SOCIETY. THE LAST CHANCE, May 11th, 2019. International Conference on ALLATRA IPM platform

SOCIETY. THE LAST CHANCE, May 11th, 2019. International Conference on ALLATRA IPM platform

today we're honored to join thousands of people from all over the world and we would like to welcome everyone to the event Society the last chance this unique event is the first of its kind uniting thousands of people from all over the world and life communication for the first time in human history and this has been conducted on the platform of allatra international public movement we would like to thank everyone for coming and we would like to say that today we're being heard all over the world and we have over a hundred countries connected to us online in each one of these countries has hundreds of people gathered together in conference halls these are people of different nationalities religion social status and age and we will hear from them today society the last chance global unification of people from all over the world of different nationalities religions and social status international online conference open new formats you decide what the world of tomorrow will be like a consumer finite or a creative un searching for answers to the questions are we three people or are we slaves what do we want life or death how should we live all together in peace and harmony there is a way out society the last chance wooden framework of universal grain game of professionals project on the basis of international public movement allatra we would like to start by saying that we are honored that this is being conducted in the United States of America because this is the place where we can raise crucial and important issues and discuss them openly and honestly without being afraid and this is the merit in an achievement of every America in the United States as a whole this is the true greatness of the United States because here we have the freedom of speech and freedom of choice who better than us the American people can bring up the question of people consolidation peace love and friendship America is the world leading country not only an economy an international law but most importantly in spiritual power and we have the right to bring up these crucial topics and discuss them openly and who better than us can lead the world Society to peace and unity and start supporting the positive change in modern humanity and I would like to say that this format of global and international upbringing by people themselves of critical issues will not only make America great again but it will make America greater and today we are proud that in this format for the first time in human history were able to open this discussion and to have this global international conference the universal drain is a unique fundamental social research project conducted by participants of allatra international public movement from around the globe it is the most significant project in history because it really shows common humane values which are in the basis of all cultures and all religions and right now we will watch a short video about Universal grain the universal grain a fundamental social research project by allatra international public movement union one of a kind International Social Research initiated and carried out by people themselves in more than 140 countries of the globe people of various nationalities religions and occupations all over the world during this large-scale research collaborative research translations international interviews sociological surveys web conferences video comments by scientists and experts from different countries of the world International Cooperation and mutual understanding the common goal to reveal the universal grain of spiritual knowledge by studying common primordial spiritual grains from primary sources of world religions and scientific works to find possibilities and options in level infestations of the spiritual and moral crisis in the context of globalization to share the characteristics of the spiritual unity and the contradictions of consciousness in the spiritual heritage of human civilization to find the common social and spiritual moral factors of consolidating the world community what is the meaning of the humans life what lies in the foundation of all religions and sacred scriptures of the world would unites all people on earth large-scale research conducted by the participants of allatra international public movement based on the keys of the primordial knowledge people from all over the world share their innermost feelings about the spiritual truths II would main choice faces humanity and each person today in the video the universal grain part 1 the choice and such a result of social research brought us to one important question how is that that we all people want peace love compassion and friendship yet we do absolutely opposite we hate and kill what is happening in the world today what are the girl political realities global wars conflicts based on the personal interest of you persecution of one nation by another one human by another religious conflicts terrorism active development of atomic weapon with which we ourselves with our own hands preparing to kill each other how is this happening what is the reason that in reality deep inside we all want love and happiness but at the same time we act in humanely violently an animal like if you want love then why do we hate what stops us from living in peace what are we missing what don't you understand what don't we see who is dictating hostility and death our main goal for today is to discuss and uncover the answers to all of these questions today global economic geopolitical and climatic events are an indication that our society is in a brink of a collapse today everyone knows that the clock is already 2 minutes to midnight where midnight is the complete destruction of our society today our society is closer than ever to the point of self-destruction either through the use of nuclear weapons or as a result of climatic cataclysms how did we get to this crucial and critical point we were led here by the structure of our society consumerism and right now I would like to yield the floor to miss Natalia Zales a question arises what is consumption consumption is an advanced improved form of slavery consumption stimulates we work we earn we buy we pay and then even more things come up for us to buy we go to the store to buy milk and we leave with a full cart we buy huge houses that we cannot afford drowning in debt we compete with those with better houses better cars better jewelry in the pursuit to prove our importance in this game we lose ourselves as people and we pay with our lives with our very important time and attention we work more and we pay for the best and then we hit a dead end when a person plays the game of consumption day after day after day they become the game because the game replaces our human nature are we forgetting our own human nature a consumer society separates and divides it separates us into nations and states and cities with many boundaries and borders but are we getting tired of this game I'm happy that in today's society there are examples such as allatra the allatra movement which exhibits a very different model of unification and interaction with people where it doesn't matter what nationality you are what language you speak what religion you practice what political system you play in what matters is that what's really important is that we are people with true human values the participants of a larger international movement voluntarily of their own free will together with a huge number of friends and family around the world contribute to the strengthening of true human values in our society values like love and kindness when people live with allatra internal allatra in humanity there are no barriers to relationships and interactions this is a very positive example of a creative society sinking in Tania and right now we will give the word to czech republic gabriella from czech republic I would like to send very kind and warm greetings from Czech Republic I would like to say couple of more words about the consumer society yourselves actually made up this game and everyone is suckering but everyone keeps on playing but this game is deadly as we can see because consumer society generates what crime corruption disrespect for each other and devalues in the lives and the economy is based on consumption and the more we pay the more money in crisis more frequent and more stronger and because in consumer society crisis are actually inevitable the soap bubble is inflated and those soon burst either by itself or as it happened before the climatic events will put an end to it today we see consumerism everywhere in relations between countries in relations between each other between friends and relatives all spheres of life and our entire civilization is actually permeated by consumption towards each other yes ignition of normal human relationships does occur but they quickly fade away people recognize that the system of consumer society has come to a dead end and we need to do something we need to act and change it quickly to change these principles and rules right now really is such a chance thank you very much and I give word back to Atlanta thank you very much Gabriela thank you so much everybody from Czech Republic I totally agree with you and I also believe that consumer society has reached its peak already in right now we as a society have very very big chance to change something recently I watched one very interesting program on allatra TV it's called gaming addiction of the system and it was told there that people and scientists around the world started to see that something is happening so people already around the globe don't believe those lies that we hear from the mass media because they understand right now they