Steve Bannon documentary: who is Trump’s ‘great manipulator?’

Steve Bannon documentary: who is Trump’s ‘great manipulator?’

No Bannon, no KKK, no fascist USA. The Protests are loud and growing louder against
the new arrivals at the Oval Office. Their target not just Donald Trump – -Everyone knows what that means, right? -But his powerful chief strategist, Steve
Bannon. The unthinkable becoming thinkable …. The man who helped orchestrate Donald’s Trump’s
once unthinkable election victory made apocalyptic propaganda films like this one Generation
Zero. In the film Mr Bannon says the baby boomers
of the 60s became an uncaring ruling elite, responsible for economic disaster. This was a recurring and provocative theme
when he ran Breitbart, the right wing website accused of stirring racial hatred in the United
States. “A president of the United States should not
have a racist at this side….” Alarm from the right, as well as the left… He’s a nightmare. The number spot in this week’s edition of
Who is the Real President goes to. Such is his power and influence in the White
House, he’s already been played as Trump’s puppet master.
Steve Bannon… You don’t get between Steve and his objective. Mr Bannon’s dark world view outlined in his
film and media appearances, speaks of a dystopian American, battling multiple enemies from its
own corrupt elites to radical Islam. I believe strongly that this is a crisis both
of our church, our faith….a crisis of the west and a crisis of capitalism. We are at the very beginning stages of a brutal
and bloody conflict. He is trying to encourage chaos. So who is this Steve Bannon – and is it his
visions that is shaping the Trump administration – and its more controversial policies. You can’t handle the truth. So what is his truth? We had the revolution…we had the civil war,
Great Depression and world war 2. This is the fourth great Turning in American history. Steve Bannon Believes America is at an historical
turning point and he sees the corrupt political and business elites as an enemy to be defeated. Don’t believe the establishment. Don’t believe
the permanent political class. We are on the right side of history. This is going to be a very nasty long protracted
fight. His enemies – are both at home and abroad. It is a crisis both of capitalism but the
undermining of the Judeo Christian West in our beliefs… To be brutally frank. I Mean Christianity
is dying in Europe. And Islam is on the rise. Stand for our beliefs, to fight for our beliefs
against this new barbarity that is starting. He’s also has a problem the massive influx
of migrants – including many muslims – to Europe. Not migration, it’s an invasion. ‘These are not people with thousand of years
of understanding democracy. In their DNA coming up here. To try to understand how Steve Bannon came
to hold these views we traveled first to his hometown. Mr Bannon grew up in a working class family
children in this neighbourhood of Richmond Virginia. One of five children in a close
knit community where Christian faith was central to daily life. As an Irish Catholic, his Judeo-Christian
worldview was initially shaped during his formative years at this Benedictine school,
run almost like a military academy. Orthodox catholic training from the Benedictines,
I think influenced Steve. Pat McSweeny Grew up close to the Bannon family.
and went to the same school. What was He like? Combative. Feisty. Undersized but played sports.
Compensated through energy and determination for what he lacked physically. A scrapper? Yes a scraper. He had to be held back. You
did not have to push into conflict. He was there to find it. And he never backed down. Many of Bannon’s historical American heroes
were assertive revolutionary figures who came from Virginia – including founding fathers
George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry who proclaimed, here in Richmond,
“Give me liberty or give me death.” You got ideas in the documents – Larry Nordvig, a former Virginia Tea Party
director, has worked with Mr Bannon and says the President’s key advisor sees himself
at the vanguard of historical change. When Donald trump speaks about making America
great again, and Steve Bannon as well. These the figures they are talking about? Bannon has this sense that we’ve been handed
down this gift, that we must preserve and throw it forward to the next generation. He’s a big reader of military history. Sees
himself as perpetually involved in grand civilization struggles. Everything with Bannon is mega and big and
going to lead to a clash. So he’s on a constant war footing as it were? Yes absolutely. Constant war footing. Josh Green first met Steve Bannon in 2011
and wrote a Bloomberg Businessweek cover profile on him. At the time the man who was
to become Trump’s campaign manager was working on a promotional film about the right wing
firebrand Sarah Palin, hoping she would run for president. Everyone in politics back then thought Palin
would run for president in 2012. So Bannon had insinuated himself into her inner circle
and was a Palin whisperer, advisor, slash filmmaker. Although Palin didn’t run in the end – in
many ways his efforts became a stepping stone to his successful Trump campaign. The tactics: to promote ideological allies
combined with a ferocious media onslaught. So that’s you there? Thats me giving a nice fiery speech that day
and you can see Steve Bannon in the background. You see that withTrump., Bannon lurking in
the background, pulling the strings. I don’t know if I like that parallel. Afterwards Steve wanted to meet me. He asked
if I would consider running for Congress. He has used Breitbart effectively to whip
up the grassroots. I know the Tea Party. He got their tempers up and got them active. Under Steve Bannon Breitbart ran highly provocative
articles which appealed to the alt right, a rebrand of the far right movement. It includes white nationalists, many of whom
publicly supported Trump’s presidential campaign. White nationalists share many sentiments with
notorious white supremacists. The articles on Breitbart spoke of an us and
them America. The website was also accused of pursuing a virulently anti Muslim agenda.
Many women too were outraged by some of the articles with headlines like “birth control
makes women unattractive and crazy” He said all the racism and what have you would
wash out. That was his phrase. See the light and drop those objectionable views. But what
was important to Bannon is that they were on his side.
When it came to tearing down members of the establishment. So he welcomed white supremacists as part
of his power things, a power struggle? Don’t know if he welcomed it but he certainly
did not show he was troubled by it. With the campaign they ran, they really opened
the door for white nationalists to feel empowered. And it does seem that all the advice he has
been giving both to trump in the campaign – not being a bridge builder but of doubling
down in increasingly people’s fear and hatred. And marginalising others. In Donald trump, Bannon finally found his
vessel. Someone who shared his populist ideas. But who also had the personal force to go
out on the campaign trail and convince voters and steam roll critics in a way Palin never
could. And steamroll he has done with the president’s
chief strategist, insiders say, in the driver’s seat. A flurry of executive orders,including an
entry ban to the US for people from 7 predominately Muslim countries, have caused outrage. It was mr Bannon who apparently insisted that
American green card holders be included in the ban with critics saying he simply has
a problem with Muslims. But in a recent interview Mr Bannon rejected
accusations that he’s racist . “I am not a white nationalist, I am a nationalist,
I am an economic Nationalist,” he said… But such denials have done little to quieten
his many opponents, who are alarmed by his involvement in drafting executive orders. There’s also been uproar over a White House
announcement that he will get a seat on the national Security council – an unprecedented
move for a presidential advisor. He does not have experience in government
or in national security. To put someone who has clear track record
as a white nationalist, which is the same as supremacists, in the centre of national
security for the country is quite troubling… Even the conservative television host Glenn
Beck, once a darling of the Tea Party, is troubled by Bannon’s power and influence… Breitbart is a platform for the alt right.
He is on record saying that. He is on record defining the alt right.
He knows what it is. He is a guy who wants to tear this system down and replace it with
new system. He is a frightening, – no he is a terrifying
man He has an incendiary image? Of course he does. That is tempered with the
Bannon I know who is a far more subtle person than his manner would suggest. I think he likes that persona. He’s a thoughtful
person. Send in Steve Bannon. In Saturday Night Live he’s cast as the all
the power Grim Reaper… Hi Steve, you look rested. In deeply divided United States, Steve Bannon
is seen either as the man who will help save America or destroy it. Can I have my desk… ne thing both sides do agree on – he will
have a powerful, pivotal role in fate of the Trump White House.

