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  1. So if I get it right (and if I don't please correct me), your major objection to anarchism is its inefficiency, its idealistic approach to politics and it being associated to shoplifters?

    If that's the case I respect your decision, but I don't see the point in distancing yourself from something because of its inefficiency instead of working on making it efficient. And concerning the Idealism, in my opinion, it is absolutely nessecary to insist on a perfect system. As someone familiar with Marx you should know that if something is unjust, it's almost ever the systems fauled not the individuals, and how necessary a good system is.
    Furthermore, not everyone calling himself an anarchist is actually one. There will always be people how just want to be rebellious. What counts are the actions, not the lables.

    p.s. (@26: 10) A legitimate hierarchy is a bottom-up hierarchy. The lower level legitimises the upper level. And nope, you don't have a state, you have a voluntary militia, but if you're in a 40 years war that should not be your greatest concern.

  2. You guys have given so much hope to an old guy like me, and keep on the educating people and the fight , saludos from Nicaragua

  3. anarchy cannot feasibly exist with a market economy. state and hierarchy is intrinsic to the system, and state is just an extension of the market. Market came before the state, now unintentionally used as a tool for differential advantage, while still attempting to control the chaos inherent and the propensity of the market in wealth imbalance and exploitation. Without state, it wouldn't take very long for the world to devolve and civilization to collapse into another dark age.

  4. You don't understand the whole concept. As anarchist you should be political activ, like organizing people, working to organize unions at your workplace, organizing demonstrations, educating people about how capitalism works and so on. Not hangig around in the punk scene and doing nothing that helps your cause. No one said that this is easy, you have to be determined to do things and make sacrifices at times, that's what being policially active means. Playing videos games on you tube doesn't mean that. My god you idiot.

  5. I’m an American Socialist in that I believe in Freedom, equality, and liberty but also to gain a path towards socialism

  6. rudolf rocker, anarcho-syndicalism?

    Neator Makhno and the free territories?

    Abdula Ocalan in Kurdistan?

    Emma Goldman?

  7. Interestingly, the Confedrate States of America, during the US Civil War, suffered greatly from their decentralized government structure. Georgia, for instance, literally refused to furnish conscripted soldiers for the Confederate army. Not the sole reason for their defeat, but it certainly didn't help!

  8. If we could have partial communism and a functioning democracy then I’d be for it. But I am too much of an individualist to be a communist. I am an egalitarian I guess.

  9. the problem is that ml’s in reality do not “take the bad with the good”, they just say that the bad is good. i would be much more sympathetic to marxism-leninism if they were capable of nuance at all.

  10. I think a big problem with the state is that, unchecked, it can often become deeply beurocratic, and then we’re kinda back where we started? How we go about preventing that is a conversation that needs to be had. Honestly the idea of a vanguard party to get everything started, to slowly be phased out as the societal norms are changed has always been something that I’ve thought about on some level, though I think this implys the necessity of the “state” or nation as an institution to belong in, over smaller collectives or communes that work together as needed is its own can of worms that, again, is something that needs to be discussed.

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