29 thoughts on “Spanish Nationalists VOX Gain In Elections | Establishment Scared | Nationalism In Europe

  1. Conservatives and right-wingers in general are rising up throughout the west, but nothing is being done… Drumpf has not protected the border or enforced immigration laws, uk's chief mistress cucked her party and the brexitiers, frace will not see a nationalist le pen, spain will not close the borders, the italians wont close the borders… and germany has mother merkel to welcome all refugees, because the turkish migrants from 80s and 90s have adapted the german culture so well, not like she gave a speech in 11 about multiculturalism failing… looks like orban's hungary and poland will be the only majority european countries… for now. Soon we will all be orange men, then we can all be bad and obey

  2. Spaniard here and let me tell you the elections might been lost but over more than half of vox supporters are under age so they could vote, next elections are gonna be spicy

  3. More bloody communism.
    Most of these people are economic migrants and need sending back.
    Thank god for the channel and Brexit
    If the non democratic house of commons sort themselves out.

  4. Spain was once invaded and taken over by Islam. Christian crusaders then set about freeing the Spanish people of this filth and succeeded. May naturalism grow stronger and take back Spain for the Spanish people once again.

  5. The left and antifa can go away. I'm sick of liberal tears and even more so, "liberal wine." I mean whine. LOL

  6. The video that was in the background at 07:18 of the migrant dingy arriving on a popular packed tourist beach. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KK-0DbOG3zk

  7. Yall wanna know why my country is in this conditions? Because we haven't experienced socialism yet like in Polland, eastern Europe and etc. Not until we fall into shit because of that sickly ideology, people wont realise what it means and stop being clowns so we can stand strong towards the future. Viva España.

  8. The big problem is that Vox support bullfighting and is encouraging bullfighters to become candidates. Most Spanish people are sick and tired of their country being forever associated with bullfighting and demand an end to this unacceptable barbarity. Every Spaniard I have spoken to detests this embarrassing cruel tradition. Supporting it is a backward step indeed.

  9. right is individualism. left is collectivism. how many failed attempts will the left repeat to realize that it is against our nature?

  10. It's funny how do sesationalit media and left parties try so hard to call Vox radicals and fascists but do you know what are the parties who send okupas and students to intimidate and attack to the VOTANTS of the political competence in Spain? I invite you to check it 🙂

  11. I hope Vox does win more elections. I have to admit that Vox name made me think that leftist internet news suddenly got into politics and did a 180 ° political change.

  12. Very simple, Vox is the only one with common sense. All the other political groups are ……. idiots or weathervanes

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