40 thoughts on “Society Is Being Programmed By A Black Box

  1. How come the world's best political analysts using supercomputers kept reassuring that Clinton would win by 70%??

  2. Funny that the black box looks like a black cube which represent saturn.. 666..
    Remember the Rothschild backing Napoleon and his enemies at the dame time?

  3. The Trump card to this Black Box agenda, is our own personal timelines can not be emulated into an echo chamber unless you feed it (fear feeds). "They" may seem 17 steps ahead of the game but grand creator is much further ahead of the game than that, as to let a billionaire manipulate our reality to this extent, our realities are not solid states as we are led to believe, they are flux. If you take this information in the video on an emotionally charged level, then you open that particular time line personally. This is how they attempt to use ourselves against ourselves to feed the fear. Remember this! it is our emotional spectrum which manifests, or opens time lines not our minds, our mind is what activates our emotions then our emotions activate our realities/ timelines.. love is the highest and purest level down to fear and hatred. This spectrum creates our realities. Think about it..

  4. Much truth here, 🙂 the prisoners of our meager perceptions, sculptured by disinformation and assumption', we love our wretched chains..

  5. So, it seems there are some data analysts we have to stop continuing doing their work when it becomes a satanic tool, in Jesus Christ his name and by Jesus Christ his blood, now and forever: amen!

  6. People need to understand this, and that they can do something about it! It's comes down to habits. Change your habits, feed them information that you plant, that is not true… it is a game, and we can beat them at their own game… do things out of character, make them believe things about you that is false, it's just a matter of changing your habits.

  7. Yes because the mind is the second most powerful force on the planet. The pen is mightier than the sword. Wanna know the 1st? It's the spirit so perhaps I should say the WAND is mightier than the pen. What do you think Harry Potter was? What do you think Washington DC, London and the Vatican city are? The Holy trinity of the father, the son and the holy spirit!

  8. They tried that in India and they fucked up.We have to leave our phone and start living life.This channel needs 1 billion subs.

  9. If the same people funded both sides of the election, why did Hillary spend $1.2 billion and Trump spend less than half of that? This video is a good description of how the fake left vs right Uniparty has operated for decades. Why isn't it mentioned that both democrat and republican politicians and media hated Trump. Lumping Trump into this is a deliberate attempt to link him to the swamp that's trying to take him down. Illogical.

  10. It's why Trump and all the rest of them are constantly emailing surveys. Big Data controls the world now.

  11. As A TI I feel like this system is what has been screwing with me for years. Its Its mostly ran by AI and it wants to change everything about me.

  12. At 5:00 you mention 230 million people where did you get that figure from? Is that the american population?

  13. Has no one told these spying creeps that such behaviors constitute a violation of our rights to search & seizure! These creatures know everything about everyone yet what is interesting is, like with the Parkland "shooting" event starred a Nikolas Cruz who the media claimed had posted videos on social media of which should have sent up red flags for the FBI yet although they claimed to be aware of this potential threat they claimed that they were unable to identify him, yet his screen name was his name of which features an unusual spelling of his last name. If the FBI cannot find someone in this kind of situation it confirms just how incompetent they are. Wait, they recently demonstrated this same incompetence in the way they handled the final FBI report of the Las Vegas shooting. Useless.

  14. Well
    This mite b one of ur best
    And u hav sum awesome material 2 draw comparisons from
    So thats a stretch i know
    And probably an emotional response
    But this has floored me adjacent 2 th pedovores… obviously less disgusting…but almost as thought provoking.. i guess what i mean
    Last time i had 2 pik up my jar off da floor
    Was wen i realised our govmts are satanic cruel monsters..
    This just about lost me in tge mirror
    Great job guys
    AS ALWAYS.. so thankful 2 receive ur content down under..

  15. For what it's worth, Watson, my fundamental imprint of "Paradise" is the second of Ravel's "Trois Chansons" drawing from his experiences as an ambulance driver in the trenches of the Great War. It's a terrifying modern memory laden with melancholy. You still have much to learn.

  16. Love you TWO can't wait to hear this. I know, I know I probably sgould comment after the good stuff but I don't have to loved everything you guys made to date this won't be any different. 👍

  17. Did you seriously just say trump is alt-right?
    Alt-right isn’t even a real term btw it was made up by the media to discredit all conservatives outright, and to control your opinions. Is there an alt-left?

  18. We have a choice to not use social media, the internet in general, or credit cards, or use them sparingly. They really can't get your soul. It would be like trying to put the ocean in a sieve. You're not helpless. Find other ways to connect and relay info without using electronic tech.Or if you must be online and have the time to waste, you could even create decoys and mislead them. Could be fun.

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  20. Wonderful video with very insightful information that the public needs to know. I want you to break this brainwashed shell the world is in. You reach just 1-2 people even that’s good enough for me ..

  21. If AI or anyone is using DATA from social media and sites like Utube as a model for human behavior then God help us all. No one with a brain is here INCLUDING ME….

  22. And if you were connected? You wouldn't be in YT I'll tell you that. I'd be on the back 9 before lunch and a day on the yacht perfecting my skills.

  23. Hey… if there's no electricity, then there's no computer.  Right?  Take out the electricity.  Simple.  Or not?… Humans vs. machines, great cost on either side to take the other side out.  No fear, all is well.  Book of Revelations and Psalm 2.  Those who believe, stay strong in the Spirit!

  24. Wanna get DEEP in the RABBITHOLE?, please check NICHOLSON 1968 on WEB or YOUTUBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. The more they control information the less meaning it has. It's just becoming a mirror reflecting a lifeless picture they have created. It's a trap they imprison themselves and those who follow.

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