34 thoughts on “STRONK Polish politician shocks leftist women and the mainstream media

  1. There's this guy that has a YouTube channel Bible flock box he's from California he lives in Poland it's safe there he says not much crime sounds like a good place to live

  2. Nooooooo, you can’t blame the parents. All they did was lay down and have sex without abandon. That has to be only the politicians fault.

  3. Poland is the best poland you have got your eyes open .German is now seeing some of the problem and the worse to come. How many came to the UK and other countries asylum seekers and then go killing enocent people. I bet amongst many thousands there are some who are waiting for the right time to strick

  4. Poland is not in the position of sayin no to Bruxelles(not to mention leaving the EU),migrants are simply choosing other western countries to go for the benefits. EU and America need Poland for their economical/military reasons this is why P is still enjoying the largest amount of money from the EU each year takin very little or zero migrants on board while other countries in the EU are invaded.

  5. WTF! Leave them alone! Why do you interfere in other people’s countries so much? Refugees are partly created by the same attitude of meddling in other countries! Stop shoving your ideology and politics and culture on other countries. You are the real racists! It’s their country, their laws, their people. It’s their choice to take in migrants or not. You can’t force your so called morality on others. You like to take in immigrants, good for you. Do it. But don’t judge others or try to shame or force others to do the same as you. Or believe the same as you. Wasn’t this the main core value of the left? What happened to you the left? Leave them to decide for themselves. Don’t be such a**holes!

  6. Nowadays, we have American jihadist, canadian jihadist, british jihadist, french jihadist, swedish jihadist, dutch jihadist, danish jihadist, german jihadist.

    But we don't have polish jihadist, Czech jihadist, Romanian jihadist, Lithuanian jihadist, hungarian jihadist, Croatian jihadist, Slovak jihadist.

    The reason for this anomaly is that the first group of countries imported millions of muslims into their countries, while the second group did not.

  7. NANNY COUNTRIES HAVE NANNIES RUNNING THEM..The UN has projected this toxic problem all over the world….These, so called refugees just want what we have worked for ….for nothing….They have without concern planning or responsibility over bred their countries and are directly responsible for their pathetic situations..Send them back or lose your country…..you choose if you can get past the left maphrodites…..good luck .

  8. Import the third world become the third world
    They must piss off back, 90% are military aged men not innocent women and children you idiot lefty. So open minded her brains have fallen out!

  9. One day Islam will conquer Poland!!! Every church will be turned into a mosque!! Evil cult of false miracles will be uprooted!!!!!!

  10. Wonderful man. Someone telling the truth as it should be. The people voted for it and the politicians are actually sticking to their manifesto.

  11. I remember this woman. She made an absolute fool of herself trying to act smart with Jordan Peterson.

  12. More power to Poland, tell these fucking pisslamist to go fuckthemselves in saudi, uae, malaysia, Brunei etc their so many rich muslim country why only non Muslim countries have to bear them, love from India

  13. Just return them from where they came from and we are not in charge for the children there parents and the people from there country are in charge of them not us Poland and Hungary go

  14. Outstanding news from Poland! Stand for you beliefs and stand strong on what your countrymen want. That is the POINT of politicians. Makes me want to visit Poland now, seriously.

    Wishing your country well.
    – America

  15. You think that's badass? Man, You know nothing about the Poles 😉 Yeah, they're clumsy and simple, but man, imagine the Germans along with Russians not being able to wipe them out since like middle ages
    All the bet from Clifton, NJ (we have beirdonka here!)

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