Hey I have an awesome idea. Everybody
knows that socialism is for the kind and loving people in capitalism for the
awful wicked evil people so how about this since everybody knows how
tremendous it’s going to be when we finally get real socialism in America
why don’t we look at someplace where it’s being tried right now and not some
crappy place either. Some place like America. Some place rich. This is Hugo
Chavez, President of Venezuela from 1999 until his death in 2013. This son of a
working-class family led the poor of his country to overthrow the greedy vile and
heartless capitalist who’d made Venezuela the richest country in South
America by extracting the country’s enormous oil reserves, oil deposits that
may still be the largest in the entire world, and so like any good Marxist
Chavez turned all of the oil wealth of the country over to the Venezuelan
people. Now it’s been my personal experience that socialists seem to be
strangely immune to images of what socialism does to people so let’s just
take a quick little peek at what kind and loving socialism has done to the
animals in what was once the richest country in South America. Here’s a tiger
at the socialist Venezuelan zoo. Here’s an elephant at the socialist Venezuelan
zoo and here’s a lion at the socialist Venezuelan zoo. But hey, if you’re socialist
who loves animals stop worrying. You’ll be relieved to know that these beautiful
animals are not starving anymore and that’s because the starving humans in
socialist Venezuela broke into the socialist Venezuelan zoo and ate them.
Now here in America of course the horrible income inequality means that
most people can afford to feed their pets very well indeed but in Venezuela
socialist economics means that one can of dog food costs about the same as one
day’s pay. Now it’s not fair to say that all Venezuelans are watching their pets
starve in front of their eyes. That’s because many of those dogs and cats, who
Venezuelans love as much as we love our own dogs and cats, aren’t starving anymore at all because thanks to socialism, starving humans in the country with the
richest oil reserves in the world are eating their pets too. What a blessing
socialism has been for the Venezuelan poor! Hey have you ever stood in a long
food line in America? Yeah me too. Sucks huh? These are what the
food lines look like in Venezuela. Here are Venezuelans freed from the shame of
income inequality and here are Venezuelans no longer slaving away for
corporations. Here’s a Venezuelan man shopping in the new classless society
and here’s a look at Venezuela’s free socialized healthcare. Oh one more thing.
This Venezuelan woman is actually pretty well fed, she ought to be. She’s the
richest person in Venezuela worth over four billion dollars four billion. Her
name is Maria Gabriela Chavez. You see four billion dollars of zoo supplies and
pet food and medical supplies and all the rest of it somehow accidentally
ended up in the pockets of that great Marxist man of the people. Now it belongs
to his daughter. Having a socialist dictator for a father’s really good work
if you can get it. So next time you American socialists cry about how
horrible it is for an American CEO to make four million dollars just remember
that if you happen to be the daughter of a Marxist dictator you will be 1,000
times richer than that American businessman who’s running one of many
companies that pay American workers enough money to buy 1 billion dollars of
toys for their dogs and cats and that’s every year. Suckers. If you’re still
stupid enough and heartless enough and conceited enough and evil enough to call
yourself a socialist well then this is for you. You own this. This is what
stupid, stupid, stupid, and heartless people like you want to bring here. We
need your help to keep these messages coming. If you want to help us make a
difference please go to and
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  1. The moral to this story is that no matter who’s “in charge” in a socialist regime THEY always end up fat and wealthy while the masses starve.

  2. I have several Venezuelan relatives. They have all (finally) emigrated to the United States. Freedom is what creates wealth! Capitalism is simply a free economic system. What you earn, you control. Spend or save and invest. Your choice. Don't make enough? Educate yourself to become more valuable. Learn a trade that is in demand. You can drive the latest, flashiest automobile, OR… you can drive a used car and save and invest the difference. Your choice! You are FREE to choose in America! Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and the others (Democrat/Socialists) are either ignorant or liars.

