46 thoughts on “Sydney council sacrifices 'safety of women for climate ideology'

  1. im burning a heap of tyres as we speak…them im gonna light up all the coal i can find and throw plastics on it till daybreak….breath it in fuckers

  2. If the council has even "1" light on in the council building at night, they should be charged with endangering the planet.

  3. Yes but the state keeps building more road networks for more vehicle traffic to enter and exit Sydney that at last time i checked……."CAUSE POLLUTION"!!……so stop calling the kettle black and get of your high horses and give these woman a dozen lights or so .P.S …….You dont even need to hard wire the lights into the mains ……they can be run on solar.So take that up at the next inner city council meeting ladies….

  4. why only concerned about womens safety?
    men are far more likely to be violently attacked than women are.
    downvoted for perpetuating gynocentric sexism.
    first time ive ever complained about sky news coverage

  5. Well it's our fault the patriots of aussiiiii for shutting up since the 80s.now these sickkkkk leftysssss run australia

  6. The biggest scam to be perpetrated against the people of the world. Gee I envy Al Gore if I had thought of th his scam O could have become a multi multi millionaire instead of him. The real question is however …… What do the Elites in Real Power hope to achieve for then selves by continuing to brainwashing the masses and leading them like the Pied Piper ?

  7. This is all BS on both sides. These wealthy women don't want to pay for a commercial gym so they ask council to provide free lighting for them. Here is a thought: If you spoiled bitches don't want to exercise in the dark then stay home, pay for gym membership, wait until spring when the days are longer or take a run on a well lit street. Do you want the council to pay for a taxi to and from the park as well?

  8. Great to see BHP Andrew Mackenzie's comments on climate change is at a critical level and needs to be address asap.
    As for msm presenters continuing denial….?
    Why their msm presenters? Lol

  9. Just stop with the bull shit , climate change is a lie to take your money . No matter how much money you throw at climate change it will never do anything except make some one rich and the rest of us poor

  10. May be worth suggesting that some of the Ladies are muslim and are concerned about racial taunts and abuse. Watch the lights go on fast.

  11. Women are as safe as ever, its time to stop pretending they need protection they are as tough as men, if not tougher and certainly stronger and more clever.

  12. Great decision Sydney Council! I mean, not putting up those light is sure to reduce a potential rise in global temperature by at the very least…..1 trillionth of about 1 millionth of half a degree Celsius. And as well all know, every little bit helps! Virtue signalling? Not a bit of it!

  13. How about these women think of their own safety instead of spending more tax dollars and exercise in the daylight. omg my brain hurts now.

  14. LED lights consume 9/10 of F/A electricity! Councils have no lawful right to exist at all in Australia… Referendum anybody?

  15. Climate emergency! We need to raise prices on fuel so farmers can no longer grow food for billions of people. Doomsday cult really pushing for doom and mass death.

  16. Please stay on top of this story. I have a bet with my buddy, I say they will put in light poles with solar panels on top. He says they will put in light poles with wind mills on top.  Whatever they do it will cost ten times normal. but it will save the planet.

  17. When they started mass immigration from cultures where women are treated like cattle, you should have realised that womens’ safety isn’t especially high on their list of priorities. It is no surprise either that the dullards in the west can’t see the irony of mass migration from low carbon footprint countries to higher carbon footprint countries. Dhuuuuh!

  18. What about safety of Men ? Dogs, Cats and little kids ? People that ride their horses in the parks ?
    Horses want to feel safe in the parks too !

  19. This doesn't surprise me. For all the left's posturing regarding"rape culture" they are content to sit back and watch young girls being raped by islamic gangs or young women being assaulted in public illegal islamic immigrants.

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