45 thoughts on “Social Thinking: Crash Course Psychology #37

  1. Great informative videos, just wish he didnt speak so fast! its a bit difficult to have everything sink in when one is learning and trying to understand. SLOW DOWN PLEASE!!

  2. I thought I saw somewhere how new info has come out that the guards were given instruction to take on a certain character. Just thought I'd add.

  3. Hi from New York, I am a student of psychology, I like the way you gather the material on the subject that you are going to talk about … BUT … PLEASE Breathe, relax and try * MODULAR * the rhythm of your voice. Apart from that, good job. You get an A +

  4. Why is it that some people choose to hold on to their morality and some people would just change their morality (or their understanding of it) to fit their actions?

  5. If anyone is really interested in the Stanford Prison Experiment, like I am, there is a great documentary about it on Netflix!

  6. I’m going to watch all of these psychology videos bc my ap final is coming up in May and I’m screwing around I gotta stop

  7. People who consider themselves the most modern friendly "progressively-minded" intelligent individuals could be made to do unimaginably horrific sadistic things to a person or groups of people or cheer for horrible things to be done to others just as easily (if not more so) as anyone else if they were convinced by repeated social reinforcement that those people are bad/evil/wrong/psychotic/threatening ,etc for long enough of a duration.

  8. Nature goes on forever for everyone and everything to return as everyone and everything an infinite number of times.😢

  9. I just love how my intellect increases when I listen to these videos! YouTube University…..thank you!!!

  10. theory explained well but narrator talks bit too fast making it hard to register the information quickly

  11. No… Just No… Situations DO NOT create behaviors, at best they enable them.
    Having a prison guard uniform doesn’t make you a tyran, they enable tyrannic behavior. Whether somebody act on it or not is a reflection of their individual moral beliefs and past experiences : People are responsible for what they do.

  12. I think of attribution fallacy as irrational expectations from those we admire, and therefore atribbute peripheral traits or actions to these people whilst they may have nothing or little affiliation with these attributions.

  13. They probably put the "team players" together as guards in that experiment. That's what changed the outcome.

  14. Much more better to watch this show, if you turn down the sound. Just read it. very annoying way to talk.

  15. A lot of the experiments that are used in these videos are limited to only studying men, have these studies been replicated using women as subjects, or both men and women? I think that the results would differ. Like is it human nature to treat people the way they did in the Stanford Prison experiment, or is it society's expectations that drove the men to react like that. I just think that assuming it is human nature is too impulsive, the theory should be explored more.

  16. Im good because i chose to be good not because i am inheriteley good i am human not good the bible says that its my choice; even my choice to believe that or not. i am the owner of thyself

  17. Thank you, Hank! Love from uOttawa.

    Also, I've finally pinpointed why your voice is familiar… It's like when I had to practice staccato scales lol

  18. You mention Family Therapy–Also things happening in a system–about 15 brands of family therapy–we would love you to do those!!!

  19. It is time to take the Stanford Study out of this video. Turns out there was more going on than the researchers let on, which confounded the study in various ways.

  20. So, if people are aware of the effect of the situation overriding the individual, why don't we have positively channeled situations that can cause individuals to act in a more ideal way? If you can figure out how to manipulate people &game them, why not do it for the betterment of all instead of relying on chaos for change that benefits some and not others? Get back 2me when ppl get to that point instead of running around the treadmill of pointlessness every single human being I've ever me is on. We ask why GOD doesn't fix all of our problems, but it become rather apparent that we have a good deal of run over what happens for X% of the time and an insight into each others workings and wants so why never have those with the most power in society made that "better world" we all would LOVE to take credit for?

  21. Check your data. One of the prisoners did not fully recover by a long shot and by today's standards all of them needed at least a debrief to come down back to normal or flat out therapy.

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