100 thoughts on “Swedish Election Results 2018: The Future of the Nationalist Right in Sweden

  1. Vote Fraude and we all know it !!!
    How to Rig an Election according to Diebold Electronic Kosher Voting Systems.
    We vote, (((they))) count the "votes"…

  2. Did those migrants line up because they thought something was free? They didn't expect it to be a one way ticket home lmfao! I'm in stitches !!!

  3. Fuck, I am so disappointed with the Swedish people. Over the last few years I have thought "sorry, but if you will not do anything to change your situation then so be it, Sweden will become the first European country to fall to Islam and hopefully give the rest of us a wake up call ". Then I watch Ingred and think we got to help them.

  4. too many swedish women are like lemmings , until its THEIR daughter raped ….they will be fucking blind …….serves them right , you get the govt you deserve

  5. There is no civic or ethno nationalism, there's just nationalism. Splitting and pitting the resultant component pieces against each other is autism. The Ethnos become useless, the civics become meaningless. Look at all the parties in Swedish politics! Arguing over the price of ham while they're being [email protected]&!d …jf "the olive skinned ethno statist" sez it's over

  6. Simon, while the result was good for SD I am very interested in afS – they have an intersting future. I for one will support them.

  7. I am disappointed and I am sad. I thought the Swedish people were more intelligent then that. And I just don't understand why why why why 😵😰😪

  8. The media keeps taking about the 'refugee crisis' when in fact, it is an out of control global 'population explosion' that has the planet on the brink of disaster. Consider the population of the planet was 1 billion in 1918 and it is over 8 billion in 2018. How exactly are Europe and North America supposed to support millions of refugees when their economy is in the toilet and they are tens of trillions of dollars in debt, millions are unemployed for decades as jobs have been replaced by technology and cheap slave labor in China and India. Europe and North America are sinking and there are no more jobs for refugees and no more money for the governments to feed, clothe and house millions of refugees for years on end. In a perfect world… unfortunately, in the real world when times are tough, we need to fight to survive and take care of ourselves and so the millions of refugees will have to stay in their home country and fight to survive and take care of themselves, instead of running away to make other people feed, cloth, shelter and protect them. That does not make Europe or North America cruel, especially when you consider how many refugees are welcomed into wealthy Arab countries, Russia or China.

  9. People voted for stefan lofven more Islamic horrorshows to continue.
    Colour me surprised.
    Some people only learn through pain and suffering, not to advice, reason and examples.

    Like Germany and Merkel, lay in the bed you choose.

  10. Marine Le Pen stated unless you actively vote right wing then expect more of the same. A few days after the elections in France last year when they voted in Macron there was another terrorist attack. They are happening regularly but we don't hear much about it funnily enough.


  12. Darn white guilt still wins.   Looking at the mess proportional representation brings, I am against it now for Canada.  Too many left nuts gets in the government.  Again, I will ask, why is it only white nations who have multiculturalism shoved down their throats?   You don't see that outside white nations.

  13. When will these donuts realise islam thrives where the politics is dissolute ? The clip from 12:48 ++ needs playing loud and clear everywhere …

  14. I feel bad for Sweden, such a beautiful place when looking at footage of the Scandinavian countryside feels like home.. even the language sounds amazing to me, amazing country. By the way Simon, I think you mean 'milquetoast' in your article unless I am embarrassingly unaware of a slang phrase or something.

  15. i doubt there is any chance for Sweden.. many swedes refer to sweden democrats as nazis. the alternative for sweden is completely unthinkable and have no influence at all… and there are plans to launch an islamic party in 2022 elections…

  16. Calling the "Right wingers" Nazis is a tad off the mark. German Nazis wanted the extermination of the Jews. So do ALL Muslims & have done so since the inception of its desert psycho dogma. So, who are the Nazis? On BBC TV News Page Service, CEEFAX, it stated corruption was rife in this election.

  17. the Swede's have lost their mind's and their country by not voting a right wing government into power, welcome to Swedestan,

  18. The E.U & MSM calling average people Neo Nazi's time after time when they are simply protesting terror,murder and rape is driving more people to wake up so it is back firing as people know their own values. What is scary though is that the E.U and MSM using this NAZI TACTIC to DEHUMANIZE Nationalists, you can see this with ANTIFA and other leftist terrorists with their "punch a NAZI"rhetoric and worse, during the Swedish election Swedish democrats were attacked by leftists including a pregnant woman at the polling booth, they harp on about Charlottesville like it was Kristallnacht (tragic unnecessary death by 1 idiot yet to be tried) yet the left are extremely violent and nothing is said or done about it. I am waiting for 1 Nationalist on TV to ask why they are using DEHUMANIZING HATE SPEECH when the world can see 99% of people are peaceful.

