42 thoughts on “Steve Bannon: I'm an economic nationalist

  1. When Henry Knox went to Mount Vernon to tell George Washington that he would be the first president, Washington had Knox pass through New York City where Washington's inauguration would take place, to Hartford Connecticut to buy Washington's woolen suit for his inauguration from the only American tailor in the country at that time because of former British East India Company regulations. Washington explained he wanted a suit made in America, for his inauguration by an American business, to show patriotism and liberty against the British Empire. Washington was a nationalist, and a proud American. Does that fact make Washington a pre-crypto Nazi? Today, globalization benefits multinational corporations and financial institutions, not American workers and American taxpayers. Don't let the elite liberal media and the democrats fool you that economic nationalism is bad. Hamilton called it protectionism, or the "American System". The democrats showed their loyalty to the British style mercantilism, wall street, and multinational corporations that only benefits the corporate masters when the Democratic Congress under Obama was meeting secretly to discuss the Transpacific partnership, TTIP, and TISA according to Noam Chomsky, the number one liberal intellectual in the world. If American soldiers put their lives on the line for their country, they have the right to have a job in production when they come home! Educate your self in economics, and learn the different operating systems between American protectionism and British mercantilism that is liquidating the American middle class and turning the United States into a banana republic.

  2. globalists are preaching doom and gloom. the nationalist is going to eat them up! Return free speech to the people and away from big corporate media. thank god for the internet!

  3. Kurt Bardella is not old enough to drink beer. If he can't grow hair on his face there is no way I could take a boy seriously. Maybe in about 30 years.

  4. I love Bannon, Breitbart, FOXNEWS, Rush, etc. Dems are finding out what being out of power is like.

  5. Puts the Darkness association up front.
    Signs cropped out for easy digestion while the narrator stresses that he MUST GO.
    Meekly reads Bannon's response, yet it's in ALL CAPS BECAUSE BANNON IS AN ANGRY OLD MAN!
    Interviewing people commenting on his response rather than airing a response from him.
    Interviewing a former "employee" as it carries extra weight.
    Giving the final words to an "I think" as if it's fact.

    They really made the grand tour here!

  6. Hes right, cause Hillary will bankrupt the country, send Christians to war with Russian Christians and the mainstream Islamist are going to chant Allah akbar

  7. Steve Bannon is a very knowledgeable man and will serve the interests of ALL Americans. The Lefts Propaganda machine is working over time to label him a racist. The left has no morals left.

  8. But what happened when Van Jones was chosen as an advisor for Obama in his 1st term? Where was the outrage from CNN then??

  9. CNN is a propaganda machine for the DNC. They have nothing to do with journalism whatsoever. It's an company that produces propaganda and lies. CNN has been anti-Trump since day #1. CNN has to gone! CNN is fake news! Nobody I know has ever heard of Bannon until CNN started these anti-Trump propaganda

  10. Thanks to all the trumptards for supporting CNN, your clicks, views and even your👎help to keep this wonderful news network going. Thanks again trumptards..👋

  11. Why don't we just give these people a chance, if they are not up to your standards, we can impeach them?

  12. I hope he's not racist or anti Semitic because being an economic nationalist would be great for everyone. Sadly he probably is what they claim

  13. He has his flaws but he knows the Globalists agenda. Most Americans don't, they're just it's victims…

  14. its funny that white supremacists hate jews & spread anti-jew & anti-israel propoganda all the time whereas trump & steve bannon here is strongly favouring jews………& I being a Big TRUMP-Fan saying from the day 1 that TRUMP is not an Anti-Semite & not a White Supremacist & not a Racist but He is just a NATIONALIST & he will destroy anyone who will come into his way of AMERICA FIRST whether black,white,jew,christian etc he will not spare anyone

  15. Here's Steve Bannon's statement in context, from his interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

    "'Darkness is good, Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan. That's power. It only helps us when they (liberals and the media) get it wrong. When they're blind to who we are and what we're doing."

    Clearly anyone with a working frontal lobe knows what he meant and its kind of true. They (liberals and the media) labeled them as bad people and rather than hurting their chances it actually helped them. Once again CNN taking this statement out of context to drive an agenda. Anyway, here's the rest of the interview:

    "I'm not a white nationalist, I'm a nationalist. I'm an economic nationalist, The globalists gutted the American working class and created a middle class in Asia. The issue now is about Americans looking to not get f—ed over. If we deliver, we'll get 60 percent of the white vote, and 40 percent of the black and Hispanic vote – (meaning he is not racist if he is betting on their vote) – and we'll govern for 50 years. That's what the Democrats missed. They were talking to these people with companies with a $9 billion market cap employing nine people. It's not reality. They lost sight of what the world is about."

    "Like [Andrew] Jackson's populism, we're going to build an entirely new political movement, it's everything related to jobs. The conservatives are going to go crazy. I'm the guy pushing a trillion-dollar infrastructure plan. With negative interest rates throughout the world, it's the greatest opportunity to rebuild everything. Ship yards, iron works, get them all jacked up. We're just going to throw it up against the wall and see if it sticks. It will be as exciting as the 1930s, greater than the Reagan revolution — conservatives, plus populists, in an economic nationalist movement."

    "The media bubble is the ultimate symbol of what's wrong with this country, it's just a circle of people talking to themselves who have no f—ing idea what's going on. If The New York Times didn't exist, CNN and MSNBC would be a test pattern. The Huffington Post and everything else is predicated on The New York Times. It's a closed circle of information from which Hillary Clinton got all her information — and her confidence. That was our opening."

    The rest of the interview can be found here. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/steve-bannon-trump-tower-interview-trumps-strategist-plots-new-political-movement-948747

    After reading the full interview in context, I honestly think Trump did a great job by picking this guy as his chief strategist. Well done Trump #MAGA

    P.S. also lets remember Jared Kushner is a Jew, and so is Ivanka and their children. How then can Trump pick an Antisemite? Biased media. Smh.

  16. CNN can't stop pushing their dead political agenda!?! Next year they will be the ones in the unemployment line.

  17. A clarification is in order: it's not fair to call Bannon anti-semite. He's against the jews feeding and supporting globalisation and what he sees as the crony establishment, but not against Israel or orthodox jews who see eye to eye with him on defending their shared cultural heritage together. He said it himself: he is the defender of the western judeo-christian values and heritage. I'm sure he supports the settlers in Palestine and will get along well with Netanyahu. He is anti-muslim however, that's fo sure!

  18. Stop fanning the flames CNN.
    It's all race-baiting and hysteria coming from your network, I've been paying close attention to Trumps cabinet and first days as president elect, you are very dishonest. You are shaping a violent reality.

  19. Can we ask Mr Tough guy Steve Bannon to tag along with the Ghost Adventures crew. Lets see if Steve Bannon can survive Zak Bagan's paranormal trips.

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