26 thoughts on “Stanford Q&A: Admission, Stats, Financial Aid, AP, & More

  1. you look like Cheryl Blossom ๐Ÿ˜ฎ heart eyes, but love the channel! keep it up dont be scurred to post stuff outside of college

  2. Hey, kath I have a question. Which grade report cards did Stanford ask when you were applying and what are you doing your major in???

  3. I go to an all vanguard highschool (all gifted and talented) which is in the top 20 high schools in the U.S. (U.S. news?). I love my school so, so much, but the top 10% of people have a 4.8-4.97 and have straight As with no Bs! I am a freshman currently and I'm very concerned about this since getting into the top 10% for me will be near impossible. This school is also an hour commute from my house EVERY morning. Are colleges going to take this into account seriously — the rigor of my school — or should I transfer to my local school next year?

  4. Such a funny and thorough video!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I wanted to know if you could go more in depth about just one of the questions, however, so could you maybe personally message me somehow??

  5. Q/A (for ur next month vid) what is your motivation to keep up the good work at school and study all your APs/Finals/Tests or school in general? Do you ever get tired or just want to give up at some point?
    (I realised that i used the wrong acc lmao so i had to repost it again sry)

  6. Two questions: During my freshman year I got mostly Bs and some As in my 5 honors and 1 AP class. This is definitely not my best and Iโ€™m wondering if I get straight As sophomore and junior year, do you think Iโ€™d still have a chance of getting into Stanford? Also, I was wondering if your PSAT score is actually a good indicator of SAT score. The PSAT was so easy for me, I got a 1390/1440, and Iโ€™m suspicious that the SAT content is actually a lot harder than the PSAT.

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