Taylor Swift & Politics

Taylor Swift & Politics

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  1. I like to think of politics and political opinions as a winter coat- they are useful, and you can feel free to bring them out when appropriate. When they aren't needed, you stash them away for a better day when you do need them. In the meantime, you don't need to keep reminding everyone about your winter coat- we all have them! We know how great they are!

  2. I'm not a fan of Taylor and don't like some of her songs and meaning but she has done good. She paid Kesha and helped her. I remember someone got angry at Post Malone because he didn't vote during the presidential elections. Celebs should have rights to talk about politics if they want to, it also their country. But if they don't want to, they should be left alone.

  3. Honestly I'd prefer if celebtities kept out of polotics, they have the right to say what they want but I wish they would just do their jobs, most celebrities come off as very self gratifying and disconnected from the general public.

  4. Lmao she shared her political views before the 2018 election and some people were mad. I saw a few people say online that she (and other celebrities) shouldn’t speak about politics😂 you can’t please anybody

  5. As an apolitical centrist i think that politics just separate people i try to stay apolitical most of the time, props to Taylor for staying apoltical 👏👏👏

  6. I think people want celebrities to speak up because they want people tp agree with them

  7. Taylor has been really outspoken about voting and elections lately and people are still mad. People just love to hate Taylor. She’s damned if she does, and damned if she doesn’t.

  8. I kind of liked the 4chan theory that Tay was an alt right white supremacist tho. It made her unique and special in a sense

  9. People do realise that celebrities only get one vote as well right? They can influence but opinions are opinions and if you change your opinion because of some celebrity then you have really weak convictions, since their opinion holds the same validity as ours.

  10. She finally came out about her politics and honestly— why are people surprised that Taylor leans on the left? That she supports black people and gay people? Everybody thought she was gonna be this Trump supporting republican but I don’t even see how she was, even before she didn’t speak up. She shows love to all her fans of all colors and sexualities. Her personality and career didn’t scream “republican” to me. It screamed liberal or democrat. And the only reason why people were upset that Taylor didn’t talk politics is because everybody thought she was a Trump supporter. Then as soon as she confirmed she wasn’t, nobody had a problem with it anymore.

  11. What a surprise Meryl Streep the pedo apologist supports Hillary Clinton, wife of pedo and rapist Bill !

  12. who's here now a bit after she shared her political view
    still love her tho bc she's a real inspiration to me

  13. if you’re spending all day commenting and posting about your political views and get mad about people not wanting to see that, then why get mad at celebrities, who are people too?

  14. She only makes friends and enemies with females because she doesn't want to be seen as a flirtatious rapist creep.

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