Socialists and Other Grotesque Ingrates | Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

Socialists and Other Grotesque Ingrates | Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

and now it is my pleasure to and then great honor to introduce my good friend and one of the the genuine stars of the Austral libertarian movement Tom woods tom is a senior fellow of the Mises Institute he first attended me is the University in 1993 when he was an undergraduate at Harvard where he earned his BA in history he received his master’s degree in his PhD from Columbia University and all the while he was in graduate school he wasn’t Mises fellow he is the author of a dozen books including New York Times bestsellers the politically incorrect guide to American history and meltdown a great book on and one of the first on the financial crisis which features a foreword by Ron Paul his book the church in the market a Catholic defense of the free economy won the $50,000 first prize in the Templeton enterprise awards I didn’t know you got that much money for that and it’s anything across my pump okay Tom’s articles have appeared in dozens of popular and scholarly periodicals and Tom is great in speaking to lay audiences as well as to scholars and he’s a great scholar himself and and his books have been translated to a dozen languages Tom hosted Tom would show a libertarian podcast that releases a new episode every weekday so he’s a very busy man with Bob Murphy he co-hosts contre Krugman a weekly podcast that refutes Paul Krugman’s New York Times column and does it very well you can visit his website at Tom woods dot-com in fact I order you to do so and so does Guiteau okay Tom woods all right now it’s always hard for me to believe that a full year has passed between the previous muses University and this one the week goes by very quickly and you should be warned that on Saturday during the barbecue that closes mises University you’re going to experience a feeling of melancholy of regret of passing this is a clinical phenomenon known as post Mises you depression that term was coined by Bob Murphy and I realized I have that too that’s exactly what I have at the end of this week so if you want to get pictures or things with the faculty do it during the week at the end of the week we’re all drunk and miserable because Mises you is over okay it was interesting to listen to Joe to Jeff and Joe talking about the history of this movement and some of the people in this room and people people in this room have met and known and the Hayek reference was particularly interesting because it was mentioned on a website target Liberty not too long ago that Walter block apparently beat Hayek in chess now if you are if do you want to clap for Walter you want to encourage him really okay now you all know the transitive property well as you know I have kicked Walter block all over the chessboard therefore I have more or less defeated hayek all right let me get right down into what I want to talk about I don’t know how long this is gonna go I never know every year it always it’s always exactly on the nose I don’t know about tonight we’ll see tonight I thought it might be appropriate on this joyous occasion as we open Mises University which really is my favorite week of the year on land if you don’t know that reference you are disowned you will where you will get that reference it’s on board the Contra cruise at contra cruise comm correct no but I thought given that this is I mean I’m not joking this is honestly my favorite week of the year I absolutely love everything about the Mises Institute this program all the faculty members I don’t know all you guys yet so I can’t say but you look good so far anyway I thought because it’s such a joyous occasion I thought tonight I would talk to you about some truly terrible awful people and the people I want to talk to you about our ingrates I personally consider ingratitude to be one of the worst character traits you can have you’ve had a favor received and not only do you not return the favor you don’t even recognize that a favor has been done to you even worse you insult your benefactor now that is a no-no so I want to talk about and by the way I was gonna spend a little time going through what Thomas Aquinas says about gratitude and ingratitude in the Summa Theologiae and he has a whole section on on he feels exactly the way I do by the way that in gratitude like deserves its own section it’s so bad alright but I’m not gonna you know you can you all have your own copy of the Summa at home you can flip through and read that so instead I’m gonna jump right in and tell you that there are two categories of terrible people that I want to discuss with you tonight and the first one this is really shooting fish in a barrel very low hanging fruit I’m going to make the proposition here that socialists are terrible people and yeah I know it’s extremely bold and brave of me to say that to you folks but I don’t I don’t mean it in the typical way that people mean socialists are terrible people because they they favor theft and violence and ignorant and backwardness and you know whatever it’s not that it’s that they are profoundly ungrateful people now before I begin this section let me point out I know that today we don’t have a pure market economy believe me I of all people know this that’s almost all I ever talk about is we have this intervention in that intervention and this crony and that’s special privilege and what if I get that I get that but socialists are generally not making these kinds of distinctions they’re not saying well we oppose that aspect of the market economy when there are it’s not really the market economy when there are interventions or when there are people on the take that they’re condemning the whole market economy so I’m not interested in currying favor with them by saying well I too agree with Oh point zero three percent of what you’re saying because I also think that this guy shouldn’t get that subsidy I’m not gonna kiss their rear ends here over a little nitpicking like that so yes I know that it’s not a pure market economy but for the sake of argument from the point of view of the Socialists this isn’t well this is like the most ultra capitalist economy that we’ve ever had right that’s what they think so we’re gonna stipulate that for the sake of argument and when I say they’re ungrateful what I mean is let’s try to think about what life was like before the development of the market economy the modern market economy as we know it let’s try to was just cast our minds back it’s not that far really we can imagine we can think about what life was like now one of my favorite examples because it’s so chilling of what life was like in a pre-industrial pre-market society goes to Burgundy we’re talking about French peasants here or just people who worked in the vineyards as recently as the 1840s now this is a story that I got when Deirdre McCloskey was on my show and if you are not listening it’s at Toms I just bought that