Stephen Fry on Political Correctness and Clear Thinking

Stephen Fry on Political Correctness and Clear Thinking

27 thoughts on “Stephen Fry on Political Correctness and Clear Thinking

  1. In America The separation of church and state is there so that the majority may not impose their religion on any other smaller group using the force of the government to do so. "…the absence of a wall of separation between church and state in England has led to situations in which members of Parliament, including non-Anglicans, have made essentially religious decisions…" Is what America seeks to avoid. Lastly, the citizens of America practice hundreds of different religions so how exactly Mr. Fry do we combine our government and religious organizations? As am American I assert that this makes the U.S. the freest nation on the face of the planet. We can thank the great English philosopher John Locke for this gift given to in his treatise on the "Separation of Church and State: A Letter Concerning Toleration" all should read it sometime.

  2. They are constitutional monarchy is yes, However what is not telling you is the monarch has absolutely little to no power in the government.

  3. Keep throwing stones.  When freedom is banished from America, it will disappear from the globe.  Technology will ensure it stays banished.  BTW if anybody thinks war and colonialism and basic human nature are things of the past, stay tuned.  Your surprise is on the way.  It takes more than good intentions to take the mean out of a monkey.

  4. I would argue the American Revolution opened the eyes of the European monarchs to the dangers of their ways. They witnessed the American Revolution and the bloody French Revolution and realized if they didn't change their ways, it could be their heads that roll next. IMO, it's unlikely the European monarchies would have opened up to the idea of sharing power with the people had it not been for the Americans and French examples before them. So, Stephen Fry should thank America and France for the so-called freedoms he has today.

  5. I'm afraid I don't like Fry at all. I find him repulsive on every level. I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him. I think he's a devious character behind the nice guy image. The mask slips occasionally, as it did towards the end.

  6. The countries he pointed out are the ones who are in a crisis right now. I regularly read publications from those countries and they are fighting to save their countries from a take over of their laws and culture. As much as I like Stephen, he's simply factually wrong – and I'm using empiricism to arrive at those findings.

  7. Self pity and ego stand hand in hand these days. Being "offended" by something is merely another reason majority of people give to themselves in their quest for social attention. Nothing is humorous anymore as much as it is offensive. Feel the wrath of the "precious" society. LOL

  8. Political correctness is destroying the West. Along with the leftists and their pedo terrorist friends

  9. I adore Stephen Fry!. There is so much packed into this short interview. The important distinction between empiricism and rationalism, the fact that America was founded under the principles of the enlightenment (and how things have gone wrong), the dangers of political correctness, the surprising correlation between progressive, just nations and constitutional monarchy, the separation of church and state, the pulling down of statures and more! A great man.

  10. When Stephen explained self-pity, he was right! Feeling sorry for yourself gets you nowhere. For example, victims of child abuse, be it physical, emotional, psychological, and yes, sexual, would have self-pity for most of their life if they ALLOW themselves to continue being a victim. Growing up means standing up and confronting the abuser, becoming a SURVIVOR, instead of a victim. Excellent philosophy! Stephen Fry is great free thinker!

  11. I'm 30 and I watch superhero movies for 3 reasons. 1: My friends adore them and I love my friends. They make it fun. 2: I like the impressive CGI and the corny jokes even if they are simple. 3: I like to play SJW bingo and try to spot all the political agendas that Hollywood sneaks into the movies 🙂

  12. It is a popular meme – but fundamentally untrue – that the Left in the US is anti-speech.

    It is the Republican party which is pushing bills in most statehouses making it a crime to support a free Palestine and to boycott Israel. The Republican party is forcing private citizens to hold particular political beliefs before engaging in commerce. This is fundamentally un-American.

    It is the Republican party which uses the government to silence scientific research which SHOWS the negative externalities of business – pollution, crime, and poverty.

    It is the Republican party which is pushing through nominees to life-time judicial seats at RECORD PACE, limiting – and in some cases eliminating – public hearings.

    It is the Republican party fighting against net neutrality, trying to allow internet companies to decide who gets to give and receive speech over the internet.

    It is the Republican party supporting local police departments (yes, most of their unions donate to and vote for Republicans) who come out against Leftists IN MILITARY/RIOT GEAR as those Leftists attempt to exercise their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS to speech, assembly, and petition.

    It is ABSOLUTELY the Republican party which is intolerant of speech and liberty in the US.

    Stephen Fry does not really understand the issue with the statues; it is not simply about showing a statue of a confederate – taking them down is not an attempt to ignore the confederacy or forget history. What most people don't understand is that those statues went up in the 1950s and 60s – DURING THE CIVIL RIGHTS ERA. While the Left was trying to end apartheid the Right decided to use public money to fund the creation of idols to rebels who, a century earlier, tried to tear our country apart for the right to own other people. These statues are not about history or heritage – it was KKK controlled City Councils giving Progressives a big middle finger. Furthermore, taking the statues down is not "anti-speech" because the government is not censoring private speech – this is not a First Amendment violation. THESE PEOPLE USED PUBLIC MONEY TO PUT UP THE STATUES. If they used private money to put up statues on private land we wouldn't have a problem – but they are FORCING US to pay for idols to their lost, anti-American cause. We, as a people, have the right to decide how our public money is spent, and citizens of municipalities have the right to stop a minority from spending the majority's money on idols to anti-American terrorists. As a modern example, no matter how much of the wall the anti-American terrorist who calls himself our president builds, we will still tear it down. We don't want a symbol of a border to remind us its there and we are not "anti-speech" or "pussies" for wanting it down; it is a disgusting waste of money with no purpose other than to make the worst people in our society feel good about themselves (and to funnel our money into an Israeli construction firm connected to Jared Kushner). It, like the statues, should never have gone up in the first place, and fuck the people who want them. They may have the right to try to put that shit up, but to say we don't have the right to try and take it down is past ignorant – it is stupid.

    The only speech the Left tries to "police" are libel and actual, verbal threats of violence – both of which are crimes. For example, it is not illegal to say "nigger." But, since for decades KKK members called Blacks "niggers" while hanging them from trees, to this day we still wonder whether, when you call someone a "nigger", you mean to follow up the epithet with violence as, throughout our history, usually happened. When we see grey clouds converge overhead, we're usually more surprised when it doesn't rain…

    Now, there is something there to the critique of Leftists; Stephen Fry's discussion about sensitivity is true and valid. Are many vocal Leftists pussies? Maybe. But they are also pro-liberty and pro-America. If we have a party of decent people who are pussies versus a party of violent, ignorant, and spiteful people whose political identity is formed by the idea that most other Americans aren't "really" Americans and so should lose their citizenship and be imprisoned, tortured, or killed, I'll take the former.

  13. I like this channel, but whitout subtitles i cant understand everything they say … Pehapps are others like me ? If a lot of others, then put subtitles might be a good thing

  14. With Sam Harris, Mr. Frye said he apologized for some of the things he said on this show. Does anyone know what he apologized for?

  15. The history of the entire human race is about violence and struggle. The point is that some civilizations were able to rise above and beyond to become something unique and valuable.

  16. damn it, I agree with Cecil rhodes, though he probably would have taken a dim view of Mancunians. Manchester is the best.

  17. I’m a fan of Stephen Fry and basically all the atheist intellectuals we have now (Harris, Dawkins etc) BUT…

    … your reaction to a child victim of sexual assault is “toughen it out”? I’m no psychologist but I suspect that’s an empirically suboptimal response.

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