46 thoughts on “South Africa: The absolute state of populism

  1. TEKEN !!!!! ASB https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/stop-collective-punishment-minorities-south-africa

  2. This girl made a video showing that South Afrika is safe and has no problems


  3. The Boers/Whites of South Africa and the Israelis. I hope they join toghether. Imagine a world where Afrika is controlled by the Boers and middle East controlled by Israelis. No terrorisms, no wars, another two giant markets to grow economy, tecnology and agricolture research would advance at an inimaginable speed.
    Someone said that every generation have their war, well i think we are all going to meet ours very soon.
    Respect form Italy and sorry if Europe it's so pussy and so leftist.

  4. Hey Willem I saw this beautiful ad from coop in switzerland about swiss biofarming and I wanted you to see it cheers:

  5. They care about about israel why not care about making the country great again that yall blacks fucked up pathetic racist and the anc goverment are now opressing not just the indigious people of this land but every other race thats not black come you all make our country look bad with yall small mimdedness.

  6. How to smuggle Whites out.

    Picture a TV show that gives out prizes.
    A Blacks only game show.
    The Africans tend to win airplane trips.

    They board the plane, leave, have fun then return.

    Meanwhile there is a second plane, fake passports
    using the winners credentials, the Whites board
    the plane and head off to countries with appropriate
    temperate zones great for farming.

    on what grounds? Esther 8 & 9

  7. I appeal to all Afrikaaners out there to not exclude English speaking whites, the organisation Suidlanders comes to mind which is, as far as I can tell, intended purely for Afrikaans speakers. I tried joining but was met with a wall of seemingly disorganised confusion as to whether I had registered or not (that's what I was trying to do – doh!). All communication was strictly in Afrikaans (not my strong point) which made it very difficult to figure out what the problem was. Afrikaaners will be cutting off their nose to spite their face (to use an English expression) if they do not include all whites in this struggle. ALL people of European descent (yes that means you guys too) are under attack worldwide at the moment, time to band together folks – running off to hide in the bush on the banks of the Orange river isnt going to help fokal.

  8. Get TF out of black lands…go back to Europe you goats and dogs! Fucking demons and devils. ITS NOT YOUR LAND.

  9. 54 years of apartheid the was 14 000 dead black people. In die 21 years of democracy there is to date more then 30 000 dead farmers. In 54 years of apartheid there was only 372 rapes per year. In 21 year of democracy there is over 51 000 rapes per year. Yip I can see how they say there's no killings of white farmers. This is true figure's. But the government stats is way more reliable. There is no killings according to them. .



  11. Willem,ek het twee Sondae Cyril "Pinnochio"Ramaphosa se groot leuen in Rapport uitgewys wat voorbladnuus moes gewees het in land.Rapport was uiters suur gewees en wou die indruk wek dit is ek,maar het sy eie naam met n plank geslaan!Ek het verder beklemtoon:"Dit is duidelik dat jul bevele van n hoer gesag vat!" Ek het Rapport meesterlik ontmasker voor die hele land! Hul en die res van hoofstroommedia saam met Anc-regering se hande drip van ons mense se bloed! Die Here slaap nie,Hy sien alles!

  12. Keep ramping up the fear and paranoia, Willem my seun. Jy maak jou mense trots, nie Afrikanes nie.

    p.s. I see that you've fallen face first for that "criticism of Israel is anti-semitic" shit. Shame.

  13. The white Christians of SA are practicing patience since before the referendum where we voted, for faith's sake, for the dismantling of apartheid. But human patience, when not reciprocated, will not endure. Beware of the righteous anger that may surplant it!

  14. I am proud to be a boer. I thank the Lord every morning for being an Afrikaner. Come what may, I will stand with my fellow boere to the end. Too many of us have died and can't testify today what the last words were that they heard or what they went through. Their lives might be taken but they should never be forgotten due to claims of conspiracy. This is not the first time in history that the boere were outnumbered, and with the help of God and prayers they were able to stand strong for who they are and through that I can today say with pride I am a boer. The 16th December will forever be a reminder that God heard our prayers. To all who lost their lives so far on their farms, 'Your voices are silenced by what happened to you, some of you witnessed the worst things possible being done to your loved ones before you were also taken away. Some of your graves are vandalized today and horrible things are written all over it, but you are not forgotten. If you look at all the support Willem get from all around the world, you will see that your life on earth mattered. We all know the reason why your lives were taken and the leaders won't stop us telling the truth by their false claims and denial of farm attacks EVER. Those who died as a result of farm attacks, (Afrikaner or not) and the employees who died with them, may you rest in peace. We will stand strong and bring awareness to much more people. That's a promise

