9 thoughts on “Sr. Helena Burns on Feminism, Gender Ideology, and Movies

  1. I agree with everything she said except when she said that feminism is not a dirty word. Originally it wasn't, but it has been tainted by secularist ideology. I modern Feminists (not individual women but the movement itself) took more of a Catholic perspective, then I would be happy. The Feminist movement is pro-abortion and pro-sexual promiscuity, so for that, the movement is tainted and the work of Satan. If they were the original Feminists like that of Elizabeth Cady Stanton then I would have a different view.

    I have no problem with the promotion and protection of women, I think that is necessary in a civilized society.

  2. I can't believe how far in the wrong way humanity has come to that we need to explain these kind of common sense/obvious things.

  3. I think you have to be really careful when you say that you can either accept the science or the narratives of gender diversity and not both. I think that dichotomy disregards that, as Sister Helena says, this is about identity, and the science that tells us about chromosomes, hormones, and psychological patterns doesn't really deal with how culture and society give identity, especially across the diversity we see in gender roles all around the world. Science and identity discourse both have something to share, they just speak to different realities within the human spirit. While we disagree there, I think the spirit of what we think is the same. Understanding that we are the beloved of God in the many complications of growing into who we were meant to be, and that the differences between us make our communities richer is crucial!

  4. Verbose babble trying really hard to pound that square peg into a round hole. Feminism is a man-hating cult that’s at war with biological reality and uses the word equality as cover. This woman is a quisling trying really hard to protect her unstable female identity from some painful truths.

  5. Sister, jettison the Feminist label and stay with Equal but Different and I would not object to anything you have said.

    I do not disagree with anything except that label.

    I feel Feminism should not be used in a Christian context. It is female supremacy pure and simple and has destroyed the family, women and men.

    As you mention much of what Feminism promoted in the past was built on lies.

  6. Very interesting. I would say other Christian denominations also are supportive and honest about women.

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