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  1. Installing from " pip install -r requirements.txt " throughout : " ERROR: Ignoring numpy: markers 'python_version == "3.5"' don't match your environment

    Ignoring numpy: markers 'python_version == "3.6"' don't match your environment

    Collecting wheel "

    Please help

  2. Your videos are awesome, it would be nice if you could do something about voice recording audio has noise and breath , you could decrease sensitivity of mic or probably use AI to clear the noise from audio recording

  3. If one wants to start studying all this … we need to know all the basics on programming, different languages, Object-oriented programming
    , etc? or what are the basics to start studying this?

  4. Re Sentient Technologies Hedge Fund – https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-09-07/ai-hedge-fund-sentient-is-said-to-shut-after-less-than-two-years

  5. There's some kind of mass hysteria of stock markets over a year now, it's left and right, everyone sells/buys/develops. Or is it just google manipulating me into thinking it?:) Or the Architect himself?:))
    Anyways, ran the code and it works! Bought Siraj now with his channel, taking down the videos in the next week! Enjoy them while you can!:))

  6. Pay attention to some basic concepts when trying to predict stock prices:


  7. Очень нервный индус. Рассказывает так, как будто себя хочет убедить, что он бы сам у себя … взял-бы, да бы мешает.

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  9. Blablablabla inhale blablablabla inhale blabla inhale blablablabla inhale blabla inhale blablablabla inhale blabla inhale blablablabla *inhale*…. fuck that's all i hear now. What about acoustic panels? 😀

  10. Very good presentation, I am entrepreneur in the Insurance Industry with a good knowledge of Management. Anyone with a tech skills would like to work with me ?

  11. Hi Siraj, how do I get this WebApp to take a look? I would like to get more information about your work…. Do you have an online course of some kind? Many Thanks!

  12. I am not a programming wiz person. But I have UG in financial markets and mba in finance. I have always been interested in so ai also trading and ML. I created my own eth miner. In order to repurpose I thought of this. May be this is a waste of my time. But maybe some career advice is needed. Thanks. Really appreciate it.

  13. Hi Siraj, Good work. I have learnt a lot from you since I have started following your material. You referred to the web template that we can use, where can I download the source code? Thanks in advance.

  14. I both believe in the weak,-semi and strong version of the market hypothesis. The weak version I believe is rare, but does happen. The semi-strong version is less rare, but i belive it usually only (sometimes) applies to smaller, less traded, companies.

    There are active traders, and there are passive traders. I belive in what both do, the passive trader will create diversified portiofolios with a good return-risk ratio. For this task only simple mathematics is needed, and I cant see any need for AI. However data collection algorithms can help find the best portifolios.

    So, active trading is the field of the AI. Here is what you gotta realize: if the semi-strong market hypothesis is true (which it will be in most cases) the data the AI gathers won't be relevant, the market will already have acted on this information, and the price will reflect this. And wheter you make a profit or not will be down to luck.

    Good active traders gathers data that are not publicely available. A short seller might for example look for fraudulent practices by analysing their financial statements etc. and even doing real life spying on the company to gather information. Bet on the stock going down, then release the information. Other active traders will buy enough shares so they can affect how the company is run, if they see a problem (and the solution) and it is the leadership – buy low and sell high.

    Now, how the heck is your machine learning algorithm going to compete with this? it can't. How do the big boys make money on it? through influence, having the right buy code on the stock exchange, and the fastest network connection. Well, unless happen to stumble upon some fact about the inner workings of the market that is not yet known, which is highly unlikely. And its not likely that an AI is going to find such a thing either, since the stock market is a complex system whith trillions of variables that change and all affect eachother.

  15. The law of standard distribution is all you need to know about trading. if you understand that you'll understand why day traders loose most of the time. XD

  16. Algorithmic trading has nothing to do with 10k 8K or whatever sentiment analysis reports you want to scrape up from the internet. Everything is based on market liquidity for trade facilitation. The smartest AI will use this sentiment analysis to see where other AI bits accumulated positions. Then squeeze them out.

  17. 16:50 can we really sentiment analysis results transform into numerical variable? seems to me not all 1/0 has to be accounted for same degree of "good" or "bad"

  18. Nice video. I've seen that one of the most common mistakes people do when attempting this type of predictions is the errors related to "Look-ahead bias". What are your suggestions to minimize the possibility of errors of this type?

  19. Sir,
    I subscribed your channel some months ago, I wanna to learn AI.. please guide me how can I develop a stock prediction sw for Indian stock market

  20. Hi, every one,
    Every one here who have already did the " Prediction car speed" can have me to do it, or give me some idea to do it. Thanks so much!!!

  21. Does the AI's overestimation of the data result in many errors, particularly when it comes to fraud detection?

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