Steve King Undecided About Child Rape

Steve King Undecided About Child Rape

>>Just recently, Representative Steve King
seemed to gloss over cases of rape and incest, in fact, making excuses and justifying cases
of rape and incest, and he was recently confronted by one of his own constituents who wanted
to give him a piece of her mind. Her name is Katie Koehler. And before we get to the confrontation, I
just wanna remind you all of what Representative Steve King recently said and this is in the
context of supporting laws that ban abortion. Regardless of how that fetus was conceived,
whether it was raipur, incest, he doesn’t care, abortion should be banned and here he
is making that case.>>What if we went back through all the family
trees and just pull those people out that were products of rape and incest, will there
be any population of the world left if we did that? Considering all the wars and all the rape
and pillage that’s taken place and whatever happened to culture after society. I know I can’t certify that, but I’m not part
of the product of that.>>Gross.>>Okay, so the context is super important
here. Him saying like, well, I mean, you say that
we shouldn’t let someone get an abortion if they were raped, but is rape and incest that
big a deal? We’re all products of rape and incest, it’s
happening all the time. What’s the big deal? Wow, okay, so that’s Steve King and you know
it. But I love what the constituent did.>>Yes, so Katie Koehler attended on of his
townhalls shortly after he had made those statements. And here is what she said, as a fourth grade
teacher, I had a student that was raped by their uncle and became pregnant. It does happen. I do know at the time that the parents chose
to terminate the pregnancy and I understand why it’s a ten-year-old child. So a ten-year-old student of hers got raped
and got pregnant as a result. I’m just wondering, I have my own personal
beliefs. But if it’s a zero-tolerance policy, I am
concerned of the health and safety of our youth. Now there was more to what she said but Steve
King apparently responded with shock because he’s never thought about these things before
allegedly, and says, I’ve never heard of a case that extreme until today, under the circumstances
we’re in right now, I’d rather deliberate on this and try to get you an answer back.>>Okay, so you have to think about whether
a ten-year old should be allowed to have an abortion after she was raped by her uncle,
not only you have the rape portion of it, but she’s a ten-year old, and it might literally
kill her to have that baby come to term. So you gotta deliberate on that, you gotta
think that through like, should we kill the ten-year old cuz I’m pro life? Should we take that chance at least? She was raped at the age of ten. I gotta think about it, I gotta think about
whether I’m still gonna make her carry her rapist’s child to term, as a ten-year-old,
and then take care of it for the rest of her life, let me think about it. And by the way, when you said rape and incest,
you shouldn’t be allowed to get an exception, well, what did you think happened?>>Right.>>What was the fact pattern in your head? Like a pleasant rape? It’s okay if you rape a slightly older girl? What fact pattern makes it okay, that at the
end of your deliberation, you go hey, that one was a little nasty? Okay, that went okay. But the rest of the rape and incest are fine.>>Yeah, we’ll look, for Steve King, and this
is my interpretation of how he thinks and believes, on one hand, you have the cruelty
and the brutality of people getting raped, and then on the other hand, you have his ridiculous
fear about lower birth rates among white couples. Like, I mean he’s said it, he’s been very
transparent about it, he’s very much concerned about minorities having more kids than white
people. He wants to repopulate the white demography
in America. So I think that’s really what’s pulling him. He doesn’t care about how barbaric these proposed
laws are. If it means that it’s gonna ban white women
from being able, but it’s also fascinating because of while it’s true that not all white
people are wealthy, they certainly are more affluent than other disenfranchised groups,
and would be able to get an abortion? Should they really need one? Right?>>Yeah, they can just go to a different state,
they can go to a different country and get one. But poor people don’t have that option and
middle class often times does not have that option.>>So let me give you more from Katie Koehler. Again, this is the constituent. She says, quote, I think this is a health
issue. And I don’t think the law should even have
anything to do with someone’s health, or women’s health. And when it comes to rape, and that example
I gave of a ten-year-old child, it does happen. It does, and this is not anybody’s business. I love Katie Kohler, the retired school teacher
with courage and she’s willing to show up and speak her mind. And I love that political activism. It’s so important. It’s important to hold these people accountable. And then, go ahead, Cenk.>>Yeah, I wanted to say one more thing about
Steve King. It’s a classic conservative thing to do that
he didn’t even think about it. He is like, well, it doesn’t apply to me so
I didn’t even bother thinking about it. What if somebody was raped or there was incest? I just said they should have the baby anyway,
I don’t care. How do you rape this child? Because it didn’t happen to me. And so when he finally hears it from someone,
he’s turned to a ten-year old being raped by the uncle? I never even thought about that. You were trying to pass that law and you never
even thought about it. Cuz it’s a, again, classic conservative thing,
if it didn’t happen to me, what do I care? And that is why men making these decisions
about women’s bodies is problematic. I’m not saying like that men should be banned
from voting on it. But men exclusively saying in a lot of these
legislators, it’s almost all men voting. Yeah, we should make women do that with their
bodies.>>Right.>>Right, and you never had to go through
it so easy for you to say.>>That’s why it’s so important to have a
representative Congress. And when I say representative, I’m specifically
talking about different demographics and different groups of people being represented by Congress
people because there are certain perspectives that are lacking when it comes to debating
this type of legislation or any legislation at all.>>And you might try empathy for a change. I know for a conservatives, empathy, that’s
crazy.>>All right, so one other thing, Katie Koehler
was asked by the press whether she thinks Steve King will take any of her advice when
asked specifically cold her mouth. No, she doesn’t believe King will take her
advice but said again, quote, I have to stay open minded, I do because we’re not going
to get any better unless we talk.>>Who doesn’t love her?>>Yeah, she’s great.>>That’s an American right there.

