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  1. It’s now 2019 and these videos are becoming more and more relevant and now in the month of July the feds are dropping interest rates, gold has surpassed $1400 (u.s.) dollars per ounce. The economy is about to implode world wide and there will be a crisis on our hands. Many people will flock to communism for food and shelter, a few of us will be holding fast for a better future!

  2. So Ron? How do you protect the kids from their parents claiming to home shool but not doing it? I heard stories of kids who were never home shooled and had to learn to write and read by themselves!

  3. How does passively not voting add to the public discourse?
    Get out and vote and vigorously rattle the cage of your "representative" (who really does NOT represent you, but his/her donors).
    Plus, local activism.

  4. MORONIC MORONIC MORONIC: at time-mark: 26:30 where Rockwall is advocating for people [LEGAL citizens], at a minimum, to consider NOT voting … just as he, proudly it seems, does not vote. Do we NOT understand: that JUDAS politicians LOVE when LEGAL citizens do not vote because this means they will NOT NEED to work for that vote. Such non-voters, without a fight, have instead vacated the battlefield and simply surrendered.

    What? Are they expecting someone else, instead, to battle FOR THEM for their "unalienable rights" and liberties?

    As a LEGAL American citizen, one can do as one pleases: that is, to vote or not. But, is that the patriotic "American" thing to do … to have someone else fight one's battles? If that is one's attitude, the question remains whether that person deserves the fruits of the battle.

    Such morons, who chose not to vote, VOLUNTARILY take themselves off the field of battle … BEFORE shots are even fired.

    Yep, this is in the same spirit as our Founders and Framers; where they chose to lock themselves in their homes and just have the British have their way … NOT!

    NO! They put on their "big boy/girl pants" and did, in order to gain their liberties — their birthright as freeborn citizens — what was needed to be done.

  5. We haft to move faster" Before the Morom" hand us over to the NWO groupie that is frothing at the mouth thinking of all they can do" you know the Next New Toy" Taking it a part seeing how it can work for them"

  6. What about a sort of system which has no politicians, but merely chambers of commerce in every area and all the people of each area voting for issues of importance instead of nationally? A national government can never solve national issues and should be illegitimate.
    Three types of government is a nightmare of foolishness not to mention a serious waste of taxes.

  7. I remember when one of the gov. clowns thought that if too many military personel were sent to ( I believe it was Guam ) the island would """tip over"""…ha…ha…ha. That is DEEP ignorance.

  8. That was a great round table, when the dollar collapse we may have a chance to get America on the right track, so we wait and see!

  9. Would libertarians be against people forming a private corporation and calling it a town?  Could this town have a board of directors (town council) and chairman of the board (mayor)?  Could this town encompass all the land owned by its members?  Could this corporation hire a policeman and a fireman?   Could the town council pass laws and hire a judge to adjudicate?   Must we all be solitary atoms in order to be free?

  10. If nobody voted Ron Paul would never have been in Congress, nor would he have had the national stage in two presidential elections.  Ask yourself who has had a greater influence for freedom than Dr. Paul?

  11. Libertarians like Tucker and Spooner originally favored unlimited counterfeiting. They thought that we didn't have ENOUGH counterfeiting.
    Why should we listen to these guys instead of them

  12. There can never be a true market unless the Fed is abolished. It is against market principles when the central planners at the Fed sets interest rates increases credit and the money supply. End the Fed!

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