    Read History . . . and learn what works and what doesn't. How is it that Israel, which is home to some of the poorest land in the middle east (can't hold a candle to "The Fertile Crescent") is a thriving nation? Freedom!!! It's as simple as that! Freedom to do the best for yourself that you can. Freedom to work hard and live very comfortably, or freedom to be lazy and live poorly.

  3. The average IQ in Venezuela is about 70, which is going the make the people extremely vulnerable to a charismatic liar like Chavez and tempting lies like socialism (something for nothing)
    I don't know what the answer is, but the populace seems resistant to reason

  4. Remember, Bernie said this was a good thing. So, get a good look at this "good thing". He wants to be Hugo Chaves one day…except for the dead part.

  5. Ding! Bullseye in the X-Ring! That was probably the biggest , hardest hitting Firewall EVER! Did Bernie Sanders see it? If so, did he survive? And that's not Socialism's most ugly side effect, but hopefully the sight of those poor suffering animals will jar some sense into the "Progressives" and Socialists here! I'm going to pray for that!

  6. socialism is for people who like bedtime stories….its people who like being sold an idea rather than considering actual reality.

    in other words idiots.

  7. Disgusted. Reviled. Socialism OR NOT, cruelty to animals; people with no conscience. People who need to a) be starved and then b) shot. No problem here.

  8. Not even the Socialists want to claim that China is Socialist now.

    They know that Deng Xiaoping pulled a 180 on the PRC's idiotic situation and embraced the free market.

    And boom, whaddaya know, Chinese Superpower Incoming.

  9. Actually this looks exactly like socialism done "right". When people start eating anything that moves you know you've reached the "sweet spot" in socialist nation.

  10. Jesus Christ…
    I knew shit was bad in Venezuela, but not 'kill malnourished Zoo animals and eat them' bad

    I hope this video gets millions of views – it needs to

  11. People who want socialism are lazy under achievers who want everything taken care of for them so they don't have to try their best,
    give it their all, work hard. Again, these people are childish lazy losers. Can you say that 3 times real fast ?

  12. The fact that you can say all with a straight face? Are you a wizard or some kind of mage? Sir, this is my favorite video of yours by far.

  13. One million people in a country and not one of them have a job that contributes to the GDP and those same people gather their money and distribute it all among themselves how much would each freeloader get? Bernie supports this question is for you the clinically brain dead.

  14. Hugo Chávez ruled between 1998 and 2013. Between the years 1998 and 2003 the overall poverty nearly halved and illiteracy was wiped out. You capitalists always have to cherry pick.

  15. Bill, you've mentioned before that youtube have removed ads from your videos as not suitable for advertisers. This, along with other videos you've made have adverts at the beginning of them in Australia. Can screenshot and save if required.

  16. Awesome video bill. It scares me to death what my grandchildren and children are facing for their Futures here in America. God help us. Keep the videos coming brother.

  17. Here’s how most Venezuelans lost an average of 19 pounds in 2016

  18. Death to capitalism. Death to USA.
    Death to those who practice unfair policies and put whole countries under sanctions and embargoes just to show how failing is socialism.

  19. Thank you for being calm, emotional and reasonable!!! Socialism works in theory, in theory. And some people's practice and theory cause the suffering of many. We get lies all the time; this is one lie they want us to implement in our government!!!

  20. americans are so stupid… no idea about Marxism and socialism .. proud to be European the place that the people think still.. SOME of us, at least. In this terrorist nation the place that the ideas, democracy born … .. a weird person like another Gebels speak about socialism like speaking about lady Gaga without any idea of theory and without saying nothing about U.S embargo and secret war and about U.S. propaganda .. you don't know shit. You people are so stupid in that place on earth… Capitalism kills with or without bullets .. the target is your mind … before they burned book now the burned our mind ….lol you are so ridiculous with your propaganda… why this stupid face says nothing about the embargo and think like this, why this stupid person says nothing about the secret services and secret war behind the sense .. We are having the moral advantage against this shit and lies… wtf people ..?