domain how was no one named Tom taken that domain Tom’s I also bought learn Austrian economics calm who let that one go anyway we’ll have another talk about clever domain names that I also bought Bernie is wrong calm what why are these available I do own those you can go visit I own him why did Hillary not buy bernie is wrong calm and I flipped through what happened no mention of the missing the Bernie is wrong domain name because woods already bought it anyway after the crop was in in the fall these poor folks would go to bed and they would sleep huddled together now this is absolutely the case in order to stay warm and they would actually hibernate for months in that state that’s how poor they were they couldn’t afford the heat and they couldn’t afford the food they would need to consume if they got up and expended energy now that is not an existence that befits a human being and that was normal that was normal now today that is so preposterous that and yet how many generations ago is that not very many or think about think about child labor child labor has been ubiquitous throughout history some of you may have heard me talk about child labor before I won’t dwell on it but people say that child labor is a fruit of capitalism capitalism yielded you child labor because before you had capitalism the kids were just skipping through meadows all day whistling a tune and then capitalism came along and they had to go work in a coal mine and get their limbs blown off that’s not so I mean children have worked since the beginning of time and the reason they’ve worked is not that they have terrible parents and this is a profound lack of curiosity when you hear modern Westerners talk about child labor they know they’re against it right and they’re gonna make sure we know that they’re against something everybody hates super brave they’re gonna tell us how against it they are but I never bother to stop and wonder what is the root cause even if you don’t these are the same people who say we need to consider the root causes of crime and they say just because I’m looking into the root causes of crime doesn’t mean I’m excusing crime well likewise doesn’t mean that you’re embracing child labor to at least try to investigate why it is so ubiquitous why does it exist isn’t aren’t you at least curious why why it exists and the answer is because without it families in poor countries starve to death that’s why and you hear that and suddenly you think oh my gosh I’ve been such a fool my whole life that’s so obvious yeah as a matter of fact the International Labor Organization which is not exactly a less a fair outfit said in a report about 20 years ago this is from their report poverty emerges as the most compelling reason why children work poor households need the money and children commonly contribute around 20 to 25 percent of family income since by definition poor households spend the bulk of their income on food it is clear that the income provided by working children is critical to their survival hmm so there are two ways you could approach the child labor question you could say well if a lack of food and a lack of labor productivity in other words if maybe their parents work could produce more then the children wouldn’t also have to work maybe we could work on that get the parents labor to be more productive then they could produce enough stuff to have the purchasing power to buy more food to buy more things that kids won’t have to work or you could just say let’s pass a law against this and unfortunately there are enough low IQ people in the world that they go for the second one let’s pass a law against the kids working we just learned that the kids are working because the family will starve if they don’t so let’s ban them from doing it that’s not the best way to go about it and Oxfam actually did a study of what happened when Bangladesh tried to get rid of child labour answer that children starve to death or went into prostitution which is exactly what all the libertarians tried to say at the time but none of the do-gooders could manage to fit into their busy schedules five minutes to think about that now why do I bring this up well the not that we celebrate child labor we got understand if you want to get rid of it you can understand what’s why is there and what’s gotten rid of it has been the market economy because it makes your labor more physically productive my father those of you who are on my email list may have read today I today’s actually might would have been my father’s 67th birthday and he was a where a forklift operator in a food warehouse for 15 years and that was not fun work this it’s humid and hot it’s just extremely unpleasant but because he had a forklift he was able to be I don’t know a hundred times more productive than he could have been with his bare hands imagine the weight of these pallets that he’s driving around there’s no way he could do that with his bare hands and certainly how’s he gonna stack him that high without a forklift can’t even be done that allows him to command greater purchasing power in his wage and basically meant that I didn’t have to work I could sit around like a bum reading books all day which is what I did so that’s what got rid of it it’s not yeah they passed laws against it after it was 90% gotten rid of already but if you just passed the law and you don’t create the fertile ground whereby people can become more physically productive in their labor and thereby liberate their children from work all you’re doing is guaranteeing starvation the logic of this is not as beyond debate can’t debate this that’s that’s the fact but I bring this up because today of course we have less child labor than ever reason to celebrate so we have the case of children working we have the case of people being so poor or they had to hibernate well then if I may return to and here I’ll read a brief passage from a transcript of my discussion with Professor McCluskey it proceeded like this even in a country as rich as France in the middle of the nineteenth century people were very poor I estimate that world income around 1800 was in modern terms three dollars a day imagine trying to live on the cost of a quart of a quart or two of milk spread over all your consumption all your housing your clothing your education everything $3 a day is a terrible terrible life now the world average adjusting for inflation today is $33 a day it’s about what Brazil is now three dollars a day to $30 a day even if you include very poor countries like Chad and Bangladesh is an enormous increase it’s a factor of 10 and in countries like Sweden the United States Australia Hong Kong the average is over $100 a day so it’s either a factor of 10 for the world per capita or it’s a factor of over 30 for the countries that have really absorbed the ideas of liberalism in the classical sense here’s the most important point the average poor person in the world is better off by a factor of 10 then that person was in 1800 and in the countries that have allowed capitalism