45 thoughts on “Stupidest Muslim Vs Neil Tyson – How ideology can ruin intellectual power

  1. Every religion swears they are right but according to each religion only one can be right. Therfor a bunch of people are fucked 😆

  2. Hang on a minute.."Peace TV" is the channel and allows a man to speak that states the Quran is a book of fact? You what?

  3. Big Bang: Theory.
    Muslims: “Quran proves Big Bang!”

    Evolution: theory.
    Muslims: “Quran is a book of fact. Not theory”

  4. Here is a list of the most well known Arab scientists who are well known by the research community in the West many of them either studied or taught in western universitis all of them have been killed in mysterious circumstances
    Arab scientist that have been killed mysteriously:
    Dr.IsmailAdham. Nuclear ph
    Dr.Samirah Mousa Nuclear ph
    Eng. Hasan Sabah Elec. Eng
    Yaya Almishad. Nuclear ph
    Raml Hasan Material ph
    SaeedBudair space comu
    Abeer Ayash Medicine
    Mushrifah Mathemetics&ph
    Dr. Nail Flafel. Nuclear ph
    Nail Alglini. Nuclear ph
    Dr.Samerr najeeb Nuclear ph
    Dr. Samia
    Mimani. Neurosurgery

  5. Neil Tyson either he is ignorant or deliberately he misleads his audience. To know the real truth and cause of moslems not participating in science read this article :

    Isreal murdered many Arab scientists in different fields to fulfil it's pledge to the west to maintain the west hemogony over the Arabs and moslems. Neil is a big liar finding poor audience to fool and lie to.

  6. Unfortunately all the comments reflect hatred and ignorance from people who believe in freedom , this is hypcracy and fashist.

  7. Zakir is a brilliant figure people like Tyson is scared of Islam because islam is spreading in the West. Nril works very hard to spread ethiesm ,and i chalenge him to have a debate with ZAKIR

  8. "The quran is a book of fact, not theory!?" What.. a book of fact which has no evidence!? 😂😂😂

  9. This Sucker Naik, realy looks like a chimp. Please look at his ugly face, when he lies for an islamic truth!

  10. Neil Tyson didn't have knowledge too
    Arabic numerals actually Hindustani numbers Arabs just came here n started to use it and share with others so everyone thought that's created by them but nothing like that
    University available in Bharat even before Allah and Islam born

  11. All those Jewish scientists do not consider themselves Jewish or religious nobody religious is smart they don’t go together

  12. 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 to all muslim hater, christian muslim hater, jewish muslim hater, any muslim hater🤗🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  13. So Darwins book is just a theory despite the huge amount of evidence backing it up, but he believes in a book that was told to an illiterate nonce who managed to write it down while raping little girls. Before anyone starts saying this is an attack on Islam the bible is just as fake

  14. I always have to fast-forward when Nai talks, I know that it's always just gonna be nonsensical bullsh1t. His voice is even more annoying made due to the fact that he is absolutely no idea how logical he sounds.

  15. This regard is definitely mentally ill.just believes all the nonsense that is written in his wee novel,written by an illiterate,lying, murdering, paedophile.

  16. Tyson–right about Al Gazhalli and after…wromg about Muhammad to Al Gazhalli. Ferreri: "…to say that Muslims invented or pioneered algebra is a gross misrepresentation…there are various attempts at historical revisionism as far as Islamic contributions to the world are concerned. These attempts are more political propaganda than academic scholarship. After all, taqiyya, lying to the infidels to advance Allah's cause, is permitted, and even prescribed, to Muslims,"

  17. Intelligence in islam really does not have much to live up to. With the average IQ in Islam being lower than what the west consider retarded it is no surprise they platform such pond scum as one of their best.

  18. As a non muslim, who was raised in a an Islamic country and a native speaker of Arabic. I don't need anyone to tell me what Islam is. I know Islam very well and understand the Islamic mentality that hates the non muslims and suppress women. My people suffered from racism, violence, and even killing. Churches were attacked and burned. Thank God I have immigrated to  Western country, I see muslims here enjoy freedom of religion, worship and speech. What people don't understand that muslims multiplying like rabbots, and aim one day to rule the Western countries. I wish my kids won't see what we saw in their future, this is my nightmare.
    Don't rely on you government as it will do NOTHING, you people need to urgently wake up and make an action and protest before it's too late, otherwise and your kids will pay the price!!!

    ربنا يرحمنا ويرحمكم

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