  21. I do not know if people are afraid to say openly about dictatorial socialist / communist regimes or whether they prefer to brown the pill and call them uninformed, idiots and other adjectives referring to the subject being deceived. No no and no. All who militate in socialism / communism or as they like to call the Venezuelans of Bolivarianism, are ALL MERCENARY. Make no mistake about them. They know very well what they want and will do anything, anything even to keep themselves in power. This can be: killing, holding without reason, etc. We must never forget what Russia did with Ukraine when it killed 7 million people. Maduro is just repeating the story. They are evil and do not pity or pity anyone. Under the lying flag of equality, they become the warlords of the oppressed people through the force of arms. It was so everywhere where this regime was implanted and everywhere there were mass deaths. They are MERCENARIES, ALL THOSE WHO KEEP THE POWER AND SUPPORT THIS CRIMINAL MODEL OF EVIL.

  22. Marxism, communism, socialism are all a radical form of Judaism that the naive and disarmed Goyim have to be subjucated to. A skunk by any other names still stinks.

  23. this is an evil man. the first church Jesus Christ started was socialism, and Heaven, its socialism, everything is shared equally. this guy is a puppet for demons, Satan, those in Ephesians 6:12. … Franco, a dictator in Spain created a huge upper/ middle class in Spain almost overnight by sharing the wealth. history shows any economic system works when wealth is shared equally. all. economic systems fail when 90 Percent of wealth is hoarded at top, creating poor, have and have nots. its not about the economic system, its about proper human behavior, loving one another and being our brothers keeper, like Jesus said. hoarding wealth brings to humans greed, which is a real demonic spirit. this guy is lying thru his demonic heart. go to hell you liar. in Jesus Christ name. wicked spirit I banish you from this man's body NOW. .. kodoish, kodoish, kodoish,. Adonai,. Tsebayoth. I come against the demons in this man, for blantantly lying like that. Go back to hell wicked spirits, talking thru this idiot. NOW- in Jesus Christ name… Amen

  24. What this men says is true but some aspects and details are biased and wrong. Research about General Marcos Perez Jimenez President of The Republic of Venezuela (1952-1958) those were the golden days of peace and prosperity of the nation. What came after his forced flew of the country was the Punto Fijo Pact where most of all the corrupt greedy leftist political parties empowered themselves only caring about their own interest instead of prioritizing the nations necessities. From 1958 to 1998 a slowly degeneration process begun, Decreasing the GDP(which used to be the largest of the region), bringing crime, social and economical instability including total waste of capital and resources from poor irresponsable administration leading to the massive riot of “Caracazo” 1989 from the majority of Caracas population sacked and looted all corners of the city in hunger demanding political change and fair rights. In the middle of the protest the army, national guard and metropolitan police forces opened fire in a complete mayhem of thousands of death civilians where an average military lieutenant named Hugo C. Frías will get the fervor and support to establish military armed coups years later on February 12 1992 ending in failure but somehow postulating wisely as political candidate in 99’ election popularly acclaimed by all classes especially lowest ones without knowing they were been dragged to hell by Devil’s Claws

  25. I live in venezuela, and today I found my fiancee crying because her family are literally starving in the countryside, so tomorrow I will drive 8 hours to give them all the food we have stored, about 80 pounds of corn flour. They all have jobs but, not even 2 jobs are good enough to make ends meet. I'm not starving because of the money my mother left me when she died, all of her savings in dollars, because her savings in national currency had already vanished in the hyperinflation. I work as cameraman and my fiancee is a journalist, We earn about $30 monthly, but that's not enough to live, even though that's 5 times minimum wage. I have $10.000 left in my foreign account, I hope maduro fall from power before my savings dry empty and begin myself to starve too.

  26. To this I say check out the book Secret history of the American Empire by John Perkins. The events in Venezuela are not an accident it is planned social engineering. But of course it gets wrapped up in a US versus them, left vs right, concept to keep the divide and conquer narrative going.