to flourish like Sweden and she says which is a highly capitalist country for all we’ve heard of it’s socialism again it’s a factor of 30 the Equality of real comfort having a roof over your head having a serious education having smallpox vaccinations or the elimination of smallpox having enough food to eat these comforts which were denied 90% of the people in 1800 are now enjoyed by ordinary folk even the poorest in a rich society are vastly better off in material terms than they once were so this engine has been so much more productive in improving the condition of the poor than any of the schemes of equalization of incomes now you would think we would pause to appreciate this this is astonishing and yet not only do we not appreciate it it’s not a present company excepted we love it but no one else knows about it I don’t mean that they’re unhappy they don’t know it’s not reported in classrooms nobody learns this in the newspapers nobody learns this and how do I know that nobody learns this is this just a dramatic remark that I’m making actually they did a study of it not too long ago the late Hans Rosling’s web project Gapminder did a survey of people in 14 different countries they asked 12,000 people spread over 14 countries the following multiple-choice question do you believe that the proportion of the world’s population living in extreme poverty over the past 20 years has a doubled B stayed roughly the same or c-band cut in half well the answer as you know is that it’s been cut in half 95% of Americans got that question wrong they don’t even know I mean could imagine being that ignorant about what must be one of the most momentous achievements in all of world economic history it’s happening all around you you don’t even know it that’s amazing and that’s because somebody somewhere with the responsibility to convey this information to us is ungrateful is demanding more is impatient as always critical of capitalism and can’t give it credit for anything in the early 1800s 45% of all children died before age 5 that’s now 4% in 1800 people living in what economists call extreme poverty you’re talking 90% it’s under 10% today oh they’ll say if they do acknowledge this because you force them to they’ll say oh that’s because of redistribution governments are responsible for that all right here’s why that’s wrong where did the increased social spending where did the increase in the welfare state take place that took place in the rich countries where they had already gotten rid of extreme poverty the poverty reduction took place in the poor countries that can’t afford a welfare state that’s the answer the poverty reduction happened in the places where there wasn’t an increase in the welfare state extreme poverty was gone from the Western world long before there was a welfare state other statistics since 1960 literacy is up 43.6% caloric intake up by six eighty eight twenty over twenty one years of life expectancy and three inches in height now you realize that’s just an average it doesn’t apply to every individual I happen to be scrolling through just the other day human progress org and I assembled the following headlines almost at random here’s some headlines 75 percent of sub-saharan Africa now has access to clean drinking water French family becomes first to move into fully 3d printed home infant mortality in Asia has fallen by 74 percent since 1969 app lets you be a blind person’s eyes from anywhere in the world since 1970 the global rate of child mortality fell from 13 to 3.1 percent no we are not running out of forests this device can turn desert air into drinkable water technology helps those with dementia live independently every village in India now has electricity these are headlines I just took it random so my point we see what we have a the slightest inkling of what life used to be like is almost inconceivable for most of us you think about how little clothing you had you probably didn’t have shoes good luck if you need dental work you could go on and on do you think that you were able to join a book club with your friends when nobody had books and people were one bad harvest away from starvation do you think they had square-dancing conventions do you think they had bird-watching societies do you think they had any of this that’s what life used to be like and we know what it’s like now it’s not to say there aren’t any problems but we live lives that are straight out of science fiction and it’s an interesting exercise to just go through your life and just take a day where you just notice everything you’re doing and if you were to try to describe it to Thomas Jefferson he would think you’d lost your mind about all the magical devices that are serving you all day long and all the food that’s available to just think about the food that’s available to you you think about some monarch in European history would gather all these different dishes prepared and then decide which one looked good and eat that one okay you can go to a supermarket with far far more choices than that and pick out anything you want and go eat it I mean that we could go on on about the differences but here’s my point can you imagine if you lived in Burgundy in let’s say 1800 and you were with one of those people hibernating and somebody then described to you the explosion in material comforts and not just material comforts but in the spiritual renewal that occurs when people aren’t living hand-to-mouth all the time and can fulfill those aspects of what truly make us human could you imagine being told what life is going to be like some day and thinking to yourself yeah but when we get there if there are people who have more than I do I’m going to be really ticked off I mean you would have to be deranged you’d have to be deranged for this world to be described to you and for you to be saying yeah but you know what somebody that you know that magical vehicle that’s gonna drive me around with a magical device that tells me how to get where I’m going somebody else might have a bigger one you’re a terrible person if that’s the way you think that you’re a terrible person there’s probably no hope for you but you guys are young enough that I can you know we’re gonna try and just stop that from taking root here we can stop it from from starting but once it starts it’s hard to make an ungrateful person grateful these are ungrateful people yes I know there’s plenty of injustice in the world still and I want to fight against all that injustice but the fact is the market economy has made possible miracles no one could have dreamed of and the response from socialists is to get out a bullhorn and go scream at their employers that’s a deranged sick ungrateful individual so that so we’re not like that because we pause to stop and appreciate and be thankful for the things we have all right now that’s the easy part the easy part is going after the Socialists now I’m going after the libertarians all right I’m sorry I’m you know I don’t want to talk about that those people don’t like me