social activists are Akira has condemned Environment Minister Nilesh cabral statement over NGOs Tara has demanded that the Minister should scrap the coastal zone management plan as it is not welcomed by the people and to take the people into confidence before drafting a new Caesar MP the environment minister after facing strong opposition at the Ravindra Bharath Margao and the season MP presentation had made a statement against NGOs saying that some NGOs try to make settlements terming them as extortionist because of which he said the names of other NGOs also get tarnished so then when I was four wind up with an assembly basket up and throw a gentle and by impulsive and exotic to me resolution Fosca ronita ramdom a chaperone asko asko Tsukasa Takenaka Raza yes I get the colostrum and you can now assemble in Pascal oh and it took me moonship a teacher counselor Astana takeaway Veneto a mediator Hospital adenosine oh no countess a kid wrote ricotta Tommy Perl Ursa rooms of that we wish to rasulallah remember butakov ACOTA to pull upon check-in turmeric Graham savantism Metis no no Morrell of any decision Jodie buddy Craig open Boris a Kalina remember chill go Gaza then contingent cursor cuneiform Forrestal a give your widest a little pinch it to clean Java then compose a cockatrice after Osama talk to me punch a kendama toe to be more semantic Karuna a nice revenge appreciation to the iana to beep a product o coach a very punchy in Todor possess ok change the public television here to me Karina Stan I assembly pastor I'm dr. Anna problem is baccarat who show Adam Davila Maury to shovel guitar money to somebody to derivative of Angie Amy took a poll elect up my nigga jam it again – you know other my dimension now hurry to go show us to test good time to take 8 , stay as a minister to a crime reason and Orca publicado Tanaka go child open the door knocker knocker puck pushes article Jenna Honda amiyo shishito about to be a marae piramide de Bosco second oh I need to best October illuminance on Daka yebin's arrival via paper argon gas attach a Judy said Gregory Mei was get them now posture and embody the slogan with publicans Oso say Oso to Oliver for prime video journalist John de Silva Pancham


  1. Bai Tara you’re absolutely Wright.Good job, keep it up.Bai Tara Minister is old. His brain is not working. He has to resign immediately

  2. Arre tumi soglench oppose karta mugo..Tumi solution diya go …Garbage opposition…czmp opposition ……kiteaknaka tean sanga

  3. Tara ma'am you are great keep it up .his time is come to seat at home he thinks that he is god he can do anything . wait n watch

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