39 thoughts on “Soil, soul and society: Satish Kumar at TEDxExeter

  1. PLANTS created soil, not the other way around. Plants were responsible for a great extinction event when they first dominated the world. They created what we breathe. We must have living healthy plants in great abundance to maintain our atmosphere. Sad that no one sees this.

  2. Yes! 😀 This message can only be understood in its true spirit, when it is fully embodied within us. This means, taking that leap of faith, and walking the walk – to feel Nature merge with our physical body. This is when this message will finally sink in, through each individual who takes the courage to walk barefoot. – I'm starting a barefoot walking revolution, starting with my local community. Mother Nature needs physical action.

  3. Thankyou Satish, as always, your words are spreading a truth and are inspiring…. thanks for sharing your thoughts and knowledge, hope you are well and happy, best wishes always : )

  4. Wise storybook grandfather. Nothing new about what he says. Nothing new either about this year's apple harvest. Same old stuff. Nutritious and beautiful as ever.

  5. 'care of the earth and care of the soul are two aspects of the same reality"
    yes Mz Tree agrees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    my songs are about taking care of each other, ourselves, and the earth!!

  6. A truly wonderful inspired talk by one of the most enlightened speakers in the world today. His words are full of the divine fire and high spirituality of the great sages and teachers like thelate wonderful Indian Sahaja Yoga teacher Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. We need more spiritual teachers like Satish. But as regards this matter Shri Mataji once said "You can be the teacher, you have everything you need to transform yourself and bring about a change in the world". "We are all one" is the message from Satish wonderful!!

  7. very impressive and inspirational speech!! Mr. satish kumar spoke well!!he as in a way truly opened my eyes!

    Take a look at the other speakers, musicians and yogis:

  9. soil ,soul ,society resembles an agriculturist life style which is now a question mark of life all around the world. In developing country as well as common wealth countries.

  10. there's a lot of anti-Semitic misinformation on the web, don't believe what you read (including this), question everything.
    there's no obligation to kill goyim. also, its been a trait that forcefully converting religions have had. jews have never forcefully converted, but meant to help outsiders.
    talmud is an anthology of arguments of different writers&times with opposite viewpoints, not a set of dogma. its old jewish dialectics.
    regarding palestinians please ask specific questions- broad topic.

  11. Maybe you can help. I keep reading about this obligation of jews to kill all goyim. And some other scary stuff said to be in the Talmud. As there seems to be no respect for palestinian lives in Israel, palestine, does this concur with the teachings in the Talmud. Only a jewish life worth something

  12. instead of being arrogant&bigoted, thinking you know my identity better than myself, why don't you ask a question that would help you learn new things?
    e.g. that jews were among the founders of monotheism but also among the first and foremost founders of atheism. that the jewish religion is a religion associated with the jewish people (who speak the jewish language&practice jewish culture etc.) – the religion is Not the central identity. hence atheist jews is no contradiction. read about it kid.

  13. thanks for your question. i'm an atheist jew. there's been millions like me since 1700s. i'm of the jewish nation, following jewish cultural practices like dialectical method of thinking, like having a festival of liberation, a festival of lights etc., where the religious parts are slightly revised. i speak the main jewish language, & i have ethnic ties which i consider irrelevant.
    star of david was originally used by jews simply as decoration, art. religious association for it came much later.

  14. You say religion/faith ruins the world … what does the star of David represent for you then?

  15. free trade yes but not if it is responsible for any kind of suffering ie. sweatshops, industrial farming etc etc We have to except that the 'free market' as it now stands aka neoliberalism is catastrophic to the environment and is based upon worldwide inequalities.

  16. he made good points, but its a shame he had to link it with religious fundamentalists like mother teresa, gandhi, dalai lama etc. all those are terrible examples of ideal role models. religion/faith ruins this world.

  17. Spirit is a quite good thing: but concerning what's 'right' or good about behaviour and what we should be doing is simply ethical, nothing more, e.g. our letting go of our egos isn't ethical but is liberation itself at the expense of an ego that got you killed, you know I'm right, as for free will or liberty, that's not moral or ethical either, as it's a good idea for everyone, either atheist, spiritual or divine, you know what I mean, & as a liberal, I say civil rights, free trade etc is a must

  18. Well done, but all spiritual people are with the earth or nature, and spirit is part of nature, either way, we win in the spirit and our death returns to worlds beyond unconsciousness, in fact spirit is the mind and the mind is just consciousness, just an opinion, I hope there's no reason to refute my argument, I certainly agree with yours.

  19. Lovely talk! A clarification on one small point: the creation of soil by glacial action is minor in comparison to the production of topsoil through the combined action of: plants harvesting solar energy, which are then harvested by animals, and recycled by fungi and microbes. This is a basic principle of permaculture, Holistic Management, and similar systems of agriculture which mimic sustainable natural eco-systems.

  20. Inner and Outer Nature and Gaiasophy principles nicely delivered. Until the Econ-nomic principles mirror the Eco-logic principles, humans may not survive as a species. Lets hope we build critical mass soon and not destroy all of nature. Trilogy thinking is a nice way to attach thought.

  21. My attempts to understand what success is were as unsuccessful as defining happiness, until I was introduced to Spiral Dynamics, which says that we can operate on different levels of consciousness, so I would now look at happiness and success as relative to the levels of consciousness your are living in. I hope this makes some sense, and doesn't just look like a way of side-stepping the question.

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