South Sudan may be heading towards genocide

South Sudan may be heading towards genocide

In November, experts from the UN visited the
South Sudan, the world’s newest country. They found a conflict marked by mass slaughter
and what they described as a “warped environment,” where rape of women and girls has “become
normal.” What they saw was shocking. They issued an urgent report on the conflict
and mass slaughter they witnessed, saying that in this ‘warped environment,’ rape
of women and girls has become ‘normal’. The UN says the world has an obligation to
intervene and prevent an ethnic cleansing, potentially as devastating as the Rwandan
Genocide of 1994 when the world stood by and watched the slaughter of 800,000 people .
Since the South Sudanese civil war broke out in December 2013, over 50,000 people have
been killed. More than 2.3 million people have been forced
to flee their homes. Around 6 million people are currently at risk
of going hungry, and 70 percent of schools have been closed due to the fighting. It’s a nightmare for a country that gained
its independence just five years ago — a move that was supposed to bring peace to an
area that had known only war. Before it became independent in 2011, South Sudan was part of Sudan. Since before colonial times, a deep divide
has existed between the predominantly Muslim, Arabic-speaking north and people from the
south, where people are mostly Christian or follow traditional religions. The divide began to turn violent in the 1950s,
shortly after Sudan gained independence from British and Egyptian rule. Positions of power were given almost entirely
to northerners , and the Sudanese government in Khartoum increasingly centralized around
a small group of elites. A predatory government emerged, serving only
to enrich its members by seizing natural resources and ignoring the desperate needs of the Sudanese
people. The two parts of the country fought for decades
in a civil war that ended in 2005 with an agreement allowing the south to govern itself. It also opened the possibility for South Sudan
to officially vote to break away from Sudan With help from the UN and international community,
that vote was held in January 2011 and passed overwhelmingly, with nearly 99 percent of
South Sudanese voting in favor of independence. The US had spent years pushing for the creation
of an independent South Sudan, and the Obama administration celebrated the vote. Susan Rice, then the American ambassador to
the UN, said it was “a day of triumph for all who cherish the rights of all people to
govern themselves in liberty and in law.” And then everything fell apart. South Sudan contains more than 60 ethnic groups. During the civil war with the north, these
groups put their differences aside in the push for independence. The two largest ethnic groups in South Sudan
are the Dinka and Nuer. The new president Salva Kiir, was a Dinka,
and in an expression of unity he asked Riek Machar, a Nuer, to be his vice president. But the arrangement didn’t last — and the
peace was short-lived. Generals and warlords were put in political
positions but were ill-suited for the jobs. To make matters worse, the international community
had essentially stepped away after independence. Tensions between South Sudan’s many factions
had been overlooked in order to achieve independence from the north. So, when the fighting was over and the state-building
began, old rivalries and tensions re-emerged. Vice president Machar started criticizing
president President Kiir’s policies, saying he would run against him in the next election. The conflict between the two leaders escalated
and in December 2013, when forces loyal to Machar clashed with forces loyal to Kiir. To mobilize support for themselves, Machar
and Kiir exploited the ethnic divides throughout South Sudan by mobilizing sectarian militias
and having their allies use hate speech to encourage violence against civilians. The political fight quickly morphed into an
all-out ethnic conflict, with people loyal to both sides taking up arms and slaughtering
each other. More than 1,000 people were killed and another
100,000 displaced in the first week of fighting alone. And it’s only gotten worse since then, with
other tribes joining the fight. A cycle of violent retaliation, spurred by
the politicians, has reignited old tensions. Fierce competition over resources, intervention
by neighboring countries, and the heavy flow of weapons into the region have only served
to escalate the violence while several attempted truces have failed. And while the UN is calling for immediate
intervention from the world, there’s no clear proposal for what the intervention would
be. For its part, the US has proposed an arms
embargo for all weapons sales to South Sudan. But it’s unlikely to pass the Security Council
because China and Russia are deferring to South Sudan’s neighbors, who have their
own vested interests in South Sudan and are divided over what to do to stop the violence. Until they agree on a solution, China and
Russia will block any sanctions or embargos by the UN. This crisis is also happening at the worst
possible time, as it comes right at the end of President Obama’s presidency as well
as Ban Ki-moon’s tenure as the UN’s secretary general. They are two of the only people in the world
with the standing and clout to push African nations to take concrete steps to the stop
the violence. It’s not clear that President-elect Donald
Trump knows about South Sudan at all. And it seems incredibly unlikely that he would
make a serious effort to end the bloodshed After the Rwandan genocide, world leaders
established an international criminal court designed to prevent such atrocities from taking
place in the future by holding out the threat of punishing those who’d carried them out. Two decades later, another African country
is at risk of descending into mass slaughter. The Obama administration is pleading for calm
and pushing the two sides to find a deal before it’s too late. But there isn’t much the US or its allies
can do to force South Sudan’s warring factions to lay down their guns. And that means the world’s newest country
could soon be ravaged by the type of carnage its independence was designed to prevent.

