Super Bowl champ ROCKS slavery reparations hearing: “I don’t want them”

Super Bowl champ ROCKS slavery reparations hearing: “I don’t want them”

Owens: Ideologies don’t
change. People change. We’re fighting for the
heart and soul of our nation against socialism, Marxism,
the evil it has brought to us, and the stealing of our history. Karl Marx said it best.
He was the father of socialism, an atheist, an anti-Semite,
and a blatant racist, yet we teach his philosophy
in our school systems today. He said, “The first battleground is the rewriting of our history.” If you steal our history, you steal our pride in our past, our appreciation for our present, and our vision for our future. Every single urban area in our country is now experiencing that loss. The history of our black
country, of our black America, has been stolen from us over decades, almost over a century.
Booker T. Washington, in 1882, began Tuskegee University. By 1905, it was producing more
self-made, black millionaires than Harvard, Yale,
and Princeton combined. In the 40s, 50s, and 60s,
it was the black community that led our country in the
growth of the middle class, led our country in terms of
men committed to marriage, over 70 percent, now it’s 30 percent, led our country in terms of commitment to business ownership, 40 percent,
now it’s 3.8 percent, and led our country in terms of
men matriculating from college. We now have a higher percentage of men incarcerated than in college. By the way, my degree was in biology. I learned a long time ago that slavery is not a gene in the DNA helix. It’s our actions. It’s our
attitude. It’s our belief. I do not believe in reparations
because what reparations do is point to a certain
race, a certain color, as evil and points to the other race, my race, and this now becomes racist, as beggars. I do believe in restitution. That way, we can get past
this reparations talk and recognize that this
country has given us greatness. Look at this panel. It doesn’t matter how we think. It doesn’t matter our color. We have become successful in this country, like no other, because of
the great opportunity to live the American Dream. Let’s not steal that from our kids by telling them they can’t do it. Woman: Can you speak about your
reparations testimony this week? How do you feel it was received, both by members and other panelists? Owens: What a good question. I think
what’s happening across our country is we need to have
more black conservatives saying the things that white
conservatives cannot say and feel comfortable with. What the Left loves to do
is call people “racist,” and, unfortunately,
a lot of white people don’t like to be called racists. I don’t mind being called
an “Uncle Tom” and a “coon” and that kind of stuff.
It doesn’t bother me at all. It actually tells me
that they’ve lost the battle because they’re not debating
anymore. They’re calling names. I feel really good that it was accepted as well as it was. It says to me that America
is all on the same page. We’re tired of the
leftists blaming us for all the things
they’ve done in the past. If they want to talk about reparations, let’s talk about restitution. Let’s talk about getting
repaid for all the misery they have brought to our
country and our people, black and white, for the lives lost because of the hatred they’ve
brought into our system.

100 thoughts on “Super Bowl champ ROCKS slavery reparations hearing: “I don’t want them”

  1. Globalist want hate and strife between races. It’s a method to tear down America. Our unity is an obstacle to them taking and remaking our country. The media is part of this, they fan hate by publishing one sided stories.

  2. Slavery was abolished over 150 years ago and took the blood and deaths of many white people to do it. Is there any gratitude? Hell no, your still guilty if your white and America will be guilty forever because the left needs the division and political leverage and race hustlers would be out of business. If you can’t let wounds heal it becomes your own fault and self oppression.

  3. What a great man! I loved it when he said if they don't have an argument they resort to name-calling. I have found that to be 100% true.

  4. See, now THAT is courage. Courage isn't speaking up where everyone will agree and cheer for you. It's speaking for what you believe in even when you know many people, indeed most, will hate it

  5. the leftist Democratic party is what he said but you all know that YouTube finds leftist Democratic party offensive now. censorship it's ok most of us find the tyrannical Democratic party offensive also……….

  6. Hell yea., Just because I'm black doesn't mean I need help. Fuck off I got a fucking job. Huge disrespected treating blacks like we can't get our own money.

  7. Attention non white communities! Rather than blame us white men for your perceived difficulties instead about time you finally get off your asses get over yourselves find a job stay at whatever job you find and build your lives for the better through hard work!!!! Quit bitching like whiney little ungrateful overpriviledged fucking self entitled idealogically warped idiots!!!!!!

  8. Please put the original recording date…. People will automatically think this is brand new based on the upload date… But this video IS NOT NEW. It's over 2 months old. And it's been uploaded 100s of times. It is literally spam.