very much Oh Andy and we’re talking about the libertarian socialists they don’t like me by the way you can look them up they do not care for me at all one bit and as you can imagine I have lost all kinds of sleep over that terrible tragedy there are people in the libertarian world who are profoundly ungrateful toward benefactors of this movement whether the Austrian school or libertarianism let me give you a brief example no I’m not gonna mention names I mean come on now we got social hour afterwards with alcohol you can get the names out of me then but just the other day I was in a Austrian II group on Facebook and somebody said something disparaging about Lew Rockwell and you know I just that miss that stuff makes me crazy I’m sorry that makes me crazy you attack one of my friends I just get crazy you know you attacked me and I think all right well I’ll make an email out of that and smash him but when it’s my friends I can’t even and I can control myself so I so here’s what I came up with for that person he said yeah loot that Lew Rockwell he’s just garbage and so I said you ready I said yeah except for that whole making the works of Mises Hayek Kerzner rothbard Haslett Flynn Garrett Feder Mach lip-balm bobrick and Menger available to the world and except making the entire print run of of major academic and popular libertarian periodicals available to the world plus the greatest collection of libertarian video courses including entire and exclusive courses with Robert Higgs Paul canter who studied with Mises and ralph Rico plus thousands of hours of audio lectures on all manner of economic historical and philosophical topics plus training two generations of Austrian economists through his top-notch Mises u training program plus guy remember you guys remember a guy named will grig anybody in this room okay we’ll Greg who died not long ago will grig was the most hardcore anti police abuse police brutality all that stuff guy there is period bar none he was the best and as with so many people who are the best the official libertarian world pretended he didn’t exist the same way the official libertarian world pretends Scott Horton doesn’t exist and he’s the best foreign policy guy we have well who was the one person who consistently gave will grig a platform was Lew Rockwell fashionable libertarians didn’t have time for will grig Lew Rockwell was hardcore anti-war on nine twelve oh one and not to mention he holds every year by far the best attended and most academically rigorous annual scholarly conference in the Austrian world yeah except for all those things did not hear from the guy again [Applause] now I’ve also I’ve given I gave a whole talk at an earlier Mises you about what I call the anti rothbard cult so I won’t I won’t revisit that whole thing because you can you can look that up but it is kind of like a cult because you know when you’re in a cult you have to there’s certain things you can and cannot do so you can’t talk about rothbard you certainly can’t talk about him favorably every once in a while you can trot him out as some kind of mysterious villain we can’t actually tell you about how he got to be well-known in the first place or why anyone cares about him but we can trot him out a little bit to be a villain and then and then we’ll put him away and say but instead we have Milton Friedman okay Milton Friedman was a fine man very smart very accomplished a good debater very well-spoken I am not trying to take that away from him but there’s something screwy about the whole we’re gonna take the radical Rothbard and make him persona non grata and we’ll bring out people who are pretty good but I mean it’s like we’re having a big conference on how to find and capture the Riddler but we’re not going to invite Batman so Rothbard I’m sure most of you know the guy okay so he writes man economy and state which basically keeps what’s left of the Austrian movement together and many people credit him at the famous South Royalton conference in Vermont in 1974 I guess with with having influenced the people in that room with that book which Mises said was just foundational everybody needs to to listen to what rothbard is saying Hayek writes the forward to individualism and the philosophy the social sciences by rothbard has very complimentary things to say about him Henry Hazlitt said the best thing about the Mises Institute was that it gives Murray Rothbard a platform Henry Hazlitt okay Henry Hazlitt is worth five hundred thousand no-name libertarian bloggers put together okay I don’t care what those people think about Rathbun well I do a little because it shows how profoundly ungrateful antisocial and horrible they are and so they’re good illustrations from my point but these people who want to be critical of Rothberg because I don’t like some of his political alliances okay all the people they want to substitute for rothbard we’re guilty of far worse than anything they could accuse Rathbun of if you read what Milton Friedman was saying about the Iraq war early on it is horrifying it is establishment crap from beginning to end and I’m sure I don’t care what Alliance Murray Rothbard had he never was cheering on totally avoidable deaths in a bogus war I can say that for rothbard I think that matters and in particular given the scope and the size of his accomplishments where would we be without Murray Rothbard where would we be would we have the hardcore anti-war anti intervention strain in this movement I think it’s doubtful if it hadn’t been for Rothbart here’s a guy by the way who had no ideological home in the 1960s because everybody on the right wing is for the Vietnam War and some of them are talking about using nuclear weapons and he’s saying what the heck did I wake up in a cuckoo clock what’s going on around here so he tries to make an alliance with the new left because before the internet you’ve got you know you’ve got it mean today you don’t need Alliance as you’ve got a website and people can find you but in those days well you got to get published in their magazine or something he tried to reach out and he had the honesty unlike 99% of mankind to admit later on you know I look back and I think that was just a waste of energy it just didn’t do what I wanted it to do very rare to hear somebody have the the guts to say you know what I was wrong about something I’d like to know when one of his profoundly ungrateful critics has ever said I was profoundly wrong about something unless they got caught saying a naughty word they weren’t supposed to say then they’ll make sure we all know I should never have said that word I know I’m talking about something real that would really be embarrassing to apologize for never hear that from these people cuz the same sort of people who are ungrateful never apologize either because they’re terrible people so rothbard instead of selling out which would have been the easiest thing in the world to do he just starts publishing his own stuff he publishes left and right the periodical with Leonard Lizzio he does