Stoicism & The Art of Not Caring

Stoicism & The Art of Not Caring

100 thoughts on “Stoicism & The Art of Not Caring

  1. I call bullshit, get a poor person and ask them about happiness and comfort. You'll know it's about materialism. You don't take it from an extremely wealthy person, A person like that have already made it, They're just connecting the dots.

  2. Anyone else got a friend that you try to talk to and when your done he just says, “Cool, but honestly, I don’t really care”

  3. This is a bit similar to Kant's understanding of freedom. You are a free being only if you are autonomous, law that you created yourself, not a law that is dicatated from outside. You are free when you are the author of your own life. How many of us consider ourselves as a free human being?

  4. I love this video so much that I listen to it every now and then to be happy with who I am and what I have and that I am one that decides my happiness. My happiness comes from me. As someone that has always struggled with depression, finding stoicism, meditation, and living healthier has changed my life.

  5. There has never been a true stoic in history. I believe its because people who wish to be stoics have difficulties applying those principles to social interaction. To live in this time one must engage with others. If when engaging, one doesnt follow the social standards that are part of conversing, then the person whom they speak with will take notice, and social cohesion between the two will be abnormal which for the non stoic participant is a deterring factor.

  6. Pursuit is like a flower that blossoms ! Everything starts to attack it or take it's course ,bees need the pollen ,spider needs a home ,people try pick it ,but the flower remains the same !!

  7. I came here because I'm finding a motivational video then found your video the Nova effect and here I am now. Coincidence?

  8. Stoicism is just a modern word for Zen and if you think you understand it you don't but not understanding is the start and the end to it.

  9. I lost my dad and everything I grew up too 7 monthes ago since then my boyfriend of 2 years cheated on me and I left him, 2 months later I thought I found someone new and just today they left me.. so now I’m here and this video really makes me think of all of it and what I’m supposed to learn from it

  10. Stoicism is the condition many a man must live if he wishes to stay sane and avoid being destroyed by things that could upend him. If one is aware of life’s many challenges and does not wish to allow challenges to ruin him, he will face this concept and either wither or continue. I think stoicism is more to be learned via experience rather than taught.

  11. I live like this everyday had no idea there was a word for it..Months ago I let go of fb,ig, probly watch TV 1X every 2 weeks, kept youtube.. I am the HAPPIEST I have ever been!! Once you know who you are, love yourself, and cut out the unnecessary bs, man how the world opens up to you. Change your perspective 1 time and see how much you learn. It is a long tough road it took me SEVERAL YEARS to get to where I am! To change the way you think how could it not be hard or seem impossible but you learn as you go along.. If you are just starting out down this path don't give up it is worth every second I promise 🤗

  12. every opinion is the same just different interpretations and words.
    peace is all the matters. find peace and everything will fall into place.

  13. I've always been a Autistic and Anxious kind of person and sometimes i can't help but to hate myself because of it, i've been trying hard to please the people around me by satisfying their expectations of me , and as i ponder of what people might think of me i became more and more tense and terrified up to the point where i would lock myself away from the world scared of the judging eyes of those around me and if not until this day that i learn that people doesn't really care that much about you , and that your just a small bit of a memory in their world then i could be still locked inside my room.

  14. like the imaginary axis said:

    "just… sit back, relax, enjoy life because its going by pretty fast… you dont wanna miss a single planck instant…"

  15. Stoicism, what a stupid idea and impossible way to live life

    I just finished the video
    I take back what i said.

  16. This ain’t stoicism, stoicism is about choosing to do the right thing because you are morally compelled to it is the complete opposite of not caring

  17. “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

    ― Frank Herbert, Dune

    Fear not having that house, that career, these clothes, not to be liked… and so on. Nothing to do with the book, but you get it.

  18. We are often told that life is a race, that you must rush to the end to achieve your goals and must overcome great hurdles in this race.
    Who said you had to run? Who said you had to follow the track that everyone else is following?

    Take your time, enjoy the view instead of rushing and seeing a blur. When you see an obstacle do not leap over it, take time to overcome it and think on what it means and how you have learned from it.
    Anything can be taken from you at any point, the goals you have at the end may be impossible to achieve by the time you near the end, so turn around once in a while, stop, and look at what you have. It might make sense to cherish and appreciate it, but that which you have now, you may not have further in the race.

  19. I thank you so much for this, I worked a lot on myself and while watching this right now It's like listening to a description of myself, thanks for this deep and delightful video.

  20. When you realized being human is bring limited… you realize that you are just an insignificant particle in the vast universe…

  21. Just saying anyone who has done psychedelics can tell you the same thing. And to be honest life is just bullshit. The way I see it as is your nothing I'm nothing. So just give this temporary life thing a go and make the most of it. And I didn't need to be come a philosopher to figure that one out just time and good old sadness.

  22. “Even when our eyes are closed, there is a whole world out there, that lives outside our selves and our dreams.”- Edward Eric , FMA 2003

  23. Atheist….. I'm becoming one of them…Why? Because I have a lot of questions in my head..When, where, how did everything start…I want to know… I feel like God is just a rule, a cage…to maintain peace so that we will be afraid on something…So that we may still know our limit.. The society shapes our beliefs.. We have different beliefs and values and the surrounding plays a huge role on shaping it… What if the word "God" is just a rule so that everything can just be explain? As years passed.. Scientist proves a lot of things… What if we are just humans? Why do we all feel like we are all special? What if we just really exist and just vanished? What if we are just some characters that is playing by someones hand? Cells.. The basic unit of all organisms… What if humans is just an error.. What if we——
    I'm sorry for the one person who's going to read this.. I just have a lot of questions.

  24. Discouraged in the west. Otherwise the west would collapse. They need desperate victims in order for their system to function.

  25. Stoicism is a tool to realize your own joy of being, to help practice it. Once you realize that you would be joyful no matter what, you begin to attain a blissful state called enlightenment or Nirvana. There is a danger in Stoicism where the someone would take refuge in melancholy and shut the world out, which should be avoided.

  26. this couldn’t have come at a more perfect time: just weeks before i part with my possessions and move out of my apartment to live as a nomad in a motorhome!!!

  27. Sometimes you feel like you can't control anything, so you just decide to shut down and do what you want. That honestly is the truest calmnest I have ever felt.

  28. Very wise I wish I would stick to the program. Just retired. Achieved a lot in life. It not a question of being happy or content. It's putting up with the flatness the emptiness. Cliff australia

  29. I think I mastered stoicism as I am laying on my bed all day and not giving a fuck about literally anything in the world 👁️

  30. so are you telling me to stop caring about my future and just give a damn about my feelings XD
    it doesn't make sense why am I a human if I'm not to care about what my place between society is and about how my life is influenced etc. my opinion in life is that all we should care about is knowledge not money nor feelings nor anything but knowledge when you feed your brain the right food you'll obtain the other things if you failed to do well at least you'll be able to mark what's keeping you away from it and at last the least you'll do is a book for the coming generation to help them avoid what you're trapped in

  31. There's nothing like spending time locked up to test your ability to test your ability to find joy within. I'm not suggesting it by any means, but those of you who like I have experienced it know what I'm talking about.

  32. The problem with stoicism is that more often than not, it lessens ones drive and persistance. Responsibility can be described as sacrifice of the present for the sake of the future. This goes against stoicism, as some hardships that are inevitable to responsibly are objectively negative (working a fast food job to save money for the future). Stoacicsim would encourage you to become complacent. Complacency can be to the detriment of responsibly. Responsibility gives meaning. (Kids, ect)

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