16 thoughts on “Steve Bannon explains Populism (Sept 12, 2017) | Charlie Rose

  1. whats happening to usa is what happends when you fuck stranger in the ass… remember vietnam, it was going to be walk in the park until the war started then they just wanted to get out, you americans won a germany that was in 44 tired from fighting eastern from against russians, its like you enter wars when the guy is already half dead and declare a victory to think vietcong, without shoes and ak 47 kicked shit out usa is good reason to say usa is out

  2. americans only want close borders, as long resources inside and coming in make them feel good. minute that ends theres goes usa steal some more from other country, imagine if brazil bought american companies and shipped all resources each month back to brazil americans would go like, war this is war, but you do same shit to every country on earth and thats why country are waiting for usa to implode because they are trying not to have a war besides usa creating them everywhere

  3. trump is a boy who does what real masters tell him to do, they decide what they let trump do, the money masters, the same that lended Money after trumpo went broke 3 times, think he dosent obey them, they create theb Money and decide who gets what

  4. reminds me the ppl wgho defended Hitler becauseb of his populista speeches, in the end he brought misery and death trump is exact same clown, a dumb narcvisist a populista who is going to move the clock past midnight

  5. Got a secret to share with you Steve… in this day and age, we have figured out, we all live on the same planet. Your idea of populism is archaic, divisive and delusional.

  6. Blaming elites as the scapegoats rather than the system, capitalism, which perpetuates & created those elites is misleading & a distraction. Claiming to be pro coal does not make you a populist nor pro-worker. This is all a distraction aimed at deligitimizing the left and true economic democratization.

  7. lol all the never trumpers will be disappointed in that people with more reach than cbs are retweeting right now and youtube will be furiously removing all the comments, and probably inflating likes. as documented many times. youtube censors politically charged content in a left lean. even removing likes, comments, and views to make it look not as brutal

  8. Populism doesn't work because it's goal to make suckers out of the ppl…Bernie and Donnie only sound good but are really bad…

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