Socialism is actually selfish ft. Andy Puzder | #TruthStraightUp

Socialism is actually selfish ft. Andy Puzder | #TruthStraightUp

♪ Puzder: Progressives argue that
socialism is benevolent, while capitalism is based on
greed and avarice. Actually, it’s just the opposite. In a capitalist economy, you can
only succeed by meeting the needs of other people, your customers.
Consumers control the economy. They vote with every dollar they
spend as to whether or not your business or your venture
will succeed or fail. In a socialist society, you’re
focused on your own needs because you’re competing with
everybody else in society to get the most you can for yourself
from the limited supply of goods, services, and benefits that the
government makes available. Whether you’re in a food line
or waiting for gas or medical care, you don’t care what the people in
front of or behind you in that line get. You care about how you
get the most for yourself. You do that by satisfying
the needs of government elites. The government elites control
the economy, not ordinary people, not consumers. Socialism
is really based on greed. Socialism focuses in on you.
It’s capitalism that’s based on benevolence and meeting
the needs of other people, your consumers, and the
people that you live near. ♪

35 thoughts on “Socialism is actually selfish ft. Andy Puzder | #TruthStraightUp


    Fight immigration if you want to avoid socialism.
    Try to actually conserve something, for a change.

  2. Of course it is. And that's why its gaining so much steam again right now because the millennial generation is one of the most selfish and entitled generations

  3. socialists wont be able to respond to this video so they will ignore when we share… so lets share it to all of them lol

  4. You confuse capitalism with an ideal, free market.

    Yet the US market is since 1970: the avg pay/hrs increased to $22.70 (+547%) while the share of capital owners, top 10%, increased to $6.17 million per family – all based on 87 trillion in debt.

    So no meritocracy in America.

    = no free market where 80% of consumers have any "power"!

    And socialism is not government redistribution, it is wages = productivity = true consumer power 💪

  5. Finally someone said it. The demoncrats are selfish, lazy, greedy liars and they only really care about themselves. We can see it in the charity report. Republicans give so much more money to charities than demoncrats do. Look it up. Demoncrats want everything and want to pay nothing. If not for Republicans fighting back. America would be Cuba and any other failed socialist countries. Thank God for Conservative Republicans.

  6. What is socialism? Where did it come? The bible. However paul wasnt talking about business or government, he was talking to the congregation. 2 corthinans chapter 8 is interesting especially verses 14 and 15. Why you think it was important for eastern christianity to become state religious authority? To make society this way for power and wealth. Socialism is the vatican, the chruch. Make you wonder if paul was thinking of luke chapter 15 when Jesus was talking to the tax collectors, the sinners, Pharisees and scribes? Verse 14 and 8 are interesting about money. 15,14,8,8,14,15. Linc.

  7. Social programs are selfish in the same way that car, and household insurance is selfish.

    I don't want to bare the burden of fixing an expensive car, so I share the risk. Cars are luxury items, especially expensive ones…seems fair to have a margin of profit on said insurance.

    Medical insurance is also a means of sharing the risk. Cancer treatments aren't cheap, neither is a broken bone, or other major surgeries. Seems reasonable to share the risk for something as essential as one's body. It' a necessity, not a luxury…there should be little to no margin of profit on medical coverage for things concerning one's health and well being. At least at the level of offering the public service.

    Is universal medical coverage is socialist, then I'm a hybrid capitalist / socialist…

    Perhaps that ultimately makes be a Taoist…if we need to rationalize this!

  8. Ummmmm… wow this is a really, really bad argument.
    I’m not pro-socialism.
    This is just not a good argument at all. Really bad. So bad.

  9. Excellent excellent clarifying concise explanation / definition of socialism.
    It is truly amazing how the left has bamboozled the non thinking masses to believe socialism is good and capitalism is bad.. Isaiah 5:20

  10. socialism and communism? Americans please browse and “School of darkness” by communists William Z. Foster and Dr. Bella V.Dodd and video “The Vortex – River of filth”.

  11. Socialism is a bunch of crabs in a bushel basket trying to get out. As soon as one gets near the top the others drag him back down. Nobody gets out alive.

  12. And also if you like socialism you're dumb you can easily look at it and see how it's stupid so if you like it you're dumb you hear that you're dumb

