Superheroes and Ideology: Filmfront Episode #1

Superheroes and Ideology: Filmfront Episode #1

6 thoughts on “Superheroes and Ideology: Filmfront Episode #1

  1. What about "Captain America: The Winter Soldier"? It took a group of people to help take down SHIELD/Hydra in that story. Not to mention the
    whistleblower angle

  2. This was a very interesting Video you presented sir.  Though I do feel you seem to highlight a lot of the Negatives involved with comic book Movies. Still, your words do have merit and do express a lot of the flaws when it comes to having Superheroes(Both Singular and as a group).

    But it one thing is for sure, it seems comic books have started to grow and Mature in the industry.  In fact, we're getting a lot more Change ups now than ever before. 

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