23 thoughts on “SUICIDAL ANGELS – Capital of War – (official lyric video)

  1. Together with Coffins, Suicidal Angel are my favorite bands these days. Yes, different styles but oh so good!

  2. Capital of war from greece for those turks m… fuckers want our land! This is our anthem ! Fuck you erdogan from greece

  3. I randomly bought this album for my friend on his birthday. We had no idea who it was or what songs they did but holy hell was this a pleasant surprise. We raised our horns and thrashed that night indeed. The gloomy fall wind was howling and we were blasting it out of my car because his speaker system was busted. We left the doors of my car open, blasted the stereo, and sat in the garage with the doors open drinking beer and pissing off the neighbors. Good times.

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