9 thoughts on “Sovereignty and Nationalism for Afrikan People

  1. I love the Baruti's.

    Give them (our seeds) a mission..

    We all need a mission/direction it's just that simple- WE HAVE TO DO THIS!

    NYANSASEM "A Calendar of Revolutionary Daily Thoughts" is my Bible..I read that everyday!

    What profound sentiments, I need to work on my emotional capacities.. I allow my passions to affect my conduct with the Brotha's too much.. Even though I know better, I still do it-SMH..#8 

    I love the concepts/principles he is teaching us @warrior-family, @family-mission-statement, @NATIONALISM IS LOVE..Just Powerful!

  2. Barack Obama personal friend and mentor Bereshenkin said African Americans and Africans forming a political alliance would be a danger to American interest, yet African americans are a planned permanent underclass.

  3. Malcolm X, said the European will integrate with you faster than he will separate from you, because he wants to control and dominate you and they fear retribution.

  4. You make a brilliant point about New Europe and how Europeasn operate as one. A case study on Zimbabwe and Anzania would prove that.  Then you speak abou thow Europeans want Africans to see each other as divided and not one.

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