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  1. This is why Americans can no longer vote for a candidate without having investigations to reveal who are behind the scene, the influences and determine credibility of candidate's team. Donald the clueless, Steve the white supremacist Muslim hating drunk; what a winning combination! Neither have any idea of the rich cultures, the great minds, and great people they discard and cowardly fear and hate as 'Muslim', 'middle east', and 'non-white', 'non-catholic'. Both of them hate people who are much superior to them, including women, scientists, real politicians, educators, and true business men who are also successful in humanitarian agendas. They are anti-nationalist, anti-constitution, anti-security, and anti-intelligence. Do not vote till you know who is feeding your candidate and what your candidate's true agenda is.

  2. I love how easy and convenient it is 4 all of u to b programmed on queue to call anything that is remotely critical, and isn't done like some state run media that gushes at the brilliance of our leader as "fake news" — I'm told that it's all fake news that the travel ban implementation was a haphazard disaster, yet my good friend who's a college admissions director is telling me how "WTF, we have thirteen F-1 visa students who cannot get back for the spring semester and now are demanding refunds for the spring term & 8 of them r demanding refunds if all PREVIOUS TERMS if they can't get back to finish their degrees" — yes, cuz that shows they thought this out, that there could b people who were prior APPPROVED/CLEARED for a foreign student visa and PAID their tuition (mind u since they r not citizens that would b 100% cash/private loan) & many who've paid tens of thousands of $ for previous 3 yrs even & r saying "I'm f'd for all my past terms too, so refund me" and Trump says "not a problem, lies that it didn't go smooth, it's fake news" – yes, fake news right through my cell phone from 1st hand experience.