  19. the lefties are winning i think conservatives have to really wake up fast, they've taken over governments in many countries, taken over the EU, taken over universities,trying to take over justice and policing, schools, and most importantly the churches for without God we are just pawns. Taking over the natural family unit of man woman child. Can we defend ourselves, how? Perhaps by learning what their stratergies are which are many we have to educate ourselves and our peoples somehow. We should start attending church every sunday and beg God to help us and make reparation for pushing him out and not following his beautiful commandments, all the abortions we have allowed cries out to God for justice we have brought this on ourselves, we need to get back our christianvalues which are an easy yoke to carry for the sake of peace and harmony and blessings from our Heavenly Father the creator of all things and everyone.

  20. So now I understand why Sweden elections results went to the deep state they use electronic machines, it is not who votes it is who controls the counting that counts ah ha

  21. Our Prime Minister's name is Stefan, not Gustav. The Greens have a spokesperson named Gustav though.

    Edit: It even says so in the article. Suppose that was an error.

  22. They must agree with their Muslim masters. They "the Swedes" obviously agree that their children and women deserve to be raped. DO NOT EXPECT OTHER COUNTRIES TO SAVE YOUR SORRY PEDOPHILE ASSES.

  23. I would have liked to see AfS in parliament but all things considered they did well for such a young party, lets hope the ball gets picked up and run with.

  24. Video Title: Jewish Meeting on the Subversion of Poland
    Uploader: Hans Hanson
    Jews meeting and conspiring at the Goethe Institute of Germany on the subversion of Poland to accept multiculturalism and entice a cultural revolution.

  25. You didn't really hope these miserable cowards (Swedish men) would get their country back did you? The rise of the Vikings is attributed to raids to sell scandinavian women to the muslim sex-slave trade. Churchill stated that no sooner had he destroyed a German munitions factory, it would be resupplied by Swedish manufacturing. So in the usual cowardly fashion, Swedish men let blubbering women take over and vote for hoardes of military aged muslims with an average IQ of between 61 and 85 to replace them. Well done, you spineless effeminate cucks!

  26. The People should NEVER vote for other People….They should vote on the Specific 
    Issues.    For instance:….How many Murders are Acceptable……, and How many Rapes are just Good Manners…….How much Arson is acceptable celebrating.

  27. The poll institutes had a big rise in the "other parties" part right before the election. From the usual about 1.4% to 3.8%. Since Alternative for Sweden was the new and very popular party, many people excpected them to get over 4%. The "other parties" increase was clearly because of AFS. Something is very fishy here. Since people, which oftentimes are liberal and leftists, counts the votes, they can easily change the votes they don't agree with.People who vote right wing, Sweden democrats and now also Alternative for Sweden, usually keep quiet about it at polls, therefore the "other parties" should in reality be much bigger.

  28. The campaign ad of Alternate Party was not good.It included military images confirming the slander against them as Nazis.It couldnt have immigrant images because that would be not allowed as racist.So the video would have just pushed more Undecided voters away from them who would understand them only as 'fascist'.

  29. So with no go areas in the major cities, crimes stats – especially rape and robbery – going up, and riots and cars on fire, 80% of Swedes still don’t see a problem. Looks like they deserve everything they have coming. Muppets.

  30. This is all one big joke SD grew sure but their controlled opposition in this severly rigged system. So actually just another election than dont bring any change at all… Atleast not for the better

  31. The Swedes basically voted for the continuation of the rape of their women and children,the destruction of their country and the end of their culture…..Bye Sweden,it was nice knowing you.

  32. I love the remigration antic I only wish it was real. They will get 15 to 20 percent next election if sweeden hasn't been blown off the map by then

  33. So the majority prefer things as they are ."Browned out of existence" . Spot on ! Well the goody goody swedes deserve all they are getting in their socialist utopia

  34. The slow motion destruction of Sweden as they continue to vote for more of the same…..Deportation is the only answer…just as it is in many other Countries….They are breeding using your Taxes to do it.
    The Liberal Left will still be in denial as their own wives are raped and murdered by these third world heathens.

  35. You’re going to have to wait until the coming Obama Quantitative Easing driven hyper inflation depression begins to achieve your goals – maybe 3 to 4 years. That’s the event that will return illegals and migrants to their nations.

  36. SweDen is the country where the cccar-bone-aries have its he-ad-$quatter playing +++++= more and more Power for cccorPo-rat-ions ! But the Capital of ScanDinaVia Sto-och(and)-Helmet.. of Salvation has its Guardian Mother Swea- Mother M-Arya and her son St. John and her grand-grand Child St. Eric of David Dina-Sty.. Dina coded as the bedjande(S)= praying.. skull & bones sata-nism.. but but skål(S)=cheers and vodka= brännvin(S), bränna= put on fire.. the burning forests… but ben(S) means leg, bone and.. Beowulf of BEN-Yamin !!

  37. They may have lost the battle but are winning the war in so far as a growing proportion are dissatisfied and they have real problems with housing. People might start questioning what the utopian dream is supposed to look like?

