South African Politicians Before and After The Struggle

South African Politicians Before and After The Struggle

element of appeasing those communities to buy into English so I know that they exist by the bridges they've indicated that they want to see me occupying that position most of houses here number of people lost their life and to look for the shelter I believe elements have been trying to assist combat Marcos to get a protection and support Renoir about TP National Party PA see so the small size making shouting on the test line making noises they are not bad [Applause] once it's the one bull ' no any word stuff and yes I understand processes we are all subject to the same rules and regulations within the party and reject this frivolous intervention by this honored member thank you very much for inaudible stress of density vulnerable malama I have yet to rule on this motion yeah but you gave me the opportunity to speak before you even ruled on on quadrant because the procedure is like that you must rule on told rich before you give him who broke your own rules so allow me to proceed the see a feature of this country in the history of the country for black and white South Africans and I wanna sleep that include England color communities as well Mercedes he broke his oath of office he broke his oath of office he is not he is no longer honorably they were even the port engine in areas where there is IP and ain't seen some of the areas that we were talking and children where I shoulda taken care no castle for consolation as far as I'm concerned will mean that you have to take away the the end I am the animosity myself everybody else should avoid behaving in that manner it is something that we worked through with our families over the period of time so we go into strength and what is wrong in their brains but they have outside the keys with a bomb this way but it certainly happened terrible performance must be paid we demand that way the threshold for waking to them very hard to ensure that the decision taken by the majority of those 800 grantees the support the UDN at present we thought three hundred and forty thousand miners and strike you Condor which is called max the max is for maximum pleasure maximum protection and it does not make noise at all we doing with sporting our know-how expertise and experience just been built in the cage where the rule of law is predominant it's a principle of the rule of law says how the other important we are fully behind our co-prime 11 a new sink members of the executive of s1 we know they've worked very hard as we gathered here today nourishing the foods of liberation we recognize that some of our planet but I'm also wanting to ask the people who put me in this situation to stand with me they've been asking me to stand I want them to understand that missed em and I'm sad to say but we're going to have a lot of disillusionment as some of these things will just not work the sound effect I say also as a message to my supporters racism is a very serious issue that must be condemned unconditionally overwhelming despite the fact that the mass media and which is primarily owned by by one of the wealthier class of people is this notion of running out of our country one thing so all other multinational companies now will the same happen to them what happens to black companies who are successful in any kind of activities which in fact is to balance destruction of property or violation of other to implement they wonder what you did for our society whether it suits their plans there won't be karma destroyed in this country because we're under a black population with a deeper sense of desperation for the deployment but at the same time I'm saddened by having to live the executive structures with the organization but every country has been right to decide the political and economic system of his own choice we really do not want to continue on this way of calling each other animals really you can call another Johnson a catch it situation sub risk assessment it's not done by public works its defense and thus authority cluster then we implement it depends on what they recommend on the head of the state in our case here as the defense for what we're interested in is to is to ensure the safety and the comfort of the principal in that case the non transport can order that the event be restored to the claiming community so and and the prospects are really good so forward bookings are very good so this promises to be a bumper year for tourism in society and we are demanding that the government should do something about you before the whole hell breaks loose if the eight finds me in this situation all about consistent discipline member of the STL m'kay you insult my shopping something is terribly wrong including me public administration goes on and on

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  1. All trying their best to be the driver of the gravy train….simple as that….good luck!! May the best won !!🤣🤣🤣

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  3. I wonder who said everyone shaving chiskop looks more handsome,these guys were good looking when they had their hair but now thier heads look like pig's testicles.

  4. Did The Weeknd sample the music playing over this video (for "I feel it coming"), or did the person playing this music sample it from the Weeknd. Or did they both sample it from a third party?

  5. if south africans don’t figure out how america and europe succeeded without being blinded by slavery ( was worldwide and in africa !) or colonialism , which is gone

    if they don’t recognize that the west took 1000 years of trial and error from the magna carta ( and preceded by rome and greece foundations )to reach the best that they have offered ..

    it the leaders for deliver the real messages of street strong need for citizens ( mostly black and minority white ) to wake up and smell the coffee of what greater feat of human civility and drive from individuals and a real republic is required
    it will go from bad
    to hell on earth

    land grabs are the most obvious sign of the winds and where they are heading

    best wishes

    why is the music louder than the audio ??
    is music more important than the counties future ??

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