43 thoughts on “Steven Pinker: Political Correctness Might Be Redpilling America

  1. WTF? Pinker's greatest obfuscation is giving identity politics a pass. The left/universities/media and more and more businesses and government are treating us as members of a group(s) rather than as individuals. Pinker has completely glossed over this point. When young men, who have been abused and gaslighted for their entire lives finally hear something that resonates as true it's not surprising that they devour it. The left has never been willing to present this alternate viewpoint. As a matter of fact, the left/universities/ … work to actively suppress and censor it. This is forbidden knowledge and provides a better explanation about how the world works than anything the young man has ever encountered in school.
    The anger men feel at this discovery is called *red pill rage*. It occurs when you realize how much you've been lied to, especially by people who were supposed to have your best interests at heart. It lasts until you've had enough time to corroborate that the 'subversive' findings are true, accept that this is reality and start to plan on what to do to protect yourself as much as possible.
    From my perspective the greatest moral atrocity of the left has been treating us as members of groups instead of individuals. This is pure evil.

  2. You mean repressing someone's thoughts tend to cause their thoughts to become even more extreme? You learn that in 10th grade psychology.

  3. A lot of what he says is spot on, but I'd argue that those who do become radicalized on the right are more savvy about their own positions than he lets on. Pinker makes it seem as if the only reason someone would be racist or sexist or whatever is if he hasn't been taught the proper context of these statistics. That's awfully narrow-minded, and reeks of the same old liberal dogma but with a conservative bumper sticker slapped onto it.

    The far right IS a valid position to take. But it isn't "statistics minus context" that gets someone to that point. It's the fact that once you learn about race vs. IQ, or cognitive differences between men and women, or the pedophilia rate among homosexuals, you're already in forbidden territory, seeing all of the things that polite society doesn't want you to see. You're already the enemy. May as well learn as much as you can now that you're in a space that (for once) doesn't pander to liberals' whitewashing of reality.

  4. Oh no!  Not extreme Libertarianism!  We can't have those radicals running around leaving people alone!

  5. his opening statement is to say: brilliant sheep get sheared and slaughtered. Even moderately aware shepherds can manage to live productive lives and stave off most wolves. Note how many of his resolutions end up somewhere in the middle… often toward the end of the spectrum that would be considered in the old days "liberal". a good bit of economic regulation, of egalitarianism asserted as to the sexes, etc. There used to be some of this synthesized evolved nuanced thinking within, believe it or not, the Democratic Party. But Political Correctness was not the first thing to ruin that liberalism. The first thing was selfishness at the top. The destruction of Operation Breadbasket rather than allowing control of it to leave the Democratic plantation, for example, and every like power play since….. every collusion with the worst of the Repubs to create maximum minimum sentences (based on an exaggeratedly racist interpretation of those crime statistics he describes) or Workfare- which resulted essentially in slavery to the government: a subsistence living of having to do everything the government says to justify your getting the subsistence living and no time left over to ever hope to get off it, only without the title. Who is the worst offender of this cynical either/or Party-First evil?? gotta be Billy Boy Clinton and his clowns, including his wife, a direct descendent of that Chicagoland Dem Party criminal conspiracy that with Congressman Pucinski stole and destroyed the hope of an independent economic freedom that MLK was developing for black and underprivileged Americans. From murdering Ricky Ray Rector to save his campaign onward, Clintons should have caused every one to #DemExit. They did me. Political Correctness/ Intersectionality and more fundamentally the ludicrous self-contradictory "post-modernism" are just various retreats necessary from the stubborn refusal of the Left to serve anyone but its own elite first. The whole #spygate debacle shows us that the retreat has become a most desperate rout. To think the heroes of my Youth who denounced Watergate would come back to defend a Watergate-a-day perpetrated by faked-FISA warrants based on the dirty lies provided by Hillary's Hirelings?? So i misunderstood Bernstein and Woodward. They weren't upset the corruption had threatened our Republic at all? they were just upset that it hurt their side? Do i need to go back to 3rd grade and switch my support away from McGovern now? I wasn't sure about the big ideas back then. I just knew that a political cheater shouldn't be president. Turns out Obama was one, and Hillary if she wasnt better at losing than lying would have been one too. smh. Listen to the man. Stop the unthinking attacks. You who are socially liberal will end up being ruled either by crazy right-wingers or more likely at this point Mohammedanist fundamentalists. Sheep stop feeding the wolves and realize you, individually, are sub-shepherds.