  9. From a Maori…we understand too the meaning of loss….there are too many Labels made by anyone with an agenda. It is impossible to right all the wrongs….take the opportunities that are available…as soon as one changes their mind set from victim….to a Traveller through life

  10. About time proud black americans started standing up with the rest of us and pointing out the lies they have been fed along side us. Glad to see my fellow americans be they black, brown, yellow, green, purple, white or chicken what ever. Begining to actually come together and see how evil corrupt politicians have become. And how they have been feeding off of the needs and wants of so many people.

  11. Candace Ownes said it best. Speaking on the state of African Americans in this country, she said you could be a victim or victor. Burgess is a victor. And it's much harder to be a victor then a victim.

  12. This whole reparations thing is a crock of shit! What we gonna do next? Hit up the governments of Norway, Sweden and Denmark for the Viking slave trade? Which by the way was on a much larger scale than the African one! But that was white people enslaving white people so i guess that doesn't matter!

  13. Have something against socialism and Marxism?Our country is heading back there 🤣😂 😅do Jews get restitution? Or any other oppressed groups? Give me a break🙄 this issue is only being used to KEEP RACISM ALIVE AND AMERICA DIVIDED. Dumb fools are going for it. Black needs to THINK

  14. Congressional hearings by the Democrats so they can take care of the little black folk who they believe can't take care of themselves and who democrat policies over the years has made worse for them in all social aspects. Essentially destroyed any meaniful black society

  15. Let's get on the same page here, reparations are a con job. No Black American is going to get a check in the mail. Even if the dems take control of everything. If they pass reparations they'll give it to select "allies" so they will farm for votes. Con job pure and simple.

  16. We don't just get called racist, we also lose our careers. The reality is that the left has skewed idea about how to help the black community. They think that their work involves "calling out" on Twitter. That's what they consider their "great work." Comb through the Twitter clutter, looking for those who have ever said anything they can remotely call racist. Doesn't matter when it was sent. Doesn't matter if that person moved on, past the ignorant. In fact, it doesn't matter if it wasn't even racist! Even the most innocent jokes are racist if someone misunderstands them.

    In the meantime, they ignore things like the city policies of Baltimore that have left the city impovished. Even though that has severely effected the lives of 600,000 people, 60% of which are black.

    That's right. They would have you believe that a stupid and ignorant joke made by Roseanne Barr is more damaging to the black community then policies that cause widespread poverty to mostly black communities. But that's okay, they say, because it wasn't motivated by racism. So they let that sit, while they continue their search across Twitter with their torches and pitchforks. No mercy. No apologies accepted. Only mob justice. In the meanwhile Baltimore and Detroit suffer.

    Care about black lives, my ass!

  17. Ironic only democrats owned slaves and now democrats want reparations. News flash, the slaves are dead and the slave owners are dead but if you still want to give people free money make sure only democrats contribute, because only democrats owned slaves.

  18. It is so twisted and evil. Marx was an anti-semite and just like George Soros in that manner, a self-hating Jew that refused to believe there is a God because of the human condition of the world. Without realizing or understanding the fall of mankind, through Adam & Eve when they betrayed the Creator in the garden. So fools like them parish and is very sad, because their influences lead many into hell through their deception 🐍 💀💀

  19. African americans who ask for reperations are so stupid,I would never bring that up because whats gonna happen if they get reperations and its there turn to pay for reperations?How many generations will it take for blacks to pay for barbary or trans atlantic slave trade that was far more brutal far more slaves for far longer.

    No we whites are not paying reperations its complete hypocracy that they dont expect africans to pay when they enslaved these people and sold them.The truth is is no white man ever exsistes then every black slave would still have gotten enslaved and sold off because it wasnt white man who enslaved them to begin with.And why are we paying people today who have only benefited from this slavery?

  20. I'd venture to guess that this guy preferred Booker T. Washington to George Washington Carver. It is clear he is compliant.

  21. I think I'd be happier with getting all the Socialists out of our government first. And anyone who is operating contrary to the Constitution. If that means senators, and House of Representatives … So be it. And then imposed term limits. So people like Bernie Sanders can't Implement 40 Years of the softening up process. Two terms. No more lifetime politicians. Or, we can go back to having the state Governor appoint our Senators. Which was the system that was working. Before they changed it. No more lifetime politicians. No more softening up process for socialism and communism or Nazism. This is America. Not 1930s Germany.

  22. By the way who cares what skin colour you are..? Why does that matter? I thought we were past that… Sincerely your local National Socialist

  23. It’s just lazy people who want money to solve whatever problems they have in their lives money solves nothing especially with bad family members and especially in romance

  24. I'm all for reparations as long as it is the Democratic Party that is paying. Slavery is the legacy of the Democratic Party NOT America. There was not a single slave in 1860 that was owned by a Republican. NOT ONE. It is the Democratic Party that is the party of racism and of slavery. If they want to pay reparations, let them. But don't put the bill on America. Slavery is not an American legacy. It is a Democratic Party legacy.

