Study: Liberals & Atheists Smarter Than Conservatives & Very Religious People?

Study: Liberals & Atheists Smarter Than Conservatives & Very Religious People?

in that scientific journal of social
psychology quarterly %uh professor said to she that kind of
fellow from the London school of economics than political science %uh published a paper and it’s fascinating about it is that that that his theories is that
intelligent people are more likely than less intelligent
people to adopt evolution a rally novel purposes and values so if you’re were used to doing
everything for millions of years like breathing now you can tell so a smarter or not
smarter whether they agree it would offer nine
as to give you a sense of what that is that’s called those things are called evolutionary
leap familiar but things that we do new that we didn’t
do before are called evolutionary we novel and those are apparently the more
intelligent people we’ll figure out the novel spain that’s
a controversy at the rate of mine not the right of center but it is backed up
by numbers which was interesting as I was I was reading this article was
a mine like everybody’s got theories right but what and that’s about what it was about because look it’s an interesting theory
but it might or might not be true I mean there’s a lot of the places that it could go wrong that
it has won what you mean by intelligent it means depends on what you mean by of
evolution early novel right so there’s a lot of definitional issues
there so but according the theory liberals would be
smarter than service customs service keep doing the same thing where’s liberals are willing to do new
think that that’s a really rough way of characterizing and yes more detail again I was on my oven so I saw the high
Q numbers and I think your numbers of fish ito but it’s something groups that self identified as very
liberal scored that average of a hundred and six
I can score what day groups that identified as very self
identified as very conservative an average IQ score ninety five that’s that eleven point difference which is her the them are if you believe IQ’s so are you concerned but instead so that’s Paul point one the second point is on eight years
rice’s that there they’re really day religion is by a lot of scientists a that’s the nation it’s hard wired and what’s right and it’s something new you know when you don’t understand the
world the it come up with nets et cetera it’s the mobile was six units all I
totally agree with that right oh for so it is evolutionary only novel
not to believe those minutes it’s an environment see them does mean
is that truth is the stories that but what at the same time what was religion
you know for instance for going back it was really it’s the voice of the community if ago outlets keller R K I heard that up I mean and they have to
do that with religion right and but there’s a you know a
spiritual aspect to it too of course he listens spears ancestors the same saying
when they tell you to kill you’re tearing do with that usually it so now by so people who don’t believe any of that
that is that we knew and evolution early knowledge than they knew it I can score
is and it’s sad he will identify themselves as not all
religious an IQ score of a hundred three people who identified themselves as
their religious had an average IQ score ninety seven ninety seven though I think that’s a
really that’s a really negligible difference yet you know it depends on how you look at it and I
think so to and again up I’m not fully buying this ’cause IQ’s
the country’s you saw was up on the about forty or fifty IQ points cut a
little worried about it but I don’t think it hurts and it’s like
a it is a theory that of once you’re and a
hundred and fifteen thank you like that is the marker people were
successful but Obama hundred fifty this matter how
high you are after ardent fifteen it doesn’t matter
if you’re a hundred and sixteen or a hundred and eighty five awfully glad I
did along with people right it matters whether you get along with people and
that is how hard you work Thursday and so being smart is that the are a high IQ if
this is not the end-all be-all the it is a scene one worked with for this
which I found fascinating monogamous guy but not with a man I mean
this guy our also evolution of the and have should be smart while this historically guys that had many
different ways but women have had one guy so for be for them
being monogamous is not evolution early novel but for guys being with one woman is evolutionary elite that novel that’s
where I never thought about that but that’s true because so many women to die
in childbirth that every go ahead that was part of the reason right while so if you’re it that is your guy who’s you know in a
committed relationship congratulations you’re smart but anger and and you live longer court
the richer that’s ten years and it doesn’t really work that way to buy it if you believe what they say or maybe
you just think it’s longer but that

100 thoughts on “Study: Liberals & Atheists Smarter Than Conservatives & Very Religious People?

  1. Well, funny thing is, it might not be what a good christian is supposed to do, but the bible displays a god that would do even worse. Oh, this mean little imaginary fucker, wouldn't he be funny if it weren't for all those not-so-imaginary fuckers that follow him…

  2. Thank you, Thesaurus. com for providing this idiot with adequate wordage. Do you find it necessary to look up large words on the internet to sound smart? Because it's honestly pretty funny

  3. Try consistency. First you say I need to learn to read, then you imply I read too much. Thanks for saying I sound smart, I now see you think I am.

    I'm sure to someone giving away all her own secrets in an ironic form of attack cannot even moot the possibility someone else read books before the internet even reached commercial success. This is why you'd even say something as comical as 'large words' in regards to my verbiage.

    Attack a substance (not a style) with substance. More effective.

  4. im not sure what the problem here is? whats the problem of believing in a god?whats the problem of not believing in god? is just a dumb way for conflict that since dark ages only leads to war, the only problem i think it exists, is that parents/country influence too much young people, too much conflict in these stupid stuff, why not care about starvation or new research on deceases? no lets just fight over who believes in what, thats how mankind with ceass to exist

  5. @KickedClienT you're an idiot, it was in the news! Feel free to use google and search that the pop said atheists are allowed to go to heaven too lol.. Must be low on numbers if they're that desperate.