can see clearly that this is just tools to manipulate us and right now people not only see it but they also starting to talk openly about it and that's a really good sign that means that we as a society can make the change right now so and choose the right path for us and for our children past overs creation coverage happiness and peace to continue your speech I would like to give the word mr. Ravi Wells ambassador and spokesperson for the International Human Rights Peace Commission Thank You Olga hello allatra welcome to Atlanta Georgia it truly is an honor to be here today our world is in tremendous trouble and she needs our help recently 300 of the world's top scientists came out with a report saying that if we as a human race do not make some changes then the effects of global warming are going to cause millions of people to lose their lives and billions of dollars to be lost in everyones economy this problem is not about the black race or the white race this problem is not about the Asian race or the Hispanic race this problem is not about the indian race or the Native American race this problem is about the human race we are one people so let us all come together now laying aside our differences working hand in hand and side by side and serious people need to step forward with serious solutions now I've seen hate caused a lot of problems in this world but I've never seen hate solve a problem yet the only thing that is going to solve a problem is the courage to love the boldness to love and the courage to serve think about this the love of a single mother that works a job through the middle of the night just to put food on the table for her children the love of an overworked and underpaid schoolteacher that serves her students to prepare them for life the boldness to love and the courage to serve very much mr. wells and right now we would like to introduce give a word to Molina from Venezuela we know that it's not a secret anymore that the mass media is publicizing a lot of negative news why well because they are easy to sell mass media is very manipulative as manipulative our society to behave and shape and be shaped in certain ways especially to consumism or to different interest groups and we are realized in this right now and a proof of it is that thousands of people are gathering here today to talk about all these topics and in order to be able to change this reality we know that we have to change and brave with all behaviors patterns in order to be able to make a change in the society and for everyone but we need to start from ourselves kameena next we'll hear from dilyara hottie Hoffa from kazan and for 22 years the lira worked as a sales director of TV channels for example how does it TV channel understand what their product is in demand or not the ratings show this the more people have watched it the better development of competition led to creation of emotionally disturbing products and so we're now consuming this distressing shows like horror movies and weepy soap operas is this a real picture of our life well I would say now right it turns out that in pursuit of our attention and time mass media constantly produced particularly this kind of product which would then project onto our reality and become dramatic sometimes making a mountain of a molehill and often emotionally devastating ourselves that is we spent energy time attention life on something that is empty that doesn't exist in reality mass media is a business and it's a demand driven business and now it is my pleasure to give a word to Jose Nagy a City news editor and RI Paul's basically I'm here to talk about how journalism can be used for most more peaceful purposes journalism in its simplest form is a way to inform people maybe they can use this information for simple things in your daily life or maybe they can use it to make informed decisions you know the in the communities that they live in crux of the problem arises when there is a conflict and somebody tries to report something about this conflict this has a potential to sort of lead to violence you know and research has shown that the reports about conflict often has value bias toward violence so what can be done about this you know in today's reporting we see mostly you know bias and people don't worry about the psychological effects that can have about the report it's only about the physical effects so there are different ways in which journalism can be improved instead of focusing on the differences it is but it would be nice you know if the reporter sort of focused on the similarities while reporting it's important to sort of focus on the solution you know the cause and the ramifications of what has happened so in general you know journalism that's unbiased and sort of brings people together is the kind of journalism that you know would be would bring about more peace and sort of alliance with what allatra is trying to do to focus on the similarities and you know it's not about who is going to get defeated it's about achieving a common goal you know in s peaceful way as possible and right now we will actually move on to Slovakia and we will hear from ranca from Slovakia oh hello everybody many great songs and whole girls I've been working many years more than ten years in the field of public relations I was putting people together for media companies in Alderley found new to understanding a few months ago I started to act as a volunteer journalist in Sydney electrons have a kazoo pehota we made a lot of interests and from these talks discussions we see the every person the people don't want to see hatred and negativity in the media if we want to change society the first of all we should change the content Indonesia because the mania create the opinion and reality of society and I think that there should be more than 90% of whole media content good news laugh friendship understanding we as a journalist we should find the new ways how does the big how to show the news find other ways out a negative like humans so dear hello journalist who can hear me now please ourselves think about the following questions and try to find answers to that how we as the money economy can depict the news but they don't pronounce the negativity hatred how to stimulate peaceful not convert it later in Namibia how to show other cultures in a positive way in all the people we can put together not divide them create positive society it all starts with us so let's expose it the way let's be responsible and not be silent thank you very much rohnke we know that formula there is no supply without demand and we need to understand that we consumer is the one who creates demand if we don't want to have negative depressing dishonor news on a media so stop watching it turn it off and never even talk about this because we understand that we people we learn on imitation so why don't we show a good example the best people that we have doing really good did for us for society for their countries these are the examples we should be showing on TV continue that we're gonna hear from natalia hannity from canada it is important for us to understand how actions caused a reaction example if a journalist is directed to write an article that contains negative depressing information then that journalist should also realize that a single negative article has to be offset by at least 10 positive ones because today we don't fully understand what consequences we will face tomorrow from the negative thoughts emotions and actions that are portrayed and such articles and what chain of events will occur from such articles it could potentially create a wave of negativity that circles around the world and in the end returns back to the journalists himself and his children and if someone writes a dishonest article because of a momentary benefit then that person puts the future of his children and grandchildren under question after all what are journalists doing today well they're promoting violence and the results of this we see in our families and in our society some it is important for us to stop this now before it's too late thank you thank you thank you very much that's our and right now we will start a different topic from olga simpson yes Natalia I totally agree with you this question is very accurate and today I would like to draw our attention to the question of domestic violence how often does it happen and why when we see it we keep being silent about it the recent video on allatra TV was was a story of woman who was enslaved by her husband and her father this story is a life story of loser show Cova she told her story about slavery and the way she gets free from it the story touched me to the bottom of my heart it's brought me to understand why such a shameful things like that happened because we the society who become observers such situations are silent we know that things like this happen in our families dis our friends co-workers and neighbors in the Kim being silent about this and they should not they should speak this should reveal it and expose whether in this video was a great example for me she spoke up very decent and human way without blaming people who did to her life without hate or revenge towards them historia was full of understanding in freedom in the truest sense of this world so right now I address to all of us who present here by here I mean hundreds of places and thousands people around the world don't be silent please watch this video and share it with your family friends neighbors co-workers it can truly help you can change not only their destiny it can change destiny of our society of our civilization it can truly help one more personality to salvation from slavery thank you Thank You Olga I watched that video as well and it definitely will help many get free like you said I agree and right now we will hear from taya from Kira crane taya is the coordinator of the project