21 thoughts on “Stacey Abrams Shuts Down Biden, Explains Identity Politics

  1. The only way someone could BE a center left politician, as you say she is, is if you're morally bankrupt or just truly ignorant of the needs of the people. Universal Healthcare, public college, housing, a fair wage, these things are both left wing ideals and moral imperatives.

    Also ANYONE who can use the word lovely to describe ANYTHING Megan McCain says is someone I will absolutely NEVER SUPPORT IN ANY WAY.

  2. To be honest, if Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and maybe Tulsi Gabbard are not selected as the Primary I highly doubt that the Democrats will pull off a victory. Why? Well We need democrats that are not going to waive on what they believe. We need Democrats that are going to fight the right wing agenda with their own progressive agenda. They need a candidate that is going to talk to EVERYONE and show EVERYONE they actually give a shit about them. We need democrats that are going to go to the debate stand and call Donald Trump and people like him on their bullshit and make sure they know that fighting for every American, not just the people with money.

    The other candidates don't do that, Amy K has the personality of a stump, Kamala Harris is OK, but I think her background is a bit to sketchy, Joe Biden is an absolute tool box for the Corporate Agenda, Pete B is also one person that would say one thing, get into office and then do another. All I am saying is that if you look at all these "Politicians" history there is only a few that have either a complete background or almost complete background fighting for everyone, not just the 1%.

  3. Finally! I finally found an amazing channel on the internet that accurately and concisely describes all the facts and isn't one of the channels licking Biden's boots and painting a Rosy picture of Joe Biden like SOME TV talk shows have done πŸ˜’πŸ™„ I always felt there was something very wrong about him and his actions so I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who doesn't like him

  4. Fake news only has 168k sub. There are 300milion american and only 168k sub to this channelπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. You're preaching to the choir. This is politics 101. No kidding. What you're talking about is what you should be explaining to the right. The left already knows this.

  6. There are thousands of examples of specific ways that people are denied access to what they should have, and denied rights that they should have. This needs to be covered, absolutely, but not at the expense of making coalitions. If we'd been mired in identity politics we would never have had a civil rights movement. We'd have thousands of micro groups that would never have gone anywhere. The fact that we are capable of understanding the specific concerns of individuals and groups even if we don't belong to those specific groups is key, and it's pretty sad if you have to explain that to anyone who is supposed to be on your side. That's retrogressive, not progressive. We were farther along in our understanding of this in the sixties than we are now. Let's just move on and form coalitions already. We already have more in common than many would have us realize.

  7. No. Identity politics is saying "I'm a this, and that's all I care about politically", that's what destroys what Abrams is saying that she wants to result, which is what we should all want: forming all inclusive coalitions. "I see you and understand you" is the very beginning of coalition building. Identity politics is all about division, not diversity.

  8. It's like when I mention my disability which is part of my every day existence and some idiot accuses me of " looking for sympathy " what a shallow understanding of what it means to be disabled.

  9. People who think " Privilege " means that " I have never struggled" rather than other people have had struggles that I did not are usually too self centered to care about anyone's struggles but their own.

  10. David, your videos are quickly becoming my favorite. This video is so good and echoes so much of what I want to say when I hear those on both sides of the aisle bashing identity politics. This vid and the one about Nipsey Hussel are gold. Thank you for your work and due diligence on all the topics you explore.

  11. Joe Biden cannot even apologize for something as simple as inappropriate touching of women. It’s a simple concept, sexual harassment 101: just because your intentions are not meant to hurt or make the women you touch uncomfortable, it’s how you make THEM feel based on YOUR actions.

    David, you’re right.

  12. The way you're saying it comes of a bit "soy" but your straight up telling the truth bro. I appreciate your courage of conviction man. Respect

  13. Well if she connects herself to Biden, she would be getting in cahoots with a pedophile, which would be a really bad move for her politically…

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