  25. the Blacks in America today are Owed Nothing as far as Reparations are concerned when it comes to Slavery and those that were owned as slaves. if you take the time to Look into the Actual History the American Taxpayers/people have long ago Paid in Full, Reparations and Compensation for Owning them as slaves. This was done in many ways, one of them was the Purchase of a Large portion of land in Africa which became the country we call Liberia. Liberia was given to the blacks that wanted to return to Africa and live the remainder of their lives there. As well as that the American taxpayers also paid in full the Food costs and other Living expenses for the newly formed country of Liberia to help them get on their feet as a country and fend for themselves in the future! Those demanding Reparations be Paid to them today are just Money Hungry idiots that need to learn their own peoples' history, and stop playing the victim and trying to get something for nothing.

  26. English were slaves to the Romans, the Italians to the moors, African tribes took slaves. The left should be ashamed, the only thing that stops a good man is himself.

  27. Mr Burgess this msg needs to be taught to Congress and to the rest of America. Common sense begins with this msg. Thank you.

  28. First it’s time for the democrat party to officially apologize for the KKK, racism, old segregation modern segregation and all the atrocities that they created trough history
    Then we can move on to address the rap “role models “ and bums like snoop dog and all those pimps that pushing the gangsta wanna be culture, and make profit out of misery and pain of low socioeconomic American (black and white) communities specially in the poor areas and inner cities

  29. Every single human alive today, has an ancestor who was a slave, and an ancestor who was a slave owner. It just depends on how far back you want to go.

  30. White people don't hold a monopoly on slavery, oppression or colonisation. Every race and culture under the sun has engaged in these practices since the beginning of time.

  31. The Worst part about this gentleman is the fact hes speaking the Truth & because it doesnt side with the Racist Democrat Party because theyll just call him an "Uncle Tom"

  32. if reparations were to happen, would there be deductions for the 365,000 men who died fighting the south during the civil war, which resulted in slavery being abolished? if we’re gonna force white people to pay for something their ancestors did, why not give credit too?

  33. REAL REPARATIONS is giving people the opportunity to become as educated as they can, and have the honest chance to make a better life for themselves. Money will be spent, wasted and blown. Then there will be nothing to show for it. Then what will be the expectation and excuse? It also has to be determined if those who have slave ancestry but do not have black skin, do they get these reparations as well? Will we pick and choose who qualifies, even if they have no slave ancestry? And I have yet to bring up Native Americans, who have been victimized by EVERY culture that has come here. Even former slaves. The Buffalo Soldiers where a scourge on Native Americans. So should the Black community be responsible for reparations to Native Americans as well? And we can just go one and on. The Chinese community and the railroads, Irish being conscripted, as they got off the boats, into the Union Army to fight a war and for a cause that was not their own, dying by the 10s of thousands easily?! Where do we stop?

  34. We need to end systematic racism first.

    We need to end and repair red lining.
    We need to end systemic racism in the financial sector
    we need to end systematic racism in the justice system.

    We need to end racism and correct the damage done first.

  35. Jesse and Al couldn’t shine this mans shoes.
    Democrats hate this man.
    Trump puts the black community to work.
    demorats keep blacks in chains. Wtf.

  36. I am not sure where this guy gets his numbers, but at no point in the history of the US did African Americans represent 40 percent of business owners.

  37. A very intellectual man, democrats now using illegals for voters, Americans are awake and see a party that is desperate because they offer America nothing but poverty and taxes!

  38. At 3:11 YouTube censored him saying:
    “were tired of the leftist racist DEMOCRATIC PARTY…”
    YouTube are political activists aspiring to destabilize society.

  39. Not all atheists are socialists. Most of us atheists living in Europe are capitalists and conservatives. 🇮🇱❤️🇦🇱

  40. Well said, sir. I want so much for all of us to get past this ugliness and move ahead together and not be held back by the left trying to create a sense of cause out of the view of a racist minority. Meanwhile most Americans of all ethnicities and skin color are living together with respect and care for one another.

  41. *clap clap clap clap clap*Thank you Sir for stand up for Conservatives. The more united we become, the more we can help change our country for the better.

  42. WOW, that was amazing and Mr. Owens is spot on with all he said and sadly the statists have been doing this to us for over 100 years and we just sit here and let it happen.

  43. Anyone else notice that in the 3:09 – 3:12 mark the "Democratic party" was silenced in his speech? As in the leftist Democratic party. Another way YouTube is silencing truth perhaps? Makes me wonder. Doesn't make sense why it would be taken out otherwise.

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