  6. Steven Pinker is incorrect, being Red-Pilled doesn't turn a person to Alt-Right, it may make a person not be Left. The fact that he said Alt-Right shows an extreme bias, which makes everything he says suspect.

  7. Irish crime rates? What a joke, I cannot believe the weakness of this guys proposals. Is this guy trying to get an award for the biggest cop out white guilt mongering joke?

  8. Hey Pinker, no Islamic equivalent to the inquisition? Armenian Genocide and Barbary Wars are two that come to mind immediately. You are just wrong about that. There are beheadings of Christians daily in Islamic countries currently, due to jihad and intolerance… what preposterous nonsense. I am not even a college graduate, but I do have college education, and I wonder what on earth would compel you to flAt out lie about such a thing.

  9. Islam didnt have religious wars?? Yea, the Holocausts by the Turks never happened. Thegenocides of Hindu's never happened. The extermination of Christians in Egypt, Iraq, and Syria never happened. The jihad's against Spain, France, Greece, and the Balkans never happened. This guys t=is a fraudster piece of shit!

  10. The contention that 'literate, intelligent' folks who take the red pill end up concluding that 'women are inferior' or 'all black folks are violent' is nonsense. They usually end up thinking political correctness is simplistic, dogmatic and lacks nuance. I'm guessing Pinker's not thinking of a real person he has experience with who ended up with sexist/racist and bigoted conclusions–in fact his assertions themselves sound bigoted; as in 'folks who are different from me and with whom I have no first hand familiarity tend to do X'. Anybody with critical thinking and an internet connection can figure out how to 'put these things in context' just fine–and more and more are doing it. I'm going to go out on a limb and say Pinker lives a majority of his time in a university/academic bubble.

  11. I am surprised by Stephen Pinker’s apparent ignorance of political Islam and the clear danger it poses to Western values including the value of free speech and critical thought.

  12. Is disagree that you can't generalize based on overwhelming group commonalities. It is perfectly fine to discriminate. If 52% of murders are committed by people who's teeth are all silver, forget what a belt is, and waddle instead of walk, then you are perfectly justified not to associate with those people. You can, of course, make exceptions but generalizing is perfectly fine. Listen to Perfect Whine.

  13. The real problem facing society related to those "red pills" isn't the small group of people who become "alt-right", it's that the left pushes the opposite points as fact and we see where that leads.

    Leftists are natural authoritarians in that they believe one should surrender personal liberty to the rights of the collective.

    Over the past one hundred years, the purging of all unaccepted and unapproved thought by the left led to the deaths of more than one hundred million people through collectivist socialist control in Germany, China and Russia.

    The left tells us that we must give up our right to protect ourselves against the state, while ignoring that the state was the biggest mass murdering entity of the past century.

    Now we are told that men can butcher themselves and become women. I understand the need to be compassionate, but gender dysphoria remains a mental illness, even today. We need not punish the afflicted nor pretend that this illness means whatever you want to be, you are.

    So many topics we are told to ignore reality.

    The postmodernists seek the destruction of the civilization that has improved the world over many centuries.

    They state it as their goal, we should take them at their word.

    This is cultural suicide.

  14. It's important to recognize that muslims are an incredibly small minority in the US, so to say they commit less terrorism is to ignore that there are vastly less of them around to be committing it. It would be more accurate to look at how much terrorism they commit in their own countries where they are the majority and compare it the terrorism of the majority here, OR to measure this US terrorism per capita.

