45 thoughts on “Steve Says: We must draw a line between populism and racism

  1. Baldy, you are extremely incorrect about being British, by light years in fact.
    It is mainly migrants now, who say that they are British. Everyone else say's that they are English, or say that they are from a Celtic area for instance. As you have to be born in England by English parents going back by at least 3 generations to be English.

  2. Learn American history & what racism means, Trump supporters. Taking down the down the swamp should mean: affordable healthcare, cleaning up the environment, and creating more jobs-amongst other priorities that we can all agree on. Trump hasn’t done anything of things for ALL Americans and he never will. Why? He is the swamp people, wake up! We can’t achieve these things with racism.

  3. I as a black man have never seen racism. EVER. I've only seen people try to point it out. And BEHOLD… It is not there.

  4. Trumps halfwit Army below trying desperately to discount the legitimate concerns of the US media. I am not an American but I shudder at the depth of ignorance shown by many of his supporters. The US has sunk to an all time low never before seen. You have elected a President devoid of ethics and honour and to whom the truth is meaningless. He has conspired with Vladimir Putin who is an active enemy of the US and its allies. Nothing good will come of this Presidency until the day he resigns or is impeached. Shame on you people.

  5. Hispanic here and I totally support Breitbart. Trump voters are being painted incorrectly. They want to keep their freedom. When you bring in a new culture in masses that culture TAKES over.

  6. Populism is not an aberration per se. Only when he no longer recognizes facts and only demands the implementation of emotions in politics, it is risky

  7. Populism is an agenda that addresses the needs and concerns of ordinary people . Opportunity for all is the most effective way of achieving this . Without equality , the choices for some are limited . Populism recognises this and attempts to create a level playing field . Unity is achieved when Leadership produces Economic Outcomes such as job creation , which allows individuals to enter the workforce . With a regular income , and the possibility of advancement , people can raise a family , own a home , be active and live a happy and rewarding life .

  8. I totally agree with you Steve. I would also like to say, that it is exactly these comments that provide the answer to Donald Trump's success in being elected. The ordinary people know these comments and agree with these views, and they voted for Donald Trump. It is just as simple as that. Guess what? Donald Trump is doing his best to deliver on his campaign promises. How refreshing to see a President deliver on his campaign promises.

  9. Dear Mr. Hilton – in light of the wretched condition Liberal, anti-White Britain currently is in, do you think that you, as one of them, have good credentials on how to advise us, in this country?

  10. Steve is really intelligent and articulate. I really enjoy his show. He's a bit different than all of the rest. Much more hip and aware than most of the other weekend news shows. He's cool. I like Judge Jeanine, GG, and Watters World, too.

  11. I am pro-white, totally against immigration. There has been mass 3rd world immigration for 30 years. Now is time for white immigration only.

  12. You said that in a way that everyone should understand. We are a nation of immigrants. That should not change, but open borders only exacerbates this crisis. We are a nation of laws first and they should be enforced or changed. Great job.


  14. …chances Trump will watch this Fox News segment, slim to none. Trump is the problem, and this guy complaining about others is just distraction .

  15. "And to the Republic for which it stands". America is not a skin color or a bloodline. It is a attitude and if you don't believe, you shouldn't be here.

  16. White self-loathing is unacceptable. Wouldn't it be great if p-c idiots like Steve didn't feel the need virtue signal that they're no better than anyone else? False humility isn't protecting white South Africans from being genocided these days. Maybe Steve needs to go live there since he thinks he's no better than a bloodthirsty Bantu with an IQ only a few points higher than that of a chimpanzee. I don't think anyone here would mourn his passing.

  17. I would like for someone to tell me where the white privilege button is . 2quick white privilege stories . my mother in law 4kids divorced early on raised them went to nursing school got her grandkids and kids into good paying jobs. My mother divorced lost her job late in life started over lived off what she saved sold her house and lived at a retirement home their no white privilege button . its a fantasy.

  18. The United States is our home.
    Black americans have helped build this country and we are building the country as we speak.
    We will not go away!

  19. Racism is just for white people because they have the money and resources to put it into action. Minorities are just prejudice

  20. Democrats need racism to be an issue so they always have a "victim" to come and rescue. of course Democrats gave us the KKK, Jim Crow, and black codes,

  21. Only ETHNOnationalism will save European civilization, NOT CIVIC nationalism!!! WATCH on You Tube the video by Red Ice TV titled: "Civic Nationalism is Not Strong Enough to Defend the West"

  22. I don’t think it’s the fear whites won’t be majority nor immigrants whites are sick of turning on tv everyday and seeing nothing but people bashing us and saying we have an advantage it cldnt be further from the truth the laws I. This country are exact opposite of that if u any color but white u have a law that gives u an advantage to get hired for a job whites have no laws to help them get hired and how come I never see any real racism anywhere other than tv and social media I don’t see very much of it out here in the real world and lastly look how many blacks have said on tv how they wld get revenge on whites if they get control of power

  23. Democrats don't what this it would rip there racist socialism party apart they talk racism but they are the heart, nothing but liars

  24. It does seem that racism runs rampant in some white circles….AGAINST WHITES! Our halls of “higher learning” are responsible for it. Soros and that Ilk are as well. Socialist who use racism as a means to divide. To find a common enemy to fight and bring change through it. But it’s not really racial equality they want, because that’s already happening, it’s socialism/globalism they want. We are being used for a much more sinister reason then racism. Wake Up America!

  25. Except it's changing too fast, and it's not changing for the better. Seems the people coming in are not changing the way they were in their home countries. They bring their culture and religion with them, and one of those religions does not mix with any other religion. I don't care who doesn't like it, i want it back like it was 50 years ago, when kids could play all over the neighborhood all day long, and they were safe. We had the ruling elite back then, but at least we had a sense of security, and safety, and freedom. We worked hard to make the rich man rich, but we were happy. And we had family, and neighbors who were almost like family.

  26. The winner of any democracy wins the popular vote and is voted in by the majority and is populist.
    Why then is it when these winners of elections get into power they only ever seem to represent the minorities and shit all over the popular vote

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