47 thoughts on “'Stupid EU guards': NGO caught on tape teaching migrants to lie

  1. Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan. They don't care who they hurt in the process, they think it's for the greater good. These people should be given the death penalty as traitors to our nations, they have undermined our safety and our children's future. Until there is a government in power that cuts this shit out we should not join the military. The invasion is walking around our military because our politicians and billionaires like Soros have opened the city gates. These open border extremists must not be tolerated!

  2. Texas and California, belong to México I want to share history around.
    you call them "Latins" funny… Not Italians,

    Spanish, No Latins,

  3. Lauren is littriley worth a million of that ugly clown. And what was her punishment did the hag evan lose her job??

  4. this is how a propaganda about islam started, by people lying to profit for their personal reasons and even the muslims itself spreaded this lie just to cros the borders

  5. How come Christian's do not understand the anger felt towards them by some who feel as if they have a right to be hostile? They are no different than Christian's and they are no different than Jews who are no different than Muslims in that they are true believers, maybe they have full faith in God, although not necessarily any natural love of God or any others but of their own propaganda, they believe they are right and self righteousness is dangerous because it often lacks empathy, lack of empathy is sociopathic, there are sociopathic forces who believe they have more right to exist, more right to rule and in the end more right to destroy, I have witnessed this mindset as it infects much of religion, and after attending many different churches, mosques, synagogue, a bhuddist temple that moved next door, also a bahai house of prayer ,these last two were cheerful, helpful if not benign and saccharine sweet but the judaic tradition which has hundreds of offshoots, have decent ppl but some of the most vitriolic scripture and hard line stances on their interpretations so that the teachers personalities, pour through the filter of common sense and are set up as minicults. Do not mistake small for no influence. Perhaps it is not inevitable that different cultures have to clash but that takes empathy, and extreme respect instead of extreme prejudice so instead of flooding evolving cultures with different fundamentals we can take time to understand what is already here and strengthen the bonds of friendship instead of diluting our own, there's enough agendas and many of these are from outside. There should be discussion and openness without fear of reprisals, putting the kids first and the elders next, school without limit and a few years stress free retirement ,pull the country together and tighten up there are plenty already here from abroad and the obvious thing to do is make sure we're doing right by those here already, all of us, there should be no fear of a fragmented planet but better ways to cooperate instead of the traitors in our midst tricking us to push through an agenda to get more power through deception. The hard part of religion is to agree on what is the truth , the abstract has many interpretations, the truth has many sides, are facts and truth synonymous?

  6. Welcome to germany, of course this was not in the media.
    Son of a bitch NGOs, these assholes should be charged with their personal money for the damage they cause to our society.

  7. Ariel Ricker who is a jew, teaching Muslems how to lie to EU border guards – Jews caught again going all out to destroy Europe

  8. #LaurenSouthern is a valuable REAL reporter. Most aren't.
    Southern deserves a Pulitzer ..or some better prize/recognition.

  9. HOW can any country allow this SOROS behaviour????? Who is this ARROGANT MAN who with NO BASIS to set out to DESTROY NATIONS & BORDERS?????

  10. We need the names of EVERY lawyer involved with Advocates Abroad and EVERY ONE of these lawyers banned from representing any migrant in Europe again.

  11. The most important thing to me was it's from the EU and it was founded in 2016 the year of Brexit and Trump.

  12. Western Europe is doomed thanks to narcissistic liberals like this woman. Will her type be happy under sharia terror laws?

  13. I googled this and RT is literally the only mainstream news outlet that's reporting it. (((They))) control what you see and dont see.

  14. She must be 1 ov them idiots who let the 30 year old man in 2 the uk and said he was 15 and put him in a school with children
    What the fuck is goin on

  15. Next you'll be telling me that there are places in the UK where these 'asylum seekers' are sent, to be schooled on how to claim the maximum in benefits and jump the housing queues…………….oh wait

  16. Shame on all of you big journalism corporations …. a single freelance TRUE journalist has outdone ALL of you big guys. SHAME! (((MSM)))

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