption this sent the swifty fandom off into a frenzy thankfully at Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande are gonna be doing a collaboration guys what do you think I mean this is such a sticky subject I do you think it's possible for Taylor's with an ariana grande to create a song together I feel like they definitely support each other and each other's music I'm sure they listen to each other's music like 100% and I know that I also know that having a manager who she's feuding with adds some weirdness to it but I want to see what you guys think it's it's a really weird thing going on like just because Scooter Braun has done Taylor Swift wrong doesn't mean that he has done wrong to Ariana it's this whole I know in the world of hashtag cancelled all this canceled culture but I still wonder if scooter going to get in the middle of Ariana and Taylor ever collaborating together I mean it makes so much sense for them to do it like they're two of the biggest pop stars in the planet right now and I would really love oh my god someone in livestream just said terrianna would be awesome someone about the main person percent Ariana what a great ship name love that I really want it to happen but I also don't know the logistics of how they can get together and not have scooter be involved and I don't know it's just whole sticky situation you also talked about the fact that there has been no updates since Taylor stuffs tumblr post about scooter in Scott Borchetta zero like nada nothing oh it makes me really mad I feel like because we know one side of it we need to hear the other side of it and I don't know it's just I like want things to be done with and I want like us to think about more positive things and Taylor's just album lover is going to be absolutely amazing and I don't want that to be some like nasty rain cloud surrounding her album release but you know I feel like I want to hear them say something besides Scott Borchetta and that slimy letter that he wrote oh don't get me started very very mad about that you want to hear more of my thoughts on these scooter versus Taylor receipts video I will include that at the end of this video I guess so yeah I'll do that and then I'm gonna be bringing back Taylor's of Tuesday shoutouts I wish I could show you your name on screen but I just can't right now I'm so sorry I'm gonna figure it out but this week's video shout-out goes to my amazing amazing Youtube subscriber Color Me fashion they commented on my Australia Americans try Australians snacks for the first time video and they said my favorite snacks aren't Jam jams that is the funniest word I love that word they are a soft molasses cookie with jam in the middle like this and I'll send you a new fee snack package what is new fee I don't know what that is but I want to try a jam jam I just want to say it everyday jam jam that sounds really funny thank you so much for commenting on my last video and being a part of the TST shout out game I don't this game but you know it is but if you want to be next week's video shoutout online on next week's tailors of Tuesday make sure you're following me on all of my social medias my Instagram my Twitter my facebook um and then after this livestream is posted and processed you will know that when this video this livestream is posted on my channel and it's not live anymore go into the comments comment down below your favorite kind of party random right I know but we talked about parties a lot today Democrats the parties but hey why not there are tons of reasons that people have parties so let me know in the comments and you could be next week's video shoutout oh my god I did it it is 25 minutes whoa less than 40 minutes long you guys I can't believe I just blew two the entire script I wonder how much I said wrong and how weird I looked but that's the fun of live streams I want to interact with some of you guys in the live chat right now Jenna just said I'm kind of sad that it's over love that Ravenclaw's err said surprise parties yes I agree but that your live stream chat won't count towards next week's TST until you wait for this video to be posted on my channel and then go into the Apple comment comments if that makes sense but yeah I love you guys this has been so much fun ah someone sudden think you love my live streams I'm very glad I'm going to figure out a way I promise I'm gonna have a better setup because honestly if I can live stream my PS T's and get through it as quickly as I just did I'm gonna have wears something on the bottom of the screen that says something I would love to have like pop up here pop up there show you J Lo's bikini picture here I would love Mele figured a way to do that I'm definitely going to try to figure that one out I got to sit down and like really really do it but of course I'm flying to yet another wedding this weekend that'll be a lot of fun heading over to Montana but yeah I guess I will end today's Taylor shift Tuesday this has been really fun oh god someone just said Taylor posted on her story 20 minutes ago should we have a live reaction did she really does she know does she know that it's Taylor's with Tuesday what did she post Oh Taylor do this today Oh Oh quick little break breaking news okay that was a news thing from the news sailors have said a very important reminder that Democratic debates will be on tonight and tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. Eastern make sure to watch and get to know the candidates on CNN guys are you kidding me right now did I not just like tell the future am i Raven did you literally hear me say like ten minutes ago say literally say like I bet you will hear something from Taylor about all this pretty soon yeah I'm Raven I'm psychic how did I know that I don't know yes Thank You queensguard for letting me know someone just said check Taylor nation this is turning out to be a very funny Taylor's with Tuesday but you know it's kind of fun I'm kind of sweating because these make me really nervous because there's a lot of people watching me all at once Taylor nation oh my god you guys Taylor Swift's and Brendon Urie song me is certified platinum oh oh god copyright Oh God well I play look at that that's so cool is it backwards for you guys it's backwards for me but Congrats Taylor me went platinum that's just amazing well I think 27 minutes is long enough for this livestream someone just said you're doing great thanks all nervous and sweaty but I'm gonna pop out the live chats because I like to go back and read every single comment that you guys leave for me because sometimes during this I just kind of have to like Zone in on my script or else I'll just be a big jumbled mess like last week's I love you guys so very much I'm gonna get to editing my mark delivers um interview with him Taylor chef dancer I also have to give you guys an archer under under coated a archer decoded video that's gonna take me a little bit longer and then I also do my Pio unboxing lots of things in the pipeline I need to get an intern or something I don't know but I love you guys let's see if I can end this livestream without my weird awkward lingering goodbyes maybe

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