41 thoughts on “SPEED CAMERA Social Experiment!!

  1. False if you pause at 4:28 you can see the movie world sign which is a 110 km zone so in reality they only went 2km over

  2. How did you measure your speed? Did you check it against GPS? If you just went by speedo that's not accurate. Most speedos are about show about 5km/hr faster than actual speed. Have heard of them being out by 10km/hr.

  3. 4:28
    They're in a 110km zone.
    So they only made two passes above the speed limit and got pinned for it.

    Yet jumped around and yelled like an excited bunch of school girls, about not getting busted for not speeding.

    Wow, great content bro.
    It's so incredibly amazing…….

  4. 110km/h road – that speed camera is near Dream world going north bound … so going 2km over = triggering

  5. Looks like you are on the Helensvale South on ramp which is 110km. Camera doesn’t get you unless you are 2-3km over.

  6. Did you set your speed to the car speedo or a gps? because car speedo aren't correct. I bet the fine you get is only about 7kms over.

  7. Shammi, Loving the videos always a crack up however FYI
    Just a bit of FYI ladies and gentlemen

    USE A GPS Speedometer/ GPS speedo app on your phone if you want a real true speed. (google maps now has this included)

    The reason being is that a GPS speedometer is 10 fold more accurate then a motor vehicles speedo.

    Every car from every manufacturer is calibrated differently slightly. Usually the manufacturer will calibrate under the real speed due to legal reasons (You could imagine all the law suits from people getting fines due to it being calibrated over the limit) and other variances ie tyres / rolling diameters etc.

    For example. I have a VW Golf mk6 tdi, I sit at true speed 100 when my speedo is at 108 on the vehicle. Test a million times going past cameras and no fines.

    My other car was a Focus RS and a Mk7R, both of which were slightly over being 100 at 105 and the Focus RS is 100 at 107.

    Interesting to see the results on some vehicles

    The reason your car must be calibrated literally 12 kms out at 100 haha. (obviously shown in the test)

  8. if you pause the video at 4:28 you can see the movieworld sign which is 110km so they only went 2 over the speed limit idk why they were saying 100km zone 🤷🏼‍♀️

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