31 thoughts on “Sydney's Best Social Dancer 2012 | Salsa Finals

  1. No emotion. Just memorized moves and copied styles. Latin dancing, especially salsa, is WAY much more than this. Sorry.

  2. 2nd place (the first dancers) were actually the best, by FAR. Their song had alot of pauses and they accented them perfectly, timing was perfect! 3rd place was solid and should've been 2nd. The winners actually had alot of timing issues, couldn't decide if they dancing on 1 or 2, but Ofcourse the guy is muscular and very flashy so they won.

  3. Great dancers. The1st couple were great and deserved the 1st place. Good job dancing and great job judging 🙂

  4. Ya sizin ben amınızakoyim size çay veren çaycının kızını sikim be amınakoyduklarım başka bişey bulamadınız mı böyle sik gibi dans ediyorsunuz sizin ben amınıza koyim ya sizin ananızı che siksin amk çocukları Allahsız kitapsızlsr

  5. The lady in all black she was born to do salsa she's is really good at what she do I which that she was my training…./Christina

  6. Too many laps does not let you feel the true flavor of la salsa, they are like in a roller coaster.

  7. Well done! Everyone danced great!
    Much nicer to watch than professional performance! Where music is not listened at all 🙂

  8. As a Puerto Rican, I appreciate when other cultures learn salsa dancing 💃🏽, however true Salsa is not this. Exactly what Cheyenne said in Dance with Me, dance with your soul, feel the life of the music. Its not counting beats and steps and hands wailing all over. But all did very well. Black and white dress was over the toptoo exaggerated.

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