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  2. YEEEEESSS!! I was screaming "this nazi freak just cares about white birth rates!!" so thank you Ana!! I can relax now lol

  3. How can anyone beyond the fence about child rape???? King is a sick man. This is what happens when you just check the box of a political party. (R), (D), (L), or (I) you need to know where these people stand.

  4. Like he said, much of the population in Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, West Virginia and Kansas is the result of incest.

  5. Careful how you approach king, he,s right up trump's alley. See how trump fondles his daughter on video, and the Nasty way he's talked about hooking up with her. ANTI-CHRIST?

  6. Does this mother fucker have a daughter or sister niece .how would he feel if one of them was pregnant by rape by her uncle or some black dude would he make her have tha baby a god forbid mixed race bby or a baby by his son

  7. All girls/women from 0 to 100 are free game in his view. Are the Republicans voters and supporters of this man are willing to give their daughters of any age to child molesters?

  8. Criminal illegal alien bean demons, Jewish supremacist child sex traffickers, & the Clinton's aren't undecided about child rape. They feed & thrive on it.

  9. This creep needs to be thoroughly investigated. When people defend outlandish, disgusting behavior they are probably justifying their own proclivities

  10. We republicans can blame immigrants for any economic problems and bailout the coal companies. The same way we blamed immigrants and teachers then bailed-out the financial Industry in 2008. Thanks Mitch. Putin tRump 2020. Грязные we can build a fundamentally anti-democratic movement with religious conservatism for the chosen few.

  11. There are more sickos and idiot psychos propagating hate and having kids in this world than good, decent, and wise people. This world has been ruled by the former for too long and been oppressed while the innocence we need to maintain in our children is ripped from them. How do we fix this culture of perversion and evil? I'm a gay progressive latino who wouldn't call himself spiritual or religious but lately I've been wondering if this is what the whole idea that "hell on earth" is meant to describe.

  12. His family tree is apparently peopled with rape/incest children? Wtf dude, you sound like you walked out of Deliverance. 😒👿 He does have that inbred look…

  13. Steve King is being rather facetous. But then again he's repeating your narrative. That Rape and Incest made white people possible.

  14. Stupid Christians who absolutely HATE Muslims are using the Muslim philosophy of punishing the victims of rape … Hey Iowa, are you turning Muslim ?

  15. What if your daughter(s) were victims of rape at a very young age. King don’t believe that it only happens to the others and not your loved one. Think about it!

