Socialism is coming | Owen Jones talks

Socialism is coming | Owen Jones talks

Socialism is coming. Our old social order
is collapsing all around us. Call it neo-liberalism, call it
free market fundamentalism but an order of privatisation, of deregulation, of weakened trade unions, of low taxes on the rich
and big business – that order is falling apart all around us. It has failed to provide the decent
and affordable housing, the well-paid, secure jobs, the increasing living standards, the world-class services that should be the birthright of every single citizen of one of the wealthiest societies
that has ever existed. It gives us rip-off and inefficient utilities like the railways, like energy. It built a society where young people – as things stand – are set to be worse off than their own parents. A dogma that put profit ahead of a wider social good and gave us the financial crash and all
that followed since. Socialism will build a society
run by working people, for working people. It will put needs and aspirations
ahead of profit for the vested interests. It will extend democracy
to every sphere of life, from the economy to the workplace. It means building on successes that already
exist. The National Health Service was founded to put people’s needs ahead of profit. Under public ownership, unlike the privatised calamity
across the Atlantic, it provides for the needs of the entire population and is far more efficient to boot. In other European countries, utilities such as rail, water and energy are publicly run. That doesn’t have to mean centrally,
by the state. In Germany, local communities
run their energy supply as part of a renewable energy revolution that’s helping to fight climate change, whilst transforming the economy, too. In the Nordic countries,
tax rates on the richest are significantly higher than our own and yet their living standards are, on average, much higher than our own. In Germany, publicly owned investment banks have helped to rebalance the economy, insuring that communities outside of the capital aren’t abandoned, like so many of our own, which have been left to decay without any skilled jobs to support them. In Singapore – often portrayed as some free-market utopia, nearly all homes are owned by the state and most land is nationalised. Across Europe, young people
aren’t saddled with debt for daring to aspire to a university education. Imagine we took these successful elements and then built on them
and took them even further. It means higher rates of tax
on the booming profits of big corporations
and the unprecedented wealth of the super-rich to transform our economy. It means extending public ownership
to other sectors of the economy, under the democratic control of workers, consumers and service users. It means a state-led industrial policy and planning in the economy
to develop the country where the market has failed. It means a mass public housing programme to provide decent homes, create jobs and slash the billions we spend subsidising private landlords
with housing benefit. A recent poll found that 43%
of Britons thought a genuinely socialist government would make Britain a better place to live with only 36% saying it would make it worse. Our collapsing social order isn’t just unjust, it isn’t just unfair, it’s irrational,
it’s unsustainable and it’s time to be bold. And that means building
a genuinely socialist society, run in the interests of the real majority, not those at the top.

100 thoughts on “Socialism is coming | Owen Jones talks

  1. So when bankers and businessmen control much of wealth because their customers chose them, that's bad… But when politicians control all the wealth because nobody has a choice, that's good?

  2. The modern Left is so out of touch with people that it may not exist in much of Europe in a decade.

    It has become a cause for rich activists and policies they like.

  3. Michael Portillo and Andrew Neill made you look like an angry infant. We will become very poor with your Venezuelan model of economics!

  4. The system is failing because the cultural Marxists have subverted every institution including traditionally conservative ones like the Tories political party. Our easily manipulated population is now convinced that welfare is a rite and to take from the workers and people who produce wealth and give it to those who are a burden on society is somehow good for the country. Socialism is a pox on humanity has proven to be a failure throughout history. Yet the old guard just cannot let it go until the whole system is destroyed.

  5. If Socialism equals economic demise, then how could Scandinavian countries have the highest degrees of Socialism and be the happiest countries with the most sound economies on earth, yet Venezuela have Socialism and be so poor? Obviously because Venezuela isn't a representation of Socialism. That's like saying Socialism is a crack in a ship. Then saying Venezuela has a giant crack in its ship, that's why it's sinking…then you'd have to explain why Scandinavia has a larger crack than the United States, Haiti, etc… but is floating better than both.

  6. Yeh and Owen Jones is out making loads of money doing all this. So much for true socialism!! It seems to me that there's a capitalist streak in Mr Jones!?

  7. Er didnt i hear today hes sold 140,000 copies of his book while adandoning the original non profit making publisher in order to agree a lucrative deal with penguin books making him now a millionaire??? Yeah socialism owen? Thats you!!! You are hated!!!

  8. Membership of the EU and their privatisation directives makes Owens cognitive dissonance on his remain position almost too delicious.

  9. Socialism is awful. I would only ever vote for it if I was bankrupt, bitter, twisted and wanted everyone else to be poor out of spite and jealousy. Needless to say it will never seize power here.

  10. Owen… no it isn’t… but thanks to you sharia IS coming… then your beloved LGBTQ pals will suffer some really dark days … at least those who are lucky enough not to be thrown off a rooftop… enjoy your next 5-10 years they will most likely be your last

  11. 2.3k dislikes….wow! Mate, stop saying the S word! It scares the masses like a wolf scres the mindless sheep! Ant least sugar it down with some 'democracy' word. Otherwise these morons will hate you instinctively! And who can blame them? The socialist experiment crashed and burned in spectacular manner in URSS and now in Venezuela. You need to sugar coat the cancer pill otherwise the masses will still go for the snake oil. And no progress will ensue!