  27. the ex dead president I dont watn to mentionet his name because he was succh a demon that dont worth the least said his name, he started all this crap just lying to fool people who believe in his project

  28. Why do the left accept spontaneous order in evolution, biology, science, the universe, everywhere EXCEPT human behavior. There they think everything has to be planned by a man made God.

  29. The Problem IMO are the people, or rather a type of character – let's call them parasites for simplicity, shall we?
    It's not the system they chose that is the problem, it's their innate behaviour to existentially secure a host and drain it to death. The maximum goal they can achieve is a host that never dies during their own and their children's lifetime, but it sure is doomed.
    Some people are just like that, with no impulse or capacity to create or preserve life on their own (except biological drive of course), yet they claim the same rights as those who can. Furthermore, they claim more, like total control over everyone.

  30. I guess that Bill has nothing to say about social democracies like Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Canada, the UK, Australia, Finland, Austria, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, New Zealand, Japan, Norway, South Korea, Luxembourg, Estonia, Taiwan, Latvia, et cetera so he has to strawman us as socialists/communists/Marxists.

  31. Absolutely brilliant, completely factual video, brought to you by "One of America's Smartest Men" ever, Mr. Bill Whittle. Any questions…?

  32. Socialism looks good on paper, at least to a pathological altruist. It's when it's applied that you run into the very human phenomenon of corruption, and people being cured rather abruptly of their pathological altruism. I've heard that Marx got his ideas from watching ant and bee colonies. I guess he failed to see (or possibly ignored, or maybe not; both are frightening prospects) that the workers are killed off every year.

  33. Venezuelans are now breaking free from the dollar with their new crypto currency.
    I believe they will be a rich country again.

  34. Tie up Bernie Sanders. play this tape 10 times for him. Tell him he is free to go IF he answers correctly a QUIZ based on the video

  35. Venezuela is SOOOOO socialist….it allows private, FOR PROFIT companies to operate!!! ONE TRILLION PERCENT SOCISMMMM!!! derp DERRRRRP!!!

  36. Armed with the fact that socialists are never actually affected by images of what socialism does to actuall human beings…

    I will now show images of animals being starved to death as a result of socialism…

    That should work, sense socialists love "nature" oh, wait never mind, it wasn't "real socialism" again…

    Guess they don't care about animals either? At this point I suspect they will not be satisfied until THEY are the ones starving to death as a result of socialism…

    I wish suicidal people would stop trying to kill everyone else around them whene they go, I get it you cannot tolerate th pain of life, but could you please have some common curtesy for everyone else.

  37. You know, I have a friend who wants to move to Sweden, he did however make a good point about Ramadan, you have to experience fasting in order to respect food, and I can't disagree with him. We have evidence socialism doesn't work, and people in 2018 are still pushing it. All I can say, is that any one who likes communism has know idea how bad equality is. My dad grew up in the soviet and I told my friend that, his response, you can't force people into a system. He isn't dumb but he probably doesn't realize that Sweden wasn't socialist until 70s. Takes hundred years to find out. So I can't tell you why they push for it. My theory, social studies is pointless because we learn nothing from history. Don't believe me, look at all the great empires.

  38. No, Bill. That Venezuela brand of socialism is the wrong kind and not the kind that that hyphenated Latina juggernaut from New York is promoting. She promoting the kind where a bullet in the head prevents starvation.

