Susan Rice – “Tough Love,” Life in the Obama White House & The Trump Era | The Daily Show

Susan Rice – “Tough Love,” Life in the Obama White House & The Trump Era | The Daily Show

-Welcome back to the show.
-It’s great to be back. -Thanks so much. -It has been
a while since I have seen you. I… The last time
you were here on the show was, I guess, maybe three days before
the presidential election. Did you see any of this coming? Anything that we’re living
through right now? (laughter) I kind of did see it coming. Not what we’re living through
now, but the possibility that Trump could get elected
as I-I write about in the book. -Right.
-But, you know, those times… Just think back. It was a time before
we were all losing our mind -on a daily basis.
-Those were good times. It was, like…
It was normal. -Right.
-You know? And now, gee whiz. Or Jesus Christ,
more accurately. Let me ask you this.
Let me ask you this. I mean, you know,
in the… in the book, you-you talk
about your personal life, and I want to get into that. But-but when you look
at the-the White House today, you get these stories
coming out all the time of, you know, uh,
officials speaking out, saying, “This is
a crazy environment to work in. Things are freaking me out.” Is that par for the course? Is that what happens
in a White House? Is it just like
a manic environment? Or is this a special time, and-and a strange White House
America’s experiencing? -This is not normal.
-(laughter) This is beyond strange. I mean, yes, the White House
is an intense place to work. -The jobs are tough,
blah, blah, blah. -Right. But, you know,
people aren’t crazy. And… you-you don’t wake up thinking that, “Oh, my God, tomorrow everything could just
literally fall apart.” So this-this… It’s important
for Americans to understand that this is not normal. That’s part of what I hope people will get
out of this book is that, you know,
there is a way that national security
decision-making -is supposed to be made.
-Mm-hmm. There’s a way a responsible
White House is supposed to work. There’s a way policy gets made that is actually
supposed to be conducted -in the interests of
the American people… -Right. rather than the interests
of one man for his own personal political
or financial gain. We are in totally… We’re in the Twilight Zone. Wow. (laughter) Wow. The book, Tough Love,
tells your story in a way that I think
you’ve never told it before. You know, many people
have seen you in positions of power. Many people have seen you
advising President Obama or working
on the Clinton side of things, but-but this story is-is…
is really personal in a way that I…
I don’t think I expected. I mean, you-you talk about
your parents being divorced and how that affected yourself,
your life, your-your, you know, your-your
decisions you made growing up. I mean, you talk about,
for instance, being hung over, uh, and then having
to brief President Obama. And, like,
you didn’t expect this, and now you’re in the beast. And all of a sudden, it’s, like,
your vacation’s cut short. It’s, like,
you’re briefing them. Like, why did you choose
to share some of those stories, -especially the hungover one?
-(laughter) Well, Trevor, I wanted to tell
my story in my own words. And I… I felt, you know,
while I was in government, particularly after Benghazi,
where I was characterized and mischaracterized
by both sides, that I couldn’t speak
for myself, because I was still representing
the United States, -I was still…
-Interesting. speaking on behalf
of the president. So when I had the opportunity
to tell my own story, I wanted to do it honestly. It’s interesting that, yeah,
you say that as well, but what I liked,
if I may interject, is that you also said… you said: Depending on what news
people are watching, they either vilified me, or they created this idea
of me being a hero, and then… And you said neither is true.
I found that really interesting. Why did you say that? Because neither is true.
They’re unin… they were uninformed
by who I actually am. I mean, to understand me…
it’s really important to understand my family
and where I came from. And that’s why I spend
some time in the beginning talking about
how I’m the granddaughter of immigrants from Jamaica
who came to the United States in 1912 with nothing and went to Portland, Maine, and
educated all five of their kids, who went on to be
very successful professionals, and how, on the other hand,
on my father’s side, I’m the daughter
of the descendants of slaves, and… my father, who grew up
in the most, you know, brutal part
of Jim Crow segregation, and then had to