  7. They aren't beliefs silly. Beliefs are useless and only used as an excuse to be ignorant to actual knowledge.

  8. You clearly don't understand. I make no claims either way. I just show logical reasons that the 'evidence' theists attempt to provide for God's existence is wildly insufficient. The only option is to have "faith" which is just another way of saying "I have no proof but thinking this based on nothing makes me happy." Which is not an argument of knowledge but one of willful ignorance.
    It's not 'my opinion' it's just reality.

  9. God bless America. Jesus Christ will deny atheists passage into Heaven.

  10. You represent liberals well. Not only do they hate people who disagree with them but they also want people who disagree with them to die. I am not surprised because I know that liberals stoop to this behavior. To them, anyone who is against Obama is racist and anyone who doesn't believe in the liberal agenda should die. I know how it works. Liberals are sick human beings if they are human.

  11. i love how everyone fights and says to other actualy humans to go suicide just because of theyre believes 🙁

  12. Why do I need proof of a negative? I'm the neutral ground. I am not making a claim either way. You are making the claim he does exist, therefore the burden of proof is on you, not me. Your evidence does not meet any level of peer review, ergo is insufficient to prove God is real. This really isn't complicated.
    Claim maker, must prove his claim. I don't have to prove he doesn't exist. That's not how it works in any other aspect of life. I hope this is more clear now.

  13. You apply political affiliation in a 2 party system to be the be all end all of someone's value as a human being. This is not only pathetic and childish, but is a testimonial to your ability to think rationally when it comes to a world view outside of your daily routine.
    I actually feel bad for you fella!

  14. Lets look at the fact that most of Americans consider themselves conservative. If there was a study comparing Dem voters to Rep voters, we would have a whole different story here.

  15. If you are a conservative and are insulted, then prove yourself smart by not being butthurt in the comments. Same thing with liberals. Same thing with all butthurt people. Personally, I don't care about a dumb study. I have enough self confidence to not care about the fact that some study wants to collectively group me together with others that share political views with me. I am my own person. Not a single crap is given by me.

  16. … You fools have done such an excellent job of dividing this country. You are all being fed by the same hand that feeds you. Whatever happened to unity in this country? Did it ever even exist? Judging by the stupidity of both parties dragging us into this economic mess, I can only see abject greed, malice, and contempt emanating from both sides. Not even the independents are safe anymore. And who is to blame for this? You bickering lots are the problem. But it is too late. This country is done

  17. ok then ill say it, liberals are very pig headed. they think their shit smells like roses and what is worse, they want everyone to start shitting what they shit..

    but its just shit nontheless

  18. thanks except im liberal, so you just proved the point that liberals are crackwhores. oh wait, its not a provable point? what do you mean politics is opinion based? well son of a gun..

  19. I wish these people in the comments would be more maturely. I am a Christian and I actually agree with this, I just disagree with what both sides believe, Christians take things wrong a lot, and a lot of atheists are assholes who deny religious of people of intelligence. Like I said SOME, I don't understand the lack of people in the middle , I think the fence-sitters on this would be the connecting point between these two groups and can help us conquer this issue, but I don't see many.

  20. As usual, libertarians are left out of the mix. For anyone interested, libertarians actually tend to score highest on IQ tests (and, yes, the validity of IQ tests is questionable) over those who identify as liberal and those who identify as conservative.
    Source: Bryan Caplan study that YouTube will not let me cite.

  21. My belief is that libertarianism is as far-right as Marxism is far-left. The libertarian theme appears to be a total dismantling of any government – which would remove all regulation and give the wealthiest and most powerful total unfettered control. This would set us back over 100 years – where the workers had no rights, the environment was being dangerously contaminated, and up-and-coming entrepreneurs would be bullied and pillaged by people like J.P. Morgan and John D. Rockefeller.

  22. Actually, libertarianism very much encompasses a range of people from those with libertarian leanings (who may be Republicans or Democrats) to full on anarcho-capitalists. The ideology you've described is far more toward the anarcho-capitalist end of the libertarian spectrum.

  23. i'm agnostic and liberal. i have an IQ of 130. not to be a dick, but MOST hardcore religious people i know aren't very smart. yes, some athiests can be stupid too, but i find that most VERY inteligent people are either athiest, agnostic, or not very religious. there are exeptions, but this is what is GENERALLY what i have noticed.

  24. No, I removed it because you would not understand it. If you read TYT that means you just don't know any better. You are American and you do not even know your own history. You do not understand your Constitution and you certainly are not well educated. You sneer at the common man and look down on anyone who works for a living. Your education is mostly Liberal Arts in Geography, Communications, Literature (just what passes for what is literature today). For this uneducation for the masses.

  25. Do i belive in god? Yes, god is gewd i am also reely ecsited for christmis becase santa is gunna bring me presents

  26. "judge not lest ye be judged" you have obviously understood the deep importance of love and compassion in the scripture, and will be the first to go to heaven because of your wonderful sentiments.

