Talking Politics & Religion On a First Date | Tell My Story

Talking Politics & Religion On a First Date | Tell My Story

thank gender is binary I think gender is fluid so I actually have a sibling that is trans so that's a thing hey we're gonna check I'm looking for a cuddle buddy have a thing I think it's exceedingly attractive for somebody to be open to other people to know that they don't know everything that's like one of the biggest turn offs when people are like yeah I'm the smartest person in this room I'm like oh god no I think that a partner for me should be outgoing to help me get out of my comfort zone a little bit sometimes I'm stuck in my routine in my way so somebody that's out going to help me be a little bit more flexible your name is avi and this is your story you are 24 years old for work you are a retail or store manager you grew up in Oregon you have one sibling and your culture ethnic background is white my name is Becca I am 25 years old I am a reader and a receptionist I grew up in Connecticut I have two siblings and the oldest and my cultural or ethnic background is white your name is Travis and this is your story you are 27 years old for work you are a trainer you grew up in California you have one sibling and your cultural background is a time my name is Wyatt I am 26 years old for work I am a trainer I grew up in Tennessee and I have a Noli child no siblings and my ethnic background is white not only child yeah yeah how is that I guess I don't know any different um but I will say when I do have a family I would like to have a big family cuz being only child was cool but uh yeah yeah I guess yeah I have been in love before we were talking about riding jet skis I wanted to drive but then she wanted to drive and we have like a 30-minute like argument over this it was funny because there was like a moment silence and then she like looked over at me and she was like do you think we should be together and I was like no I don't think so do you and she's like I don't think we should so that's how that ended I am a people pleaser I try really hard to have people like me I feel like that's why I kept getting into so many places where people were like I'm not really sure what I'm looking for and I was like okay well maybe I'm not really sure maybe I'll just like follow you and we'll figure it out together and that never ended well your favorite TV movie quote is how you doing Joey or friends it's hard to go wrong with that sound you love most is ocean waves and your favorite thing about the beach is the sound of the waves my favorite movie quote is inconceivable which is from The Princess Bride if yeah this is my favorite movie it's been so long since I've seen ah ah so good so it's like inconceivable the sound I love the most is rain my favorite thing about the beach is the breeze because I'm so white it's not like I can be out in the Sun a lot there's only so many things I can enjoy your favorite quote I'll be back why not the sand you love most is cicadas your favorite thing about the beach is surfing my favorite TV movie quote is laughs a garden you dig it Joe Dirt you know Joe Dirt no oh it's a great movie I mean it's a comic but it's a no I mean like comedies are good yeah yeah watch it watch it don't watch the second one there's a second one there's a second one Joe Dirt 2 came out like ten years later that they show yeah yeah I hate that he was reading everything I put the sound I love or one of the sounds of a most is like wait clanging Jim I like that and my favorite thing about the beach is really just being out the Sun and getting in the water a little bit I actually don't know how to swim so sir famous with me yeah yeah yeah well I'm a Christian my parents aren't one thing about my dad is he's like let me decide for myself and then what let me need to be Christian well I had depression I started having panic attacks it started where I was kind of that robot in place where I didn't have any I started praying because I didn't know what else to do I started going to church and I just develop a relation with him and got to know it's just incredible I have twin younger siblings one of them recently just came out as being trans so it made me question like am I really okay with this I have to be okay with this and so now I kind of feel more sure about no I really I really if you are gonna tell me that identify as being a male even if you look to my eyes completely like a woman you're wearing women's clothing everything like that then like that's who you are if you have a problem with that sort of thing like sucks the sec you have a problem with me then don't in society you think men should provide in society you think women should support you think gender is fluid you do think everyone has a right to get married in society I think well I put it like 60/40 okay I think women should maybe be more of a primary caretaker like those are just things that were better at anything that y'all are better at like just naturally but it should be about 50/50 yeah hey gender is binary I don't think everyone has a right to get married I assumed to fit in society you think men should provide but with almost a 50/50 balance but maybe a little bit more provide I think the society think women should care take but like a 60/40 like also provide and go after their own goals and everything we think gender is binary you do think everyone has a right to get married okay well then heavy-hitter here we get in society I think both men and women should support so 5050 I think gender is fluid so I actually have a sibling that is trans so that's a thing hey we're gonna chat I think everyone has a right to get married all right let's talk about religion say okay how super religious are you see this we're here I'm not super religious you like right off the bat people think are you from Tennessee you must be uh yeah yeah I'm really pretty open and I know what I believe and I want to bring people into that but it's not through like a hammering process it's yeah like an invitation doesn't it so you think gender is fluid yes did you I guess explain I don't know I just what do you mean by binary well like if you got a yeah you got a hmm you're a girl yeah and they were in this case yes I got good friends yeah but you don't think everybody has a right to get married well I'm a Christian so I can't just be like throw out everything in the Bible so like the whole love is love and I believe like love other people but as far as marriage it should be between a man and a woman in the purpose of creating a family and developing that how society should be instead of what about adoption I think it would be very confusing for their child growing up with two moms or two dads and then I mean I'm young I don't have all the answers but well no no but it's like interesting so have you ever met a kid who's had like two moms or two dads no I haven't okay so this makes more sense it's like I have and I've liked seeing how they you know function in society uh-huh they do great yeah same thing no but it's one of those things where I feel like you have an opinion because you've never seen it just like I have an opinion because I feel like shooting a gun I'm super against guns by the way but like I've never shot one I have nobody in my family like owns guns that's like not a big thing in our life yeah so I feel like I have my own opinions on it without actually experiencing it yeah I get that so after first I guess the me before talking with you I said I would not date you after talking to you I said I would not date you and that makes it sound a lot meaner Bennett woman when I first saw you I said I would date yeah but after talking to nothing – yeah all right tell me why oh yeah why don't you want to date me come on I'm so cool I have a real like particular taste physically it's act like brown hair brown eyes really tan um this is like what I'm really attracted to but then afterward okay I think you're awesome to talk to him like like you've seen the conversation yeah the different views not so much like follow me but just like I'm pretty picky yeah that's all no that's that's something that I 100 percent cannot change like that's nice it's supposed to be being like your you know your personalities for shit so I yeah yeah for me I'm not particularly I'm not very picky about what people look like however my thing was actually it was like the religious thing yeah it was a lot and like I go to church and like do all that sort of thing but I have very set I guess ideas on certain things I wouldn't want to go into something being like I want to change them that's good yeah that's good Wow once he talked and I was like oh he's southern immediately in my head I was like okay so he believes this this this this but then he was surprising me and so when the assumptions people normally make actually turn out to be true how many sad I didn't feel a little attacked like oh so a Christian so you must think this so Papa man um she was gentleman I thought I was on CNN like she was journaling me with some questions but it was a it was a good thing it wasn't bad was it was still a good experience and she was really cool to talk to it was a it was a good there's a good experience as we actually talked about it he was less stereotypical in my head I guess but it still kind of made me sad I was like oh you were so close cool bye say can I thank you is that okay okay great to meet you I appreciate you uh well hearing me on everything oh yeah no yeah all right have a good one

