Steve Kornacki Explains What Formed Modern National Partisan Politics

Steve Kornacki Explains What Formed Modern National Partisan Politics

-You heard you might
have some competition in the podcast world. It was reported that someone
overheard Rudy Giuliani at a restaurant —
this is real — saying that he might do his own
impeachment podcast. [ Laughter ] Would that be something that
you’d be very happy about? -[ Laughs ] Is there, like, a crossover
episode we could put together? It’s funny you say “overheard.” All these stories about Giuliani
that keep coming out, he’s accidentally
texting somebody or he’s overheard saying
something at a restaurant. -Yeah.
-Also, like, there’s — He can’t keep a low profile.
Like, he can — He walks in a room,
he can only be Rudy Giuliani. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -Like, there’s no — -Not gonna confuse him
with somebody else, huh? -No, exactly.
You mentioned the polarization, which obviously is a real issue.
Do you — And I know you’re, you know,
a historian with all this. When do you see —
what caused this cleaving off of the two parties to the place
where, basically, you can’t get them
to agree on a single thing? Where do you think that started?
-It’s been a long-term thing. I really think
it’s the last generation or so, it’s the change in media. It’s the nationalization
of media, and I think with
the nationalization of media, cable news, the Internet, social
media, everybody on the country, kind of looking
at the same thing, at the same time,
it’s nationalized politics. You know, when I grew up,
I grew up in Massachusetts, and the biggest name in
Massachusetts was Tip O’Neill. Tip O’Neill was this
curmudgeonly old Speaker of the House,
and he had a famous saying. I think
it was the title of his book. “All Politics is Local.” And everybody said, “That’s what
politics is — it’s local. It’s the neighbors,
it’s the backyard.” All politics is national now.
-Yeah. -It’s no longer local.
And what that means is, I think, in the old days,
there was sort of regional and ideological
diversity in the parties. I remember growing up —
it’s not that long ago. New England — you had liberal
Republics in New England. You had conservative Republicans
in the Midwest. Liberal Democrats in the North. Conservative Democrats
in the South. It’s all sorted out. If you’re on the liberal side,
you’re a Democrat. If you’re on the conservative
side, you’re a Republican. The demographic fault lines,
they’re just deep, they’re stark, and I don’t see
it changing any time soon. -You did try to put this
knowledge to use before you got into the news game
as a game-show contestant. [ Laughter ]
-Yeah, I did, yeah. So, this is what?
What chapter of your life are you trying to make it
as a game-show contestant? -This was college graduation.
-Okay. -And I didn’t have a job
coming out of college. And I had a couple roommates
who were in film/television. They were from Boston.
They wanted to move out to L.A. They wanted to make it
in movies, and I had nothing better to do,
so, I said, “I’ll go with you. I’ll go with you
for a few months. I’ll see what
I can do out there.” I had no plan.
And my plan, as soon as I got there was, I’d always
loved game shows as a kid. -USA Network used to run like
10 in a row in the afternoon, and I’d sit there
and watch them all. So, I was like, “You know what? I’m in the place
where they do these game shows. I’m going to get on one, I’m
gonna win, you know, $30,000.” -Sure.
-And I’m set for the year. And then I can figure out,
you know — -It’s a great plan, yeah.
-The closest I came — This 2001, 2002.
I made it through. I thought I was gonna get on the
show “Win Ben Stein’s Money.” -Sure, of course.
Comedy Central, right? -And the show got cancelled.
-Oh, no. -So that was —
[ Laughter ] -So, then you were like,
“I got to get a real job.” -And I came home, yeah. -Hey, thanks so much
for being here. It’s always such a joy to watch.
Your podcast is great. Steve Kornacki, everybody.