no violence in the family in the society thank you and greetings from coordination center of allatra international public movement in Ukraine we are very grateful for this opportunity to take part in such first in the history event for our whole civilization on such large scale today we would like to tell you about the new project which was based on the platform of a larger international public movement the project no to violence in the family and society so the beginning of this project was the story the video by one of the participants of allatra movement this is Liz Ashok OVA about whom olga has just spoken about the story of Lisa this is a great example this is a great example of the way out of such a problem as a tyranny and her story it costs the white resonance and lively response from people all over the world and we understand the importance to raise this topic on a global scale because the problem of tyranny it concerns the whole society and each of us so now we just suggest to watch the video brief announcement of the project no to violence in the family and society the international social project known to violence in the family and society with support of allatra international public movement and of all good people there is a way out do not be silent how to become free and happy which the story of my slavery on allatra TV what is important and what is valuable that Lisa she experienced a lot of hardships in her life but still she found a courage and she found love inside herself to find the way out and we believe that people all over the world they should know this the solutions they should know the way out and we believe that this is very important to show the positive experience of people from different countries of the world so all people could know the solutions of this problem and this is actually what we are going to popularize in our new project no to violence in the family and society so violence is unacceptable in the society which strives for civilized way of life which is based on human values and we should not be silent we should actually call scums by their proper names so that the society would show that this is an appropriate attitude when we are also raising the topic of violence it is so also important to realize the root of the problem and the root of the problem this is actually the consumer vector of the modern society and this is actually reflected everywhere this is reflected starting from the humiliating own child and a family and to destruction of weak countries by strong ones but weakness has an hidden power it is love and Liz a story it shows us how to escape from tyranny with the help of human values and with the help of love and this actually these values this is what every one of us what the whole humanity should discover inside of themselves as after all freedom and happiness this is actually possible not only for one person but this is possible for the whole humanity for each one of us and we believe that together we can do a lot this is a small step of one person and a big step even a huge leap for our whole humanity so together we can do a lot thank you so much thank you very much Tate it's a very important project today and right now we will hear from dr. Nazira Dawood thank you so much it's so nice to be here this morning and I couldn't wait for the opportunity to speak this morning I already know many of the friends out there so good morning good afternoon and good evening and thank you for all of us being here today as well and I can start with statistics on domestic violence right so child abuse one in three girls or one in four boys or domestic abuse one in four women or one in seven men are abused every day throughout the year across the world right but I want to tell you a story of the six-year-old girl at six she promised her mom that she would be a doctor in her family that's when she faced was an inappropriate touch by a family member her parents didn't know and it became a common thing she was too young she didn't know whom to speak she grew up she went to medical school after long large obstacles she became a doctor she married and realized her relationship was not working she didn't know what a normal relationship looked like she thought submissive to men was normal that's what our culture taught us that's what my parents taught no matter what it will be your husband you have to serve Him she was very openly ridiculed by her partner but nobody came to rescue nobody because that was none of their business that's when she decided she will stand up for herself the day she decided that this is the new Nazira who is gonna help the woman in her who has suffered in submissiveness is going to come out and be strong and be courageous and stand up for others Zera thank you for your story it is my pleasure to introduce next mr. Manoj Bharat the executive director and the you of Narayan Seva Sandton the international NGO for comprehensive rehabilitation of differently-abled hello everybody thank you for this opportunity Elektra from conception of our society there was never a single day there was not an issue sometime I wonder is it the survival of the fittest or the survival of the United that has evolved this world and I think it is the survival of the United remaining United and giving helping hand is in our DNA doesn't matter which part of the world we domicile just like we didn't have to go to school to learn breathe eat drink stand walk and speak similarly we are all born with a sense of unity and to give helping hands and as long as we don't suppress them our society will always have a chance we are gathered here across the globe to discuss modern-day issues at global level and of course we will need modern ways to remain united and to give helping hands to implement any resolution or solution that we discussed finally I do recognize a lot Russ these efforts and who all have joined here today and across the globe [Applause] billions of people are silent do not be silent yourself this doesn't mean that you should start blaming someone or start organizing demonstrations or protests and who is responsible for these demonstrations and why do people participate in these protests some people get paid for them others are driven by their ego it doesn't matter what side we're on whether we're on this side we're in police uniform or on the other side with grenades in our hand it is all us we're doing it people we are all one regardless of what side were on we're fighting against ourselves it is just the game of the system it is our ego that is behind everything that separates us and enslaves us we need to speak up about the fact that we are all people and that the only thing that separates us are the thoughts in our head that tell us that were enemies and that we need to fight each other we must talk about the best human qualities that should prevail in us we must show in the media and first of all we must be a good example ourselves to the society I would like to continue our large-scale world conference I have one question how is it today there is so much violence in this world in so many problems severe problems but we have so many different religions and after all all of them calling for love how can we have it violence and religions at the same time but in reality religion today I essential a business and I'm not talking right now about believers or about teachings I'm talking about religions as organization organizations that were created and consumer society we live in a 21st century but we still have wars and a consumer format of society and it is in the presence of religions let's take a look why do we have it the next word goes to Andre premier from Canada let's see what happens with her in there orthodoxy banditry human greed breeding seizures a benign business but society just doesn't see it does not pay attention but who creates this believers or employees of the organization it's all done by employees of the organization not by believers not by the people who believe in God oh let's see how much faith is declining in Christianity itself for the first time in so many hundreds of thousands of years the decline is so unprecedented just forgot what to do as enterprises religion organizations they are inhuman soulless they are interested in influencing people masses as any other organizations they are interested in income and power business organizations cannot be spiritual and every sane person understands that today it should not be so as the universal grain project proved believers from all religions they are wonderful people they know one God this trifle off from usual understanding and for the peace thank you very much our next speaker is dr. Peter Cohen dr. Cohen earned his PhD in religion humanities and masters and biblical studies thank you the great religious traditions in our world today share much more in common with one another than the differences which are far too often pointed out by the media and other sources leaving many focusing on misunderstanding and conflict most forget we are all human beings seeking the very same answers about our place in the universe unfortunately those far fewer differences are focused upon in an attempt to try to delineate our neighbors from us we speak of tolerating the other when we should be rather looking to understand our neighbors which must begin first by accepting them as fellow humans with passions and visions similar to our own a former newspaper editor once said to me if it bleeds it leads referring to stories appearing on the front page which sensationalizes the news rather than reporting it we must return to reporting the news rather than using it as entertainment and commentary we must refer to bridges and gates rather than walls or barriers which separate us from those of different beliefs for example each time I teach a class I ask those in the room how many have read