Supreme Court VICTORY as TRUMP Finally Gets His WALL!!!

Supreme Court VICTORY as TRUMP Finally Gets His WALL!!!

all right there everyone to Supreme Court victory as President Trump gets his wall that's to be talking about on today's video it is finally official finally after months of court battles the United States Supreme Court has formally lifted the injunction that was imposed by district court in California of course and upheld by the ultra liberal Ninth Circuit of course the Supreme Court has decisively ruled that President Donald Trump can in fact begin the building of the border wall on our southern borders I'm sure many of you know because of the stalling and inaptitude of Congress President Trump declared a state of emergency that the southern border at the southern border andrea propria Tovar two billion dollars for wall construction he actually the actual order involves eight billion dollars to be spent but only two or three needed the declaration of emergency the decision was a five to four decision all of five conservative judges god bless them is it wonderful having a conservative supreme court all right all five conservative judges sided with President Trump three of the wacky liberals sided with the ninth circuit more affectionately known as the ninth circuit and Justin Stephen Breyer tried to have it both ways he gave a split ruling he ruled that Trump could continue to garner contracts for the wall but he couldn't actually begin construction till the whole litigation process had worked itself out which of course could take years if not decades an issue is whether the Trump administration could appropriate billions of dollars in Pentagon funds for border wall construction construction well that was the I mean that was legal issue at least the real issue of course is that globalists in both the Democratic Republican Party's one open borders globalism and borders are mutually exclusive by definition globalism is a borderless boundless political and economic system so they use legal issues as ruses to accomplish globalist goals nevertheless Trump declared a state of emergency in order to appropriate a total of over eight billion dollars in wall construction and Fox News reports that a trial court had an initially frozen the funds back in May and an appeals court kept that freeze in place earlier this month so the Trump administration did ask the Supreme Court to take up the issue and they did and they found in president Trump's favor he does indeed have the right as chief executive to redirect funds as he sees fit in the state of emergency now there's a couple of things here a couple of takeaways first and foremost this decision by the United States Supreme Court is evidence that Washington institutions are beginning however frustratingly slowly they are beginning to turn to a more conservative vision of life this would be radically solidified once Ruth Bader Ginsburg finally leaves a number of articles are documented how the Supreme Court especially under President Trump has shifted radically to the right and this shift is a generational shift given the ages of most of the conservatives on the court Justice Thomas is getting up there but this new conservative majority promises to last at least the next 10 to 20 years so that's the first thing I think we're seeing here the fruits of an institutional change among the institutions in Washington DC towards a more conservative vision and more conservative future the second thing here is we are beginning to see what will be a permanent fixture in a more Nashes populist and traditionalist America make no mistake this border wall will be permanent once up it will be next to politically impossible to be torn down it's not a Berlin Wall it's not a symbol of oppression it's a nationalist wall it's a wall that says globalism has limits globalism doesn't define us anymore nationalism populism traditionalism is now what defines us and that requires boundaries that requires borders as we talked about on so many occasions here on this channel scholars have noted that a combination of economic and employment insecurity has not only exacerbated concerns about unfettered immigration which serves to intensify the scarcity of jobs and the like but it's also the primary reason for the electoral surge among the nationalist populist political right not just here in the United States but of course all over the world most particularly throughout Europe and I think the bottom line here is that the border wall is a no-win situation for the left-wing Democrats and that's because they don't want to fix it they don't want to end unfettered immigration they're all for open borders precisely because this is the primary way in which the secular left has achieved its political prominence particularly in places like California unfettered immigration both legal and illegal is radically changing the social complexion of the nation to one favoring liberal democratic policies and preconceptions it's not that the immigrants themselves are inclined toward liberal social issues actually most of them are not but they've been largely persuaded that their political advocates belong to a center-left coalition at the state and federal levels and thus the stream of immigration that's flowed uninterrupted over the last few decades is providing an increasingly insurmountable political demographic responsible for the advancement of left-wing social agendas the liberal politics of California today will be those of Texas tomorrow this is why we say over and over again on this channel open borders means open values open borders means open values and so what's the solution stop the open borders and you have cut off a significant source of left-wing powerful power and influence okay now president Trump is ready to do just that and he and the Nationalists and the Republican Party again god bless them have rightly framed the border wall as a matter of national security and that's pretty politically brilliant because now all the Democratic candidates for the presidential nomination every single one of them had to come out and oppose national security again if they had an alternative plan that was even remotely comprehensible they might have a chance but right now if you think it all through all they have right now is ray in xenophobia right that's it I may still have Russia if you can believe it they're still holding on to the whole Russian collusion nonsense but that's it that's all the Democratic Party has when it comes to border security racism in Russia what else do they have so five to ten year plan of demonstrable border security enhancement maybe the Democrats could try to put something like that together but I'm not holding my breath especially after they dominated all three branches of government or the Obama administration for a time one on earth can they point to demonstrating that they are the political party of border security I think it's nil it's really actually laughable if you really think about it Americans like a growing number of Europeans they want their borders secured and this fits in as we've analyzed before with a growing sense of insecurity among Western populations both from a financial or economic concern as well as even from a terrorist concern cultural concern these come together in the whole notion of illegal immigration stop the flow of illegal immigrants and you au stopped a highly significant potential source for terrorist infiltration in or a nation on the one hand and the adverse disenfranchisement of citizens from potential low-wage employment and their cultures customs and traditions on the other and so it's no wonder that the so-called far right of the nationalist populist right has politically surged throughout Europe in the United States and I have no doubt that we're just seeing the beginning of such a surge again all you have to do is notice how what was once a marginal peripheral political paradigm that people laughed at is now completely normal in mainstream Trump's political positions were more or less first touted by Pat Buchanan back in 92 when he launched a primary challenge to what he saw as the secularizing globalism of George Bush Senior and both in 92 and later in 96 when he ran for president I was a big time supporter Pat Buchanan and the Republican primaries the first presidential cannot vote it for if you read some of the commentary coming from the likes of mainstream Republicans like George Will Buchanan was called a racist he was a xenophobe he was a back words thinking economic protectionist who would never ever ever be accepted to the mainstream of the Republican Party oh well well where's George will now George will is voting Democrat he's out it's called a political paradigm shift it's when otherwise marginalize of peripheral political positions of parties end up becoming centralized and normalize and then the question is of course how did that happen what were the social cultural economic demographic dynamics responsible for this massive tectonic shift and of course this is where we've been examining the worldwide dialectic or clash between secular globalization on the one hand and its traditionalist nationalist backlash on the other and president Trump is our champion on the side of the nationalist populist backlash he is our champion most specifically in terms of his construction of the border wall and as such we're finding Trump on the right side of the wall the side of mass political popularity and support and the political left find themselves on the wrong side of the wall and when at least it comes to up this issue for all practical purposes they may be shut out entirely all right now I'm off to a lovely vacation in the Poconos this week so I'll be I won't be posting quite as much as I normally do I won't be able to do the two videos a day but I will try to post no questions so I'll be seeing you from the lovely Pocono Mountains as weed together analyzed current events in light of some awesome conservative trends that you can live so we all can live in the present in light of even better things to come god bless