  16. We really need to change our rhetoric around abortion and stop the erasure of trans men who:
    1 have a uterus and are thus effected by anti abortion legislation
    2 Are definitely men because trans men are men.
    It's past time that we start using language like "people with uteruses" instead of women. And "people with penises" or cis-men instead of men. We need to make our language inclusive of trans folks and enby folx. I expect more from tyt honestly.

  17. Since republicans dont seem to care about the well being of women and girls then all girls and women should be offered free iuds starting at the first signs of puberty. This would be the best way to prevent abortions and I would rather subject a kid having an iud implanted than labour and delivery or even worst a c section. .

  18. We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.

    The author of this quote, convicted murderer David Lane, was a pedophile who was infatuated with teenaged girls.

    "Not long before he died, Lane, who was suffering from cancer, arranged for his body to be released to neo-Nazi stage mom April Gaede. Lane frequently corresponded with Gaede, who encouraged his infatuation with her teenage twin daughters, who were 54 years his junior [15 years old]. Lane referred to them as his 'fantasy sweethearts.'"

  19. This is exactly why i always tell people who have moral objections to abortion that an argument against abortion is unable to be grounded in a moral framework without there being levels of cognitive dissonance. Because no matter how strict you are in your beliefs, i can prove to you that abortion is a morally ambiguous procedure. That there will always be a circumstance where you will say that abortion should be allowed. Like when a 10 year old girl is raped by her uncle and would die as a result of birth. So if it's a case by case judgment then how can you possibly claim that abortion in total is immoral. It's not, which is why it must then be legal and regulated.

  20. King wanted to be Satan's minion….but failed the morality test. Satan didn't want his image tarnished that badly. Guaranteed he has a hidden torture room in his basement….for which of course the GOP will forgive him.

  21. wow, you are realy desperate to spin this into something its not, werent you the honest ones? he is not advocating for rape nor incest…….. nice title, I recall Cenk being very specific on how headlines should be written…
    intellectual hacks

  22. The only acceptable reason for abortion is if the child's birth will cause the death or irreversible damage to the mother. In the cases of rape and/or incest, is it the unborn baby's fault? No. With that said, the ten year old that got pregnant more than likely falls under the irreversible damage or death of the mother category.

  23. STOP focusing on the unhinged representative!!
    Focus on an (Iowa) electorate that proactively votes FOR the guy. It’s his SUPPORT that’s the issue.

  24. Crazy Iowa voters didn't know how twisted this guy is. If you look at some of his novels like Carrie and Misery, it's clear this is a twisted mind

  25. Liberals act like its about rape. No u hypocrites. If we say – OK, u can have your abortion in case of rape or if your health is in jeopardy, u still would demand a right for abortion in any case, even in the last month of pregnancy. And knowing now how extremely corrupt and powerful the USA's elite is (Epstein case coverage) we have no doubts these poor fetuses would be used as a medicine's ingredient for rich motherfuckers and med.corporations would love to see more embryos on the market.
    And I am not pro-life btw, I dont care if liberals dont want to have children, but their hypocrisy on that issue… Just ask yourself – what is a percentage of abortion done due to rape.

  26. A Conservative says, "If it hasn't happened to me, I don't care."

    A Liberal says, "This should never happen to anyone, and that's why I care."

  27. Christianity is a cancer on civilization and must be outgrown within this century…
    Or humanity will not survive.
    Steve King should be made to feel the pain & sorrow of having this happen to his own little girl… as should EVERY Right-wing douchebag who agrees with him, even it's only imagined or comes in an all too real nightmare tonight.
    Your god was pro-abortion if "da bitch done cheated!"
    OWN IT!

  28. This is the belief system of the Republican party and their anti-abortion constituents. Rape just happens and is alright, incest happens and is alright. GET THESE PEOPLE OUT OF OUR GOVERNMENT!

  29. I thought I disagreed with King 100%, but it turns out it's just 99.99%. He is not a hypocrite. If you truly believe the talking point that abortion stops a beating hear/kills a baby/is murder/etc… then of course there is no exception for rape and incest. It is not the sin of the fetus. People that are anti-choice but believe in the rape/incest exception are not motivated by the protection of the life of the fetus. They just want to punish women. I see no other rational reason for exceptions.

