30 thoughts on “Social Media Video 2013

  1. So, should we believe this because it is from a "peer", or distrust it because it was produced by 'advertisers' – you are selling a book(s), right?

  2. Brilliant! Exciting stuff, social media is not only extremely global and far reaching, with a huge impact on how we think and what we do, it can also be a boat load of fun!

  3. Amazing social media video. Very informative and interesting. The design of the video was great and this video informs us how big social media such as Facebook and YouTube has become. – JasonIDT

  4. I do agree this video is well made, and so the benefits of social network in which this video points out, yet I am disappointed with the fact it only points at the pros of social network, and not the other, rather uglier side.

  5. I would believe in you if you actually cited your sources. Everything you say has no supporting evidence, and you never prove where in the world you got those improbable statistics. It is completely supporting the use of social networks, but it does not tackle the cons of using them, which makes me believe the person who made this probably spends a lot of time in such networks. 

  6. Great videos on social media statistics, if more companies took this information in consideration they will be obtaining more benefits from social media campaigns

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