41 thoughts on “Steve Says: The elites are fighting back against populism

  1. Someone educate Bush junior and show him the clip where Rockefeller gladly admits he's part of the elite conspiracy

  2. Christopher Hitchens issued a warning about this more than twenty years ago when he said, "There's a police-state coming, get used to it. And it will all be done in the name of niceness". Well, it's arrived.

  3. Both are sickening people and are only fooling themselves and the useful idiots who buy their nonsense. They should both be under full scale investigations.


  5. I come from the Czech Republic (central Europe) and this guy spells EXACTLY what most of the common people feel here. Not similar ideas,thoughts, feelings, exactly the same.

  6. They're all criminals. Fuk the Bush family, fuk the Clinton family and fuk the Obama's.

    Hang every one of their fukin asses in the public square.

  7. I've never understood why populism is wrong for the populist that believes in it.  Meanwhile, the people in the office are being by partisan and getting things done.

  8. When you wheel out GWB then you know you are in trouble. It is up to the elites how destructive this changeover is….but if they thing we are going back to the way they have done things…they got another thing coming.

  9. Obama acts so strange as an expresident. I think he is afraid that the truth about him will come out. And that goes for many others that have been in power.

  10. Bush is a killer.
    I love how Obama slips into his jesse jackson accent when he's trying to burn white folks.
    These two pricks and Clinton caused all of this shit and should stfu. Fkg hypocrites.

  11. Bush speak against Pres Trump but not Obama! What a traitor! Obama, the divider in chief. Both destroyers of America!

  12. I get it. There was only a one choice to elect Trump? Except he is not a populist. He may have been elected as one. But he's part of the global elite. He will sign anything the congress brings him. He will sign any executive order. He wouldn't understand it if he did read it. He's all for getting his own taxes cut. It's all going to blow up in your face… again. The BOOM BUST cycle were the rich get richer and the poor get, some government program that everyone hates you for being on.

  13. Obama got thing done all right, things against the American People = another national disgrace to our people

  14. Bush is not only stupid, he actually thinks the Americans are stupid as well. Bush has no honor, he is a disgrace to the nation.

  15. Lol they mad they couldn't pull the wool over there eyes this election. We got Trump and the rich lost how much with killary

  16. The current executive branch is part of the elite–more billionaires in the White House today than ever before. According to Steve-o here, these elites are okay … can't have it both ways.

  17. Hello Steve and to everyone who watched your discussion. I think that you hit it right on the head. Perfect. Well said. Totally agree with you especially your comment regarding an apology from Bush and Obama.

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