everything he possibly can to get the word out at a time when according to Walter Bloch Rothbard estimated the number of libertarians in the world was 25 and he’s still out there fighting would all of us have had the guts and the determination to carry on when there were 25 libertarians in the whole world he kept on doing it when the easiest thing in the world with a guy of his intellect and his academic credentials would have been to sell out go teach at Columbia University about the Keynesian multiplier and collect his pension that would have been the easiest thing in the world and instead he kept fighting to keep libertarianism alive and unsullied and if you’re going to sit and nitpick some political alliance he made years later you are a profoundly ungrateful person and I’m leaving out all his contributions to scholarship the fact that yes I know there was Gustav de Mille inari but let’s face it Rothbart invented anarcho-capitalism he gave it philosophical economic and historical grounding the likes of which nobody had done he was he right about everything probably not but he was a pioneer and he wrote I don’t know he probably made 528 million claims in the course of his life so two or three of it might not be right but this man helped to make us who we are today and what’s even worse is he helped to make some of his critics who they are today and that’s what makes them profoundly ungrateful people but we have people in this room we should be grateful for as well Jeff her burner has been a friend for many years and I first met him in 1993 when I was sitting not quite where you are because we had Mises University out in the west coast in those days eat your heart out but I got to know him and I’ve gotten to know him all the more since we’ve been faculty together at Mises University did you know that Jeff herb iner got his PhD and was a mainstream economist it wasn’t like he was secretly studying the Austrians while he was getting his PhD he got his PhD was a mainstream economist and then he came to the conclusion that wait a minute this is not right I think the Austrians are right now does any economist to think to himself the way to fame and fortune and success is to abandon the mainstream and become an Austrian mid-career who would do that we should be grateful for Jeff urban er he didn’t do that for riches and influence [Applause] okay now Walter block has said some controversial things about American politics but you know what but you know what those are the least controversial things Walter has said in his career yep it’s true some people don’t agree with Walter strategic judgment on politics but you know what this guy has peer-reviewed articles coming out the wazoo he’s got over 500 of them he’s got books on all different topics he’s always reaching out for new topics to explore new horizons in libertarianism and Austrian economics he’s the guy who you can go and ask what if Martians came to earth and would they have rights and what if they’d spoke a different language whatever he’d say alright here are my 10 articles I’ve already written on that his policy is he will debate anyone anywhere anytime is he right all the time no he’s not but he he is a great man an extraordinarily hard worker who would is who at his age does not still need to be working but he’s still doing it for us and for the movement you don’t get money for writing scholarly articles he’s doing it to advance knowledge if you’re going to nitpick Walter yes we can be critical of Walter I mean he has terrible taste in a lot of things but if you’re gonna nitpick him without acknowledging his contributions you’re a terrible person you’re terrible all right I’ll just do a bunch of him to get now by the way I’m sorry for the faculty it’s not not you’re not all being mentioned I’m okay so don’t worry you can you don’t have to screw him what is he gonna say about me but look we got Peter Klein who’s got a PhD from Berkeley scholarly publications of all kinds here he is taking a stand with the Austrians he could be anywhere he could be doing whatever he wants and he’s with us Tom DiLorenzo gets pummeled all the time because he attacks crummy so-called American heroes about whom mythology is all Americans know about we got Joe Salerno Joe Salerno is a great example of a guy I was wearing my Joe Salerno shirt earlier today I mean I’m just for about an hour so when you see me wearing it on the last day of Mises you I don’t want you to think is that the same shirt he said he wore earlier in the week only headed on for an hour so it’ll still be like one full day that I have it on but Dave Howden is a name that was mentioned earlier as one of these younger folks who’s I think is one of the best young Austrians we’ve got by a mile and I’ve gotten to know Dave really well he’s a great guy and he and he’s very knowledgeable and he would tell me that I you know every time I feel like I really really know Austrian economics then I go into Joe’s office and I talked to him for a while and I walk out thinking I don’t know anything because Joe knows so darn much or how about David Gordon now some of you don’t know David Gordon then you are in for an absolute treat unless he tells you jokes in which case the official Mises Institute policy is non-disclosure of any of David’s jokes outside these walls but David pretty much knows thank you know what I don’t even need to tell you about David cuz I’m gonna quote what rothbard said about David well first Rothbart said in a memo he said today when he met David Gordon today I met a universal genius and then he wrote to David himself he says I have been in the scholarly world for a long time and it is my considered opinion that you are a universal genius unequaled in my experience the only flaw in your makeup is that you don’t seem to have the slightest idea of what a genius you are the fact that your talents have so far gone unrecognized and untapped is a horrible waste and injustice and Ron Ham away and I are embarking on a personal crusade to do something about it that guy’s in the room with us today and then of course joining us tomorrow Judge Napolitano works insane hours and he’s taking a week out of his schedule give any idea how by the way how much he gets for a speech could you imagine a week what that would cost but he’s doing it as a gift to the Mises Institute and to all of you so there are people out there in other words who are ungrateful now they try to dress it up in moral righteousness the Socialists and the libertarians alike but the real source is a deficiency of character now all of you good folks in this room have something specific and immediate to be grateful for namely this program this faculty and the donors who made it possible so show that gratitude by attending every session concentrating on the material and learning everything you can they know we know and you know that the future of the Austrian school is in this very room out work out study and out hustle everyone else and make us oldsters proud thank you very much you