  39. Oh wow looks who's lying and name calling that has nothing to do with socialism that's a curropt government we have socialism in America you idiot one of the best programs is Medicare older people love it and want let it go and they shouldn't and there's plenty of others like corporate welfare you must have just forgot about that right how about giving me and everyone else tax breaks or maybe giving students education grants to pay for school you forgot about that to or pay farmer's not to plant I could keep going my favorite is welfare state's state's that gets back more tax dollars then their resident's payed in according to cnbc Mississippi got back 6 dollars for every 1 dollar sent in that's others tax player's money Mississippi has been a Republican state for a long time I guess welfare is fine as long as your the one getting it so don't give me your right wing hipercite propaganda thank you very much

  40. Isn't there a way to steel all that money from the BITCH ? or at least make her spend it, NO WAY she gonna give it back on good terms. They DON'T care how many people die (including infants). They just care about that which they preach against: "CAPITAL", nothing else.

  41. I am from Brazil. I will vote for the conservative candidate, Jair Bolsonaro#17! But the media and other political parties are trying to beat him in order to elect a socialist politician. The so called Work Party (PT in portuguese) wants to set the Venezuela's bolivarianism in Brazil. The new name for the old and evil socialism. The entire brazillian press and even the international press here in Brazil supports socialists candidates and create fake news to scratch Bolsonaro's image.

  42. My right-wing candidate Jair Bolsonaro suffered an attack and was stabbed in the belly during his street campaign in Brazil. He almost died. He spent almost one month at the hospital and was submmitted to two surgeries. By the way it all happened, it was a miracle that he survived. Left the hospital yesterday. However, on the day, the attack occurred and immediately the press was already defending and victimizing the aggressor and relativizing the situation making it clear that the victim caused the aggression. See how absurd! The same leftist press that says that the perpetrator is always to blame for the violence and never the victim, this time did not apply the rule that preaches so much. This, of course, because the victim was not a leftist but a conservative. The press has always propelled the false narrative that Bolsonaro is homophobic, who mistreats women, who is violent, who is racist, who is in favor of torture of innocent people, who is Nazi and other absurd lies. In short, the same labels given to Trump. After weeks of the attack, the press still treats the case as if the criminal were just crazy and as if there were no involvement of political opponents or any other interested in the death of the candidate who is at the top of the polls. These surveys already have characteristics of fraud, because judging from what I see on the streets, the number of voters in favor of Bolsonaro is immensely greater. Not to mention the online polls in which Bolsonaro wins with grace. The press sells the idea that the aggressor, whose name is Adelio, is a poor fellow who acted alone because he had a political disagreement with Bolsonaro. But strangely shortly after the arrest after the attack, this poor Adelio was awarded four well-reputed lawyers, one of the lawyers being a former lawyer for Lula, an ideological political opponent of Bolsonaro, and a former president of Brazil and imprisoned for various crimes, but he still dreams of being released and ruling the country through his iron forehead, the royal candidate Haddad. The press does not touch on these suspicious points. Adelio, though poor and supposedly without support, was able to rent a house fifteen days before the campaign visit of the Bolsonaro candidate, in the same city where the attack occurred; had four cellphones, a notebook, and money to stay there. Last July, he enrolled in a shooting club whose daily cost was 600 reais, which for Brazilian conditions is very high value. How could a poor man be able to afford such expenses? Yes, Adelio enrolled in the club because he knew the agenda of the son of Bolsonaro. On the day he was in that shooting club, Bolsonaro's son was scheduled to attend, but luckily he missed. It is known that Adelio would try to kill the son of Bolsonaro. Now, ask me if the press is giving due attention to the gravity of this crime of attack and the other unsuccessful attempt with clearly political background? On the contrary, he barely talks about the case. It only gives space in the newspaper to criticize the Bolsonaro. And all this because he's on the right, which would be a Republican on the Trump line.