  3. And who's behind Bannon? A pack of Jesuits and clericals, just like Franco's Spain. Wake up America! If he was alive today you would make Francis Parker Yockey President. Jesuits have been kicked out of most European countries and have been placed under ban by the papacy. These Jesuit creeps pack our countries with ragheads and then cry out through their trained parrots that "The Christian west is under threat", it is classic problem-reaction-solution tactics and everyone just falls for it again, as usual. F#*k you Jesus, don't come back!

  4. Nobody of note gives a shit about the dam fool protests…the more they scream,the more sure we are doing things right.

  5. jewdio Christian?????????? seriously. I wonder how many thousands of years democracy in USA.
    if the NATO stop invading other countries then they should stop invading you.

  6. No mention here on the Pizzagate emails or the fact that Hillary's right hand man, and his brother are disgusting paedophiles. John Podesta is a child rapist and the media says nothing. Why? because it's endemic in the media and the establishment. They should all be hung.

  7. NBC count your days…you are going down for sowing ideological propaganda of your new world order. You already have been exposed by Pres. Trump. It is only a matter of time….you will create more enemies from the majority of us that look for a change by our new president. My president is the the new CEO of the federal government. You are the cancer in our society! Sow love, not division.

  8. Stephen Bannon is simply marvellous. He will go down in history as part of the greatest US Administration since Founding Fathers. The small minded makers of this video and the emotionally unstable and undeducated or rather disinformed critics in the video will have the opportunity to live in the free USA and admire the unprecedented development of the FREE NATION, which the makers of this video would love to recolonize for Britain and those who colonized Britain. Sorry, you will never again have that chance, busters, loosers, small boys.

  9. What absurdist propaganda for the low-information, gullible, lemming members of the radical left. The left keeps trying to use the propaganda media to spread ridiculous distortions and slander against Trump and his people, but, sorry, propagandists your time controlling what people think is over. Millions are breaking through the lies and information/thought policing and are learning to research and think for themselves–and that means the end of your power. You are convincing very few who were not already on your side at this point, propagandists.

  10. Channel 4 news. The high priests of uk media liberal propaganda and lies. Sneering liberals, superior, arrogant, conceited. Preaching down at masses from the moral high ground.

  11. too BBC and all trump cucks. trump loves saudi arabia so if you support trump you love ISIS and you are just a filthy zionazi

  12. Trump and Bannon will get the job done, Trump has a Plan and it will be carried out. There are those that Watch things happen, and those that MAKE things happen. Trump and his team are moving in the direction that most Americans want. Why did Trump win the Presidency, Senate, House??? As in BREXIT in the U.K. The American people also want change, the Status Quo cannot be maintained, change must come, MSM will just be ignored, what do they have to offer??

  13. You are so wrong about Bannon and you underestimate Trump, the Conservative party were elected by middle America and they are fighting George Soros & co in their globalist world that has ruined the education of a whole generation across thirty years.

  14. I'm American with Indian origin. there is nothing racist about Breitbart & Bannon. He loves America – nothing wrong with that that.

  15. These are the acts of personal revenge, egotism, vanity, racism, egomaniac fantacy, chauvinistic white supremacy which totally abuse the US military powers, US government, political cronies, destruction of US government infrastructures, economy, jobs, education, international politics and start WW3!!!
    Now, the NATO and EU will not support US military and US international politics and economy.
    China, Russia and their allies will fight US, nuke to nuke!!!
    A handful of dirty cash and a few gold bullions will not help.
    The American people and US gov. now know better and will not support the white house!!!
    Do not blame on China and Russia for the US economy and currency destruction, and do not use US government for personal revenge and for personal political and economical gains!!!

  16. Leftofascist hitpiece, zero facts, zero truth …

    Typical leftist communist bs.

    Nice try, leftofascists.

  17. Channel 4 still trying to pass themselves off as a neutral unbiased news source… hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. This documentary….I was pretty much along with it and was thinking it was honest, objective, and pretty much centrist in scope….right up until I saw GLENN BECK!!!!!!!  They totally lost any, and all, credibility by having him involved.  For someone who started out as a rational, sound, and logical minded individual with a true grasp on conservatism, Beck has either descended into liberal dementia or was just a proverbial "wolf in sheep's clothing" until he had enough street cred to turn his back on principle and throw his name in the looney toon crowd hat.  It also didn't help their credibility any having a stupid female Democratic strategist talking about white nationalist and white supremacy and alt right etc. etc.