fight and serve in… World War II at Tuskegee, as part of the Tuskegee Airmen, and, you know,
he couldn’t get served off base, but yet, German POWs
were getting served off base. -Wow.
-So this-this… all of this background
informed who I am. And you talked
about my parents’ divorce. I mean, having to go through
that, and, as a kid, intervening when they were, you know,
fighting in a violent fashion to try to, you know,
calm them down and protect my little brother
and all this stuff. So that all informed who I am. So… if I was gonna tell
my story, the only way to do it was to be honest. And I did, you know, I gave
everything that I could in that. Now, talking
about being hungover, that wasn’t that hard
to include. -I mean, first of all…
-(laughter) we’re all human, right? And this was the…
one of the very l… it was actually the last night of President Obama’s
last foreign trip. -We were in Lima, Peru,
-Mm-hmm. and, you know, Trump had won, you know, we had to execute
this transition, and the Obama team… knows how to party
and knows how to celebrate. (laughter) And… we… (cheering, applause) We took over this club in Lima, took over the top floor, drank more pisco sours
per capita than, you know,
than most people could do, and then just danced
to R&B and hip-hop -until about 3:00 in the
morning. -That is hilarious. I got back to my room, crashed. I was one of the few people
who had to really get up early, ’cause I had to be
with the president -when he started his meeting.
-Right. Got out of bed,
and literally, my knees buckled. And I thought: okay, this
is not about being hungover, this is about having done
too many low moves -on the dance floor.
-(laughter) Uh… and I could barely walk
to the shower. By the time I hobbled
into the limousine– known as “The Beast”–
to see the president, he asked, as he always does, “So, you
know, what happened last night?” And I said: Mr. President,
you missed a hell of a party. And none of us are gonna be
in top form today. (laughter) And, you know, he always,
he always wished that he could have
a little fun, but he had to stay
in his hotel room and act presidential. Let me-let me ask you this
about that. One thing that I did pick up
in the book is there was definitely
a personal relationship between President Obama and all of the people
who worked for and with him. It’s an interesting relationship
because there’s a respect that seems mutual,
and then there is also a level of understanding
who’s in charge and what needs to be done. I’ve been particularly
interested about what’s happening
in the Trump White House. You know, when it comes
to leaks, you know, regardless of whistleblowers,
but just, like, the leaks. Some people say the leaks
are holding Trump back from being a president, because a White House
cannot function effectively if you’re leaking every step of what is happening
along the way. Do you think the leaks
are a good thing? Do you think they’re
a bad thing? Do you think people should have
blind loyalty? How do you think it should work
when you’re working with a president
in the White House? Well, first of all,
if you talk to journalists, and I have a number of friends
who cover the White House, they’ll tell you that Trump’s
the leaker in chief. He’s the one putting out
a lot of this stuff. And then you’ve got,
you know… -So he leaks to journalists,
just to confirm. -Yes. -So he-he’s the leak?
-Yeah. He is a big… So when they go, “A source
in the White House… ” -He is…
-they’re talking about him. He is… Yeah. He is reputedly the source
of a lot of leaks. Now, I’m– There are others. -I’m not suggesting there’s not.
-Right, right, right. But what’s also so… depressing about the Trump White House, as somebody who’s worked
in the White House, these are hard jobs. And yet, everybody there
is stabbing everybody else in the back. Nobody can trust
the guy in the office or the woman down the hall not to be screwing them
to the press. And th-there’s this sort
of sense of, you know… -…everybody trying to destroy
everybody else. -Mm-hmm. And Trump being the one
that y-you don’t know if you’re gonna come into
work one day and, you know, halfway through the day
he tweets that you’re gone. -Wow.
-So think about that. Uh, so, look,
I don’t like leaks. I think leaks are a bad thing. And when I was
national security advisor, you know, I got really pissed
if people were leaking stuff. And they didn’t do much
because we had a tight ship, and we were loyal to each other, and we had each others’ backs, and that made those tough jobs
much, much more tolerable, and often, a whole lot of fun. The Ukraine call
