Social Policy: Crash Course Government and Politics #49

Social Policy: Crash Course Government and Politics #49

50 thoughts on “Social Policy: Crash Course Government and Politics #49

  1. as you drop down in age the work ethic drops off. kids live in a fantasy reinforced by leftism at every turn.

  2. hey bored well let get to 666 commets and mute this vid then listen to a theory this for people like meh

  3. 1:17 – That right there is why the rich/poor divide in the U.S. has become so disproportionately huge. A culture of individualism and "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" might sound good, however with minimal government intervention what you end up with an aggressive dog eat dog culture, with the end result being some winners and many losers.

    Since the losers often find themselves in a massive hole with minimal support to recover, they can end up stuck there forever. This is undoubtedly one reason why so many poor people protest voted for Trump. It was an attempt to change the status quo. Unfortunately that was a gamble that almost certainly make the situation worse, not better. On the plus side, Trump is so alarmingly bad, it might be just enough to jolt regular politicians into promoting social mobility.

  4. Does Crashcourse run a speech rate test when they're looking for presenters, and the fastest one gets the job? Thank God YouTube's video speed button 🙂 Just kidding, amazing content as usual.

  5. My Policies:

    Eco power

    Ban on atheism

    Help animal, and needy

    SJWism as a course or class


    Scientific research

    Religious research

    Ban on Alt-Right

    Internet connection fixed

    Human tech in general fixed

  6. Thanks Craig! I just passed my American Government CLEP test! I only studied for 3 weeks and ended up with an extra $900 in my pocket (well- sort of)!

  7. thank u sir it was very beneficial episode, especially the subtitles was there helps a lot
    to understand because my language is Arabic .very appreciated your efforts .best regards from Iraq

  8. Whoa! CrashCourse is affiliated with PBS now (or was when this video was made)? Congrats and great job, you guys!!!

  9. Why are Americans SO afraid of socialism? It's ridiculous, I live in Canada and the socialism here needs to increase! Socialism = equal opportunity, justice, and compassion. Ya know, like CHRISTIAN values.

  10. While the presentation was overall efficacious because it was informative, you ought to appear more disinterested. Try avoiding broad strokes. Take for instance the phrase you used, "Americans are skeptical of X", well that's just not true. Americans can't be bundled together in a way that ignores the breadth of our views. Instead, try "some Americans are skeptical of redistributive American Government social policy programs". Looking forward to more refreshers with you material. Take great care!

  11. You're talking to fast; the second I grasp what you're saying you move on quickly to something else. I understand I can pause the video and that you have limited time to explain.

  12. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP.! he says that the new deal made medicare, FDR, but I thought it was Lyndon B. Johnson with the Great Society. WHO DID IT?

  13. I love having worked 3 close to minimum wage jobs, where they all stole from me, or caused me harm, or found loopholes or other shady means to not give me what I had earned and worked for. I was very conservative and used to think the minimum wage should be abolished and had faith that people were generally good. OH boy was I wrong when I had to start working enough to support myself. Particularly the people where I live.

  14. I have a social policy exam and i didn't even know what social policy was till this moment RIP my existence

  15. As a Norwegian, I find it kind-of funny how poorly the US government takes care of its people.

    If I don't work and DON'T haven't worked enough to get unemployment money, I'll get about 1000 dollars per month (dependent on rent pricing and local price levels), tax free, just to stay alive, and there exists an enormous amount of different funding you can apply for rather easily from a single welfare organization.

    I once applied for and received somewhere about 400 dollars to buy new clothes for instance. That said, the government expects you to try and find a job while you get this cash, and they expect you to prove that you do this. But I just think about how difficult it must be to be an American down on your luck. Currently I'm also taking a Bachelor in Programming at one of Norway's most prestigious universities, and it's completely free.

  16. "since the Great Depression and the New Deal the government’s role has increased significantly"
    All according to the evil plan of the ones who incited the crash.
    Remember, problem – reaction – solution.
    That's how they tighten the noose.

  17. The freer the economy, the richer are everyone, and less poor people (really poor, not relatively).
    But socialists don't care about the poor or the facts, they care for the gap. It hurts them to see others succeed even though it means there will be less poor people.

  18. I don't agree with the social policy of education. People should get a job first and then get a relevant education to play a bigger role in the business. That way you KNOW your education is relevant. It doesn't make sense people get an education without specific idea of who they're going to work or what kind of business they're going to start. Of course they have idea of where they want to work, but without experience in the workplace it's all speculation.

  19. It's so sad. The great depression was prolonged and deepened by government action. A vastly harsher depression happened in 1921 and was all but forgotten specifically because the government did NOTHING. And it ended in less than a year.

    And because they did make it worse, the started a social policy that's been eating away at the US for over 80 years now. Starting social wars like the "war on poverty" and "the war on drugs" they've never won. And which has only become worse.

  20. Please do more videos about Social Policy! I have been studying it in depth and there is a lot more that could be touched on. Specifically more about social policy/welfare state in other countries compared to the US (eg switzerland, Uk, Australia) could be good as it links about what was said about cultural attitudes towards tax and receiving welfare.

  21. "…medicare has some leverage over costs…" Except, you know, when congress passes laws explicitly forbidding Medicare from negotiating prices (for example, medication prices), thereby completely stripping the single largest payer of ANY leverage, but also ensuring inefficiency in spending (which is used to justify reduction in funding in nice loops of circular and consequentialist logic) and the emergence of, for all intents and purposes, "government death panels" (aka cost/benefit evaluation boards) determining whether or not to actually allow many treatments due to expense (and regardless of the fact that such board automatically form and control private insurers, to the general harm of their–now forced to participate–customers). In other words, if medicare were actually afforded any leverage it would dramatically improve cost and availability of health care. Our current situation is directly caused in no small part by deliberate prevention of such by vested interests in pursuit of very short-term profits.

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