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  1. Since the beginning of 2017, the European Union has provided more than €317 million in humanitarian aid to South Sudan. The US and UN are not the only actors in the world…

  2. America really likes to impose "democracy" on some country, and neglect it after the country adopt "symbolically democracy", leaving the country devastated by civil war like iraq and south sudan

  3. it is sad that africa is a shithole like sudan it is also sad that a yugoslav like war will happen again in africa in another country

  4. africa is a clear example for the reason of ethnic borders not artificial european made borders

  5. Why is that America itself has to put majority effort for other country's problems? And when something doesn't go as planned, they love to hate America.

  6. Why should Trump do anything about this? The people of South Sudan were not the ones who elected him as President. The people of South Sudan decided for themselves to secede from Sudan and to have the ability of self-governance. When they took on this responsibility they should have thought about the future and the way the state would be governed.

  7. George Clooney (and other rich hollywood actors) attacked Sudan in the media and campaigned very hard for South Sudan to secede. Where is he now? Why is he silent in front of this big mess he helped create?

  8. South Sudan is like a Child who are in still in elementary that where givin freedom by her parents to live on his own.

  9. Its a Religious War so obviously the Peaceful and Honest and Trusthworthy Muslims are defending themselves from Christian Racism and Violence because Jesus advocated those things in his Religion. Also Jesus married 13 Wives, many against their will, one of which was 6 (Aisha). The whole reason Christians walk around the Pillar at Mecca is because of a story about Ethnically Cleansing the place from non Christians while Jesus was a Young Warlord. We should seriously stop Immigrating Christians to the West because they have strategies of Infiltration Taqqiya Jihad in our systems that are worse than the ISIS that many or most of them support. Hopefully we can start by helping Christian Women leave there Religion that is so abusive towards Women although some of you know of the Death Penalty the Christians believe for leaving there Religion and the Honor Killings they do of Women who wish to leave or marry non Christians. Why can't Christians just believe in Peace and Love thy Neighbour like the Muslims believe

  10. the thing is you need to call like it is
    the us always does this
    it needs to find a way to make it their right to interfere in another nation
    they help them get their independence which is good
    but without knowing anything about the problem of the region on its own

    then they stand by as the genocide takes place
    so they can go their and steel their oil and resources and leave their economy grasping
    i am not saying that the economy is more important than their lives
    rather im saying they should have studied the case better if they are going to meddle in another nations business

  11. This is abut Nile rivers __ war to claim Nile rives waters resource for many country in Africa __
    Built a mega dam in South Sudan and control water flow __ control food security production __

  12. Wtf the south sudanese wanted to break up to 2 countries and then noticed that they have a horrible economy then expect sudan to help them thats selfish

  13. This is sick Slava Kiir is like Clark Ken and Machar is like Luther. Absolutely sick it's cool one was in the military base his whole life the other learned his tactics from United States army… Super!

  14. White liberal logic-Rape is normal? Yeah man rape down there has always been big but that's ok let's take them all in as long as we have no evidence of racism it's ok

  15. The US basically allowed this to happen. So, don't complain about it. You guys literally allowed this. The US supports "new countries" based on ethnicity or different religions. And look what happened. It almost always turns into ethnic cleansing.

  16. It sounds like you’re praising the Obama administration over this? Look at Libya. Open air slave auctions of black Africans happening right now as a direct result of regime change. This is what happens every single time this immoral & insane practice of “nation building” is done.

  17. In South Africa we had Steve Biko. Steve Biko taught us that all black people are the same, no ethnicity, language, creed, culture, religion should divide us.

    I find it so ridiculous that brothers will fight brothers because of socially constructed ideas.

  18. We can all thank Obama for this!
    (I know these leftist will disagree but then will say it's the us governments fault some how?)

  19. Because of aids. They tryna rid the virus out the country to cleanse it y’all. Don’t believe all the hype. All they doing is tryna rid the virus and set up monarchs. What would y’all do? Let the virus spread, or create a scenario or slaves to keep the country going? Either way it’s all a matter of time 💯.

  20. Im wondering how the most mineral rich continents become the poorest, violent, and never had a peacefull day before until present. Imagine the gold, diamonds, oil etc that the world enjoying while the african is suffering. Not just sudan but the whole africa should be living comfortably if its minerls handled properly. Civil war is greed.

  21. Africans Killing Africans, for Europeans too steal their resources… We’re the walking Dead 💀, Culturally, Spiritually!

  22. It’s the same thing with blacks in poverty here in America. It’s just on a smaller scale…..white supremacy caused all these problems I’m sorry!

  23. Well all of Africa is dying, corruption and greed will continue unless these leader are kept in check. Will that happen, no. Only the people can retaliate. But will they, nope. The only thing Africans can do now I'd fleeeeee

  24. At some point and time Black people need to come together and help themselves. They cried when the Muslims in the North were in charge and now they have their own and are still fighting!

  25. Listen rewanda who caused that war the white man Belgium fact evertime this happens white man involved sneaking in to take resources

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