is an interesting one, because part of the argument
coming from the Democrats has been it was
particularly suspicious because Donald Trump and
his team place this call on a code-word server,
a more secure server that isn’t regularly used
for calls, regular calls that don’t have,
um, sensitive information. But the Trump team has said,
“Yes, it’s not regularly done, “but we get leaked on so much, “that we have to find
a different way to keep this information
away from people.” So is there merit
to that argument? No. Let me explain why. First of all, the regular National Security Council
computer system is highly classified, up to top secret level
and beyond. -That’s the regular one.
-That’s the regular one. -Got it. -So this one
we’re talking about is super, super-duper secret. -Got it.
-Okay? -Uh, that’s a technical term.
-Yes, I’m with you. So, um, there are two ways
to manage it. -You put it on
the regular server, -Mm-hmm. -and you can still limit
distribution. -I see. You know,
you don’t have to hide it on a super secret server
to limit distribution. That’s… You know, normally, the people who get a copy
of the transcript are the people who have a reason to know what happened
on the call. -Mm-hmm. -So, that’s a limited
circle in the first place. I think the Trump people
made a mistake, frankly, at the very beginning
of the administration where they didn’t know how
the system worked. And they, I think,
blasted call transcripts across the entire
National Security Council. So they just, like,
hit “reply all” -with every call.
-It’s something like that. -That’s what you’re saying.
-That’s what I’m saying. And then they got burnt. But they didn’t need to go
to that extreme -to solve that problem.
-Right. Right, right. Let me ask you this. If you were– and I know
this is a crazy question… Don’t even go there.
I know where you’re going. -(laughs)
-Come on, man. If you… if you were… if you were advising
in this White House– not about the politics
of, like, you know… Not-not the Trump side
of things, but let’s talk about, like,
for instance, Syria. If you were advising
in and around Syria -and the military decisions that
are being made right now. -Okay. Donald Trump has been blasted
from all sides, right? Republicans have come out -like we’ve never seen them
before. -Rightly so. Democrats have come out.
The Kurdish forces have come… People have all said, “Donald
Trump, what have you done?” Except Putin, Assad and Turkey. -Funny, that, eh?
-Right. -So…
-(laughter) Do you think that he betrayed
the Kurdish forces if his argument is,
“I didn’t have a deal. “That was another deal
from a different president. I didn’t have a deal
with the Kurdish forces”? Okay, wait a minute. -Because Trump and his people…
-First of all, it’s not about “I.” The whole problem with Trump
is it’s all about “I.” It’s not an “America first”
foreign policy. It’s a “me first”
foreign policy. -The United States…
-(cheering and applause) The United States of America had an understanding
with the Kurds, which he has honored
for two and a half years. And, yes, it began
under President Obama. We worked with the Kurds. They did the fighting,
in effect, for us to take out ISIS. Now we have turned around because Donald Trump woke up
on the wrong side of the bed or President Erdogan of Turkey
promised him something– and I’m actually really curious
to know what it was– in order for him
to sell these guys out without consulting anybody
on his national security team. And what is going to happen now is not only, well,
we have broken our word and left these people vulnerable
to Turkish invasion. And these Turks
want to kill the Kurds. I mean, it’s that simple. Uh, but, also, there’s some
10,000-plus ISIS fighters, terrorists who are… -The Kurds have been holding in
detention. -As prisoners, yes. And now they have to go
defend themselves without the United States
against the Turks. Do you think they’re gonna be
paying attention to those prisoners,
or do you think maybe they’re
a little bit pissed and they just might lose
the key? That’s 10,000 or more
hard-core terrorists who have the United States
and Europe in their crosshairs that Donald Trump
has just let go. For what? That’s why
everybody’s so pissed. This is serious
as a heart attack. Wow. -When you look at Trump, then…
-(scoffs) -If you have to, and…
-It’s really… -It’s not my preference.
-And-and he says, and he says, “Listen, I think
America was in too many wars. “I don’t want
to fight with Iran. “I don’t want
to be fighting in Syria. “I don’t want to be fighting
anywhere in the– We fight too many wars.” That’s what Donald Trump says. Do you think