  38. This will be Swedens' last free choice elections. Next time around you'll only be allowed to vote for Mohammed 1, Mohammed 2 or Mohammed 3. Sweden will be the next country the UN will be required to send troops into.

  39. Bottom line: the rapes, car burnings, and No-Go Zones will continue, and inevitably worsen. And how can a party call itself "the Moderates," in any language? Might as well just say "We're the Wishy-Washy Party; we stand for nothing and we'll put up with anything!"

  40. Who does not know how to do it does not help. The Swedes pay hard for their own stupidity. I feel sorry for them? No it is not. Their fates are indifferent to me.

  41. PM Levine will almost certainly form a coalition to maintain the status quo. Makes me want to wear a black armband for Sweden and the Swedish people. It's like watching a mass suicide where everybody drinks from the same Kool-Aid, imagining they'll be whisked away to Paradise.

  42. Hello Simon. Thanks for this upload. Your content, in a crowded market, is becoming compulsory viewing for me. I will send a tip soon!

  43. Mark my words: Scandinavia will explode in a civil war with in a year, and I will support the Nationalists with all I've got!!

  44. Bad result for Sweden. Neither social-democrats not moderates will change their ideology nor migrants will start to leave the country on their own. Which means this tendency of the previous 4 years will continue for the next four years as well with one difference: instead of Swedish Democrats may come even more extreme group of people. If Swedish Democrats could get to power now they could probably prevent Sweden to fall into fascism but at this moment such perspective looks very plausible.

  45. I can not believe that Swedes are so fucked up. I used to think of Sweden very well, with big dose of respect for their achievements and now… well, you slowly become a shit hole in Europe. hopefully your shit will not spill all over the Europe. If you want to feel better then bring some more primitives and criminals you love so much.

  46. It would appear that women are one of the main reasons if not the main reason that Sweden is totally screwed by it's pathetic views on flooding the country with undesirables . It would appear they won't be happy until most women in the country are raped or gang raped…weird.

  47. Do you really think so Simon ?? Ever thought about voter fraud, like we had it in the Netherlands, because never underestimate a corrupt political system!!!

  48. Swedes have not voted either to contain or lessen their problem,so it will l only grow.The prosperity of Swedens economy will only decline As demographics contiunue to change, their so called 'vulnerable areas' (no go zones) will extend and the perimeters become harder to police.>this will inevitably in time increasingly also affect their economic zones. (no go areas in the major cities, crimes rape and robbery – going up, riots escalate, etc,etc) > more taxes to deal with the fall out.
    An optimistic view for the right is that this is actually good news since it means the centre and the left having (and failing) to deal with a problem they cannot face with as it is ; the bad news is that a people who cannot deal with it now by just putting a cross in a box, are unlikely to be motivated to fight for themselves in the future.

  49. They think Islam is like any other group that they can intergrade, when in reality its an invasive force thats hell bent on global domination. It isnt racist to resist or fight back against ones enemy. Its suicide not to. They'll learn the hard way, only it will be too late by then.

  50. Sweden always do the best choice
    Congratulations for all the Swedish people
    No place for the racist and for the Stupid Nazis in Sweden

  51. When a murder is caught – police talk to him. When a terrorist is caught – they talk to him. BUT when Sweden democrates get into the parlament NOOONE should talk to them at all. This is called The Sandbox Playing" – and the the rest of the parties are extremely good at that.

  52. Simon – you might be interested in this. The Dali Lama says "Europe is for Europeans".

  53. The best business model for MSM is in the selling of censorship. So lets say that as relates to Islam that Saudi Arabia, Qatar, ect can " if they want" censor the truth about Islam and Jihad simply by them using their immense wealth to buy x amount in advertising, sponsorship Shares holdings of Media, Academia, and Politics for self censorship, the demonizing of those that do speak out about Islam and Jihad ( religious warfare) and to get them to promote of divisive ( false) ideas, like gender equality, white privilege, institutionalized "racism" ect.

  54. Thanks for this Simon (I missed this – no bloody notification!) Sad for Sweden, but I have hope a shift is happening atleast. I so feel for the Swedes, I think it's bad here in the UK (which it is) but not as far down the road as poor Sweden. I live on hope that Europe as a whole will wake up totally to this suicidal road we are heading. Time is running out

  55. I’m a Christian woman. I’m also a firm believer that women in politics destroys nations. Women should not be allowed to hold political office, and they should not be allowed to vote. That sounds harsh, but facts are facts. Women see a group of “migrants “, and want to feed them. Men ( real men) see a group of outsiders , and rightly see the potential threat to their country, and its people. That’s why this global push for western men to become feminized , is so troubling. Who will fight in our military, or Europe’s armies, once our men are turned into cappuccino sipping cucks who hate themselves, and their countries, and seek “diversity “ , over the preservation, safety, and prosperity, of their own people?

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