the Quran in its entirety not surprisingly I rarely have even one student or adult present who answers in the infirmities when I point out that well over one and a half billion people in the world view the sacred braiding as the center of their belief and I tell them we mustn't simply accept non-muslims translations and interpretations of this document some begin to see the dilemma however the situation is far more complex and problematic than even that most religious traditions do not read any of the sacred writings from outside of their own unity I include here Jews not reading the New Testament Christians not reading the Hebrew Bible Buddhists not reading the ADI Granth Sikhs not reading the Vedas and Hindus not reading the Tripitaka this is only magnified when each of these communities also fail to understand and read their own sacred writings many of our politicians today in this country misquote and misunderstand what the United States Constitution has to say about religion the day after 9/11 reporters stopped congressmen on the steps of the Capitol and asked each of them the same question not one of our country's leaders knew what Sunni and Shia Muslims believed would separate them apart from one another let alone that these sects have been defied by these beliefs for more than 14 centuries not just a couple of decades few Muslims or non-muslims understand that Sharia law was established to protect the masses from corrupt caliphs and sheiks not to harshly discipline them by those in power so where does that leave us if we continue to focus on the differences between us they will continue to define us as strangers to one another if we refuse to let our neighbors traditions teach us of their ways than we are dependent upon others want us to know about our neighbors not necessarily their true teachings every single one of the religious traditions of the world have had their extremists over the years we mustn't let others define this minority in a sensationalist manner to represent the majority we must stop defining each others as believers and non-believers as children of Israel and those of the other nations as those who are saved and those who are not saved and as those who submit to the will of Allah and those who are infidels our world is getting increasingly smaller due to communication and technological advances instead of focusing on those differences which appear to separate us from one another it's time to open up to one another and through sharing our common questions beliefs and our trajectories we can and must come to see those who are have formally been referred to each other as strangers are actually friends companions and fellow human beings in life's journeys thank you thank you dr. Cohen our next speaker is rich buccola sham Shia said Galina from Kazakhstan doctor of philosophy professor lecture of the Department of Religious cultural studies culture and civilization are that basis which determines everything that has been previously mentioned by our speakers that is when there is a balance between culture and civilization it means there's peace when there is balance there's unity if this formula is broken than those crises which we see all over the world today happen in all forms of manifestation every human should remember about spirituality and everyone by their deeds should demonstrate the unity of the world the principles of morality justice and love that's one we will be able to say that religion will play its part to benefit the people thank you for listening we're very glad that you can join us at one o'clock in the morning right now in Kazakhstan yes so thank you for coming together that's a real honor and then also there is HTR Gill card director of Indian Center and republic of tatarstan russia I would like to thank olestra for the opportunity they gave me my message is very simple once we want to live have the life we have to survive on this planet Earth which still now is the only place to exist and we must remember that we came from the same Universal grain so how come we today fight in the name of humanity killing each other fighting for something which will not take us to the good place I mean the heaven what the religion say us so first of all we are humans and our religion and our faith should be humanity 15 million people died in the Second World War isn't that enough there are a lot of examples in the world which show us that we are not doing the right things we have to change our mindset we have to love this planet like our family like our children and grow it in a proper way we are responsible for the future of this planet no matter what is the name of the country the name of the religion let the name of the person we are all existing on this planet we should understand that all of us today with the help of allatra and the mass media can show the light in the darkness to change this last chance by spreading the message that life and our planet is the only precious thing which we have from the nature so let's not destroy it today you can really see how false images are being imposed on us about representatives of different religions for example Islam is the religion of love it is the last and the newest religion and what has been done to the image of Islam today because of the newest private interest Islam has been given an image that it is something that we should be afraid of today the topic of Islam is extremely acute we all know about Isis that has been artificially created and promoted as a business project the topic of Islam is used for future profit speculations with the goal of solving their private commercial interests and has created such hatred and fear of Islam an actuality it is a beautiful and wonderful religion this beauty and love is also revealed and proven by the universal grain project Islam is love Islam is billions of people and we're being shown a bunch of people who are far from being true Muslims who create crime and spread horror for money where is the other billion of true Muslims why are they keeping silent when their religion is being degraded where are those neighbors of those Muslim people that know that Muslims are nice wonderful and honest people but there are people who stand up for the honor of Islam we would like to show a short video on this topic it is a clip from a video Islam the religion of love on allatra TV just a few years ago in the means of active oil is an anti human activities of terrorist organizations that attributed themselves to Islam but didn't and still don't have anything to do with in with true Islam so then in the meat of the activities of these organizations when mass media all over the world was slinging mad at Islam and when so-called Muslims were silent mingling accepting all this imam mahdi spoke on television he made a speech on allatra TV to the whole world that islam is the most peaceful religion that Islam is a religion of love one human stood up to the defense of the entire building he defended Islam and told the truth Muslims all over the world need to know about this they need to know that one person came out in the defense of contra Islam and today the mission of all Muslims in the world is to unite around this person in order for Islam to revive and stop being a camel who has laid down its head and it is wagging its tail it's necessary to accept the knowledge of allatra to begin to live by it and to tell everyone about it share this truth with all those people who by the will of allah surround us to be open and ready to accept the leadership of mahdi as it is stated in the hadees aaron is intended to the one who will accept his leadership and right now we would like to pass the microphone to sure in from Canada we would love to hear a few words from you Sharon I am originally from Kyrgyzstan and my grandfather was Imam so from my early childhood I know in practice that true Islam is love that's why I am very happy that allatra shows the true islam also i would like to mention that in Islam women are being treated with a great love and respect and I have noticed that the most of the speaker today woman because woman is a mother and she is on the beginning of creation that's why we need to follow her thank you thank you shooting we would like to welcome Imam Feisal Islam from London he's in a mom of Kings Cross mosque an Islamic Cultural Center bismillah r-rahman r-rahim walaqad karramna bani hallelujah LFE yet in la jolla tunnel in sun a fee arson attack away my respected leaders and brothers i want to talk you about love about love of allah and about love of human from our religious book al quran from talk of our beloved prophet muhammad rasulullah sallallahu alehiwassallaam allah kata guruma bani adam' allah said in this verse I created every human and I glorified every human that is that Muslim that is not Christian that is not Hindu Allah said o laqad karramna bani adam' son of adam adam is first men of the world we are son of adam our relationship is mother a sister and our beloved prophet said in his holy Hadees Chad Mottola Hulk it means helping people helping people not helping Muslim not helping moment helping people he will be white he will be black he will be Indian vision he will be European every human helping is the avada another hadith of our prophet la sal allahu alayhi Salam Halabi in the law are you homeless ah he be he ohio's Iranian the law Piru homely Jia Li Jerry he the best companion to Allah is the best to his companion and the best neighbor to Allah is the best to his neighbor it is a wonderful hadith and authentic hadees this from Muslim at number is one nine four four our beloved prophet said in this one in this Hadees friend friend will be any people who is best to his friend he is best to Allah so how will befriend each added only one way the way is love without love nobody will not never will befriend each other I want to talk about jihad