  43. Brazil is going to the same path. Brazil asks for help against Smartmatic electronic ballot boxes, because of the ballot box, Maduro has been elected in Venezuela, our democracy is seriously threatened. In the first round thousands of denunciations were made by the Brazilian population against the electronic ballot boxes, several of them had to be changed, a number of one candidate was typed, the vote counted for another, the overwhelming outcry of the population wants conservatism, however, we are being crushed by the socialist front. We then have to ask you for help, whom has democracy as a parameter and justice as a flag so that we have a fair and democratic vote count, where we can effectively have a recount of the votes. This word "recount" is strictly forbidden here in Brazil, because the Brazilian electoral superior court counts the votes and passes to the population the total amount which is considered an unquestionable truth. As a last clamor before becoming the next Venezuela, we ask for international intervention, because the divine we have already asked, the plan of government of the opposition to the Brazilian democracy is based on the same dictatorial and socialist molds that resemble that of Maduro, with right to constitutional reform, before the coup. Brazil above everything, God above everyone.

  44. Great point about how leftists seem to get more emotional about the plight of animals, than that of human suffering under their awful policies.

    The dumbest thing the right ever did was to not treat the left’s delusions of moral grandeur as the complete joke they are.

  45. OMG! How horrible! Is there no one that can save Venezuela? Me! It's Bernie Sanders! Fear not People of the Bolivarian Republic, I BS Man will come to Venezuela and show you the right…I mean the CORRECT way to do Socialism. And I will bring with me the Left Corps, a wacky group of Leftist minded intellectuals, Hollywood elites, BLM (because of course under Socialism there IS no racism), academia and a list of others too lengthy to mention here, and we will not leave Venezuela until we show the world that Socialism really DOES work. Up, up, and awaaaaay!

    OMG! The USA has been SAVED! Thanks BS Man!

  46. Many people are starting to wonder why there are so many Catholic Priests, Bishops, Archbishops, Cardinals, and the Pope himself seem somewhat socialistic or even Communistic ??? In America, the Democrat party seems to have been taken over by socialists who are on their way to being communist, and from all reports, any Sunday Catholic mass often offers guilt-stirring homilies about opening our borders to our brothers and sisters from impoverished (Catholic) countries to come into America. Or they will hear how Climate Change mandates will be good for America. No mention is made of how these two new "social justice" global plans could decimate the people, and reduce America to a third world state. Catholic Charities is just one Roman Catholic organization which appears beneficial but seems to be doing to America what was done in Venezuela when the Marxist closed fist was often pictured in reference to Catholic "liberation theology". Pushing a noble cause, hiding a land or power grab, is one trademark of dictators fronting for power hungry elitists, to bring about tighter control over the public. Lets face it…. poverty creates more willing servants and slaves… so to keep people under control, one needs people to be poor. Catholic Charities is down on at least the Texas border daily helping bring in as many poor illegal immigrants in as possible…… and with each immigrant helped onto the American system….. the Charity gets a certain amount of money. Some of the money goes to the immigrant and probably a good amount goes to the Catholic Charities. It wouldn't surprise many people if the buses weren't being both loaded and welcomed by Catholic priests for these poor people from South and Central America.And IF the Catholic clergy from these poor countries really wanted to help the poor, they would straighten out the failing economies of the poor countries instead of sending them to other countries where the goings are better. It appears that the Catholic clergy has unlimited powers if they can get away with raping children for 50 years or the Pope can wave his hand to dismiss any more questions about sexual scandals… and say" I will not say another word about it." That's when one realizes, that the Catholic church or the Pope/Vatican has tremendous power over the press, and the media because after the Popes dismissal….. the media went dead silent on these very serious issues. Is this what is meant by Social Justice???

  47. Unfortunately it's capitalism, when you boil it down… which makes zoocialism possible. State sponsored usury, where every american is enslaved to debt, to the tune of banker Trillions, not billions. As an "alternative", Socialism, Capitalist derived Communism (they work both sides) both sponsored by the captive state… You get one desguised in democracies, which are no longer Nation States but open Cesspools of multiculturalism..the other is open totalitarianism… but really what choice do you have in open capitalism when you're just a wage slave in a trickle- down banker economy…and not a capitalist taking usury by Quadrillions.

  48. Time for a good old fashioned revolution! Take these corrupt POS politicians out and SHOOT THEM in the head!

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