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  5. I love Tom Woods. He's an excellent speaker and an overall good guy. His descriptions of the ingrates were spot on. I wish we had someone similar in the UK. Shame he's a Catholic. Sorry Tom. I just don't understand it.

  6. Everyone knows for fast material progress from 1800's. Does it imply that people should stop changing society? If people acted like that from 1800's we would still have slavery, serfdom, unequal rights of women, large-scale imperialism, property census when voting etc. – all that influenced economy. To say that those who advocate changes are "deranged, sick, ungrateful persons" — just because of fast economic progress — is irrational, but strangely uncivil and vulgar too.

  7. tom woods is real as it gets… wears his heart on his sleeve and hes a savage… the podcast is great and even on his email list you get some gems… tom dilorenzo is amazing too, i hope he did a new speech at this event..ive already seen all his online speeches…..

  8. I have an idea which is that Libertarians should hire their own. Conservatives have their own work environments liberals have theirs. We should have our own as well! It wouldn't just be altruistic it would also be logical in that we could work with like minded people. We would gain a reputation of looking out for people and become a force to be reckoned with.

  9. Tldr: "Everyone who doesn't agree with mises U is ungrateful and ignorant. Everyone who agrees with me and that unfettered market capitalism alone is responsible for the technological advances and standard of living we enjoy is awesome."

  10. Not crazy about the title from a reputable organization, but maybe we are getting to the point where we are about to tell people who want to steal our money to "f' off without having to explain why.

  11. I appreciate the shout-out to Will Grigg. I find myself missing him all the time. He is probably my favorite libertarian. He was an amazing writer and orator. I recommend anyone unfamiliar to read his blogs, and listen to his podcasts. Such a shame we lost him.

  12. So Woods’ book, “The Church and the Market: A Catholic Defense of the Free Economy (Studies in Ethics and Economics)”, won the Templeton Enterprise Award. I can still remember the day when “Professor” Paul Davies won the Templeton award for his highly questionable efforts to conflate science and religion. But then again once you understand that the Templeton (John) Foundation is just the same as the Rockefeller Foundation in promoting the “free” market and Neoliberal (Austrian) economic scam, the whole thing just falls together like a jigsaw puzzle. I wasn’t sure about the Templeton Award until you mentioned the $50K awarded to the confidence trickster Woods, so I started searching. And I found the Templeton “Enterprise” Award originated from the same Templeton Foundation. Looking even further, I found the Templeton “Freedom” Award publicized in the Koch backed Atlas Network publications. I always tend to give the benefit of the doubt and it took this long for me to realize this is just another oligarch (Koch) Austrian-Libertarian scam.