somebody asked me about jihad Islam is terrorist Islam don't love people it is wrong understanding you know there is a chapter on our in our Quran in our hadith a jihad what is the jihad somebody understood jihad means fighting no jihad means to spend your strength to good something for this world it means to do good something for this world for your society for your area for your local masjid for your local school for for your friend for your brother sister the jihad judge means fighting it is not correct our beloved prophet said many many times do jihad spend your strength to do good something for a human I request to the people of the elantra who are seeing me or our message please send this message about the jihad has it not fighting we don't support the fight our duties which is good for the human which is right for the human this is our duty la Sol and Allah said water to his beloved Messenger Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi assalam bulbulay allow column in higher bali Oh prophet you just conveyed a message you don't force the people to enter the Islam to accept the Islam Allah said in other words in the holy quran la caja 15 forcing is not allowed in the Islam so I think you a lot try to give me that chance to talk about our love even Allah by Islam thank you all thank you my mom they don't thank you for telling us about the true meaning of Islam now we'll hear from the Chairman and mufti of the Islamic League Sergey secure car dear friends let me welcome you with the greetings of Islam peace be upon you the mercy and blessings of Allah Allah Almighty says in the Quran o mankind indeed we have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another this is a message to all people and it indicates the importance for us to cognize this world to learn the traditions and customs of different nations different nationalities to build good relationships among people on the basis of mutual respect and tolerance to support and love each other avoiding bias on the basis of equality there are many stereotypes about Islam in the world and one of them is that Islam is intolerant towards and other religions that the Koran preaches violence in fact Islam calls for believing in all the prophets of the world and to treat every faith with great respect the root of the world Islam is Salam which means peace love all of the almighty says in the Quran there shall be no compulsion in acceptance of the religion therefore so whoever wills let him believe and whoever wills let him disbelieve these words oblige all muslims and ephraim respectful attitude towards other religions in general and towards a human being in particular in islam all the prophets were brothers by faith they all came with one message believe that God is one stripe for good and beware of doing evil we Muslims believe that whoever does an atom's weight of good will see it and whoever does an atom's weight of evil will see it each of us has the right of choice and we choose good thank you thank you next is dr. Muhammad Bukhari doctor of law master of comparative law lawyer business developer professional writer and poet Salaam alaikum WA Rahmatullah this means peace be upon you and mercy from God to you this is the original and continuing grating of Islam to all creatures can you imagine love without peace and mercy the French philosopher Dicker's said one day I am thinking so I am existing but I would like to share with you another vision I love so I am human being I believe that love is deeper than being just a feeling or emotion between male and female or halal and Haram love is a positive energy that nourish man and makes him good with God and his brothers and sisters in humanity immediately is like electricity it has multiple uses but its source is one no one denies that the harmony of man with God and the universe calls love Islam came with two messages of love and peace which is the message that governs the relationship of man in his relationship with his Lord and all his creatures when you are described as an understanding tolerant and forgiving you mean Islam and thus you are a true lover the true Muslim is a true lover and the true lover is almost by nature Islam is the religion of love true Islam can be viewed as a practical spiritual treatment of the hearts and the souls of human beings regardless of their colors religions and nationalities let us love let's understand the truth of the rules of Islam thank you thank you dr. Bakri we're very glad you can join us today now we have Morocco's next now minal am i a student of the fail University from Quneitra Morocco good afternoon everybody my name is Minh i am i am 19 years old college students from morocco and we are also honored to be part of this conference about saving humanity and spreading love and peace among the world and it's a good thing to see among all these bad news but we do have some other good news that make us happy about being human and living all of this planet millions of people around the world are calling for justice sharing and also love and no other solution will work and until the people of goodwill throughout the world rise up ammunition together because the true power is togetherness and sharing among millions of people which is creative and healing in a worldwide scale when the heart is opened with love it can be only called for sharing when all the nations come together and share the risk of the world we can make the world better I will conclude my speech by a verse from Quran it says yeah you highness in the hologram in the kirino enca which are enough in Subin laka back in early tomorrow it means you have created you all out of a male and a female and have made you into nations in tribute so that you may come to know one another I think this verse of Quran can resume all what I said about Indian people of working together and spread love and peace thank you everyone Thank You minal we're happy you could join us often people ask a question whether it possible to unite a religion it is possible to unite the believers on limb and allatra proved it so right now here we are representatives of different cultures and religions and we are together but religions as organizations cannot be united because it's just simply impossible to unite business organizations the only way you can overtake it how can we rely on a religion that should unite if their religions themselves divide us as human beings we do not need to wait for the unification of religion God has one and we'll love him all the religions contain Universal grain of knowledge that unite us all but at organization without believers they're faceless they have competition but we as believers we are united in the love of God and respect to each other we respect all prophets this is confirmed by the universal grand project we are all people we are one big family and right now I would like to introduce AMA from Yuki of Ukraine who is the coordinator of the universal brain project readings from the coordination centre of allatra international public movement which is it here it is in Kiev Ukraine it is a great honour for us to be participating in such a huge event which is happening first time in history Universal grain is a project which has actually proved that believers of different denominations they do not consider each other enemies we consider each other friends we consider each other one people who really aspire towards one thing towards love and we all realize that God's love is what unites us Universal grain has proved it there are no matter of whatever the person believes whatever religion he belongs to he really does feel these importance of humaneness in this world and he really does feel that we as humans we want to do something towards changing this world into a better vector into a vector of creative society not a consumer society and in thousands of interviews in more than 180 countries in the world participants of allatra international public movement have talked to people personally they have made thousands of videos where people personally have said it that we want to read in love we want to live in peace we want to show as much people as we can actually we want to show as much opinion as possible to actually bring this truth to life the three people we are not enemies it is just an illusion which is being manipulated to us because it is easy to control it that way but we people the ones which are good which are simple people around the world nobody wants war we all want peace we all want love and we want to share this love with each other we want to cognise each other from the best way we can and we are ready to do something for this thank you so much for the word I am bringing forth back to Atlanta thank you Anna and the universal brain project is incredible it has United so many people around the world already and this is just the beginning and right now I would like to give the microphone to Olga Kaufman from Michigan I'm a mother of two that does not want to see her children killed and another hand the statistics shows the opposite billions are killed and a huge number of wars what for natural resources there are many religious organizations and governmental institutions that are aimed at human consolidation however we live in the 21st century in constant conflict with each other in wars and even fights with family members there are many intergovernmental organizations such as the United Nations that declare values that it does not keep in reality we are all in the war we are all separated by words we are in conflicts and we are in a war not in peace the same can be said about religions and politics we are being told that we have to fight some type of enemy on the outside and that we ourselves have to be someone else's enemy [Applause] Thank You Olga who would like to give the word to Shawn Brooks an anthropologist from Indiana yeah thank you oka that's