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  2. As Canadians, we are grateful for the wall being built because as quick as they are crossing into the US… they are also crossing into Canada.. It’s a huge problem…

  3. Pocono mountain β›° was one of my favorite camp grounds when I was a Boy Scout and in my adult life

  4. After the criminals are inside, we get the wall. What's this to be for? Keeping them in to vote Democrat?

  5. America needs to make a National day of Remembrance to the past when the Democatic party was the voice of the working class an not the FBI Natzi party !!!

  6. The wall's finally happening? Cool!

    Now let's send liberals to the other side of that wall so they can live with the illegal immigrants they love so much. They'll be begging to let them back in in 3 days.

  7. I love how you view the world thru rose colored conservative sunglasses Doc, I hope you're right and not just blowing smoke up us.

    After he wins re-election, since the border wall will almost be complete and countries like China come to their senses and sign meaningful trade deals, I would love to see Trump take on the national debt and fixing SSI and Medicare. Those three things are the biggest threat to our nation right now.

  8. Which wall were Democrats rooting for during 2006-2012? Around their estates bought with ill gotten gains thru "public service" ???

  9. Too little too late.
    I'm glad to learn of this but the gates have been open too long and the low-info base is here to stay. Elites have methodically destroyed the peace and prosperity of U.S.A.

  10. This is just sad… the absolute state of conservatism: celebrating $2 billion for REPLACEMENT fencing on the southern border in California, Arizona, and New Mexico. After 2 long and painful years and this is what we get. Geez, I’m so tired of winning.
    I’m Conservative, by the way, and probably further right than you will ever be.

  11. Roberts is still a spineless turd.Β  All he wants is to be in the majority.Β  It doesn't matter what that is.Β  What a great legal mind.Β  NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Β  Thanks for putting that blight on a nation Bush.

  12. Esay to solve, out of the $500 billions trade deficit with China, divert $200 billions to increase trade with these Poor Countries!!

  13. It would be nice if there were repercussions against obviously activist courts acting against the law and US sovereignty.

  14. As someone who lives in Arizona, and from Britain that has been over run by immigrants, I want to say a huge huge HUGE thank you to Trump.

  15. I saw a guys tweet saying he will send his children to tear down the wall. Why not go yourself F-ing COWARD!

  16. Finally sanity has prevailed.
    Now President Trump, please come and build us a wall around the UK, our barrier that nature provided is not working, please help us Mr Trump!

  17. Did you ever do a video on RGB coming back to the Supreme Court? Why were there not major, major headlines and live video from the left? All we ever got were these shady still photographs , never any live video. Thanks.

  18. Hopefully, Trump will get reelected and be able to appoint 3 more Supreme Court judges plus many many other judges.

  19. At least we know how Ginsberg will rule; Roberts is the real fly in the ointment. My guess is Ginsberg is being pressured to wait for the 2020 election. That woman looks like she was embalmed at least ten years ago…like Sanders and Biden.

  20. and just think, when Ginsburg's body is finally announced as dead, Trump gets ANOTHER SCOTUS pick. the Court will be Trump's for DECADES!!!!

    God Bless America. End The Dems now.

  21. Boris says Britain will get 'Points Based Immigration' Small point 40 years too late.
    Was discussed and rejected, Australia an New Zealand have it. BUT we signed up to EU open borders then 'Idiot Merkel' left the gate open for non EU hordes resulting in problems we now have across the West.

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