  27. people who come to their conclusions based on a consensus of evidence are smarter than those who bend over for dogma and stigma? wow who knew?

  28. People say stuff they don't mean on the internet because its the internet. I'm sure you have said some fucked up stuff before. However I think this nut meant it.

  29. Women are evolved to be as devious as they can be because we are evolved from species where it is standard practice for alpha males to kill infants that are not theirs. In my own story with married women I have seen this confirmed time and time again.

  30. Yes. A channel full of liberals think they're smarter than everyone. What are the odds of that?
    I'm an Atheist Conservative… what am i?

  31. i'm a christian liberal 😉 i respect gay people and people with another religion or no religion at all because god said we should respect every human because we are all gods "children".

  32. No, you got it wrong. We don't "hate people who disagree" we hate stupidity. We don't want "people who disagree…to die" we like INTELLIGENT DISCOURSE we want stupid people to not breed. I personally can't stand Obama, that extrajudicial killing thing is so anti constitution that he should be brought up on treason charges.Your post proves you don't know "how it works" and you shouldn't breed.

  33. isn't this like the opposite of what Jesus stood for? I thought he was all for loving and stuff. hmm

  34. To be fair they did not indicate whether the study was done around economic opinions or social opinions. As a libertarian I support the majority of freedom (and responsibility) in the hands of the people in BOTH areas. Furthermore this topic would tend to lean toward a "nature vs nurture" debate. The concept of political socialization being invariable to social and economic class is extremely important here.

  35. NO!!!!  This persons idea  is not a theory.  It sounds like a hypothesis.  To bad  Cenk  does not know the difference.

  36. Cenk  myths are stories  that are not true. That is why they are called myths. Stories that are true  might be called facts.  You are not selecting your words  very well for your stories.  I think  you need to take more time and care.

  37. It's no coincidence that people who believe in sky daddy's are less intelligent then the rest of us. 

  38. Gee, do you think the fact the study lumped the vast amount of blacks into the conservative and religious portion might of skewered the outcome?

  39. If liberals were really into freedom they'd be libertarians instead. So, they're either retarded, or they're not into freedom.

  40. Im a Libertarian… Liberals are asshole freaks who think the government should do everything for them. Libertarians want the government to protect our basic rights, but let us have freedom. 

  41. I did 4 IQ tests, and I am an atheist liberal, and my scores were: 155, 158, 164, and 168. I'm also a college graduate with a bachelor's degree in computer analytics and an additional associate's degree in sound engineering. I chose to be a truck driver / owner operator and I make way more money doing this and it's a lot of fun traveling the country and getting paid for it, lol. I'm also 37 years old

  42. Skank, the loonie, asswipe, roid-boy will always be the biggest inane liberal jerkoff I have yet ever encounter. He actually wallows in and flaunts his profound ignorance, what a sublime mongoloid douche.

  43. To all the pissed off conservatives: They are not saying that all conservatives are stupid, nor are they saying that you are stupid if you are religious, they are just saying that dumber people are more likely to believe propaganda and the like from places like Fox News, which is why many conservatives are not especially intelligent.

  44. I think Cenk is misusing the word 'theory', conflating the word with 'hypothesis'. I(f it may or may not be wrong, then it is not a theory.

    This wouldn't normally be an issue, because 'theory' was being used in a casual sense. However, we are discussing a scientific topic and this misuse could contribute to the lack of understanding that people exhibit when hey say 'Well, evolution is just a theory."

  45. IQ test always show a racial and political discrepancy.

    Once you get your score please make the following adjustments

    If you are from the Congo add 50 points
    If you are black (but not from the Congo) add 20 points
    If you are Hispanic add 16 points
    If you are Asian subtract 7 points.

    This correction are based on IQ averages between races. Since there is no evidence that IQ varies between races the score must be balanced for all races.

  46. Liberals have ruined America and made her the laughing stock of the globe. Conservatives need to take America back by force and make her great again. No more liberal aka communist trash in our country.

  47. 3:20
    6 points is not a negligible difference. It's not massive but it's a decent difference. Think of it like getting a C instead of an B.
    Up 40 or 50 is like someone being Einstein compared to you. No study that isn't pointing out the obvious will notice this much of a gap between averages. You really have no understanding of IQ statistics.

  48. I could've told you that atheists and liberals are smarter than conservatives and fundamentalists; I don't need to watch this video to find that out!

  49. I am a right-wing conservative christian and I am NOT stupid!!!!11
    I have an IQ of 85!!!!111one
    I have finished Highschool!!!!

  50. But Satoshi Kanazawa also thinks conservatives are SMARTER than liberals, but liberals are more INTELLIGENT than conservatives

  51. Yeah Cenk. Liberals are so smart that they can disprove the Armenian genocide. Or at least sweep it under the rug. Right Cenk? Man you are sad.

  52. Liberals are smart to you? So screaming like a bitch and rioting about small matters is smart to you??

  53. why do liberals and atheists look physically ill all the time? Like they just finished a summer with the circus and are taking the winter off. Their mental state on how they perceive life physically erodes their bodies. Garbage in garbage out.

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