very insightful and to continue on that I would like to talk about false patriotism today we are seeing history being rewritten in front of our eyes in favor of certain political elites and we can see examples of that all over the world we are dictated and told that we must believe that we must exalt ourselves over other people and and exalt ourselves over other nations yeah this is all to separate us not only from the world but from each other and separate nations as well we must stand together we are one family we are one United group and we know this we know inside that no one is better or above anyone else we must be Patriots for each other too often we see one nation saying that they're better than the other and then what comes after that war conflict we seek out to destroy that nation as an inferior being and then we often see other nations impose themselves on other nations but who imposes this and why do we have such imposition going on between different countries and you notice that we don't see a sharing of love and respect and dignity for other nations but instead we're told that we need to be better than them and that they're our enemy but this is false we are one family again one humanity and we need to be Patriots for each other also we've seen this growing influx of of heroism and this idea of being a hero but what is this really about it's about it's the popularization of death and heroism in a society that already has too much of it instead we need to unite and recognize that the real true heroes are the heroes for all mankind please remember that the system X through us has no tongue no hands and if we kill someone in the name of money it is not it who kills it's we the people who kill as the system works through us through our thoughts and our actions thank you thank you thank you Sean next we'll hear from Christian from New Zealand good morning Christian good morning hello world pleasure to be with you mold talk briefly on international entities are they friend or foe every day we hear of a new report coming from one of these credible supranational bodies the UN the UN Security Council the I Mir for perhaps the IPCC all of which seem to own the truth and demand the final say saving the matter once and for all no more questions asked trust us they say where do they get their information outside Institute's or internally who funds them is the content correct do their conclusions serve the truth and our best interests or does it serve someone else's I suggest these entities serve just a few but control greed and power their goal helped along by propaganda and misinformation despite their best efforts we can still see clearly we know that primarily and most importantly we are all human beings that secondly and of lesser importance each one of us is of a specific race or gender and thirdly we know that all of us have the freedom of choice and to identify with any group we please with the primary in mind what do we human beings want I suggest our desires are classic and timeless common to all peoples both past and present we want freedom joy family health love and respect unfortunately we're not aware we are easily divided I see constant examples of division driven and amplified by the mass media dividing the sexes pitching woman against mean dividing religions poaching one against the other and even the division of generations prefer in the young against the old division delivers fragmentation and weakness the only hope for any group being a family or all of humanity as unity and this can be our choice let's rate earths present leadership by its results all those high-level talks global summits and those very important banquets but still no change we realize despite being fed the opposite narrative that for every difference we may have with someone of different sex skin color race or creed we actually have numerous similarities parents brothers sisters hopes and dreams the list is truly endless we are indeed one if we could just switch off the noise their message the noise coming from the few as division through fear our message coming from the multitudes as unity through love and respect we simply need to stop listening to them the immediately implies and their self interest entities and move to a completely new mode of thinking a mode of thinking that moves us away from the narrowing selfish competitive and forever wanting consumer format to something inclusive and expensive a format championed by honesty responsibility kindness mutual respect courage and love we need not fight them we need not take up arms not riot nor seek revenge we simply must turn our backs stop participating in their productions stop wasting our attention on their election game campaigns and their manufactured fear campaigns we must go our own way we must put trust in ourselves if it's to be its to us thank you yes we must remember that the most important resource we have is attention in time Thank You Christian and right now we will watch a short video clip from the program climate the future is now with the participation of yoga Mihailovich Danilov who's an allatra p.m. participant what do people have to do in order for the golden millennium to come for this to happen they have to become people free people free from the beast dictatorship that's what's important do you know what the other trouble is I would say that everything negative that is imposed in our society is done by less than 1% of the total population these are the people who are completely controlled by consciousness as part of the system or to put it simply these are the ones who are manipulated by the devil however they are very active and very loud while more than 99% of people are passive and there are a lot fewer of them there are a lot fewer people who are more or less spiritually free more or less I emphasize those who feel do understand but they like the remaining 98 percent well even more than ninety eight are also passive but if all people stop being silent then everything would change and no matter how those other ones would shout and make noise then as they say their screams would not be heard in our whispering isn't it so well again it's impossible to make a choice instead of people a human is free in his choice this is the highest gift that a being like a human can gain this is the right of choice to live or to die you know it's as if consciousness underestimates the role of people who can all unite people can do a lot and nothing prevents them from gaining unity absolutely nothing but thoughts in their head we coming from the devil nothing else today we're gathered all together people of different nationalities different religions joining us today are people from all over the world do we want someone to destroy us of course not then why do we keep on making nuclear weapons why do we have the Doomsday Clock which represents the likelihood of the man-made self-destruction right now the clock is two minutes to midnight we're midnight represents the complete destruction of mankind do we want these two minutes to expire who will press these buttons people just like us and we made this clock we made the nuclear missiles why do we want to kill ourselves who benefits from it and what imposes these thoughts after all there are billions of us why do we need this clock so that we can constantly live in fear so we can count down the time until it'll be the end after all we can remove the clock does anyone see a benefit in it the ones that believe that they can press the button think that they can manipulate billions while they themselves have the exact same problems how can a person see the benefit of a nuclear explosion that will kill the whole civilization who imposes these thoughts on a person the main point is that it's time to remove the clock we are the people who brought the society 2 minutes to midnight whether the clock will remain or we will remove it the depends on us depends on what we support in our head after all who is killing is there some kind of a who kill those day are us it is us people that make the nuclear weapons we continue making it and then we transport them two minutes before people destroy themselves with nuclear weapons which they made with their own hands isn't that nonsense after all it won't start by itself if it's not beneficial for us than to whom who among these present here wants this who creates the images of enemies when we don't want it who imposes this information on us and for what reason who is this manipulator that imposes fear on us through information and for what purpose isn't in a small group of people who reap the profits from it because they believe that they control everything our thoughts their actions but who controls their thoughts after all it only takes one madman to press that button in this madness they themselves are sure there will be no war but somewhere someone can launch a nuclear missile one rocket because of the story that we are enemies to one another one moron can start an apocalypse they think they have everything under control but one lunatic is enough to start a nuclear mass destruction here I gathered thousands of people from around the world let's ask them who wanted nobody wants right now we are on the verge of a global nuclear conflict but why because two red haired guys couldn't get along and because of that we are being told that we enemy to each other they say Russia wants to kill us and today we have a nice opportunity to ask people from Russian Federation can you please tell us do you really want to kill us people of America we don't want to kill you we don't want to live in war we want peace and we want to live in love respect and friendship is there someone who wants to kill them yes please disk – attack – watch it you bitch in America there is no one Disney at Knickerbocker watched receive it great news Thank You Russia and we fully agree with