  15. While he's right that it's POSSIBLE people may come to these extreme viewpoints after being exposed to this knowledge and the media silence and "political correctness" harms more than hurts, I think it's important to point out that the vast majority of us whom the mainstream define as the "alt right" (in contrast to what the REAL alt-right is, as we on the right who acknowledge the difference, know them) do NOT and have not come to these extreme viewpoints, but hold the very viewpoints he mentioned regarding how one can see a statistic yet not judge or hate or discriminate on individuals of a certain race because of it, recognize differences between men and women yet NOT consider women inferior, etc. As evidence that this is true, it's important to recognize that the most well-known voices that unofficially lead this movement by virtue of their popularity and influence, demonstrably SHOW in their actions and expressed stances, over and over again, that these are their views and values. Individualism and meritocracy, and therefore non-discrimination based on immutable characteristics, is probably the most widely shared cornerstone of this "movement's" philosophical foundation. and I will list the people I speak of for reference, Sargon Of Akkad, Stefan Molyneux, Gavin McInness, Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, Dave Rubin, Milo Yiannopolous to name a few

    What people do NOT (and in some cases, WILL not) understand, and what the left takes advantage of, is that many of us also share the view that words are not something to inhibit to protect peoples feelings or avoid being judged by fools, that shock and offense can be done for political purpose and don't neccesarily indicate political viewpoint, that political viewpoint itself is more nuanced and complicated than to be understood through nothing but a naughty word being said or an insensitivity (or as I'd call it, a lack of pandering) being demonstrated, that sensitivity to others feelings is not as important as speaking the truth, that we don't owe the left any particular politeness, that jokes are the not same as attitudes, that patterns and general truths CAN be spoken of in the general and that's not the same as saying "All X are Y", nor saying "It's now ok to discriminate against X", and that all these distinctions demonstrate that there is nuance where some would prefer there wasn't any and would rather, whether out of intellectual laziness or political agenda, just label bigotry. This is why, for example, you can hear gavin mcinnes use the N-word openly when quoting someone else or jokingly commenting on trans people's position in society, yet you'd never hear him use that word as a way of putting down a black person and supports all people's human rights, or why milo insults the hell out of feminists and lesbians (no, not the entire gender called women, feminists and lesbians) to entertain crowds and communicate underlying truths, yet when asked seriously about an issue will likely say something very different than one would expect if they'd already concluded that he hates women based on nothing more than some rudeness

  16. We Americans are so unsophisticated that if you ask the average adult, "Do you believe in Democracy and Capitalism?", they will answer "Yes!", as if the terms are interchangeable. Then ask them, "So, how much money (capital) do you have?" They'll say, "None! I'm broke…" What do you call a Capitalist with no dough? An aspiring Capitalist? A hopeful, potential future lottery winner?

    It's kind of like the automatons who quote the Bible and give lip service to Jesus' teachings. They claim to be Pro-Life when it comes to children in the womb, but they LOVE to practice "retro-active birth control" by executing those babies when they turn 21 and do something horrible. These "sheeple" believe in freedom of religion, as long as it is their religion, which they practice selectively.

  17. What history book has this guy read? Christianity has killed 10 – 30 million over its history. Islam has killed 100 – 300 million over its history. This isn't even close.

  18. Other than errors re the history if Islam (which has been pointed out by other comments) this is possibly the best thing on the internet right now

  19. So the systematic cleansing of Christians and Jews from the Muslim state is “not an inquisition”, the burning of Alexandria was “enlightened and not religious” and the terrorist state is “not reason to believe that Islam has a bad habit of terrorism.” You were doing great and then Hindenburged your credibility. Come on man.

  20. Oh, the irony…
    Dr. Pinker criticizing political correctness whilst saying that Islam was more enlighten than christianity. Does he know about The Ottoman empire? I bet that he even thinks that the crusades were acts of terrorism

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