  30. I knew a girl who was raped by her grandfather at age 10. Her mother got her an abortion and the church folks in her backward ass town ran her whole family out of town for having an abortion.

  31. "We don't want no browning of 'Merica……but all you black and brown people… better have every baby everywhere in the country" Nice logic MAGA morons. lol

  32. The world record for the youngest person ever to give birth is Lina Marcela Medina de Jurado. When she gave birth to her first child, she was 5 years 7 months old. This tells us a few things things:
    1. Someone raped a 4-year-old child (since she was about 8.5 months pregnant when she was given a c-section; her pelvis was not wide enough to have a natural birth, obviously.)
    2. Someone probably raped this 4-year-old child a lot, since she ended up pregnant and the odds, unfortunately, favor this outcome, and
    3. The doctors who performed the c-section found fully developed ovaries, and diagnosed her with a condition called precocious puberty–one of the causes of this is trauma or injury to the brain, which means that she may have suffered other forms of abuse as well. (Other causes include illnesses like meningitis, which also injure the brain. Nowadays, precocious puberty is more often linked to weight and exposure to estrogen-like compounds or to certain kinds of steroids.) We also know that sexual abuse is linked to earlier onset of puberty even in children who are otherwise neurochemically typical with uninjured pituitary glands.

    There's literally a Wikipedia page for 'list of youngest birth mothers' (maxing out at age 10), and over 40 of the entries list a relative of some sort as the father of the child, including siblings, fathers, uncles, cousins, stepfathers, brothers-in-law, and grandfathers. Steve King has 'never heard of a case that extreme until today' because he didn't want to think about it. Nobody wants to think about children being horrifically abused, but you have to acknowledge that it happens and act to protect those children and prosecute their abusers.

  33. 😂😂😂 omg now all though I strongly disagree with him only tyt is openly a circus to take “I’m against ALL abortion even if it’s a product of rape” and try and play it of as “I don’t think it’s that bad to rape” and then you wonder why all your fans are virgins desperately trying to get laid of women who hate them and lesbians who had to turn gay because no man would touch them 😂😂😂😂

  34. How the HELL can you have MEN talking about WOMEN'S issues or experiences.

    Until they are raped & carry a child they didn't want & to deal with the emotional turmoil that comes with it – he should shut up! & focus on the Harvey Weinstein or Epstein saga to put laws inplace to deal with or help THOSE who have been abused by his male comrades.

    This goes sooo sooo sooo deeep!…….shall we even mention slavery in this mix??

  35. At 4:42 did I just hear TYT implying that all white people, while poor, are rich enouch to travel to another country or state to get an abortion? W in the actual F? Show your frackin math on thay one. Hell, I work a job where I get 17 an hour and I would struggle to afford an abortion, let alone travel expenses on top. God help those folks poorer that I am.

  36. The republicunts do it for their base, everybody knows that the uncle who raped that little girl votes for the republican party.

  37. I wonder how Mr. King would feel about not being able to wash himself, after being butt raped?
    Betcha, he wouldn’t be to fond of the idea, that the government, wouldn’t let him wash himself,
    if that happened to him.

  38. Sooo I think we just found Steve Kings kink. Incest and rape porn most likely fill his search history to bursting.

  39. 4:08 is Ana saying she doesn't like white people being born? Does she want to see the white race extinct? because using the same tipe of logic she is using with Steve King that seems to be what she is saying.

  40. Wow TYT really is incapable of understanding the point of view of people they don't like. To a real pro-life person the case of the 10 years old raped, is like saying this kid was rape so should we kill this other baby because a kid was rape? of course there is the safety of the raped kid to think about but for them the fetus is a baby but TYT seems to think that every single pro-life person to ever live is a liar and part of a conspiracy to oppress woman because the pro-life person are cartoonish villians.

  41. I have a 14 year-old daughter and was just thinking about the horror of her having to suffer through rape and then hide / run away to Canada to deal with the pregnancy problem. Do any of these GOP goons understand what pregnancy does to even a 14 year old, much less a 10 year old?! Can someone say FASCISM? When some of the extreme Muslim tribes do these things, they feign horror.

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