you that no one wants aggression so why are we being forced to believe that there is an enemy out there and we need to hate and kill them people have no complaints complain doze who cannot split one wallet and power over us but not to mention this wallet is ours is not them nonsense it sounds like a very bad diagnosis and it looks like that disease can really kill us and very soon if we do not unite or did this – red haired gentleman did not share a hamburger a something like that and billions of us suffered guys come on we have enough hamburgers and coca-cola for everyone why do we have worse in which we pointlessly die who is responsible who is to blame let's have these two leaders join us and tell us why they want to kill us are they guilty or maybe somebody else who wants to kill us if they say they are not guilty wonderful let them show who is guilty right now they're blaming Assad it's also fine with us we can invite Assad and let him tell us whether he wants to kill us or not let's get together as a big human family and invite all our leaders and ask them what are they doing terrorizing or saving us to this conference we invited leaders from the United States of America and Russian Federation but they ignore us they didn't come even though we wrote call they didn't join us why because who are we just people just millions of people who want peace but if billions of us will get together on the second Saturday of May next year they will have to come and they will listen to us today is the second Saturday of May in one year let's get together and if the top government officials are that lazy then they don't want to come down to the regular people fine let's connect them through Internet they can still stay comfortable in their chairs in their offices and connect through internet and look into the eyes of the world community even through their monitors but they will have to answer our questions if we will get together because we really would like to find out really that they want to kill us and why after all we can already clearly see what is happening in the world today words which are being financed all the manipulation with fear and now everything that is getting out of control and we are starting to understand the technologies of manipulation and control our Glee right now and we want to ask them just as people same as us do they really want to kill the whole civilization but what about their own children are they ready to see them die or maybe they don't understand that one nuclear explosion means the end of the whole civilization but this is our last chance and right now we have right to ask this question why did we start this conversation about the clock that is showing two minutes to midnight because situation right now is such that if the politician will kill us or climate will do that but if there is a way out yes if we all really unite we will prove that we are worth a family that really wants you have future for our children and world a life for us but if we don't get there all together then we are satisfied with what they are doing right now that they are killing us with our own hands lead us to self-destruction and that the clock is two minutes to midnight then we agree that this is end and we are ready to die we are people of the world doesn't matter who we are Americans Russians Chinese Indian doesn't matter we are all our people and we all are part of one big family and we need to unite and today it is absolutely possible each of us can share this information further with our friends family and colleagues and they will share it with their friends family and colleagues let us prove that the rule of six handshakes really works it means that all people are sick social connection away from each other if all of us speak up they will hear us if we were able to create nuclear missile and bring this clock towards midnight that means we are capable to create such a technology to connect all people starting from the North Pole to the South Pole we need to make this information open for everybody in the world so everybody can know that on the second Saturday of May there is a possibility for all people to connect and talk about what our future is gonna be and we also need to invite all our leaders because this is our chance we people are not delegating power to them we are delegating responsibility to them let's choose those who are forties who are really for us here and now who feel that they are part of us human family those who take responsibility and not power over us we people of all countries will vote for leaders who really create conditions for safety but not those who protect us from people just like us with the cost of our own lives let's not make heroes out of people who are heroes for one country and killers for another real heroes are heroes for the whole humanity we are not morons we understand that wars are organized in order to earn money and we taxpayers finance it but guys maybe it's time to earn on something else and not on our lives we don't want them to have financial loss let us just redirect it we can put the economy on a different track let's have our taxes used towards the development of science for the development of space oceans improving the ecology of the let them do what will be really useful for us there is a lot of technologies that could be implemented and on which they can still earn money so on this taxes let the same smart people build series devices for space and ocean exploration and pharmaceutical companies of course still can earn on the same fact that we will stay healthy so that's our life and we can put our taxes towards something good and not towards our destruction we as a humanity can put all the military industry on a different track instead of killing ourselves put this resources towards exploring the space and ocean that is where the real heroes are needed this sphere is full of risk and we will be proud of them let us explore neighborhood planets and they can continue messing with us and scare us with some aliens and we are fine with that it says it is much better to be afraid of a alien than of your neighbour right now they keep an ACEF rate and making us perceive each other as enemies make us put our trust on the rulers who supposedly will protect us will they really protect us or are we protecting ourselves from the people just like us with the cost of our own lives we are one family we love and respect each other it is them who cannot divide spheres of influence territories and power among themselves but we people treat each other well and when billions of us get together again on the second Saturday of May they will hear us and will respect us after all we are the ones choose them and we want respect from them and honesty only together we can reverse a consumer format the economy can be developed peacefully money can earn peacefully politicians gather together to decide on how to manipulate and divide the world society most of the time we don't know about it and then we find out about the decisions and conclusions that were already made there is no hatred between people we are now gathered here people of the world from the huge number of countries and we have no complaints towards each other why are they afraid of overpopulation not because the earth cannot support everyone but because it becomes difficult to control us but to be honest it is already hard to control us we all want to live in a good world if we don't create it then who will so let's get together all together the whole humanity and openly rise this question how can we all unite and we invite the government officials to join us let's set the date for the second Saturday of May a year from today let's share the information about the event in mass media and all social networks do all that we can do on a global scale this is our last chance we can remove the clock we can live happily but if we decide not to use this opportunity to unite then why do we need to wait for this to last minutes to expire we can move these hands on the clock right now the future on the world will depend on us and we understand that we cannot influence climate change but we can change the relationship between us human so let's meet on the second Saturday of May next year and together choose the pet for our civilzation this is our last chance [Applause] right now we'll hear from Alexander from Germany greetings from Germany after hearing all this information especially the last speech we're descended this information is very important and really concerns everyone everyone wants to leave in the world full of love without words without suffering everyone has this feeling of unity inside themselves and this is unique opportunity to talk to our leaders honestly and openly to talk to people who are with the government to talk to people who make the important decisions about the life of our planet actually those people who vote worse they can concur moon they can conquer Mars or any other cosmic buddy but do not touch our lives right now we are thousands of people sitting here but if we tell this information to everybody who we know or we don't know we can bring together of billions of people and sit together on one table as a family at best network today's global conference it's not just talking but acting in fact we see a lot of partners supporters of this event making this conference happen and real so we would like to express our gratitude to everyone to all active people making this event happen so everything is possible when they think and act in creative way today's conference it is an amazing day it is really amazing event and much has been done but this is not enough if we want to gather more people together everyone we need to do more we have to be more so let's gather all our potential all our resources everything they are capable of so we need to really millions of people active