  12. Socialism would strip all the progress the West has made in the past decade, and plunge us into stagnation and decline.

  13. Capitalism is so evil it allowed a communist to write and publish a book under a different publisher who offered him a more lucrative deal and netted him nearly half a million pounds in revenue. Do as I say…

  14. Socialism is a illness that need to be wiped of the face of the earth and I hope you burn in hell for supporting the soviet union and you are a communist

  15. "The privatized calamity across the Atlantic" – don't you all forget it. The medical system here in the U.S. is a nightmare. There is so much technology and fantastic treatments for so many medical problems, but people go bankrupt trying to pay for them. They'd rather have fancy MRI machines sit idle unless there is somebody who can fork over thousands of dollars for one scan.

  16. Tell that to the venuzelan people. Communism aims to replace the so called “oppression” with a different kind of oppression.

  17. Run by working people for working people? So the workers, not the government, will run the companies and distribute the money fairly amongst themselves? Ummm, okay 😂

  18. Socialism solves nothing. Take Venezuela, for example, 80% in poverty unable to feed it's own people. Owen Jones is misguided and naive. If he loves socialism so much why doesn't he go live in a so called socialist utopia? We know why. A free society of which resides enables him to live life of own his choosing. Venezuala can't feed it's own people; Cuba imprisons subversives (Che Guevara hated homosexuality) and don't get me started on North Korea. And yet Owen Jones thinks us working-class proles are being opressed. He's a charlatan enjoying a free society while at the same time condemning it.

  19. You're unhappy with the problems of Capitalism, and your solution to this is to embrace bureaucracy and the horrors of increased state authority? You want to give the authority of Commerce to the same group of people that wanted to find out what an atom bomb would do to soldiers, so they ordered thousands of them to flank a test explosion and then mobilize to the epicenter under 6 hours after detonation? This sounds like the people you want to be in charge of all this?

  20. Yeah the government never puts profit above general good. over 100 million died due to Socialism. Ever hear of Nazi Germany? You know the National Socialist Party. Boy that worked out well.

    But this time it will be different right. That is what every socialist has said. that is what they told the German people. Talk to people who have lived under socialism. They are horrified by this idea Socialism is making a come back.

  21. Can anybody tell me the name of a country where socialism has brought people out of poverty, that has increased democracy, where the people have civil and human rights? China for example, where there are no rights at all and no democracy, had to introduce a capitalist economy to lift most of its people out of severe poverty. The people who are priviledged in China and other socialist countries are the members of the Party. It is a myth that socialism delivers equality, quite the opposite because there are no checks and balances, no freedom of expression and no free press. Owen is a dreamer and a hypocrite. There is not a single socialist country he would choose to live in.

  22. Jones talking about the pain of life in one of the worlds most successful cities while people starve and riot in the streets of Caracas.

  23. Owen Jones. Does anyone listen and believe this ideologue? Socialism fails Owen, always has always will.

  24. Socialists be liek: Blame the market place, but completely forget about government involvement in the market as well as high taxes.

  25. "Socialism…". Owen Jones continuously loses the argument and still people listen to this rubbish of his…

  26. Birthright??? No your only birthright is NATURE, and nature requires YOU to obtain limited resources. Unless this guy creates unlimited resources so everyone can have what they want, how can he give to all, everything they want? This guy is selling poverty to those who listen.

  27. I’m sorry mate but your brain is full of fairy tales. You seem to think that socialism will solve all of our problems but if you look at where it has been tried it has failed. I think you should move to Venezuela.

  28. Why not, it worked for the USSR, it is working in China, Vietnam, Cuba, LAOS and North Korea. Controlled press, no more voting. All private and publicly owned companies taken over by the state What could possibly go wrong .

  29. Im just saying i have only gone to the hospital once in the past few years besides things like check ups and ill be damned if im paying for someone else's bills

  30. Billionaire tax cuts, bank bailouts and corporate welfare tax subsidies! corporate welfare freebies socialist republicans fucktards is killing Americans!

  31. Renewables in Germany do not as well since they are still burning more coal due to shutdown of nuclaire plants. Singapore has an even cheaper and better Healthcare system which is highly privatised.

  32. You are CRAZY, it does NOT WORK… just look at VENEZUELA… why woukd it be different in the UK?? Stop being so arrogant!! That idea sucks…

  33. Capitalism has brought millions of people out of poverty. The east are following in the same foot as the west as a best model.

  34. I've given you a thumbs down but this is not an attack and you're not being victimised it just means I don't agree with you. So dry those tears and put on your big boy pants.

  35. "Are you a socialist."

    "Yes. And proud of it!"

    "Go stand over there."


    "Where I'm pointing."


    "Because I said so."


    "Do it."

    "But I don't want to and should not have to"

    “My friend you are not a socialist”

    The point of this little script is to demonstrate how absurd it is that people can claim to be socialists but get uncomfortable when commanded to do something as trivial as moving to a different position in a room. Do not take your freedom for granted or misuse it. To use one's freedom to limit freedom is the very essence of madness.

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