29 thoughts on “Steve Kornacki Explains What Formed Modern National Partisan Politics

  1. Too funny, the only folks whose job is outlined in our countrys founding documents, who then dont do that job, are gonna lecture the rest of us on why our country is in the shitter. Hey stevie, how many minutes, combined, did you and your millionaire-minions-for-billionairres spend on income inequality and climate change last year? If you get your news from stevie and Chrissy, and joy and rachel, congrats, you've supported corporate bullshit. Thanx for ruining the country

  2. All politics are local. We need to go back to that I say.
    But with local media dying out I can see how politics died with it. ya I said the death of local media was the death of politics and I mean it.
    Nothing is going to work out well for farmers a law is tailored to New York City.
    Nothing is going to work out for Texas if a law is tailored to Florida's meth culture. (Like Donald Trump's policies. That wall 100% is Florida Meth math. A 30 foot wall to stop airplanes. But it has to be see through 😩)

  3. Disagree: Tip O'Neil got along with Reagan, then Newt Gingrich came along and instituted a policy of opposing anything and everything the Democrats proposed. Don't allow them to get credit for anything. Thanks Newt for destroying Congress and making bipartisanship obsolete.

  4. Pre-Rush Limpballs, I remember I a working class white man saying if he voted one party for president, he would for the opposite for Congress. He wanted the president to be kept in check. That thinking was what the GOP worked to put an end to, very successfully.

  5. That sounds like a movie plot, right there. Some young guy straight out of college with no plan, moving to hollywood on a whim, and hatching a plan to make it big in the game show racket? Maybe to get a girl?

    * pulls out a pad *

  6. The Founding Fathers saw government as a scale : Authoritarian(extreme right, Dictatorship, King) … to Anarchy(extreme left). Happiness lies in the middle. 🙂

  7. What I'd like to understand is why Americans, uniquely Americans, classify every thought, every feeling, every preference, as "Republican" or "Democrat". When did this start, why, and, what purpose does it serve?

  8. Right wing media, particularly Fox, poisoned Conservatives minds with propaganda to make the HATE Liberals, Progressives, Democrats. In return Democrats despise them, particularly for being uninformed and unreasonable, and electing Trump and other horrible people like Mitch. Many Conservatives/Republicans are socialists at heart and don't even know it and you CAN'T tell them.
    Everyone should watch the film "The Brainwashing of My Dad" and the Showtime series "The Loudest Voice".

  9. Actually, it began with arrogant, greedy and shady conservative Nixon operatives such as Lee Atwater, Gordon Liddy, and the three Rogers (Ailes, Cohn, and Stone), all of whom were extreme-right Nixon zealots, angry that Nixon didn't get away with Watergate (which was basically rigging his re-election), because, you know, to their sick minds, "despite what the constitution says about the whole 'fair democracy thing', our founders REALLY meant for ONLY conservatives to control the USA". Therefore, taking great umbrage to Nixon's resignation, this group lackeys hatched a reckless plan to repeal the Fairness Doctrine, with Reagan's approval in 1988. Which, just as they planned it, led to the start in the early 1990s of, what is now going on three decades of unchallenged right-wing misinformation and disinformation propaganda, and outright LIES on right-wing media, mainly on FOX News and the likes of Rush Limbaugh –among other newer ones like Blaze, Breitbart, Drudge and Infowars… and exacerbated by unscrupulous social media exploitation by the far-right, including foreign saboteurs of democracy, such as Russia. And several ways to fix it would be, 1. Vote to put Democrats in clear majority control of all areas of government. That way Republicans cannot stop them from enacting information fairness reforms, such as 2. Legal –under consequences of harsh financial and licensing, and even incarceration penalties, enforcement of social media outlets on fact-checking and removal of blatant misinformation in political campaign ads. 3. Reinstatement and reinforcement of the fairness doctrine, but updated commensurate with today's media. 4. Eliminate all dark money to campaigns. 5. Eliminate all lobbying gifts.

  10. I've said it once, I'll say it again. t'rump isn't the reason our political system is broken. He's the result of how broken the system has become.

  11. I blame Ronald Regan, and his "government IS the problem." mantra. Prior to him there was consensus that government could DO some good.

  12. Actually it's easy to see where the polarization began. At the start of the year 2000, people expected the Presidential election wouldn't be interesting or matter much. By the end of the year, the fury over Florida started a disaster.

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