people winning professionals we need scientists we need some reactive people who want to participate and make our world better so we need to partner on the global scale we need to gather all our best ideas to come up with technical solutions and find a ways new ways of getting people so that someone here could gather the our entire human family allatra platform is already gathering a lot of people and it is realizing a lot of creative projects we are ready to grow so let us make good in action for our teachers say thank you [Applause] next we have a just say Ukraine Dimitri I agree with everything we have discussed today we face it nowadays we only talk about their ideal and humane society but what do we do to create it in practice you are completely right that it's enough to keep quiet and act like ships politics is the art of line and politicians in fact are only actors on a public stage no more than that so if they cannot find an exit from this dead-end we people of the world can help them we can help each other we can use modern technologies to implement the plan we do not have to come in person and sit at one table nowadays we can use internet social networks like Facebook Instagram and Twitter to reach as many people as possible so let's get in those politicians government workers and members of international organizations and bring them to our next discussion in a year you're completely right they are also part of the society the only difference is that they have more responsibilities let's sit together and create a plan how to use all the possible resources for the benefit of our civilization no more resources should be spent for killing us if we want tomorrow to live in a better world we have to start to do real steps today we need to unite all our efforts and be friends with each other regardless of nationality and all the differences that we have so indeed allatra unites today we are thousands and next year we will become billions we join this initiative and see you next year even backward to Atlanta thank you thank you [Applause] right now will like to give a word to the Russian Federation Masha greetings from Moscow Russia and thank you everyone who is today online with us we totally agree with everything said today and we totally support the unification of people in friendship love and respect friends people of the whole world let's go and say to our loved ones your friends colleagues and partners about what we understood today and about that we want to meet in exactly one year the whole planet let's use all possible kind of technologies all possible means of communication internet Facebook Instagram telegram Skype and zoom and others in order to chat talk and meet together during this year in order to realize this international common the whole world call in exactly one year as far as we know today there is still no such technology that can unload the whole planet to connect together in one common call billions of people but we can design this technology among us there are people who has high qualification and they can help us to develop this technology among us people of the world there are scientists there are directors of large corporations there are people who travels around the world there are people who work on radio and televisions let's carry this message and let's do everything possible and to apply or our knowledge and all our experience in order to realize this international call after exactly one year [Applause] Thank You Russian Federation now we would like to pass the word to Switzerland very positively to from Geneva Switzerland it's a great honor to take part and is historically bad and to speak up for the people in all the world and this is an amazing example how people can gather together and stand by each other and speak out for the problems we are all worried about both equations were raised today crucial for every human being and I'm really looking forward to see all of us in one year with the results of Bill actions which can improve our world thank you very much thank you very much and Lina thank you right now next is the United Kingdom readings from the United Kingdom you know we've been listening to every speaker very carefully and it's impossible to overstate the importance of the points which have been brought up during this conference they are important for the whole mankind and with humans indeed have been playing for too long and we all should agree that that's enough we should stop before it's too late we should all refuse to believe that humanity has chosen sorrowful existence instead of full life we continue playing the answer of the game will follow very quickly the game will be just over for everyone we're here in the United Kingdom agree that instead of being involved in borås conflicts fighting for resources fighting for power we should direct all our unstoppable energy all our sharpness of mind flashing creativity our in-depth knowledge and vast experience and what's more importance our mutual thirst for life we should direct all these at the revival of the true humanities in the society we all agree here that we should unite uniting actions we should start socializing at all levels openly there is shade of doubt that in a year we should meet at the world wide roundtable where we should forget about our titles forget about the roles we play and about the masks were wear push it finally start talking to each other as true and equal humans but during this year we cannot sit on our hands and wait for the next conference we should stop keeping silence should act today now it's time to act to act with open mind and open heart it says in joyful you should agree start talking to our relatives talking to our friends to our colleagues let's express our opinions in social media and in social events female organisations authorities officials let's start raising questions together and start looking for answers to these questions together let's food solutions into life together unity has amazing power too the world good baguettes good so friends in the air in a year of amazing positive changes we should meet again to make another jump towards the truly mercy society we can do this together stan to act – thanks to all speakers many thanks to everyone let's just know each other thank you [Applause] Thank You London and I also would like to thank all for joining today's conference we sincerely hope to see the whole humanity in one year on the second Saturday of May for this to happen much depends on everyone who is here today who is listening to us now coming from a basic understanding of this important issue every time you look in the mirror ask yourself what have you done to make the world of tomorrow better and when looking into the eyes of your friends and relatives ask yourself what have you done to make the world a better place for them right now upon your screens you can see a different methods of communication we can use to connect with each other let's share ideas how we can build the society that we really want contact us with your initiatives and ideas on who can help and how we can create together I also would like to bring your attention to this fact that this initiative has to be done solely on the volunteer basis only and everyone can participate everyone should participate because the question concerns all of us all of mankind after all we know the concept of six handshakes now we will tell our friends and relatives in their circles to connect to connect to the whole world on the second Saturday of May we invite everybody present at all countries and cities and all who hear us today at the end of this event please share your vision share what do you think what can we do to make this world better we can share this right now in our social networks with the hashtag allatra unites share interviews with allatra ipm participants they already waiting for you in many different locations around the world share it an exchange with each other we can answer the question individually and collectively what can we do now so that the changes really takes place we can only do this together and we sincerely hope to see you next year thank you so much [Applause] you

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  1. At this world conference, people of goodwill voiced everything that each of us thinks and discusses in a narrow circle — with friends, in the family. Yes, we are one family. We want to live in love and friendship. We are able to change the vector of the society from the destructive consumer to the creative.And it depends on each of us. Allatra unites all of us. This conference is a great example of it. I agree together we can do everything! Thank you.

  2. Amazing is not the right word for this event. Is that greate to see the dreams of the whole society come true. Not as observers, bus as active creators. The quastions raised there everyone is or was asking himself. So in the preparation to the Society 2020 everyone can express his active position towards creative society. Unique apportunity!

  3. Если люди хотят выжить, значит нужно объединятся и действовать сообща.

  4. Great Thanks !! This conference is a great big event !! May 11, 2019 this event is important for all mankind! Let's meet the whole world on the second Saturday of May 2020 for the second conference "SOCIETY. THE LAST CHANCE". And all together the whole world will honestly and openly decide how we can change the vector of the society from the destructive consumer to the creative !! I’m sure we can build a decent society and still truly beautiful!

  5. This is a unique and remarkable initiative that proves once again- as they say in the east, if people unite, even the mountains will move!

    In unity our power and

    strength! Which can change the fate of all mankind! Together WE can do everything!

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