  13. How to win friends with divisive titles.
    I’ve come to the conclusion that libertarians hide their anger and personal sense of injury under ideology. I used to

  14. "Less child labor than ever, a reason to celebrate." That is NOT an unmitigated good! Children working means that children learn how to work, learn to become productive laborers. How many children learn that skill in our progressive age? Mostly child labor is to be considered an evil only when that labor is so hard that it injures or kills children and/or when that labor prevents learning the three R's. If more children were working today there would be a lot less illiterate graffiti to clean up.

  15. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  Long overdue.  I subscribed to Murray Rothbard's private letter back in the late 1970's.  I watched when Lew Rockwell joined the newsletter, which was then re-named The Rothbard Rockwell Report. I watched the formation of the MIses Institute. These great persons devoted their lives and their fortunes to bringing the profound truths of libertarianism to the masses.  I have witnessed a tireless and unending struggle to get this message out.. Their gifts to our country and to the world are of historic measure.Tom Woods ,this speech is  one of your finest 45 minutes.  Over the years, I purchased all of your books. You are a  welcome and wonderful prodigy of the founders of the liberty movement.Thank you all.

  16. For all but 5 yrs of 32 yrs of adult life I have been super poor at half the poverty line. How can I be grateful for this? A system where just 8 greedy men have half the wealth on earth-oh it's working great for them, but for the 99% it sucks ass!!!

  17. I'm watching this now, and I just made a video pertaining to Bernie Sanders saying very similar things to what Tom Woods is saying here. Weird coincidence.

  18. I always thought it was odd that Friedman acolyte, Thomas Sowell, completely ignored and never mentioned Ron Paul during the 2012 campaign.

  19. Tom Woods is one of the reasons I am not a Republican anymore, but a Libertarian. TY Tom for all you do in educating people. Notice, I said educate, not indoctrinate. 🙂

  20. ~~ "…today's poor are better off than the poor of 1800 by a factor of 10…" ??
    Gimme a break. FACTOR in inflation in Ah-murka the past coupla centuries, and that's the only reason we're now making "the big buck$" — we're better off today cause we're making an average of $100 per day as opposed to $3.00 a day in 1800 ?? I dont think my G-parents would agree with that a$$inine a$$e$$ment — they died in the 1940's and '50's, and never made more than a few $$ a YEAR, but lived a purty good life in Meigs County oHIo.

    Capitalism in an unnecessary evil when folk are left to themselves, and very little $$ is required to live a life when there's no middle men holding out their hand$….

  21. It is a bogus comparison juxtaposing how good a typical modern poor person lives compared to a king of yore and then expecting gratitude as a default stance.

    Not only does it profess a profound ignorance of who we are as socio-biological beings, it also could easily be reconstructed to further show why such inequities are scandalous.

    Socio-biological beings understand themselves not in absolute terms compared to arbitrary points in history, but always in relative terms grounded in the present. This is not a flaw, but necessary to our function as a social species. We live in the now, judge and are judged based not on the opportunities afforded bygone ancestors, but on our current opportunities. To construct your false comparison is to distort the reality that it is not advantageous to any surviving entity to base current judgments on outdated data.

    One could just as easily show all the more egregious the injustice that millions in this world still live as if they were alive 100, 200, 500 years ago and there are the likes of Bezos, Zuckerberg, Gates, Buffett and the others.

    Of course all this misses the point that many socialists are as concerned about our entire socioeconomic political system as they are income inequality. They point to how hierarchical control in a free market can act as oppressive as any government, especially when you layer in social status.

  22. 20:35 That drinking water from desert air most likely refers to WaterSeer, which is a bullshit/fraudulent project. Just saying.

  23. Fascinating. I’m a bit miffed today. A girl I know got a nice gift last night, with only a number to reply, and no response.

  24. I have read some Chicago economists and only started on my Austrian journey, could someone please tell me what functions the state has (if any) under a Austrian system, thank you.

  25. I met Lew at a Mises gathering in Houston in 2011 when I was still in college. I was expecting to just say hello to him, but he ended up talking to me for several minutes and we even walked out of the banquet hall together still in conversation like we had known each other for years. He was very humble and I still greatly appreciate the time he took to speak to me.