that there is merit to that? Or do you think
America is just damned to be the police of the world? Well, here’s where Trump is
misleading the American people. We’ve learned
in the Obama administration that there’s more than one way
to fight terrorists. We don’t have to deploy large numbers
of American ground forces, -as we did in Iraq on, uh–
-Mm-hmm. in the Bush administration, to deal with a terrorist threat. Or, in that case, Saddam,
followed by a terrorist threat. We can work,
as the military would say, by, with and through partners. These Kurds were our partners. They were doing the fighting. We were doing the advising and the logistical support
and the air cover. It was a very… economical
and effective way to do it. We’re talking about hundreds of
troops, not thousands of troops. But those hundreds were key to giving the Kurds confidence
that we remained with them and to keeping an eye on ISIS
and on those prisoners. So this was not a case
where the president could say, “I’m bringing thousands
of American troops home.” -No. He left our partners
hanging. -Mm-hmm. He put America
at much greater risk, because these prisoners
are going to either leave and come and get us
or our partners or they’re gonna reconstitute
on the ground and continue to-to be a presence that we thought
we had put in the box. Let me ask you this
before I let you go. We got to end
on a much more optimistic note. (laughter) Let me ask you this. Writing a book is
a really interesting process, because you almost relive
your life, from the beginning to the day
that you put the pen down. When you looked back
on everything that you’ve done, everything that you’ve achieved, everything
that you’re a part of, is there anything you wish you could’ve done differently? (chuckles)
Many things. One thing that you wish
you had done differently in your role in government. What is one thing where you go,
like, “Man, I– “That thing, I-I wish I could’ve
done that better or differently “or I would’ve–
I would’ve tweaked the way I saw the world”?
What would it have been? Well, I write in this book
about how my mother warned me not to go
on the Sunday shows. In 2012, when I went on
to talk about Benghazi. -Interesting. -And she perceived
what I didn’t, which is that– You know, I was thinking about–
I’d been– I’m on the team. The team has asked me to do it.
I wasn’t– That wasn’t my plan.
Blah, blah, blah. I was gonna take my kids
to the Ohio State football game -that weekend,
and I actually did, -Mm-hmm. because I made a promise
and I wanted to keep it. But I came back and agreed
to do the Sunday shows, because Secretary Clinton,
uh, apparently, had– was exhausted and didn’t feel, uh, that she wanted to do it. And my mother tried
to convince me. She literally said,
“I smell a rat. You shouldn’t do this.” And the rat was not
that somebody was setting me up. Her perception was that, when you’re in a crisis
and you’re one– the first person to go out
and share that information, that information
is inevitably gonna change, and the messenger, uh,
will be assailed, -not just the message.
-Right. And she was right. And, uh, I think maybe others, uh, of my colleagues -perceived that better
than I did, too. -Wow. But so the lesson, everybody,
is listen to your mother. -(laughter, applause) -And…
-Whether you’re in government -or at home,
listen to your mother. -And… -and that’s what I tell my kids.
-Thank you so much. (laughs) -Thank you so much for coming
back to the show. -Thank you -so much.
-Tough Love is available now. Ambassador Susan Rice,

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    ABC   News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Obama Whitehouse Press
    Secretary Jay Carney.

    ABC  News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s
    former Deputy Press Secretary.

    ABC  President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s former Special Adviser
    Elisabeth Sherwood.

    ABC – George Stephanopoulos donated $75,000 to Hillary Campaign without declaring!

    CNN    President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy
    Secretary Tom Nides.

    This is “Huge” and is only a ‘partial’ list since the same incestuous relationship
    holds true for NBC/MSNBC and most media outlets.

    Trump has been right all along.  Fake News is generated by this incestuous

    Ya think there might be a little bias in the news???

  35. Celebrating after causing the world’s worst humanitarian crisis in Yemen…hahaha hilarious🤣🤣🤣🤣

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