  13. Eudomian ethics is intrinsically the best of all government policies…. Eudomia is explained by Aristotle is thereby equivalent to excellence. " that which would be the best thing in us" while upholding Eudomian ethics we adhere to the moral code upon which we live that makes society not just possible but the concepts of free thinking, freedom of living , freedom of potential personal growing, thereby giving a society as a whole an intrinsic advantage over a controlled utopian dystopia….
    (a utopian system is by which controlling of its population through laws and enforcements that are made in beurochratic perfection to remove the intrinsic rights of the individual and to create triggers that cause no condition for any sort of basic morale principles by which our ability ro grow as individuals could b allowed to grow.)
    ..I Eudomia is meanwhile guiding oneself in the way to harm no one by any means unless it's in defense or by accident so as to not limit the freedom of others to also grow and live whole having as well that personal freedom. This is that which would be the best thing in us would therefore state capitalism would only work towards it if everyone upheld its end of every bargain but do those bargains with everyone's true benefit in the agreed parties in their intentions. Which matter. Intention is everything really and if we intend the worst for society then perhaps therefore we are killing ourselves by letting beurochracy choke us out by its suffocating setup and lack of real reason as to is motives. Very large portions of beurochracy is meant to do just that… just by creating efforts to way lay an individual through paperwork. Eudomian ethics changes this in effect by making leadership based on individual merit an judgement over a moral standard. True intentions be they for personal and self gain are frowned upon as they truly do nothing if they are at everyone elses expense. All parties CAN come to a fair agreement an as of such government and humanity doesnt see very eye to eye. One there is lack of true honorable intentions and on another hand control methods setup to make things near impossible to survive properly with the most potential growth at positive ways limited by beurochracy for the reactions to triggers already put into place to create nothing but societal cages that make people spiral downward in a never ending cycles l. for until the individual is given no real possibility of self improvement then that government isnt serving it's people.
    Its serving it's own ends.
    Now a government that served its own ends is Utopian. That is socialism. Capitalism is the road to Eudiomianism which is its polar opposite. Pick one. But remember capitalism can get you to corporatist tribalism
    if your not careful as well such as a feudal style if government continued setup for corporations interested being the sole decider of a society. Corporations should never be considered anything but tribal interests with business growth at their core being in place. They are multiple levels of industry or skillsets all congealed into a single caste system role based on a hierarchical …Therefore a tribe setup. Eudomian ethics would place the people with no real gains themselves be at heart but those gains be for the public interest and if ever straying from the moral standard be extracted from office and moral code be found in another.
    Today with current technology people can hear what you think on a screen with technology at close range. Why arent politicians screened by their intentions in ORDER to aquire the position of office to therefore find their real value in deserving of the office of public interest as leader of the people. With regular checkups they could be made to be found whether they can lead or if they arent worthy of being worthy if the honor of leading the people. So far that hasnt been really happening so far as I've observed. The real ones scrutinized should be the ones who lead those whom are in fact governed. The technology has already been pi into place to Their own individual selves given up to REAL truth in their lives. The actions THEY take should be scrutinized and intentions be made into account so as to affirm their responsibility to all those they govern to uphold the highest of moral standing. The technology is already put in place behind your backs but nobody really knew to look for it. What is important is how its used. Either to control us or them is up to the society we live in to decide. That's what 5 g technology can implement. It modulated high pitch frequencies to modulate behavior in all forms of life. All over wherever I is located. Not just machines. Proteins act as cogs in a wheel… waves are the driving force that decides which wheel is turned and where to react to a stimuli. thats a scary concept if socialism gains hands in a trigger. Same deal if a corporate tribalism has control as well. It's only by Eudomian ethics that we woul be free of both and bettered as a whole. Uphold moral commands virtue starting with straight up be honest forthcoming and intending righteous means

  14. Young dumb brainwashed people talking about adopting socialism hasn't got a clue of what socialism is! Who in the hell wants government to control everything tell you what you can and can't have. Find out what socialism really is by someone who's been under the oppression of socialism before accepting it!

  15. Look at this young American LOL. I've been told Israel is an example for us to follow, and they get government-provided healthcare, college tuition, and pensions. They can afford it because American taxpayers give them billions of dollars every year. I'm opposed to socialism, but these establishment "conservatives" are not.

  16. Socialism is based on envious citizens and greedy government officials.

    The envious spend time worrying about what other people have. They dont want anyone else to have more than they do.

    The greedy government officials strive to have a monopoly on every industry and all goods and services.

  17. Socialism is really about some dude figuring out how to have your cake and eat it too.
    And their neighbours cakes as well.

  18. Socialism accurately explained: give me your stuff and I will distribute it fairly amongst the others. Why? I'm smarter than you, and I know what's fair and what's unfair. If you don't comply, you'll be forced to. It's only fair. Please ignore the piles of dead bodies…

  19. If capitalism is so benevolent, why is the vast majority of the world so against a pure market economy? If you think it's because of ignorance, why was the United States government founded on the principle of tariffs for the protection of domestic markets?

  20. So what you’re saying is, rats live in a socialist based society, they don’t care about what the other rats want or work for, they’d steal from one another and even eat each other to survive.

  21. He is wrong. Systems can not be greedy. Objects can not be greedy. It is only living things that can be greedy within a system and people are some of the worst when it comes to greed. It's just that capitalism is the best system because it gives the most choices to people and limits power when administered correctly.

  22. I don't know where you got your information but I live in a socialist society and if you don't work you don't eat. What supplement will help you in many ways but all this free college stuff and medicine for everyone doesn't exist the way you have been led to believe. There is not a day someone does not ask me for money, there's more poverty than you might believe.

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