33 thoughts on “Talking Politics & Religion On a First Date | Tell My Story

  1. He showed clearly with many of his answers that he is still a naive child, in a sence. She absolutely does deserve better and I am glad she came to the conclusion that dating him would be a very bad chiuce. She is simply too good for him.

  2. Considering she said ‘we’ll talk about that’ she really didn’t have a developed answer (or at least one that was shown) for her beliefs on gender. She seemed defensive, whilst he seemed very open.

  3. At least he gave an eloquent reason to chuck the bible out. The bible says marriage should be between a man and a woman. Mmmhmm it does… as well as genocide, rape, slavery rules, not eating pork or shellfish… I could go on. I haven't seen the end but I'm picking she will be a would/would not, and he… not sure if he would at the start, but would not at the end. Uh uh these two are not gonna work. Edit: Called it!

  4. It was a good convo as far as context but the way it flowed, or I should say didn't, was the issue. The way she brought up topics and then interrogated him was too much. The way she looked at him and the sounds she made plus she did actually make assumptions. She seems like she's still navigating the space, particularly with her sibling and may be projecting. While he and I have very differing views and beliefs, I at least appreciate and respect the way he expressed himself. Plus he is a cutie.

  5. I think at first he would have been attracted to her but….their was a lack of openeness on her part and some defensiveness which soured the sweet soul he could sense

  6. I thought she was lovely and intelligent. He seemed a bit sheltered, and I understand how debilitating and isolating depression can be, therefore there’s nothing wrong with turning to religion, if that’s what helped him recover. I just don’t think it should give him agency on what rights one should have. They both seemed open to hearing each other’s point of view, even if they didn’t agree, which is refreshing.

  7. i know someone who was a test tube baby and she also has lesbian moms sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yeah i mean i do know someone lol. And its not as weird as people would think from talking to people who actually went through that.

  8. (Sorry for my english) It's so sad how people say "OmG he Is wAy to PrEttY". Imagine you would be that girl, how would you feel if people would say that to you? That's so rude. And all the transphobic people or people that are against LGBTQ+ = Just because you don't get it, doesn't mean you have to be rude about that. It's hard enough for people to be transgender cause of all the hate, dysphoria and way more. Even though you're not part of the LGBTQ+ Community doesn't mean that you have to spread hate. Start to practice what you're preaching. tolerance and love -.-

  9. Explain what you mean by gender is fluid…

    Her: doesn't know what to say like a typical SJW Well why don't you explain yourself instead

  10. “Oh you believe gender is binary, we need to talk about that…wait what do you mean by binary” 🤦🏼‍♀️

  11. I never thought I could prefer someone homophobic over someone who is not, which says a lot about this woman I guess

  12. Wtf is this comments section SP commenters are usually more progressive and empathetic. Ya'll really out here attacking this girl for her looks, even though she hella cute?

  13. I wish you guys would match people up better LOL like I know that's the point of this show but…. yeah I don't think this really matched.

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