23 thoughts on “Society of the Silurians ~ David Cay Johnston ~ February 2018

  1. strong, smart and aware. This is the clearest thinking person attacking this subject yet. Trump has got to go.

  2. my comment is a bit late to this address. if you feel so passionately about trumpet, his sycophants, and government employees then why are you not following the trail of the children that have been removed from their parents? if there is any truth, minor or not, in the stories that are out there about child exploitation, organ removal, trafficking, then please bring this into the light. it is not his finances that people care about but if any of the former is true that should surely turn his followers. do you duty and find these children. Now

  3. Dear Mr. Cay Johnson – thank you for your passionate and committed caring for the American people and our American Dream

  4. He says: "People didn't know who they were voting for." Yes they did. The Mueller report is now out highlighting Trump and his crimes. His approval rate is still between 40 to 50%!!! (depending on the poll) This is totally insane! People know how corrupt this evil prick is, and yet they will still vote for him in the next election! This should be the largest landslide in election history for Democrats in 2020, and yet it looks like it's going to be a barn burner for closeness. Why? This is total and complete nonsense and insanity as we live in a country now that has been so brainwashed by FOX News, Right-wing talk radio, and propaganda, that this man can win not just one but two elections to be president! WTF?

  5. David Cay Johnson, and a few outspoken citizens like him, give me a renewed hope about America. May God give you strength, courage and the protection to help save America.

    The mistake of having Donald Trump as a President in the Oval Office, even for one day, is a head on collision with disaster. America deserves better and should not die premature because of one greedy amoral bastard. It's Awful, deplorable and unacceptable.

  6. "People did not know, when they voted, who they where voting for." But we knew who we were voting against!

  7. Killing the TPP is the one good thing Trump did. The TPP would have effectively given giant corporations supremacy over government. Say goodbye to worker and environmental protections and say goodbye to the human race if it ever gets passed.

  8. "Kakistocracy". Learned a freaky new word from Mr. Johnston today. It's so new and freaky spell check doesn't even recognize it as a real word.

  9. For me, the Dems don't need a message or a platform. The only motivation I need to vote is the opportunity to vote tRUMP out of office.

  10. Wow. I totally agree. Fascinating stuff, Mr. Johnston. It's demoralizing and depressing to think a large minority of Americans would vote for Donald tRUMP on their own free will without being held at gun point. I whole-heartily voted for Obama and Clinton, but I would never love, worship, and adore either one of them like the way tRUMP lovers love, worship, and adore tRUMP. Ugh !! It's all right to be critical and skeptical of someone you voted for. tRUMP lovers don't see it that way, apparently. tRUMP lovers seem to think loving, worshiping, and adoring tRUMP is what being a good American is all about. Ugh !!

  11. Are the Russian Oligarchs behind Clintons Uranium? Just asking about that connection for which Clinton and Mueller find themselves entangled.
    This chap seems to know everything but nothing if that makes sense?
    Ok, now I’ve listened a little longer….yes he’s a leftist speaking of traitor. He’s jealous of Trump and certainly is a hater…….oh! He has a book!!! I’m out!

  12. David Cay Johnston is an excellent source of information on Trump and the information he relates is on the money. One of his books describes a situation which took place in Rochester, NY where he lives and I remember the event and he describes it and the fallout perfectly and accurately. His books are rather depressing and people don't seem to believe them, but my money is on him. It is imperative that anyone who wants to understand what is going on economically in this country read his books and maybe shake up the politicians a little.

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