      Alt right……a term NOWHERE in the mainstream just a few years ago but has now gained traction and is used to cover any and every one who "strategizes" against the progressive agenda and seeks to destroy it….and destroyed it should be.  We have SERIOUS problems in this country and we need SERIOUS solutions and leaders.  I can assure you that those on the left do not care about this country, do not care about its people.  The only thing they care about is advancing their agenda and crushing anyone who disagrees with them.  And who's gonna stop that destructive agenda?  A RINO like John McShame?  An establishment reject like Jeb Bush?  PUHLEEZE!!!!!!!  Steve Bannon and President Donald Trump were not only what this country needs at the time it needs it, but also the only ones that would be able to throw on the brakes of the runaway train and prevent an imminent derailment. 

    Is Bannon highly controversial?  Yes.  No doubt about it.  Is he a nationalist?  Yes.  No doubt about it.  And it's HIGH TIME we have someone at the helm to steer us away from this progressive, feminazi, destructive dystopia before it's too late.  He's against the left….so I support him.  He's against a radical Islamic jihadist invasion and I support him for that too.  He's PROUD of his country…..something the left hasn't been in quite some time….and I support him for that too. 

    The Democratic Party has been hijacked.  It's been hijacked by progressive subvertists.  It's been hijacked by racial and identity politic Social Justice Warriors.  It's been hijacked by misandry operatists the likes we've never before seen.  In just half a century it's gone from the JFK "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what can you do for your country" to today's "the country owes us and we'll destroy it if we have to, to collect."  You need a totally radical operative to go against that kind of domestic enemy……and Steve Bannon is just that kind of operative.

  19. Propaganda ! You can say whatever the fuck you want ! Islam is not a religion of peace. Is a religion if submission.!!

  20. Typical Channel4 effort–totally biased and flagrantly hostile to Bannon.  Full of slurs, guilt by association, name-calling, groundless assertions.  Not a shred of credible evidence is presented to support the accusation that he's a "white nationalist".  Utter crap.  Evidence of how far Channel4 has drifted from honest and impartial journalism to propaganda, shameless partisanship and ideological distortion.

  21. Muslims cannot be good Americans.  We do not hate the people, I feel sorry for them, we hate the false religion that drives Muslims to kill or destroy or do anything in order to spread Islam.  They cannot accept our values and constitution, they pledge allegiance to Allah and they cause destruction where ever they go.  Americans should turn back to the true God and not let false religions have influence in our country.

  22. Bannon is making pronouncements that attempt to underwrite the "JUST WAR THEORY". It cannot be argued that such a theory holds water. What he does is to try and intellectualize an attitude and opinion, nothing more. Americans have no reasons at all to believe and accept that Bannon's take on the so-called development of a new world order, believing that his intellectual acumen is so much better than everyone else's. In effect he is an articulate basket case, and that is how he believes her can convince the masses.

  23. I am a Nuclear Engineer with an MBA, Indian Parents and living in Norway. People would be fools not to listen to Bannon! He is our modern day Thomas Jefferson. We need him even more than Trump! He is America's soul. You British are such losers, America is now the keeper of the Anglo Saxon culture.

  24. WTF this film made me LIKE Bannon!

    I'm Latin American, lived all over the world and apart from the allegation of racism (which indeed cannot be ever tolerated, but he denies) I would be totally on his side.

    If it is Americans against other poor people of this earth I am not with him. But if it is humble people against capitalism, islam (not muslims, yes, that's it), the biased media (a media with no conflict of business interests exists), against opacity, against PeopleUnited, etc I would be WITH HIM.

    Just get rid of and disauthorise the racists, please

  25. Racist, anti-Semite, self-described "Leninist" in his tactics says goal to tear down existing institutions like model did in Russia, belongs in the sewer not the White House, espouses bizarre apocalyptic theories saying ten years ago expects war with China (be year 1 in a second Trump term), Arabs, WELCOMES it,  he and Trump two crazed peas in the same mad pod, pure monster think of Star Wars' Jabba the Hutt with the Dark Side.

  26. The left n the communist n the globalists n the Muslim brotherhood radicals are really terrified of Bannon as Trump's right-hand man bcs he is really a good executioner n a well learned strategist. If they can chopoff Trump's right-hand, then they can easily take down Trump. Trump n Bannon combination is a winning combination.