  15. Ek verag dit as die SA regering teen Israel praat. En die knaap praat van skerp skutters, maar se niks van sy AK47 en machete sluipmoordenaars wat ‘n volksmoord op Boere uitvoer nie. Mag YHWH ons red uit die hand van hierdie rassistiese onderdrukkers.

  16. There is not a more depraved and deceptively vile collection of criminals running a country than those controlling South Africa. The country is being polluted and infected by uncivilised black barbarian useless savages thriving on welfare and crime. Their depravity exceeds the wildest expectations of any horror story or gory tale of subhuman life.

  17. EFF is basically leftists socialist black supremist racists. All they talk about is racists violence

  18. Vir volk en faderland , n lee blik maak n groot geraas .. passop vir die boer as hy kwaad is swartman

  19. Vir volk en faderland , n lee blik maak n groot geraas .. passop vir die boer as hy kwaad is swartman

  20. This is war. Only one good thing about it – the filth like malema will be worm food. Any South African product or outlet I find here in the USA, I will destroy personally

  21. Can't run their own little third – world shithole at the ass-end of the world – now they're trying to intefere in world affairs. They should go back to fighting among themselves and shaddup.

  22. I lost all respect for our President for telling the world the lie that 176,000+ farmers (boers) were not slaughtered on our farms. He said he was going going to kill whites slowly like frogs in a boiling pot. He is not even prosecuting the murdurers.

  23. Black people don't belong in South Africa. they are settlers from Congo and Nigeria. They are colonists of the worst kind – they don't build anything, they only destroy…The land belongs to the khoi and San. Google 'township violence South Africa" or watch the horrible legacy of violence they have imbedded in them. not for the fainthearted though https://youtu.be/BXiuO5Guds4

  24. I found this interesting site – https://www.sahistory.org.za/article/afrikaner-jewry-south-africa – which shows that there are many Afrikaners who are jewish. Who would have guessed. A chameleon people.
    Willem, you are either confused or ignorant regarding the jews. You seem to know alot about SA history but are woefully ignorant of the jewish communist influence in the subversion and takeover of South Africa by the ANC. Remember, communism is jewish, no matter who their henchmen are.
    Are you jewish?

    Your biblical quotes are also telling. Here's one from the Apostle Paul, "…the Jews, who killed both the Lord Jesus and their own prophets, and drove us out as well. They are displeasing to God and hostile to all men…"
    And why do you not believe Christ's own testimony about the jews whom he called "children of the devil, who was a liar and murderer from the beginning"

    The quote in Micah is applicable to the modern-day jews, who murder and steal the land from the Palestinians, and you are calling them the evil ones.? You are the one who "….is calling good evil, and evil good, putting light for darkness and darkness for light…"

    Be careful that Christ does not cast you away from Himself at the Great Judgement as Saint John Chrysostom says. "Christ will say to those who fellowship with the jews, "Why did you join with my murderers and eat with them?"
    And when you have no answer, he will cast you into hell.

    Please do some research on the jewish Talmud and you will easily see the error of your ways. As well as study the history of Palestine and the murderous displacement.

    And it seems you are deluded concerning Christian Zionism. Listen to the Scriptures here –
    Christian Zionism misunderstand Israel and Christ

  25. Anti Israeli sentiment is not something new. Israel was the only country in this World supporting apartheid goverment of South Africa and Africans ended up hating Israel.

  26. Interesting that the only world leaders who give a shit about this reality are Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin…respect!

  27. As a Jewish South African I am disgusted by the hateful comments stating that there are Jews behind the scenes pulling the puppet strings to control all the misery in South Africa / World. My family and I, like most South African get up and work in Joburg and try our best. Jews like any other community just want to provide for their families, feel safe and ensure all South Africans have a better future.

  28. White people go around killing but when the victims stand up and retaliate they don't understand why? this video is a great example of how your minds work.

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