29 thoughts on “Social Stratification: Crash Course Sociology #21

  1. Everybody I’d like to bring your attention to a typo in the divisions of the caste system. The second division is called Kshatriyas, NOT Khsatriyas. You’re welcome

  2. Its funny how the idea of the american dream was great but it ended up being a race to the top of the pyramid and a game of king of the hill ever since the first one got there.

  3. It is an excellent course but, I barely can follow. You are the too fast girl, slow down. No one run after you.

  4. "It still maintains a limited caste system of nobility as a legacy of the feudal system of estates," lmao CrashCourse this is the reason I have to have all your videos at 0.75 speed and with the captions on😂 Don't get me wrong though I love the info! Keep up the education! <3

  5. damn…i dont mean to be rude or anything but i couldn't even focus on the video cuz of her teeth…i mean it's one thing if they're crooked, but they're like pointy?

  6. racism itself is a form of stratification… and i worked too hard to accept being ignored.. i figured if that was the case, i may as well try my hand at being self made since the challenges are equal and i had the same chance at success even though typically, self made is supposed to be harder… well, not if youre a woman…and not if and especially a woman of color…

  7. No mam, your class system in US came now, in India which you so profoundly quoted caste system was class system and worked fine even before the coming of jesus.

    You need to read a bit more about Indian caste system before preparing ill informed lecture.


  8. India has also a 5th catogory witihn the their caste system, the Dalit, wich transelates to “the untouchables”. They are the rock bottom of their society and therefore not even mentioned (or touched).

  9. ¡La la la la la, so what not gonna change! Who cares their fault only one life to live it doesn't matter how you make it just as long as you do and don't get caught and are accepted by those who matter! 😐¿¡Right!?😔

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