  26. If you think insulting the people capitalism left behind will save your system then you really are out of touch.

  27. How about the tax payer funded Drug War, and its attendant police state and the prison industrial complex? The military industrial complex and Mutually Assured Disfunction? Why should anyone even work in America if their money is going to be usurped for the perpetuation of an anacceptable regime? Can American socialists even compete with those two pillars of American injustice in terms of tax appropriation? The Trump administration requested 81.1 billion dollars for the black budget alone. The prison industrial complex is only able to exist because of the War on Drugs, which is the penultimate transgression of personal liberty as well as the free market. How is it any different from the Soviet gulag system in principle? I've heard Tom talk about the important issues before, but here he's simply pandering to the demoded pseudo-intellectual neo-conservative mindset so prevalent in America today. Child labor laws, are you kidding me? How is that a pressing issue? Grow a pair and stop being such a smarmy sycophant clapping like a gay retarded fanboy at every little thing Trump or Jordan Peterson does to piss off the "Socialists". What have either of them done to further the Libertarian agenda? Socialists are the Goldstein of Trumplandia. It's really sad to see Libertarians- or people who claim to be LIbertarians, anyway- reducing themselves to such dismally ineffective and substanceless endeavors as this neo-conservative circle jerk we've gathered here to discuss. Socialists are the least of your concern, if you have any sense of priority whatsoever. Your methods are laughable. How do you propose we slam the brakes on this runaway train? I say every Libertarian should apply for every assistance program available. The average American, left or right, refuses to discuss solutions, and are effectively removing you from the discussion. They don't take you seriously. They're stealing your money, left and right. The current regime is driving me crazy. I can't be expected to work under such conditions! Neither can you, if you know what's good for ya.

  28. We should abolish the Federal Reserve, dismantle the structure and auction it off for what its worth in pieces, and build the world's largest pyramid of salt on the site so that it won't grow back.

  29. As someone who is Catholic and defends the Catholic Church, what is Tom Woods' opinion of Catholic Social Teaching? The Catholic Church is not libertarian or anarchist. The Catechism explicitly states that "all governments are instituted by God", as claimed by Catholic Saint St. Paul, and considers it a sin to not pay taxes. It also establishes that the society has obligations and that these are to be performed via the state: to provide healthcare, aged care, culture, education, and national defense.

    How are these Catholic pro- State and social justice teachings compatible with a libertarian, small government, or no government worldview? They are contradictory.

  30. No when can argue that capitalism is not a good thing — BUT it does not mean it should be applied eveywhere. We need to discuss INCENTIVES & what money does to incentives. For instance he says child mortality has been cut (GREAT) — but what happens when medicine turns coporate and it is all based on money. Oh, like we have now — WELL it pays to keep people sick , not well. You don't want them to have an acute sickeness because they will die too fast. Nope, the idea is to have them have chronic type of sickness where you milk the cow for years until they die. Capitalism is good for restaurants, or shoes or a bunch of things — but it is NOT GOOD FOR EVERYTHING.

  31. Blah blah blah Tom with the same words. Great words, but does not ever get to the mainstream. Same people in power, same socialist agenda, same financial manipulation. Give us a Ron Paul 2.0!

  32. Fasten your seatbelt skippy because your argument is mute.
    For the 90% capitalism has failed them, it’s off the table. The capitalist with his trickle down economics is a proven failure. None of America’s billionaires use their wealth to create jobs. They hoard it and invest it and any idiot knows that invested money’s do nothing for a nation and add nothing to the GDP.
    That being said, the sad reality is that some form of socialism is on the horizon. This socialism does not include a continuing social welfare for corporations and the wealthy and I’m willing to bet that it will involve some sort of handcuffing of corporate powers.
    Kick and scream, stomp your feet and howl at the moon all you want but it won’t change what’s coming.

  33. The argument presented is essentially that all the progress that coincided in time with an economic system some erroneously call capitalism should be attributed to capitalism and that those who fail to make this inference are grotesquely ungrateful for the provisions of capitalism.
    This is a dumb argument probably intended to convince the dummies in the audience. Capitalism doesn't spur technological progress to which the speaker attributed said progress. Capitalists, by and large, don't have the enormous capital it takes to fund the basic science or open ended inquiries needed to invent new technology. It's just way to risky. New technology comes from socialism, from the state, usually by way of the defense department in recent times. Capitalists then take that technology, take the fruits of the investments made by the public, and turn it into consumer products for people or governments. The public is largely ignorant of their true ownership of new technologies, but if they did and demanded a return on their investment they wouldn't be ingrates, just normal people. Socialists who do demand a return on their investments are no more ingrates than a stockholder who wants a share of dividends.

  34. Kids are cute and cute kids are given money
    Egypt= carpet factory= five yr olds part of education is working in factory= bus loads of tourists= giving money to the cute kids= feeding their families( i hope).
    I know this cause i experienced it in egypt while on tour
    There ya go.

  35. Comparing 3rd world countries to advanced nations is ridiculous – unless you have a capitalistic agenda, furthering income disparity in those advanced nations.

  36. The mass of statistical information is all well and good but there are so many areas that statistics cannot touch and it is in those areas that we find the meat of our dilemma.

  37. One needs only read the Communist Manifesto to see that Marx paid homage to capitalism for preparing the way for socialism. You can also read Lenin's "Imperialism the Highest Stage of Capitalism" where he makes the point that monopoly capitalism has prepared the way for socialism.

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