  27. Lol , this title is leading and misleading, why dont ppl check out who the advisers are to trump that is creating this tension with russia over a false flag from terrorist (something they have been busted for countless of times before).
    As for the migrants, the muslim migrants.
    Every house that is not a house of islam is a house of war.
    2:191-193 Fight and kill unbelievers until “religion is Allah’s,” i.e. Islamic law rules all societies

    “And slay them wherever you come upon them

  28. Generation Zero is factually CORRECT! Globalist & Slaves hate it be because it unmasks them BOTH! Those who believe in freedom & liberty hail it, MAGA!!!🙏🏻🇺🇸😉

  29. Paliament of Religions, unified with Secular Banking, Oil, Consumer Product Manufacturing; is like a giant manmade Image of gold, silver, copper, iron, and clay. This* global communal agenda is almost operational, and will be influential in the demise of social order, and human life – 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3*/ 2 Corinthians 11:13-15/ 1 John 2:17.

  30. Very good journalism. You interviewed both sides. Nothing was pulled out of context. Neutral narration too….. Ow wait….none of that is true.

    I came here to understand who Steve Bannon was; I still don really know who he is, but I do know that if someone uses default tricks of manipulation and bad journalism to form my opinion, I probably should have the opposite one.

  31. This is a hit job on Bannon without any input from him. This is not journalism. They are making him out to be some kind of boogeyman.

  32. This character seems to be somewhere in the wind and that is a good thing for America. The majority of Americans disapproved of his regressive policies, and backward ideology.


  34. Listen to what he says at 2.27 ! The reporter is a fucking idiot…. "Bannon is taking on the Finacial and Political Elites"…. Shame on you Bannon

  35. So this is allowed message showing buildings collapse and you say he’s the puppet master?. You can criticize Bannon , but you ban “trump at war” movie? YouTube-are you a public forum, a free exchange of ideas? Or do you want control the narrative.

  36. I believe it starting with the criminal bankers stilling homes like mine with the help of corrupt judges we are thousands of homeowners, I believe him bc Monsanto, the corrupt pharma the low and deficient and manipulative education the media pay by elites wants to keep all word stupid and in slavery, don’t pay attention to the Democrats they want to destroy America

  37. Bannon is a one man wrecking machine. Democrat, leftists, liberals, communists, globalists, whatever you wish to call them, can't stand him. While most of society is brainwashed, disinterested, or under informed, Bannon is a clear voice for maintaining American sovereignty.

  38. So I deduce that Channel 4 News is a puppet of the far-Left Socialist Globalists' George Soros' propagandist arm! Whose purpose is the brainwash the American people into believing the Media's LIES! We need to cleanse and purge the USA from you TRAITORS!

  39. Wanting to preserve your national and cultural heritage is not immoral. It's natural, and common sense. Not 'racism'.

  40. "Birth control makes women ugly and crazy"? Clearly you haven't watched much CNN lately. Or read any Vox pieces. Or HuffPo. Etc. As for Bannon's narrative? Again, clearly you're hearing and seeing ONLY what you choose to. Look around, according to mainstream media outlets? White America is to blame for EVERYTHING! It's not giving white nationalists strength, it's simply shedding light as to how f*cked natives in their own country are being treated… And damn near replaced! All black dorms? White nationalists do that? Nope. Black Caucus? Was that white nationalists? Nope!!! And who exactly is ripping this nation in half, again? Who's gassing this fire? Bannon simply spoke up where as the vast majority of this nation was TERRIFIED to do so. Why? Becasue they had been beaten into submission by way of the Left's outlandish PC culture. But hey, don't take my words for it. I'd say your Like/Dislike ratio? Speaks volumes!!!

    Ps: The "EVIL" travel ban? Was a mere extension of a ban already in place by OBAMA!!! But you're news outlet, I trust you already KNEW that. And you wonder why you disingenuous media platforms forever get to where your own Scarlet Letter, "Fake News".

  41. Wow, (Steve Bannon) I have been looking for a good roll models. Those who are not the enemy of the people. Tell me more!

  42. listen to steve bannon he's right, channel 4 fake news media, will do anything discredit Trump/Bannonn etc without any foundation – should be disgusted with yourselves. just because you don't have the intelligence to understand him, don't blame other people – get him on your show and ask the direct questions, unlike the socialist, leftist, you will get a direct answer – focus on them they are the real fraud

  43. and he is a nationalist, not a white nationalist, not a white supremacist – where do you people actually get your information ?? – focus on facts, take responsibility for the people that you are reaching out to rather than manipulating them into believing something that is not true

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